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  1. Spring comes, what is your scenery?

    Yep Kevin was a revelation to the industry Sat In his office staring at flowers designing robots to clean space stations What a guy we miss you Kev
  2. Yes follow self Assesment links
  3. just thinking

    Yep been thinking about this myself recently as I nearly 40 Reckon I got another 40 on the glass
  4. softwashing training course in yorkshire

    I am mate - with a brew ! He's also looking at roof access / harness too ....
  5. softwashing training course in yorkshire

    Yeah just asked gav to put me name down I will bring some of the purple stuff you can have a smell ! Also will bring some cash for rash Hope he got sone deals on
  6. softwashing training course in yorkshire

    I notice they going to add asbestos awareness which may swing it for me as I was wondering about that
  7. X line rinse bar

    Yeah they were ok with my one shot to be fair
  8. X line rinse bar

    Cos you fell out with him It looks a good brush I'm bored with rinsing !
  9. X line rinse bar

    Your biased
  10. looks good shall I buy ? What's your verdict ?
  11. Pricing jobs

  12. Do they really believe....

    Good news 8 from 10 If you need any not cheap labour give me a ring
  13. Do they really believe....

    Glad to here that mate are you winning many quotes ?
  14. softwashing training course in yorkshire

    Yeah got the date just wondered where Kev booked it As ringing @kevinc250 phone is a total waste of time as he don't answer it - thought I'd ask here
  15. softwashing training course in yorkshire

    Where is the venue for Leeds one booked for @kevinc250 ?

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