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  1. its a great bit of kit, got to play with it a few months ago, easy to use and quick.
  2. Small Claims Court - how to.

    Debt Recovery – Solicitors’ Letter Before Action | Debt Guard
  3. Small Claims Court - how to.

    they do other services aswell not just commercial they would write a letter before action
  4. What booster pumps are you guys using for 4040 ROs?
  5. Small Claims Court - how to.

    no I'm not, I use these, have no minimum debt Debt Guard Solicitors | Commercial Debt Recovery Online
  6. Small Claims Court - how to.

    We use a different debt company and they will chase any amount of debt from £2 plus vat a letter. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums app
  7. Indoor poling

    it takes a few goes with it really. but soon get used to it. no not used that at all.
  8. Indoor poling

    it takes some getting used to, to find the right amount of spray, to much and it can smear them, to little and they wont clean the glass, I have got this down to only one pad, but I used to use 2 on it when I first started using it.
  9. Indoor poling

    it would be the vikan kit if you wanted the whole set and then the adaptor. or you could buy just the head, pads and the adaptor.
  10. Ubik Shocker !!!!

    @Damo keeping advise secret then! lol ;-)
  11. Indoor poling

    this is the adaptor that gardiner do if you use there quick release brushes QuicK-LoQ™ Vikan Easy Shine Adapter - Indoor Glass Cleaning - Indoor & Specialized - All Products Gardiner Pole Systems I use this fluid, I find its the best so far, I get it from toolstation. I use a spray bottle to spray the glass with a little bit, then wipe over it, just like you would like a cloth. if you use higher then you can spray a little onto the pads and then clean the glass with them.
  12. Indoor poling

    Look no gardiner website and they do it. Even for the quick release Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums app
  13. Indoor poling

    You can buy an adapter to go on poles, if I wanted to inform could put it on our 45ft pole lol Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums app
  14. Ubik Shocker !!!!

    sounds like poor training on how to use chemicals to me! making it to strong, and leaving it on for to long. it would be an insurance job, as some of these composite doors can run upto a £1000 and that can be without fitting!!!!
  15. Indoor poling

    Have you thought about indoor cleaning kits??? we have just finished converting all our indoor commercial windows to using the Vikan indoor cleaning kit, we have found that we are doing the jobs in half the time than we did with squeegee and poles. plus no mess to clear up. and the finish of the glass is great, if not better than squeegee.

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