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  1. Franks bedtime stories was the highlight of my winter evening a few years back
  2. Top poster , paragraphs of laughs . Spot on 👍
  3. Natty1972

    Hot water upgrade for about £50

    I’m very interested in this way of hot water cleaning, don’t want anything with gas . Did you take the temperature of the water coming out at the brush head . Do you use a 100 metre hose reel?
  4. Natty1972

    customer letter

    Take it you didn’t get a Christmas tip from her .
  5. Think your videos are great , I bet you start using pure for more and more windows, I too got a trolley for horrible windows 4 years ago , slowly you’ll move more windows across to pure ,now every window I can find gets pure . Keep up the good work.
  6. Try it for your self. Then you will know what the fuss is all about .............marmite .......some people swear by it others don’t use it .....
  7. Natty1972


    I use a gardener medium supreme everyday, best brush imo BUT every now and then the tecbuk dual boar trim gets used for a while there’s just something about that brush that is dam good
  8. Natty1972


    Try a tebuck brush ,brilliant brush you’ll need an thread attachment that is in the gardener pole fitting section http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/goosenecks-pole-fittings/pole-fittings/alloy-quick-release-top-adapter.html
  9. Natty1972

    Winter Beckons.

    Back in the winter of 2010 I didn’t work for 6 weeks because of the amount of snow , couldn’t get around, I was tradding back then ,lucky I have a second job .....
  10. Natty1972

    Renting out a round

    Couldn't rent out a round up here . You would lose it . Try to sell it .
  11. lol there's nothing double sided sticky tape can't fix
  12. Natty1972

    Resin Shortage In The Uk

    I've got a 450 gpd , tap 150ish ppm( water pressure brilliant) after ro its 003ppm I can get away without resin but still polish it to 000ppm. Resin lasts months in my 7litre Di .
  13. Natty1972

    Van signage mock up

    Bottom picture looks better. Maybe make phone number bigger . No free cleans. Lol. Nice colours.
  14. Natty1972

    Transit custom or Vauxhall vivaro

    Was looking at the scrappage schemes in various companies . What a complete waste of time not much of an incentive to buy a new van . Nice looking vans , @Green Pro Clean Ltd Can't seem to find second hand traffic sport probably because there are sort after .

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