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  1. Great window cleaning gloves

    I use latex gloves in winter, might be thin but there keep my hands warm . When finished work just bin them and get another pair next work ing day .
  2. liquidator 2.0 trouble (fliq)

    Hi trad man , I've been watching some of your videos, there are brilliant, next time record a profile of you meoman channel with no mods, it might help others so see if there channel is in sync with yours because you make it look easy . Ive bought three , two where rubbish( without been dipped in hot water ) straight out the box . The other one works perfectly out the box . Thanks in advance.
  3. liquidator 2.0 trouble (fliq)

    If you have been trading for ages then it's not your technique. You can watch videos all night it willnt solve the problem. I bought 2 , 10 inch exceleraters , both were **** Until I straightened them , I had lines all over the place . Now there are brilliant Look at your blade , if the blue tips are way out of line ( if it a banana shape ) dip the ends in boiling water and straighten them until cool . Try more soap for slip . I use I get hard rubber . Also so I found using it on 40 setting works better for me . I bought a 14 inch from a different company, working perfectly from the box . Straight as a die . Hope this helps
  4. No water nightmare

    When I got my excelerater it was crap so I dipped the plastic ends in hot water for 30 seconds, then I straightened the ends so there were in line with the channel, works a treat now .
  5. No water nightmare

    Try ettore brass / unger channels. Both are great to get your technique right. I still use both and the excelerater. Use under hard rubber aswell
  6. No water nightmare

    Have you thought of wfp top windows and traditional bottom windows?
  7. No water nightmare

    You could go down the two di route in the short term ,(you will will need2x 11 litre di vessels ) to get your work done . Long term if you can only use rainwater, then you might have to think big and get a bigger tank to hold the water before you use it . You are not storing enough because we are in a dry spell of weather.
  8. No water nightmare

    I've got a 450 gpd ro , I get 350 litres of pure in 12 hrs
  9. No water nightmare

    Have you tried double di vessel route . What's your tap tds? . What size of tank do you hold rainwater in?
  10. Smurf must be un banned . Legend now :specs
  11. Plastic Goosenecks Gardiner Pole Systems All you need to find is one to fit your pole
  12. Moerman excelerator on trad pole

    I ve got a couple of commercials that I can't use wfp because it's their entrance . I used to do straight pulls . Since I got the excelerater I use it on swivel . Some much easier and quicker .
  13. I'm not been funny but if you have that contract, why haven't you got every thing in place to clean them !!
  14. Cif on first cleans and conservatories

    I've seen some of your videos, Interesting watch on YouTube