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  1. When I got my excelerater it was crap so I dipped the plastic ends in hot water for 30 seconds, then I straightened the ends so there were in line with the channel, works a treat now .
  2. Try ettore brass / unger channels. Both are great to get your technique right. I still use both and the excelerater. Use under hard rubber aswell
  3. Have you thought of wfp top windows and traditional bottom windows?
  4. You could go down the two di route in the short term ,(you will will need2x 11 litre di vessels ) to get your work done . Long term if you can only use rainwater, then you might have to think big and get a bigger tank to hold the water before you use it . You are not storing enough because we are in a dry spell of weather.
  5. I've got a 450 gpd ro , I get 350 litres of pure in 12 hrs
  6. Have you tried double di vessel route . What's your tap tds? . What size of tank do you hold rainwater in?
  7. Smurf must be un banned . Legend now :specs
  8. Plastic Goosenecks Gardiner Pole Systems All you need to find is one to fit your pole
  9. I ve got a couple of commercials that I can't use wfp because it's their entrance . I used to do straight pulls . Since I got the excelerater I use it on swivel . Some much easier and quicker .
  10. I'm not been funny but if you have that contract, why haven't you got every thing in place to clean them !!
  11. I've seen some of your videos, Interesting watch on YouTube
  12. So you don't want two testers!! Lol. (A bottle of wine joke ).
  13. Damo are you the force behind jigsaw innovation??
  14. Aj has fished it out , he's from Grimsby aswell .. funny thing is gav welcoming him to the forum :rofl::rofl: Classic