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  1. You Tube Adverts

    F*****G GREAT!
  2. You Tube Adverts

    Best Facebook advert you'll ever see.
  3. Anyone Tried The New Phoenix Range For Facelift?

    We have both the Gardiners CL-X and SL-X as well as the Phoenix. I personally haven't used them! I'll send out a quick email, see what sort of feedback I can get for you!
  4. Ladder Fatality

    I don't have a view on it! I just make emails and our Facebook page look pretty. I'm not involved in the politics side of things!
  5. Ladder Fatality

    Maybe just a thinking cap! Side Note ----- I am just the "tech" guy, so don't expect any official statement from me!
  6. Ladder Fatality

    Does it also take 4 years to go through the motions and court proceedings to come to a final conclusion, YES! Did the HSE only just release this information last Friday? YES! (LINK)
  7. Ladder fatality costs pub owner £235k The death of a 65-year-old man, who fell from a ladder while cleaning a pub, has cost the pub operator £300,000 in fines and costs. http://www.cleaning43.com/latest-news/latest-news-article.php?latestNewsID=933
  8. Anyone Tried The New Phoenix Range For Facelift?

    For those guys wanting to give the Phoenix a go, we have one in our brand new training van! You'll be able to use it on the Day 2 of our funded window cleaning workshops!
  9. Hi guys, Due to the success of the previous 2 contracts we've decided to cover a few more areas! Dates: Birmingham - 9th January 2012 Epsom - 10th January 2012 Hemel Hempstead - 11th January 2012 Enfield - 12th February 2012 Wandsworth - 13th February 2012 Newbury Park - 14th February 2012 Newbury Park - 15th February 2012 Birmingham - 8th April 2012 Bristol - 9th April 2012 Oxford - 10th April 2012 Milton Keynes - 11th April 2012 Sheffield - 12th April 2012 The QCF City & Guilds Level 1 & 2 Window Cleaning is made up of: WORKSHOP DAY 1 Understanding Health and Safety. (How it effect’s window cleaners) 
 Hazard and Risk Assessment Made EASY Domestic residential template included Brand and marketing WORKSHOP DAY 2 Cleaning Glazed Surfaces and Facades Chemicals, restoration and general cleaning 
 Includes practical assessments on using traditional hand tools, extension poles, Selection, inspection and safe use of water fed pole.(practical training) WORKSHOP DAY 3 Working at Height (How the law effect’s window cleaners) Theory workshop on selection, inspection and safe use of ladders * Tools used at height including Gutter vacuums * Organization and good planning Communication skills and working as a team. 
 WORKSHOP DAY 4 Practical competency assessments Developing customer services Handling and stream lining paper work Internal cleaning systems Gutter Vacuum Cleaning Additional Certification (Optional) (practical assessment and certification)* Ladder training Water fed pole plus Gutter vacuum As a QCF Candidate these three practical assessments for competency assessment and certification have been discounted to a total cost of £100 + vat for all three certificates This certification is a legal requirement under PUWER 1998 “Includes sole traders” You can book your place online at www.training43.com or call Gary in the office on 01205 364333!
  10. We have spaces available in Lincoln and Sandy! Not many, but we have some! :D
  11. Hi guys, It's been a while since I gave you an update on the QCF Level 1 & 2, so just thought it get you up to speed! These are the current dates we have: Lincoln - 3rd December - 1 SPACE Birmingham - 4th December - FULL Manchester - 5th December - FULL Sandy - 7th December - 2 SPACES Leeds - 18th December - FULL Leicester - 19th December - FULL We are currently in the middle of deciding the new dates, so if you want to recommend some place, or if you want us closer to you, now is the time to say! If you'd like to take up any of the current remaining space, or even try and squeeze onto one of the full courses I will ALWAYS try an accommodate for you guys! You can book your spaces online at www.training43.com/book-a-course or alternatively you can call Gary in the office on 01205 316683. Cheers guys! Tom edit - Apparently I can't use the word $natch! HAHAHA?
  12. Gta V

    I'm 21
  13. Gta V

    My system cost me about £900 all in. I'm pretty much future proof for about 3 years, but putting in an SSD, bluray drive and getting a USB 3.0 HDD. The 64 man games back in the day of Battlefield 2 Spec Ops were amazing. Took HOURS to get across the map.
  14. Gta V

    Totally forgot it was around October 2011 when I got my new gaming PC. Goes so fast!
  15. Gta V

    Best game of last year.

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