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  1. clearview

    T costing me time and money

    1st cup for me the other two look a bit strong for my liking 😂
  2. clearview

    What’s your PPM before DI

    40/40 non boosted 360ppm in (last check) 19-20ppm out (before di) oxfordshire
  3. clearview

    Ro system on eBay

    Well how ever you want to be over 1% is down to the individual, I’m going by experience of the product I received and have been using for just over 12 months and my membrane is still giving a 94/95% reduction rate and I’m yet to change the resin in the 25ltr polishing bottle so seems fine to me. If I remember right spruce the membrane I got from Lee had USA in blue on the side of it but I agree with what your saying about gpd rates the small ones are sloooooooowww in production.
  4. clearview

    Ro system on eBay

    Collins water supplies are spot on mate I run his 3 stage 40/40 ro, Lee is a very helpful guy so I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for products and also his replacement filters etc are cheap enough
  5. clearview

    Gardner's sticking there ore in

    Yep that’s it mate, exactly what he said it’s ph7 as it passes through your di vessel and hose but as soon as it comes out the end of your jets it’s sucking in as much co2 as it can which in turn creates the carbonic acid.
  6. clearview

    Gardner's sticking there ore in

    Well just remember pure water is on the acidic side of the ph scale, it produces carbonic acid iiirc once passed through the resin it’s not an agressive acid but none the less it’s what helps the cleaning process of pure water and it is an acid.
  7. clearview

    Booster pump for 4040

    I’ve been looking at this one, has anyone else got one ? http://thecleaningwarehouse.co.uk/water-genie-4040-booster-pump-5688-p.asp
  8. Looks good, think I’ll give this a try. Will the window cleaning stuff be selling this do you know ?
  9. I have some commercial jobs that I could do with a hand in doing early on Monday mornings, it will be looking after some restaurants inside and out cleans traditional to 3 of them, all within 15-20mins drive.
  10. That was quick, where else did you advertise out of interest ?
  11. Well I must say I was sceptical about trying this squeegee channel with it being a "detail less" method but after receiving it today and trying a few different types of blade I'm impressed so far. I've used the 12" channel with my Ettore super system handle and pulex hard blade and seems to be working fine no water lines round the top or sides of the windows. I did try the channel with the supplied moerman soft blade but it seemed to soft and folded as did the red razr I tried but this could be down to my technique coming from just a brass channel, I will give the red razr another go at some point but for the time being my new set up seems good no lines on the windows which i've read some people have had issue with.
  12. Ordered my liquidator 2.0 and some sleeves through these for the first time, see how we get on.
  13. Ok thanks, food for thought where abouts are you based and also how old is it?, thanks.
  14. How much do you want for it ?, is it a stand alone piece of equipment by which I mean what controls it does it just work via pump flow and turn on automatically ?
  15. clearview

    Collins Water Products RO 40/40

    Mine came with a A4 piece of paper with instructions on both sides, if I remember right it was folded up with the invoice in the clear plastic stick on envelope on the front of the parcel. Also included a YouTube link with a video on how to install the membrane, I don't agree with your comment on you get what you pay for I found lee's service very quick well packaged, most of it already assembled and he was on the end of the phone whenever I needed help or reference.

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