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  1. Pricing for Domestic Homes

    I agree with Dave. Price it for what it’s worth to you and don’t give a second thought to what anyone else is charging. Keep it realistic though, if you’re aiming ridiculously high then you’re going to struggle to pick up customers. I have a minimum amount I want to earn each hour which i factor into my pricing. After a while it becomes second nature and you become more confident. With that confidence and experience you can command higher prices. A local guy lost (another) one of his customers to me the other day. I met the customer and asked what she’d been paying him. I told her i would charge double and she almost bit my hand off because she knew she was going to get a good service. When I was just starting out I’d have probably offered to match his price but these days I’m more confident and more picky when it comes to taking on customers. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. What is deemed acceptable

    8am and earlier if I can get away with it. I know who’s got kids and who leaves for work early etc. I’ve done end of tenancy cleans/one-off cleans at 6am during the summer months if I know the house is empty.
  3. First Bash at WFP a success

    I’ve got an absolute rotter of a cladding/Window/fascia job to do on Monday. I’ll definitely be using some bleach on that. I’ll see if I can get a video. Either that or I’ll get @Dave B to pop round and I’ll film him. Depends who’s ugly mug you want to see.
  4. Gardiners 100° fan jets

    I got mine today too and tried them on my last job. First impressions are good but I’ll wait until I’ve used them more before i decide whether to stick with them or go back to my regular fans. I really like the hiss they make on the glass.
  5. First Bash at WFP a success

    Just don’t do what I did today and go into a day dream and overdo it on the soap. I ended up spending more time rinsing the soap off than I did actually cleaning a glass roof.
  6. 650l tank pic

    I see you’ve turned into a comedian since I saw you last week mate. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. 650l tank pic

    I’m struggling even with drums you gave me mate. God knows why I thought a 325l tank would be big enough when I first set up. Even with all the drums filled I’m running out of water daily and having to shoot home to top up. We’ll have to go and nick some more and stash them in my garage. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. It works well and I now have a sprayer full of a similar mix to yours and still cleaning fascias with it. Thankfully not still the same fascias though. I'm not that slow. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  9. Peugeot Bipper Van

    I've not got one but I did go and have a proper look at one before I bought my transit connect. They're far too small in my opinion. As soon as the guy opened the back door I knew I'd seen enough. I know there are guys who use them but they must be making sacrifices somewhere in order to get all their gear in. And there's not much scope for additional gear (gutter vac etc) further down the line.
  10. Been a while

    What part of it did they ask you to pay for mate? My dad had his weekly meeting/coffee morning with them today and I'm almost certain he doesn't pay for it. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  11. Been a while

    My dad had a massive stroke on Father's Day last year. He was sixty years old and as fit as a fiddle. He'd done thirty years in the police force and then went on to do consultancy work in the Middle East. He'd started to wind down and was working four days a week installing alarms and cctv. He was on a motorbike tour of Spain at the time and was riding his bike when the stroke occurred so he sustained addition injuries from the crash. I wont go into all the details but eleven months ago my dad couldn't walk, talk, go to the toilet or feed himself. He spent four months in various hospitals and spent hours upon hours learning how to do the basics again. He now walks short distances with a stick and can make himself a coffee and do other basic tasks himself. Stokes and brain injuries take a long time to recover from. Years, not months. You might not work again but never say never. Seeing what my dad has achieved in eleven months makes you realise what the human body can do. I wish you you all the best and strongly advise you take all the help you can get. Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, phycologsts can all help. Look up Headway if you haven't already. They're a brain injury charity and offer loads of advice. My dad goes to a coffee morning/meeting with them once a week and they help you adjust and recover after your brain injury. PM me if there's any info you need or if there's anything I can do.
  12. I used to use tap water and either fill from drums that I'd taken with me or the customers tap and use my backpack but I'm too lazy now and use pure for everything. It helps that I'm producing my own pure now rather than buying by the litre.
  13. I took your advice mate She'll have to wait til next week though.
  14. I had a reply from her. "Wow I don't have internet banking so you'll have to come and collect". I'm not sure if she meant to say 'wow' at the beginning or whether she's somehow mistyped 'well'. Either way, she's a goner and I'm pleased I let her know why. I'm a bit disappointed that she didn't acknowledge any of my points in my text to her but she's shown her true colours and I'm pleased to be rid. I'm also pleased that I didn't have this exchange face to face. She's clearly irrational and I think things could have gone differently if I was stood in front of her, especially if her old man was there. At the end of the day I've got my point across and given her a polite f*** you. I don't normally get wound up by customers but this has really annoyed me today. Time to put it behind me and forget about it. She'll be replaced by the end of tomorrow.
  15. I've just text her and forwarded the pics. In summary: I'm disappointed we find ourselves in this situation and wish she'd spoken to me about it sooner. I've done a good job for her, at a fair price, for the last year and I'm upset that she thinks that I'd rip her off. I gave her a price that she was happy with and she told me to go ahead. It wasn't a long job but certainly took me more than the five minutes she claims. And I charge by the job, not by the minute. My prices are competitive although I need to earn a decent living, run a business, etc. She's correct that the gutters are relatively new although that doesn't change the fact that they were full. I didn't count how many buckets of muck I took out but I charge by the job, not by the bucket. I feel I can no longer continue to work for her. I want customers who trust me and aren't worried that I'll rip them off. She can pay the outstanding balance by bank transfer. I thanked her for her custom over the last year. She's not replied yet.