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  1. Ionics black tank

    You cannot clean them out Spruce. I had a customer whose resin tubes burst and resin entered into the tank. The only way to clean it is cutting it open and welding it again.
  2. A few suppliers will have stock by next Friday.
  3. Alarm bells start ringing here. Find out what the batch number is on the bag to see if it is genuine. They are also using our photo's and we do not supply to them!! They also sell Unger resin but Unger have only limited this to several companies so I doubt they are selling it direct maybe through a third party. The website looks like a drop ship site so they are placing an order with someone else. I'd be very surprised if they have stock as there is none,
  4. I seem to be having some issues with

    Your Tank lid needs to have a breather or add a breather on the top
  5. Tfr 20

  6. New CLX-27 Cheaper Way of Buying

    Clx 22 is 50/50 composite, CLX 27 is 60 % carbon hence the reason you see in price.
  7. Tfr 20

    TFR is good but it depends how much of it is being diluted in these products being sold. You should be able to pick up neat TFR from a chemical place if you have one near you. It's used a lot in car valetting. I use to pay around £20 for £25 litres but that was many moons ago. When I started using it with conservatory roofs etc a barrel lasted us 3 years. You dilute about 1 litre to 25 litres water. If you need it stronger increase the dosage but you end up with a lot of foam. Cheaper to do it this was than buying something that has been diluted. Also all couriers will not take the product if they knew what was in the box.
  8. Fibredyne filters v normal prefilters

    The inner carbon yes but what we have found the outer sediment clogs up if you have high sediment in your water. You then have an inner carbon that is still not used. So what we do is have a sediment prior.
  9. What’s the best 4040 ro membrane?

    Wow you did get a bargain as on their website £323
  10. What’s the best 4040 ro membrane?

    Can you post a pic of the label as that is extremely cheap for a HF5 Axeon membrane
  11. Ebay is full of fakes as is the biggest money laundry site in the world. Loads of fake meters that look like the HM Digital meter. If it does not have HM Digital printed on it then will more than likely be a fake. Amazon are pulling these adds off but Ebay refuse, corruption all the way.
  12. Quick question for those that use Aquatec pumps. When the pump is switched off do you get a slow stream of water flow through the pumps. So if you did not have and end stop at the end of your hose attached to the outlet port of the pump you would end up draining your tank!
  13. TDS high reading

    Yes I have seen that if the pre filters were cheap. I have seen quite a few blocked with carbon which came from cheap filters
  14. Who does best tanks

    If quote" best tank and frame" then Grippatank. Nothing else comes into the equation due to baffles and frame structure

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