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  1. doug atkinson

    Ro advice

    Ooh spill the beans as I hear different things
  2. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    Once the CFB Plus is exhausted it will cause pressure drop. Also if it has a crack in the filter I have known it to reduce the flow in the membrane. You could try and put one filter at at time to see which was is the problem.
  3. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    Out of interest what filters were they as may have been the wrong micron hence restricting pressure.
  4. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    Take your pre-filters out and run the system. Don't think that has been tried it could be a filter that is a problem.
  5. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    Your third picture it does not look connected that way nothing going to the membrane but connected to the waste pipe (red), If you have done that you could have damaged the flow restrictor
  6. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    Have you got the pump connected on the waste tube? Should be between last filter and first membrane.
  7. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    That pump is not suitable I have an answer from the tech team and having it on flush for such a long time will foul up the membranes hence slow production. The last membrane that goes into the flow restrictor disconnect the blue tube from the T- Piece and if you can measure how long it takes to do say 400 ml and the ppm. Then soak the membrane in white vinegar must be covered for about an hour then insert back and flush for 10 mins. Then repeat the readings again and hopefully this will have unclogged it.
  8. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    Have had a look at the pump that Pure Freedom advertise and do not see any specification in their listing. The Aquatec 8800 series are three different model types. Which one they sell I cannot tell. It is also claimed it is suitable for 200/300/450 R/O system. For pressure yes they are correct but for output far off the mark. The key is looking at the specification. If this was the top model then the best you will get of pure is 400 ml per minute approx.. If you ticked all the boxes flow and pressure then the 450 gpd is capable of 1.1 litres a minute so to me it does look like it is not suitable for 450 gpd system.
  9. doug atkinson

    TDS rising after resin

    To me it sounds as if you may have ordered the wrong type of resin.With Softening Resin you will see an increase in ppm. They also sell other grades so probably is not mixed bed resin.
  10. doug atkinson

    No longer getting pure water

    Faulty vessel is probably your problem
  11. doug atkinson

    No longer getting pure water

    You need to check your ppm after the R/0 that may be the problem
  12. doug atkinson

    TDS rising after resin

    May be reading this wrong but are you saying when you use fresh resin your ppm is 14!
  13. doug atkinson

    Ro production nightmare

    All looks okay and waste is always higher than what's going in. Disconnect the blue hoses from the T-Fittings and see if one of the membranes is not performing
  14. doug atkinson

    Controler / pump issue

    Looking at the picture I presume the wires that go from the controller to pump are behind the yellow panel. It will be one of the connections that is faulty. What you are probably experiencing form example the Controller is trying to draw 6 amps but cannot get 3 amps. Even with 2/3 strands of wire will not be enough, needs to be all the strands. Looking at the photo you have a few bare connections showing which is a big "NO" as can cause a short circuit.
  15. It’s best to check the pressure with the membrane connected and set at around 45 pure to 55 waste. The Guage will then tell you the pressure. If your pressure is 65 psi then personally I would not use a booster pump

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