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  1. TDS high reading

    Yes I have seen that if the pre filters were cheap. I have seen quite a few blocked with carbon which came from cheap filters
  2. Who does best tanks

    If quote" best tank and frame" then Grippatank. Nothing else comes into the equation due to baffles and frame structure
  3. Vyair Booster pump

    Flow rate: 2 litres per minute. Does not say if this is open or 2 litres when at 70 psi. If open then as you increase the pressure then the flow rate will drop to 50% so 1 litre a minute going in. So you need around 1.6 litres a minute for a 300 gpd to function well. You may be better off with tap pressure.
  4. E-Chen 200 series ro pump

    This pump is NOT designed for 24/7 continuous operation, and should be rested for 10 to 15 minutes every 5 to 6 hours
  5. Open the vessel up and check the colour of the resin. If it's black then probably as the mesh is very fine.
  6. PF Resin

    The black resin is manufactured by a company called Aldex. It was claimed by them in a story a ship was diverted from Tulsion which had black resin which was totally incorrect. Their supplier Resin Products that supply the likes of PF, TCW, WCW and this product was labelled as MB-115 and sold as Tulsion. The selling rules are pretty strict and what they are doing is breaking the law. Why they do not sell it under the proper name Aldex MB as they should under the selling law who knows. I was speaking yesterday to a respected person in the Ion Exchange Industry and they were offered this product. They did their tests and it was a firm NO as the quality was not up to specification. There is however a major shortage of resin so this does fill the gap but is being sold under false pretence. Looking at what people are saying it is performing 50% less capacity than Tulsion. So at selling price based on input of 100 ppm it comes out at 0.024p per litre. Tulsion comes out at 0.013 per litre at 100 ppm. You then have higher priced brand like Purolite which comes out at around 0.016p per litre.
  7. Flow rate for DI unit.

    Yes you can this is what I do with our windows. Live in a rural area and water is medium hard and is rung through a 11 litre DI Vessel. Anything over 200 pm I would advise using a 15 litre vessel and that will be suitable. If you have high ppm and use a small vessel it will not work as there is not enough resin in the vessel to cope with the load,
  8. Pump leaking from the pressure switch

    Thanks. We sell pumps and turn around is roughly 2/3 months from production date . That pump was made in Feb, the casting on our pumps is smooth metal but looking at your picture it looks sparkly if that is the word. Exact same as the pump that was faulty. Cannot comment any more but the one thing that sticks out is the manufacturing date. The CE mark in genuine pumps are pretty big but cannot see it on the photo
  9. Pump leaking from the pressure switch

    On your label there will be a manufacturing date what is it. You will see Amp or Amps which one is worded also does it have a CE mark. There is a reason behind this as came across the same problem with someone who brought in a pump
  10. Pump leaking from the pressure switch

    Is this a new pump or old one!
  11. 4021 production rate

    First video I made so not so good but shows production with very good pressure from tap. However looking at your results of your 4040 it's either on it's way out or your pressure is not that good as even at low pressure I get more from a 4040. Then again that is with a HF5 membrane so if you have a higher pressure membrane then production will be less
  12. RO Filter missing attachment

    Depending what size port that is you can purchase a reducer from Srewfix and tap fitting from B&Q. Tap fitting is 1/2" so you need a reducer 1/2" to the whatever inch port that is
  13. Resin Shortage In The Uk

    Interesting how each water board differs. I got involved in a few cases here in Scotland where Scottish water turned up to a few window cleaners houses and informed them they can no longer use water from their house. This was caused by neighbour disputes. After speaking to Scottish Water and what the law was they backed off. It is a grey area where there is no law defined about using household water for commercial use. I have a feeling as time goes on this may become a sticky issue.
  14. Resin Shortage In The Uk

    You set me a challenge and after analysing water found the phantom that does not read on TDS Meters. All will be revealed after a few trials
  15. GrippaTank

    Wth Grippa it is a proper crash tested system. You also have a full back up service as well. Customers who have purchased it from us in Scotland the huge difference they see is they don't even feel the tank. You cannot compare it to the likes of PF as totally different. You also need to look at this way as well. It is tax deductible and as a business you invest in good products. A customer of ours who who purchased the hot water system has seen his business grow due his system.