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  1. What size is your vessel, how many litres! What brand resin did you purchase! Your DI Vessel where did you purchase it! All of the above is relevant
  2. resin

    I've just read the product information and it's very misleading and untrue facts.
  3. resin

    He just adds a bit on and drop ships it fromTCW. A lot cheaper elsewhere but cannot say
  4. resin

    Our water is around 100 ppm and local guys have tried both. They found Tulsion was slightly better.
  5. Moody bit of gear?

    I tend not to disclose much on forums what is really happening as some people report and twist things I say but that is how business goes there is always someone out to get you. Resin Products supply the likes of Pure Freedom, TCW, WCW the big players and small players like waterfedpole (How waterfedpole make money baffles me but they have numerous companies in CH) As those who have been on this forum for a very long time you know I'm OCD with specification etc.. and when the subject crops up about poor quality resin the source is often from one of the above. So I put a plan into action to have our product named differently. This was stopped when it was reported to Customs and Excise in India by someone who had a grudge. Loads of other things have happened and I would love to know what has been said, lol. Speaking to the Thermax US they thought this product in plain bags looked the same bags as Aldex which Resin Products also supply. The resin itself is regenerated resin and looking at the specification the mesh size this is probably the product MB-1. This is not the same quality as Tulsion MB-115 and is far inferior. TCW and it looks like as well Pure Freedom have sent out letters stating this is Tulsion MB-115 with that product. Did they know that it is not MB-115, not up to me to comment. Any goods coming into the UK goes onto the customs data base so you cannot hide anything. I know they imported Aldex last year but have seen nothing this year to date so this stock may or may not be old. I cannot get involved in this as I did not purchase these goods but hopefully the information I have given you may help.
  6. Moody bit of gear?

    Its the quote as good as , bit like saying purchase a BMW and receive a Ford Ka as its good as. The one thing I noticed is the small bead size and how the black bead seemed to crush when rubbing it with your fingers. With the mesh size being so fine I very much doubt the performance will be the same or even 60% as good as the real product.
  7. Moody bit of gear?

    Hi Lukas I know someone who phoned the Director direct at Pure Freedom and after a heated exchange he finally admitted it was not Tulsion. The chap received a full refund. The resin was black in colour and yours looks brown. I have seen notes from companies supplied by Resin Products stating the black resin was diverted from America to U.K. Thermax US confirmed to us that they have not shipped any resin to the UK. A sample has been sent to a lab which we received and hopefully we will have the results soon. If the product was sold as the correct code and manufacturer there would be no problem. As it was labeled as MB 115 and advertised as MB 115 this conflicts with the Trade and Descuption Act. We will have genuine Tulsion in stock on Monday but we expect that to be gone very quick.
  8. I always said no chance but I had a customer ring us up as they use pure in Hydroponics and he was having issues with the Ph levels in water. This has an impact in plants so may or may not be correct as some cheap resins will be very acidic
  9. Cheapest place to get resin

    Hi Sam, Thermax, Tulsion have stated this is NOT their product and not liable for any quality. This is a totally different product to MB-115 and manufactured by another company. This is being sold in contradiction to the "Trade and Description Act". If you take a photo of the note and pm me that would be great
  10. Cheapest place to get resin

    Offer says Tulsion MB 115 but you will get another type of resin which is not Tulsion. It depends if you want cheep resin or quality resin
  11. Shurflo or Aquatec?

    There should be a serial number on the label which can then be traced
  12. Shurflo or Aquatec?

    What fault did you have!
  13. Funny colour resin!

    I can only assume they are getting it from the same supplier. The claim it has been sourced from Tulsion in America. This has been stated on a few websites stating it is the same. Hopefully I will have confirmation tomorrow as seems very odd. I do know the source of this resin has been trying to push another brand of resin cheaply. The supplier has been labelling these bags as Tulsion MB 115. If if they have been misleading you then you know your rights.
  14. Resin

    2 years but capacity will drop over time. Cheaper Resin will go off quicker