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  1. My go to place for everything pretty much. Especially in emergencies.
  2. How many residents are there? If there's 10 of them, they may pay £40 each. If there's 20 of them,you could charge them 30 each and make a Killing. But if there's 5 of them, they're not gonna cough up £100 each. Maybe they will.
  3. any updates matey ?
  4. Interesting article from GoCardless themselves
  5. For how long?
  6. I'm in need leeds mate, we charge more than £1 a window, some are coming out at £2-£3 a window :thumbsup:
  7. Now to turn it into a million pound business
  8. Might be worth reading my post again again Green. I said if they're INSISTENT on getting cash. Nothing wrong if the customer offers it.
  9. I mean the cash, not the canvassing. If they're insistent on cash, odds are they're fiddlers. Why not do it? Or would it be bad to penalise people that cause us to pay more tax in their place? I don't personally do it, because I take my business that seriously that the competition never worries me!
  10. I find its the same principle as when you're deciding to buy something, you tend to prefer the shop that has the better returns policy. People tend to prefer a service they're not bound to if it's not for them. I don't want resentful customers who don't want me. But hey, horses for courses!
  11. £5 a window plus expenses, cherry picker etc
  12. I tell new customers they can cancel at anytime soon as they sign up, I find that actually makes them want to stay.
  13. 2k