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  1. Commercial pricing question.

    Daniel is on the money. £100 for the sign? Come on, that's ridiculous. More like £20, and will take 4mins. Could have been a nice £180 a month that whole job, if not given a greedy price! You'll know for next time!
  2. Hello from Leeds West Yorkshire.

    Whereabouts in Leeds Ritchie??
  3. New storage panel built.

    There's no chance you recorded how you did all this is there green?? (fingers crossed)
  4. New storage panel built.

    There's no chance you recorded how you did all this is there green?? (fingers crossed)
  5. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    well since retail is moving to online more an more, physical shops make less and less, and window cleaning is at the very bottom of the list. Frankly I've never not gone into a shop because the windows looked dirty haha. independent outlets, or ones where the store manager is left to sort maintenance are key.
  6. my business

    Top job mate! Keep the momentum going!!
  7. Hey guys, just needing advice on pics below. The area of tarmac is actually indoors (no drainage) so we can't pressure wash it. Any ideas/experience on alternatives to what would get these stains out? Thanks a million!
  8. Sorry mate, I meant that's what I say to them, and they give me their email and i send them the link to the Direct Debit form. I don't have anything to send you unfortunately!
  9. Honestly mate its so easy when you try it. Soon as they agree a price, I say great, for our regular customers we have Direct Debit, whats your email and I'll email you the link to the form. Job done. No one bats an eye lid. And if they do, just stick to your guns and they'll oblige. Now existing customers, that's the one I need to work on
  10. Thanks guys. Id just love to have absolutely every customer on GC or cash on the day if residential. My plan this year it to have excellent cash flow, and then I'll be able to expand quicker, waiting for money is not acceptable anymore! Haha
  11. Now then lads, Been struggling to get big businesses on GoCardless, any tips? Smaller businesses are happy to do it, but bigger offices, restaurant chains etc, not so much. Any experience on this?
  12. Unreliable customers

    GoCardless. I find that if they sign up to that before you've done the job, they're unlikely to be messers
  13. Warning about damage to glass

    Just wear disposable gloves mate. More hygienic, and no faffing with the ring.
  14. Aladdin's cave.

    My go to place for everything pretty much. Especially in emergencies.

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