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  1. First had someone else 3D print it for me. The material using here is ABS at about 70%. But this is a prototype. If you manufacturing this you be using different heavier duty plastics. That would hold up to heavy use.
  2. So you must lean it on something ever time you do a shop window?
  3. So see that you have a mop and what looks like a pole. Where does that go??
  4. Have been window cleaning for about 18 years. Noticed that squeegee wise, that there has been no real change how they are made. Fixed squeegee make up most of the market. And swivel type squeegees.... What we are talking about is the (handles) They are thin, thick, big or small at one end of the handle small indentions on grip handle or rubber grip pads etc. So the handle has economic grip?? Yes it has when you hold it vertically. However when using squeegee you do not use it vertically but more like horizontally to the surfaced. Believe this is what’s causing many people to getting RSI cramping in the hands, wrists, forearms, fingers and shoulders. Maybe that manufactures do not want to change now because it might obsolete what products they sell now?? So it is very possible they (manufactures) may have solutions to this but choose to not make them because of the above. So as said it is only theory. In this day and age do you really think there is not other better alterative to what they are making now? Do you believe that squeegee handles need to be designed to the way it griped /held. If there any (manufactures) like to have bit of input on this you have the stage.
  5. How about trying this.
  6. Here is a check this out can see where the pole goes.
  7. H MAN

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    In time one of the big players, will bring out a swivel type squeegee. That will address all of the problems Wagtail and Moerman have.
  8. In which way do you mean. (lack of response) What makes you think I'm advertising. And tell me what's dodgy.
  9. Noticed connections/ tubing to all rinse bars seem to be over the top brush. Here in the video we tried connecting the rinse bar putting tubing through the brush it self.
  10. (Anyway thank you for your questions and input.) There are people that understand how it works I'm sure but choose to say nothing. As said do a few videos on higher bigger glass.
  11. We have not got that many Juliet balconies here. But because the profile of the scrubber is much thinner then a brush and tubing is much closer to this. Less likely to hook up on anything.
  12. Manufactures not going to change anything. While everyone buying there just good enough products. Have offered few big manufacture some ideas but they want you to just give it to them. They very reluctant to sign any sort of NDA. (Non- Disclosure agreement ) Don't follow what do you mean handles for what?
  13. So here is one we using it side to side about 35feet height. At angle.

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