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  1. In which way do you mean. (lack of response) What makes you think I'm advertising. And tell me what's dodgy.
  2. Noticed connections/ tubing to all rinse bars seem to be over the top brush. Here in the video we tried connecting the rinse bar putting tubing through the brush it self.
  3. (Anyway thank you for your questions and input.) There are people that understand how it works I'm sure but choose to say nothing. As said do a few videos on higher bigger glass.
  4. We have not got that many Juliet balconies here. But because the profile of the scrubber is much thinner then a brush and tubing is much closer to this. Less likely to hook up on anything.
  5. Manufactures not going to change anything. While everyone buying there just good enough products. Have offered few big manufacture some ideas but they want you to just give it to them. They very reluctant to sign any sort of NDA. (Non- Disclosure agreement ) Don't follow what do you mean handles for what?
  6. So here is one we using it side to side about 35feet height. At angle.
  7. Yes under stand what you saying. Well it can be done holding at angle working side to side. Providing you have the correct swivel movement at the scrubber/brush. When get time make a video show you how it done bit higher then ground floor.
  8. Ok if that works for you . Sort of get over pushing/lifting a broom/ brush up/down all day. This seems more labour intensive.
  9. Have had no problems with what we use, although we scrub sideways most of the time.
  10. Less likely to snag or hook onto things like branches. More free movement of the brush as well.
  11. This was the reason had problems using it. Just before it came off. My fault should of check it first. This week will be doing videos how we made this including: 1/ Fabricating the scrubbing bar, 2/ How to applied Velcro on scrubbing bar. 3/ How to make and install pencil jets. 4/ How to connect pads and put the holes in the pads for the pencil jets.
  12. Yes at that point had a fail fixed it then started again from that point. Here this is how it went
  13. Here quote that one of the members made think it was this forum or could of be the other UK forum (Can not recall name) That when the Quick-Loq came out. Everyone being sceptical said that what they were using worked fine. So it's about 4 years on it seems as though it was not as bad idea after all.
  14. So it would seem that some people don’t think this is any good. Everyone can have opinion on things. But you have to try it first to have opinion don’t you? Know the next question will be where you buy them. These are not going to be sold. And if you like to try one for your self will be happy to give all the information on how we made this. (for the people that are that way inclined) After using it see how it works. Then you can give opinion of what you think of it.

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