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  1. Thanks,but unfortunately I tried and nothing. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. Hi, Anyone had this problem? My backpack doesn't do anything on a vario flow but if I switch the button to full power it works. I only use my backpack very rare as I have a van mount system but it's very handy sometimes when I can't park close or back of terraced house etc. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. Gabor

    Loose gardiner clamp

    Thanks. I'll get one tomorrow. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. Hi, What glue do you use for glue back my loose gardiner clamp to the slx pole? Thanks Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  5. Hi, I am based in Torquay and looking for some more work. Can you tell me more details about this round. How many house for 4 - 8 weeks? Avarage prices, and how they pay? Cheers
  6. I use medium mix all day around
  7. Gabor

    What this called in the trade?

    Had it once, a half hour job turned into a half day. A real nightmare. I let it to dry onto the frame and after I had to clean it with magic sponge. My new white brush was black also.
  8. It seems like I won to clean windows on a whole holiday park. I was wondering if anyone tried this before. I would like to attach +100 meters of 8mm hose to my existing one to be more flexible as the park is huge. I wouldn't like to waste my time to park my van closer all the time. I have a backpack as well - my mate will help to do this massive project. Do you have any experience or opinion with this long hose?
  9. Gabor

    Holiday Park quote

    Thay are not all individual bulidings. Normaly 5-8 chalet is in one longer building. Windows on both sides. I would say 1 could take me 10-15 minutes. Open march-october. I uploaded a map for this resort. Half of them has double glased other half has some peeling paint frame. I would't mind work 1 week less over the winter as I still building my round and this winter unforunate I have more time than that. Plus in winter gets dark earlier and I could spread the work. Holiday home map.docx
  10. Guys, I had a call today, one of the near holiday park asked me to give a quote for every chalet (189) and main building + 2 staff house to clean the windows (113 windows on these). I think this is quite urgent to them as they want to open for the season on 4th March. They want me to do it every month. Very big job. Would take me a week. Never ever had any big like this. Surely I could manage as I dont have a full round yet. I know everyone of you will say different but can you give me some idea how much?
  11. Gabor

    Spilt charge relay

    I fitted my split relay on last summer. I didn't need to bench charge my battery since. Well worth twenty pay pounds to buy or even less.
  12. Gabor

    Hello and stuff

  13. Hi Steve, yes I am interested. Can you email me gaborcsapo79@gmail.com. Cheers
  14. Hi Steve, do you have anyone doing Torquay and South Devon?
  15. I used vistaprint first but I found little pricey but very good quality. I also used helloprint. They made me 5000 for less than £50. I still have tonnes left. Sent from my D6503 using Window Cleaning Forums

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