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  1. Facebook page

    Yep! If you stick the name of where you live in the FB search you'll mire than likely find a group set up for your area. For instance: 'Peckham Community Group' or 'Harrow in your Heart' etc. I joined my one. Every so often get peeps asking for a window cleaner, plus you can just introduce yourself. Theres other windies in my one, but it's all pretty cool. U can only price it up. I've got work from it no probs 👍

    Yeah, and I have, but the glass is in 3 sections, and the ledges are just too deep to finish off, so was needing to get up a ladder to finish off by hand which kind of defeats the object, albeit at a lower level.

    This would be my exact issue - the windows are a massive at 12x8ft!!

    Thanks, Man. All those links lead straight to the homepage for some reason, but I see the items you've mentioned here (y) You must work for Gardiner! :-) Any vids on it's indoor use with the over-spray in action?? Thanks for this.

    Anyone use or tried the GARDINER INDOOR GLASS CLEANING SYSTEM? Be interested in peoples experience. I only have 3 Car showroom jobs with large windows that need cleaning. Still using ladders to do them!!! :-0 I think the dragon fly is a bit pricey for the amount of high internals jobs I have. Thanks in advance
  6. Nicotine sent me home sick.

    I did one last year. Her conservatory was her smoking room. If she wasn't such a beautiful woman, I think I'd of turned it down too :-)) Proper fit bit. Anyway, sprayed it all up with Ubik, and came off like a dream. It looked brand new again, and she was soooo chuffed that she gave me a bj. I wish! lol I'm done with Fila & Tacchini now :-/ Oh dear...
  7. law on parking in Permitted areas

    He's right, mate. You have to look on it as most people are "generally" decent people, I don't necessarily want to give you a ticket if you're standing there face-to-face with them, And probably even more so with anyone that might look a bit dodgy like a lot of window cleaners 😀 (Fear factor) They're only human after all. But if you wasn't there he wouldn't give a toss.
  8. Windows cleaned card

    I just needed about on my pc in Word. It really doesn't have to be anything flash. When I run out I just print off a load on A4 and cut them up by hand.
  9. What is deemed acceptable

    Firstly, all my customers know I'm coming, and get a rough time within the hour. On the rare occasion I get a load where they know I'm coming, but I'm free to choose who I do first,, and depending how busy I am I'd usually start that first job at 9am. However, if like this morning I needed to get there earlier to get it all done, I'll message the customer 'is it okay if I start at 8am on the fronts without knocking' etc. Ive started at 7 before, but that was on a detached property where I'd arranged to clean them whilst they were on holiday.
  10. Made a friend today...lol

    Wow! Seen it all now
  11. Solar Panels

    :-) Thanks man!
  12. Solar Panels

    I've never done them before - is it just a matter of using a different brush?? Appreciate any feedback as I need to get back to my customer.... Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. Winter freeze tips

    Yep - same as Steve!
  14. Gutter machine

    Same as - Customers own supply. I've only done blocks of flats thus far
  15. First builders clean tomorrow

    Patience. It's monotonous work. Try not to get angry like are used to..good luck! young mans game.

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