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  1. Cant see how it saves time to be honest, all those things is basic maintenance tasks that take a few minutes. Like you say everyone is different, im of the mindset that i wont pay for anything i can do myself, but i can appreciate some people will pay a handyman to change a lightbulb or bleed a radiator etc. I use a challenge £15 charger from argos lol to charge my leisure battery, i appreciate it probably all wrong but it does the job.
  2. Oh yes i saw that post, i just assumed they were upgrading servers. The george online is Aworka, you are probably right george will eventually be done away with and become aworka I use george also, tried aworka and cleaner planner but i keep coming back to georges simplicity I have always printed out my sheets, but i print the weeks work out not just one day, i have this on my clipboard and end up writing note, quotes and reminder on it during the week. I like to have pen and paper I installed george on a windows tablet, and it works well, the only issue i had is whilst it is ok to use during the day to mark off jobs etc, to do any more advanced tasks its too fiddly and i like to use the laptop, but in order to do so you need to transfer the saved file over, now my tablet doesnt have a usb slot for a memory stick so it may have to be transferred via blutooth Another option which i had considered was to but a small netbook and use this soley for george, take it on the van, use it at home etc.
  3. You are talking about making your working life much more difficult for the sake of £50 a month, you would work much faster and easier out of a van mount, the efficency at which you will work will far outweigh the extra costs. I have a car and a van, the car costs me about another 80 quid a month having it but i can keep it clean and in good condition, the van can stay a pig sty and get some abuse lol
  4. Lol it makes me chuckle, what a way to over complicate the simple process of purifying some water and pumping it to a brush head. It does everything but clean the windows for you, now if it did that i might be interested...
  5. I would just earn more money and keep the van
  6. George is going to become obsolete? @spruce what will this mean for current users?
  7. i turned off reviews after a couple of idiots, unfortunately people will be quick to leave a bad review and not so quick to leave a good review. The other option is to get lots of good reviews to bury the bad ones, it actually looks more natural to have 4 and a half stars average rating rather than 100 5 star reviews, that looks a bit dodgy as no one is perfect.
  8. Mine are 4 weekly mainly but in reality quite often they end up being 5 weekly as if I pick up add on work it gets done asap and windows pushed back a bit and when I'm less busy with add odds in comes back into line. As long as I'm not more than a week behind I know im on schedule. So my round is actually 4-5 weekly. That's the good thing about wimdows is you can have some flexibility with it so it's good not to get into a rigid set day type routine. Tried to keep it a set routine of dame day every week the same customers but everytime I put it in a perfect working order something messes it up be it add on work, days off or weather delays etc. So now I have given up trying to keep it in perfect order and when I'm organising my work for each day I look what's due and pick the most compact out of it and do the same every day. Some mught have been due today tomorrow or a few days ago it doesn't really matter just take it day by day.
  9. I think woth any system like this it's a want rather than need. If you can afford to pay 5k plush for a smart looking system and yout want it fair enough. Personally I cant understand it, I would rather have a d.I. y system for under a grand and spend the rest of that money on personal things or better still keep it in the bank.
  10. I've done that lol with an alloy pole.
  11. Lol mines quite often like a paddling pool. Backpack tipping up, hose reel leaking, brush dripping, bottles of chemicals flying about. When my R.O fills my tank and overflows all night.
  12. A lot of people only see the price and not the frequency. So If quoting more for 6 weekly they would still only see it as more money I always offer 4 or 8 weekly with the 8 weekly being a few quid more. Surprising still how many go for the 4.
  13. I painted my van floor with bitumen, then put ply over the top, ive had to replace the ply twice because it just ends up getting wet and soggy no matter what. It would be better just to forget the ply, rubber matting is better. You can fibreglass over the ply though
  14. Mine lasted 6 months, but it was well overdue replacing, it was shot at 3 months, but i was determined to get my moneys worth. I would get one again though, they are really light and nice to use, want to wait until i get an extreme pole to go with it though, should makes my slx and sill brush seem like a brodex in comparison.
  15. The best all round brush I've used is the medium mixed sill. Everything from first cleans to fsg and conny roofs great all rounder. Money no object I would go with an extreme pole and extreme brush for a really light setup but the brushes don't last longer than a few months at best.