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  1. Going back to backpack

    i hate using the backpack when compared with the van mount. but i dont take on through the house jobs, they are front only and really try to avoid terraced as well, hate humping the bloody thing about. van mount does have its drawbacks as well, but i suppose its what suits your work, nearly everything on my round is easy access, easy parking semis and detatched houses.
  2. Fibreglass Van Floor

    I was going to fibreglass mine a few weeks ago but in the end I didn't bother. I used the plastic membrane Dave is in about and on top of it a put some rubber boot liner. Totally waterproof and won't wear out with the rubber on top. Only cost about 20 quid to do and easy to rip out if I wanted to .
  3. Training first employee

    Yeh that's as good shout. I suppose first few week I would be lucky to break even on him and most likely make a loss whilst he gets up to speed. Which is fine. Need to know he really wants to do it first before I invest in all the associates expenses as young lads like that can be lazy little swines lol
  4. For those that have trained up a window cleaner with no experience...any advice? I will be setting on my brother (half brother hence the age gap) in the next few weeks. He will turn 17 next month so only a whipper snapper. Going to try him out for a few weeks first to see how we both get on and if it's all good he will be working with me 1 possibly 2 days a week for the next couple of years whilst he is at college. Anyway, in terms of training him up to water fed pole what is the best way to go about it? I'm thinking to let him watch me for a bit, explain what we are trying to achieve etc then watch him whilst he tries to replicate it. It seems simple but actually there is quite a lot of small points to show him when you think about it. Anyone got any advice on best way to teach ? How long would you think it would take him to pick up. When I think back to how I started refined my way of working over many months and probably clean a lot different to when I first cleaned a house.
  5. It feels so fresh

    Yeh could do. Suppose it depends how many times you would need that extra section. With a 22ft it reaches 99% of my work. An 18 would probably reach 80% of my work so would need an extra pole rather than faff about a few times a day
  6. It feels so fresh

    I've only had a 22ft pole since I started and perhaps come across a handful at most that I couldn't reach so never bothered to invest in a longer pole. And since I'm not interested in commercial I don't see myself doing so. Unless perhaps a large commercial just drops on my lap then I might change my tune. I have one house on my round I have to stand in the customers bench to reach a top window lol and one more where I have to stretch and do a slight bounce but that's in. Ideally I suppose a 25ft and an 18 would be the ideal solution.
  7. It feels so fresh

    Yeh you could do but if you are going to do that then why not just take on more window work instead to fill the extra hours? Plus I don't want to work 12 hour days everyday got better things to be doing than working myself to the bone. Would rather stick to sensible hours and have some energy to live life.
  8. It feels so fresh

    Like we spoke about recently, dropping the other stuff and focusing on one thing should really allow the windows to take off. For the first time since i started out im just doing windows at the moment, so much easier and as ive found over the last few weeks, im earning the same in less time than i was running all over the place doing all sorts. A nice compact focused day of windows and its surprising how much work you can churn out.
  9. Fibreglass Van Floor

    I would go over the plywood as if it ever needed to come out it can do. If your van ever needed any welding or anything doing and you have fibreglassed the actual floor you would have a job on
  10. That's an odd setup. For the sake of a few hundred quid just get 2 hose reels and pumps etc
  11. Hello from a newbie and a few questions???

    Heres a video I did might help with the basics of what you are trying to achieve
  12. Hello from a newbie and a few questions???

    Where do you live? It would be easier for you to take a look at someone's setup rather than trying to explain as it sound more complicated than it is. In reality it's very simple to go wfp.
  13. Hello from a newbie and a few questions???

    Hi mate I started out as a mobile valeter and still technically do it but not done a valet for a couple of months as windows has taken over. If you are a mobile valeter you must be carrying a tank in your van already? If so that's ideal for you to start wfp. That's what I did. I filled my tank with pure water and used it for both. Pure is perfect for valeting as it means you don't have to do much manual drying. Now I don't know how much you charge or can make valeting but I can tell you that window cleaning for me is more profitable, easier work and a more consistent income. Car valeting served a purpose for me until I built the windows up but now I try to avoid it where possible. I wouldn't start trad, why would you ? It's less profitable, not as safe and harder work and if you have a tank already wfp is a no trainer you only need a few hundred quid worth of bits to get started. You don't need to be CRB checked or NEED any insurance. Although public liability is advised.
  14. Fighting Tiredness

    Could also be depression or stress. There's many things that can cause extreme fatigue from diet, stress to a physical condition. My advice take a week off, relax, eat and sleep well and see how you fell when you get back to it. If you are still struggling see your doctor. It's not normal to be knackered after a couple of hours.