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  1. Agreed. Try having a van that windows wont go down on and the air con only blows luke warm. Decided im going to the beach tomorrow, 2 gutter jobs in the morning should be done by 11 then off to the coast for the day.
  2. It's so annoying not being able to reach the top frame. I'm 5ft 9 and I can reach some but not all. If j was 6ft 3 this job would be easier. My preferred method on downstairs windows is to knock off any cobwebs or small amount of dirt with a microfibre before wfp the rest. But I can't always reach.
  3. Looks an easy one to me
  4. I'm not too bothered about wasting water as long as I have enough to last me the day that is. Water is fairly cheap, very roughly I spend about £5 a week on resin and filters etc and I'm not on a meter so an extra quid or 2 a week wouldn't bother me if it meant speeding up the days work. I've tried smaller jets and there's too much splash back or reduce flow and it doesn't rinse fast enough like spruce says.
  5. Doesn't 1mm reduce flow? It would increase pressure but reduce flow? I found the opposite to be better, I used some 3mm home made jets on a n old brush and it was much quicker to rinse. The only problem was using 100m of hoses a 5lpm pump was not enough. It was great when used with a shirt hose though. Ideally I would use 3mm jets with an 8lpm pump run flat out but it would likely use too much water. Worth experimentING though.
  6. Got up to 23 here, bit of a cool breeze though which made it just about perfect weather for working. Just having barbecue
  7. Where do you live? I'm up north, I imagine it will be even warmer in London. No its horrible when it's that hot. Cant win in this country
  8. Rained all week last week and didn't get much done and this week we are set to sweat our nuts off. Enjoy the heat guys. Hoping to get done before Friday and go to the beach! 26 degrees forcast on thurs/Fri here.
  9. You won't really know until you do them. Have a look at them see how bad they are and take a guess. You'll have a much better idea the second time around. I would charge the same rate or more per hour as windows.
  10. Having the same problem at the minute. No customers won't generally mind if your a week or so late but what happens to me is I do the add on work then push the windows down a bit, another add on will come up round gets pushed back. Then it rains, round gets delayed a bit. Then when you have a quiet week and you look at your round and its all over the place! Mines a mess because of this, I have houses in the same village spread all over the month I've got jobs due on the same day at opposites of the city. Trying to sort mine out at the moment. Once it's back in order I'm going to put the windows on Mon to Thursday and only book add on work either the Friday or for about 3pm on the other days. But the mentality has to be windows take priority, if they are not up to date it should be the add on work that gets sacrificed. But yes it's really hard not to grab the cash whilst it's being wafted under your nose. It all boils down to organisation and self discipline. If you have 20 jobs Mon - wed then you better stay out until they are all done not think ah I'll catch up Thursday. I'm guilty of this. One other thing have started doing is make Mondays the biggest day of the week so if I have it done by say 2pm then start Tuesdays work and keep going till the weeks windows are done. If you get done early then you are ready for that add on job cropping uo and if it doesn't great have a day off.
  11. I read about someone on a forum cleaning their bog with bleach and stuck a bit of harpic down on top to help, a waft of gas came up and rendered the chap quite ill. Turns out he had created chlorine gas which is pretty lethal. I dont think mixing Hypo with an APC would cause a problem but you never know, keep well back!
  12. Looks tidy But if you think thats cheap what's the going rate for a trolley 500 quid? Madness, it's a pump and a battery and a barrel strapped to a trolley lol its worth about 50-100 quid in bits do it yourself. Bilge pumps are the way forward but only if you have totally pure in your tank.
  13. Always been slow for me for windows. I don't know about you but weather has been awfull here all week except yesterday. Another day in the rain today.. can't be helping
  14. @Green Pro Clean Ltd The pressure washer on the right, is this your only pressure washer and if so how will you plan to clean areas that are not possible to park close enough with the van? how long is your hose that goes to your lance? I really like the idea of permanently mounting it on the van, just wondering how practical it is Would you run this pw direct from your tank?
  15. No idea on ladders but best all round brush I've used is a gardiners sill. Great for everything Inc fsg and they last ages. Had mine a year used everyday.