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  1. adamangler

    Where to buy a baffled tank

    I've always bought used ones for about 100 quid or less on eBay. Don't see the point of new its only a plastic tank.
  2. adamangler

    In or Out first?

    Inside first Always good to get the worst bit out of the way first.
  3. adamangler

    mid life crisis! Windows could be the solution

    Darren will sort you out mate, lead generation is the best way forward imo Ive tried a lot of things over the years but it gives the best return on investment. Best of luck.
  4. adamangler

    mid life crisis! Windows could be the solution

    ok mate. Give us a shout if i can be of any help, used a lot of canvassers in the past and now run lead generation. www.windowcleaningleads.co.uk
  5. adamangler

    mid life crisis! Windows could be the solution

    Rather than spending 8/10 grand on gear spend a couple of grand on gear and the rest on gaining work. You can make a wfp van mount for peanuts, £500 all in. Once you have the work and the income you can finance a better van and gear. No use having 10k worth of gear and no work.
  6. adamangler

    World Cup fever

    We are average, have been for years and i cant see it changing anytime soon. If we could have managed to get past croatia, maybe took a couple of the chances we had in the first half and then lost to france in the final there would have been much more positive. As it is we beat tunisia, panama and sweeden in open play thats it. we lost 3 games and drew with columbia. Its average results, you would be a mid table team in the league with that kind of form. When you consider we missed all the big boys then you can say that although we did well to get as far as we did, we overachieved. I didnt really see much in our play that tells me we are going to do any better in 4 years. But generally im not interested in international football, i must admit they got me interested again but ultimately in the end it was yet another false hope.
  7. adamangler

    World Cup fever

    If we finish 3rd that will be our best result since 1966. I think thats worth playing for, i mean they have to play it, so may as well play to win. I dont think southgate will want us to lose to belgium twice.. at least it would end on a more positive note.
  8. adamangler

    World Cup fever

    Seaman neviile terry ferdinand cole beckham scholes lampard gerrard shearer owen If those lads couldnt win a tournament we have absoloutely no chance with this lot, we missed our opportunity 10-20 yrs ago. its not coming home anytime soon im afraid.
  9. adamangler

    World Cup fever

    We did well to get that far, had a lucky draw and lost twice to better sides in Belgium and Croatia. I know a lot were saying after the game we will get better and do well at the next big tournament. However we won't, the squad just isn't good enough and unless some world class players come through the youth setup, the next Gerrard, scholes, Owens etc then we won't be winning anything for decades. Getting to a semi flattered us. Just the reality, too many bang average players with maybe 2-3 who can claim to be top level on a very good day..France would have beat us comfortably anyway.
  10. adamangler

    World Cup fever

    never understood the going to the pub to watch football thing. I mean you struggle to see screen, usually crowded stood up crammed in next to a load of sweaty blokes all shouting and screaming at the box. Much rather sit on sofa in peace with a few tins and snacks. Nothing wrong with going to pub, just not to watch TV
  11. adamangler

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    Yeh forget 12. Should have just done 6 only. I do 4 and 8, 4 Seems too short and 8 weekly s just throw the round out everyone they pop up. I have considered moving mine to all 6 weekly, but I don't think a lot of my 8s would be that impressed and I have a lot of them.
  12. adamangler

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    I think you are right. 4 weekly seems like you are there every 2 mins In hindsight I would have started out with 6 and 12 I think .
  13. adamangler

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    Mines supposed to be 4 but I usually turn up somewhere between 4-6 weeks
  14. adamangler

    Personal/start up loans.

    The thing is dave when youve never been in business before, perhaps you have been working for minimum wage scraping a living we develop a fear of spending money, when actually the quickest way to generate more money is by spending money. Thats why the richest people in the world are investors. But it takes a long time to get out of the employee mindset and have your eyes open to how the world of business works.
  15. adamangler

    Quality versus price

    I dont like super compact work to be honest. 2-3 house in one spot is ok but i wouldnt want to be in one spot all day without moving the van. I like a 2 min drive here and there between jobs. breaks it up, give a little rest especially when its red hot get the windows down and some air in for 2 mins. stop at a shop etc Also if you cover say a 5 mile radius like i do, at the begining its spread out, but as you advertise more and more it starts to "fill in" and jobs that were 10 mins apart start to get linked together like a dot to dot . All of my work now is never more than 2 mins drive from another job even though i cover a 5 mile radius and quite a few villages/towns... so whilst its not compact as such, it is still pretty efficent, especially with an electric reel and a heavy right foot.

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