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  1. HI Guys, Looking for advise

    No need to start trad. It seems to be some strange right of passage that you must start trad. Maybe it's because these guys have risked their lives for years on ladders and had to endure working slower that they feel any noob must go through it. Forget trad, it's old news, a thing of the past. Start water fed pole, there's no reason not to.
  2. customer letter

    i think you need to change your bank you get charged 1.50 plus 6% on bank transfers?

    First cleans are a pain. But they are important you do a perfect job as the first impression counts. Personally the way I do them is to dry all top frames off with a drying towel before cleaning and rinsing the glass For upstairs windows the tower goes on the brush head. If she is making a mess of them she is simply not thorough. Show here how you want them done. Tell her you don't care how long it takes, you want them perfect.
  4. Pricing and price increases

    I think we all need a plan. Doesn't matter what it is as long as you have one. Working as a sole trader till I'm 70 is not the life I want. Of course you can grow a huge company, franchise or whatever you choose to do. My personal plan is to invest quite heavily over the next few years to grow the business, I've just turned 36 by 40 I want to have a nice little business with a few employees.
  5. customer letter

    Nope never heard that word before in my life. Must be a southern term ?
  6. customer letter

    Where in the country do they use the word "docket" ? never heard of that before... Just text her back, "Recieved your letter today, sorry about the docket i forgot to post, however unfortunately i dont accept cheques, if you wish for me to continue cleaning your windows you will need to sign up to go cardless before the next clean date to avoid any further issues. (insert link) Merry xmas" Mind you depending on my mood when i received the letter i might have just told her to shove her windows and explained to her how much of a coont she is
  7. GoCardless

    Don't think it matters how they pay as long as it's hassle free and as long as they are good payers. I have about 10% on GC, 80% is Bacs...as long as they pay within a few weeks its no big deal. The only time I think 100% go cardless makes sense is to a big business where the cashflow is more important.
  8. Never seen anything like that. Dirty pigs
  9. Would you put the prices up?

    It's a good point. A few of those things I kind of dismiss. I don't worry about costs of van and fuel as it's my only vehicle. When I was employed I had a car and spent probably more on running costs. I didn't take that off my wages it's just a living expense. Paper work is 15 mins or so when I get home I don't consider it a big problem. Collecting is something I would never do. Tax I keep to a minimum by spending it on marketing and equipment.
  10. 3000 should get you a fairly decent small van. Or perhaps put that down as a deposit on a newer van If thats an option for you.. Car can work, but it's a last resort, ok as a backup opton but not ideal if you can help it.
  11. Organizing the round properly

    Even with the best intentions though this week has been impossible to keep up to schedule. Mon/Tues water was freezing on the glass, yesterday torrential rain all afternoon and looks like heavy rain today. It's all good being organized but what can you do sometimes things are just out of your control.
  12. Would you put the prices up?

    I personally price based on wanting 200 a day on domestic work. So if you can clean 20 a day them they need to be a tenner a pop.
  13. Organizing the round properly

    I do work in rain just not In torrential rain especially if it's windy. But thanks, I think I need a bit more discipline will help. Just got to get it into an order and not let it slip.
  14. Organizing the round properly

    yes, going to sit down and re structure mine at christmas. Thats how i had organised mine one day leading into the next, but it still managed to get messed up again. But like you say discipline may play a part, not finishing early or thinking ill do that tomorrow might help in some cases! I think i will organise mine into 4 days a week and leave the friday for slipping room, mind you ive said that before and it didnt last long
  15. I keep coming back to this topic as no matter what i seem to do my round gets messed up all the time. Fed up of driving round all day mopping up jobs ive missed from all over the shop. This is not about round software, tried a few and they all do the same thing... its more to do with the weather and general organization i suppose. So my round is spread over 5 mile radius, some areas are pretty compact, but some work is spread about a bit Anyway what i have been doing is putting certain manageable amount on each day, problems arise if i get rained off etc so i might miss a few job, then that means i will have to do them the next day..but i might not be in that area the next day so have to do the few i missed then trapse across town to todays work, now over time this all adds up so i end up with a dozen jobs floating around in no mans land. re organise it all then it all goes to poop again a month or so later.... How do you lot order your work and more importantly how do you stay on top of it?