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  1. Dropping nice customers

    Yep. First ones to go are bad or non payers Then low prices jobs Then the ones that are fine but a ballache to access. I don't take on poor access at all now as I know own they just stress me out everytime. Just yesterday I went to view a quote for a mid terraced. It was a muddy alleyway to get to the back. Not interested in it. Unfortunately I've taken on a new lad recently so I'm now in the build phase again so having to deal with lots of Messer's at the moment. It's a good place to be when you are full then start refining. End of the day we all need to be looking to improve our rounds constantly. Whether you are looking to grow or just stay solo.i don't understand those who just carry on the same for years, don't put prices up , don't look for new work etc. Keep collecting and dealing with awkward access. You should always be looking to make the most money for the minimum effort imo. Also I noticed you are working trad. Maybe the next step would be to consider wfp? Earning more in less time...it's all part of the evolution.
  2. “Cor blimey you’ve earned some money”

    I price high nowadays, because I'd rather not do add on jobs at all to be honest they disrupt my schedule. I don't get many anymore. I had an email last week wanting an average size plastic conny roof doing. It was an hour round trip so I just quoted £200. Wasn't surprised he didn't go ahead but I couldn't care less either. That's a better way to do it imo.
  3. Dupont bristles

    All brushes are a rip off. Most are 30 quid plus vat plus delivery . £40 quid or so for a piece of plastic with some bristles attached. Like most window cleaning gear the suppliers are having our pants down. I mean if you can buy a standard floor brush head for a few quid then why the massive difference for a window cleaning brush?
  4. “Cor blimey you’ve earned some money”

    I've underpriced loads of jobs. My worst one was a glass roofed conny, lean to style but high up about 15ft so needed a ladder. It was about 5m long glass fronted as well and they wanted it doing inside and out. All the insides needed a step ladder to reach. It was on a property worth close to £1m so I don't know what I was thinking quoting £100 ! 3 hours into the job and I had done maybe 25 % of the work. I knew I had made a huge mistake and threw all the gear back in the van and drove off lol. Another one was a first clean I had quoted blind of FB £15 3 bed semi with a conny. I had been cleaning a good 30 minds when I realised every window needed serious scraping, ive no idea what was on there but I could have been doing that job a good 2-3 ours it was horrendous. That was another one I flounced on.
  5. It's Always a Good Idea To...

    They are bugger aren't they when they want to cancel. Excuse after excuse, very rarely do people just flat out say can I cancel please they just **** you about until you get the message. I had one recently. Text to open gate get can we skip this month. Ok.. next month oh I'm away in Spain can't unlock. Next month I get not needed this time thanks. So i replied, do you want to cancel? Yes please I get back...so ****** me about for months because they couldn't say don't clean my windows anymore. I hate cuntstomers
  6. Expanding

    Well to buy a van you could try eBay. To find an employee you could try Facebook or gumtree. To find more work you could canvass or leaflet. And if you are not wfp already then that's the first thing to do. Hope that helps
  7. Expanding

    You've been cleaning windows 10 years but don't know how to get more customers? Sorry if that sounds harsh. Buy a van, find an employee and get some more work.
  8. Employee nightmare

    You mean an increase in costs? I worked out he costs me about 200 a week all in..that's his wages, holiday pay, fuel, tax, liability, insurance on the van, water. Yes I have noticed it, I had to train him and buy new gear etc.so I've taken a hit I just have to hope it pays off now and he starts earning me money. Just decided to give it a go mate, if it all goes tits up I'll go back solo for a bit.
  9. Where abouts are you? That will be the next thing we are moaning about of we get another heatwave. Anything over 25 and I'm struggling.
  10. Employee nightmare

    Yes mate i use George so just a case of printing the worksheet off for him, writing any notes etc on and off he goes. He picks the van up at 9am and gets back for 3pm, i pay him hourly, his contract is 16 hours but we have been doing 18 over 3 days. I give him an amount that i expect him to be able to complete (i give him slightly more than the minimum i want each day). If hes done early he can go and still get paid till 3, if he doesnt manage them all no big deal i will pick up any scraps end of the week. Its best to give him an amount thats at the high end of whats possible that way he tries to get it all done (better to give him a high target and him fall short than a low one which he drags out all day) I bought a cheap van and second hand tank etc. If hes still here come the summer i will get a newer van on finance as i fancy a bigger one for myself and give him mine.
  11. Thinking of giving up

    By far the cheapest and easiest thing you can do is post to FB buy and sell group. Hammer them 2-3 times a day and you will pick up a few jobs a week. The only problem is now they must be getting wise to it as I've been banned a dozen times this last year.
  12. Employee nightmare

    Like I said I sent mine out on his own He either sinks or swims. If I start getting complaints then he either stops getting them or will have to go So far no complaints What else can you do though, do your best to train them, then let them at it and give it a fair trial.
  13. NOOO! Not again!

    Supposed to stop today and be ok tomorrow for most of the UK.
  14. Employee nightmare

    As an example on our best day together we did £270 Last weds we were out in 2 vans . Set off from my house at 9am and we were back before 3pm all done..I did £210 he did £170 . Like I said not as fast as me but way better than working together. I'm paranoid of him doing a poor job as well mate but if you are looking to employ then you have to learn to let go and take a risk. I think you are expecting too much too soon. It might take a few employees before you find the right one. If it's stressing you out that much get rid go back to being solo and try again when you feel in a better place. In future before setting someone on permanently it might be a good idea to Dona few trial day with a prospective employee so you can give their character. The most important thing is that they are keen to work and show willing to listen and learn. The skills can be learnt in time but work ethic can't.
  15. Employee nightmare

    Hi mate. I set on a part timer a month ago. He was out with me and first week he slowed me down obviously having to show him what to do. Second week a bit faster he just about covered his wages. Still having to correct him. Third week better still but I quickly realised that working as a 2 man is t very efficient. I would be waiting for him to finish, we would get in each others way etc. So fourth week and I thought sod it and bought another van and sent him out on his own. Well what a difference it's made, he's not as fast as me but he is out there and he is making me a profit now. I am water fed pole btw so I would have thought it's easier to learn than traditional, no footing of ladders needed etc. Get him out on his own. The other thing I would say is if you are going to employ someone who has no experience you have to realise that you need to be patient and give them time. You can't judge them in a week. A month would give you a beer indication and I wouldn't expect them to be up to my speed for a good few months. Just realize that they won't do as much as you even when up to speed

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