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  1. I found the mirror perfectly useable on standard houses. Alloy poles are heavy and whilst the tools are in by the time youve faffed about using them all, putting the poles up and down etc you'd be better off just cleaning some windows. Far too much of a farce gutter vacs imo.
  2. Customers that have to be in

    It is a sweeping statement but it's what I've found. But 90% of my work is on houses less than 200k. Not many million pound properties round here. But that's what I've found, the big locked gate houses need to be in to unlock them whereas the semis can simply be left open.
  3. Writing off tomorrow.

    Really nice out. Sun is shining. Bit blowy but workable.
  4. Customers that have to be in

    They have to go I'm afraid. It's a shame because I had some really nice custys that were great payers. I find a problem with big houses, I've had a few coming up to a million pound properties that access has to be a certain day at a certain time. Just can't do it, better off with easy access semis.
  5. Writing off tomorrow.

    Is it windy ? Was really calm here today. Off outside for a look... Will see what it's like tomorrow, I don't need much excuse for a day off
  6. my business

    how much work do you have? (if you dont mind answering) only asking as wanting to take someone on myself but not sure if i should take on a bit more work first, im almost full, but could do more on my own i suppose...
  7. my business

    Are you working sole at the minute @A Pane In The Glass ? Or do you already employ
  8. Non will be that straight forward if you've never used wordpress. But once you know your way around wordpress they will mostly all feel straightforward. Just use on of the free ones wordpress comes with most of them are responsive and work fine. You will probably find some tutorials on you tube.
  9. Setting up in a new area (an hour away)

    Yes you did. Unfortunately moving is not really an option. Got too many ties round here. That leaves me with a few options. 1.Stay as a sole trader and keep prices as high as poss. 2.Employ, lower prices slightly to increase workload and accept lower profit margins. 3. start in a new area with less competition/better prices 4. Stick to my prices, slug away in my area for a few more years, build up to vat threshold with a couple of employees then free some time up for myself to go do something completely different. Just mulling over the options at the moment.
  10. What would be everyones thoughts on trying to setup a round about an hour away from where you live? Having flogged my area to death Im considering the possibility of starting a round a good distance away (exact area to be determined) i could build the area up with an investment in marketting or maybe buying a round. Moving would be ideal, but its not really an option as i have too many family commitments round here (i am in the process of moving house actually but only local) Think it could be worth it? obviously im looking for better prices, setting them up on go cardless would be a must The way i would do it would be to get someone working my round up here then myself doing the travel Does anyone do anything like this? thoughts?
  11. Street already has Window clean

    Thats fair enough mate if you are happy with that. I got told a few times when strating out (particularly by a family friend who is a trad windy of 20 years) there is a Gentlemens agreement that window cleaners dont step on each others toes around here. Well i never signed that agreement nor am i a gentleman so i just do as i please.
  12. Street already has Window clean

    This is not a game, its business, step on their toes and take their work. I dont care about anyone else honestly, i mean theres a lot of guys on here who seem really good guys, ill still take your work if i get chance though, sorry. (except maybe @Dave B ive seen the tower block he used to live in, im not that daft)
  13. Caravan clean

    £100 2 steady hours I reckon. Tfr/ubik etc with an old wfp brush Looks like it would be quite enjoyable!
  14. my business

    Nothing wrong with easing off for winter if you are happy with where you are. I'm easing off the marketing until the new year as want to save up some reddies for a big push in the new year. No point me making that push now as there's things I need to put in place not to mention Christmas with 5 kids to pay for and a tax bill due in Jan. Do what you want to with regards plans, just have a plan that's the key. But yes if you need the work there's absolutely no reason to back off. Can't recall a customer cancelling because it's winter and you can pick up just as much work. I've always found the weather to better than summer for working as well, it's been years since we've had a bad winter
  15. Plumbing an R.O in under the sink

    Tds on average is about 150 Seen it anywhere between 100-200 on occassion R..O id definately cheaper, not interested in going back to D.I only