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  1. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Had the best results yesterday with the liquidators No lines all day used the same technique changed my squeegee handle from the accelerator to the ettore contour pro ( the bendy one ) used Tesco lemon dish soap in bucket mixed with water and razor red love this handle just now had it for ages
  2. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Thanks again and thanks for the videos remember it's work tomorrow
  3. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Yes I don't do anything strange either I'm just guilty of being very up my own **** about the work I put out did you actually check closely the work in the above video or are you that good with the liquidators that you don't need to check your work that was me
  4. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Why should I give up
  5. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Why in hell don't moerman just go back and do a bit of tweaking they owe it to all the good people who have bought their products I know someone on here will come back with something like a good window cleaner can use any tool could a good window cleaner use a rubber with a Nick in it YES I have done plenty of times but the trail comes from the ends of the liquidators Is like brig oh Doon you can only see it at certain times maybe it vanishes later and I have nothing to worry about but you have to look close to see it if you look on YouTube and read the comments on the liquidators you will realise that there is a lot lot more than me with the same problem or a lot more that have noticed it
  6. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Goodnight everyone that has took part in this discussion and thank you
  7. Traditional cleaner what are you happy to earn a day

    Try to work out how much you want to earn an hour then multiply by 7 max any more than this and you Will be getting wheeled home in a barrow
  8. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Yes this is the same technique as me sometimes there is an unexplained trail on the very tips the first I was really aware of this was when I cleaned my own house Windows after I had cleaned them they looked perfect I could not see any lines I mean I thought it looked cleaned to perfection the next day when l woke up looked out the window 6 feet by 3 feet window from the inside shock a Rooney it looking like Glasgow central station only with more lines I had to shut the curtains real quick so her in doors doesn't think I was a pure nummpty so after further investigation I could notice a fine trail on the edges of the moerman liquidators channel it only because I have acquirered a heightened state of awareness when it comes to looking at my work I would love it to be my technique so I could sort it that would be good but I can't see it ill be honest I can't understand pols and bladz videos he speaks more about how good he is than actually explaining in slow motion how different his technique is to us mere mortals
  9. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Yes the unger s plus channel is very consistent I have not binned the liquidators because I know they could be the best there is no squeegee out there that can beat the liquidators for detailing when it works it works no doubt about it but I'm having to go for therapy when it does this for no reason has anyone found the cause if I could find out why I could sort it I need electric shock treatment help help get me a beer
  10. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Thanks for your nice reply Eric I have been using these tools from the first week they came out I'm very fussy sometimes there is a fine trail coming off the ends maybe this channel is like a woman when she sees your are ****** off she gives you more grief but trust me sometimes there is an unexplained trail sometimes maybe it can read my mood
  11. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    I experimenting
  12. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Is it the temperature of the water
  13. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Yes it's my fault I'm a carp window cleaner I'm stupid I can't squeegee after 25 years could you come and teach me how I don't think so my customers love me I don't want any mistakes I would love the liquidators to work straight out the box but they don't I me very meticulous and professional I have moded proded I have used them up down sideways I have used every type of soap also every type of rubber and there is sometimes a fine line at the tips of the channel not always it's nothing to do with worn rubber maybe it's the rubber I don't know I know the only type of rubber that is half good is ettore the reason I have stuck with these is that without a doubt these channels are definitely the best when it comes to detailing in fact I'm thinking about renewing them but sometimes there is a fine line trialling the very tips of them I have watched it doing it on my own patio doors and spent time experimenting how to get rid of it why would moerman want to let you use someone else's rubber if I was them I would be bursting my balls to fix this before unger move in is it the weather the rubber or the channel and I've also tried clean water in bucket and add soap to applicator as and when maybe I should just go back to being an astro physicist whatever that is
  14. Tried everything with these tools watched every poll's and blade video's they defo still leave a line at the edges used unger s plus today no lines minimal detailing I wish unger would 're invent the liquidators they do a great job with detailing but you need to constantly double check your work sped up no end today using the s plus what a good ideal the liquidators is it was just waiting to be invented but something is missing requires attention that's why polz and blades has to keep putting out videos the only thing I have not tried is the secret sauce that is coming out soon
  15. Liquidators my wife says not on her windows

    I'm not bad mouthing it I would love it to work perfectly. I'm only stating what loads of other trad cleaners have found I hate it when your working away and everything is perfect with it then out of the blue it starts playing up it frustrating not time saving I would rather leave a bit soap round the edge than a big a scar across the living room window some of you will reply to this by saying just go back to your old gear and leave the liquidators to the experts but I am the expert I don't think I should have to spend £200 on moerman gear to denote it to the reject bin I want it to work desperately but on close examination of some Windows it leaves small thin trails I know this could be the best it needs tweeked by moerman to make it a bit more perfect

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