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  1. I've found that video seems to record a higher engagement. Occasionally I've added a time lapse video of fascia cleans which is always amusing & seems to prompt a response. Photos are quickly ignored unless they stand out from the crowd or specific to a certain audience that you're targeting. I'd be interested to read others experience. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  2. The time I referred to in Berlin was a mates 40th, nothing too savage, just a good crack, there were 7 of us then. I was amazed at how cheap it worked out, 3 days inc flights and staying in the Berlin Hilton was about £400. Quite how my mate managed that I'll never know. Makes a change from UK cities. After looking at there seem to be some cracking deals on some smart hotels. Food for thought I think.
  3. Kiev sounds great, do you have to wear respirators for Chernobyl? I thought the levels were still too high? Really interesting though, I'd love to see more of Eastern Europe. I was talking to a Lithuanian chap about his home country...he said it was rubbish as there were only old people left[emoji849]. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app One place I'd really like to go back to is Berlin. If your interested in WW2 the old SS barracks, Holocaust museum and memorial are worth a look, otherwise just wandering round and sitting at street cafes drinking and eating is great. The Reichstag is another place to go, but queue early. I went in July a few years ago & the weather was roasting every day. People are really friendly too. For a big city it was amazingly quiet from around 23:00. Hardly anything moving. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  4. Thanks for the advice @AGlassAct and @spruce. TBH I bought the SPE800 as a mate had been using it for over a year with the same system without issue. Would I be right in thinking though that as my water pressure was nearly double his in the first place that my identical pump would be working much harder with the greater mains pressure (boosted his was still only 40psi)? Itll be something a save up for and get a decent one pretty sharp though so your input is appreciated. Ta.
  5. I'm 5'9" and use an aluminium step up to reach the top of the frames. Really handy bits of kit for leaning over gates too.
  6. Cheers @spruce I wasn't aware of that, it just about does me with the kit I need, it'd be nice not to have to squeeze everything in.
  7. I've used a Partner 600lx for the past 3 years with a 400l tank, it's just enough for a day, but more and more I'm finding I have to go back and refill to finish my jobs. Also with the payload so low, it doesn't leave me much left over for kit. I'd like to get a Renault Traffic or similar sometime. On the up side it's handy for tight streets.
  8. Thanks for the reply @spruce, Machine Mart have already got back to me and advised. Thanks for clearing up about the regs too. sorry for posting off topic.
  9. I'm just going to vent off for a bit as my mains booster pump has packed up, I've been using a Clarke SPE800ss with the Clarke pump controller for only 4 weeks & now all i get is a loud agonising buzzing noise and the pump gets so hot you can't hold your hand on it & its stopped pumping. Ive got a 4040 HF5 system with 11.5kg DI vessel which is working fine but needs a boost as my mains is at 38psi. has anyone else had any issues with Mains pumps or can happily recommend one thats fit for 'our' purpose. I rang one place up & they all but put the phone down and started telling me that I could only boost up to 1.5 bar from mains when I asked about a pump. All inlet/outlet pipes have been checked independently for blockages & they're fine. I've only had my static set up for the same period & up till now all was well, feels like money down the drain as I've probably got to send it back and go through to and fro with Machine Mart...Aargh!! Had enough messing about for one night.
  10. Same old adage isn't it, horses for courses, I'm going to get a decent triple and ladder m*rix for the simple jobs.
  11. Personally I don't have an issue with charging for something like this. after all undertakers charge for a service, as long as it's handled with the respect and dignity it deserves. I cleaned my late father in laws up, it was only a small plaque amongst a row of others. I know it cost around £500 new & mother in law was well pleased with the results. The only thing to watch was the gold lettering which will come off. I repainted it with gold enamel modelling paint. Looked great when you compare it to others at the cemetery. I'd price the clean and repaint separately.
  12. Hi All, I've been asked by one or two customers to clean their caravan exterior, I priced a twin axle mobile tourer up at £60 top to bottom today. Does anyone think I've over egged the price or is that about right? It's got a algae on the roof and sides. I priced it estimating a couple of hours without rushing. Haven't had an answer either way yet, which is why I'm asking. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. Having faced a similar issue with a long standing customer recently I said if you're not happy I won't charge for the last clean (windows only), rather than any animosity and further resentment every time I clean I won't clean them again. I'd rather stay amicable. It's a tough one, but I'd rather take a knock with them going away with a small result, they'd have dumped anyway. This way I'm ahead.
  14. I keep having the same thoughts, but thinking at least if I use a stand off and M8rix with a triple ladder it has to be ok as long as I don't over reach. I'm the same with the vac, seem to spend more time messing with the vac than actually vacuuming. It'll probably end up that I'll use both for different jobs. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. I've been looking around for a new gutter vac having used a Numatic WVD570-2 with a side entry manifold and aluminium poles. The downsides: The vac is powerful (enough), but small. The aluminium poles weigh too much for me when vacuuming more than two houses a day. It's a clat unbolting the sections each time. I can't help wonder if it's simpler and quicker to get a decent triple ladder, Ladder M8rix, stand off and longer Harris pole. Getting a full Grippa or Skyvac is out at the mo. Has anyone used both & what's your take on it to help me decide? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app