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  1. Neilmnwc

    Percentage & Dilution ratios?

    This is the one I have. It might be overkill in terms of vapours, but I’d rather that than not enough. it is rated for chlorine gas. when I wear it you cannot smell anything. It’ll rely on a good deal around the face to work effectively . https://www.protectivemasksdirect.co.uk/jsp-force-8-half-mask-abek1-p3-filters
  2. Neilmnwc

    Goods received from customers

    I’ve been given: 2 cut throat razors from a retired barber. 1 Cadac gas cooker with gas. a bench vice g clamps drill chuck musy be other stuff, I struggle saying no thanks😄.
  3. Neilmnwc

    Weeds On Sealed Block Paving?

    I’m sure I can find a positive somewhere to come out of it all... the chap said it’s nothing personal but when it’s just you and you’re no fly by night it’s unavoidable. ill see how it goes killing off what’s there then re iterate the maintenance and go from there. Ta for the support and suggestions.
  4. Neilmnwc

    Weeds On Sealed Block Paving?

    Cheers for the replies. I’m going to kill off the surface weeds as agreed with them to make good and keep them on side. After which I’ll advise (again) about the need for regular treatment with soapy water and/or herbicide. I'm. It going to go down the route of doing it again as it’ll leave me massively out of pocket and won’t achieve anything (IMO) other than how it was left originally. they’ve had great expectations and didn’t really want to hear that they have to maintain it, albeit to a lesser degree. if weeds can get through concrete and tarmac, then a thin seal surely doesn’t stand a chance? its made me a bit reticent to do a full seal again though. I know others on here make a good living on it, maybe I've just been unlucky.
  5. Neilmnwc

    Weeds On Sealed Block Paving?

    I’d used Blackwash beforehand which did kill off lichen, mould and algae, but it isn’t a herbicide so wouldn’t have much of a lasting effect on weeds. im sure there’s a fail safe way, just that I either didn’t find it or used it on the wrong driveway for the circumstances.
  6. Neilmnwc

    Weeds On Sealed Block Paving?

    Cheers. Once I’d finished I sent an email explaining that nothing can guarantee weed or maintenance free, but that it should be considerably reduced maintenance. Since cleaning nothing has has been done by the customer as they’re under the impression they should get more weed free time. I’d sanded and brushed quite a bit into the joints, certainly enough to avoid it fouling the surface on sealing. I can still see the fresh looking sand under the sealer. its just that albeit small weeds have taken root in it. My train of thought to remedy is this. kill off surface weeds, remove and sand if necessary, then use what little sealant the customer had left to re seal. I can’t think of another way to stop it going messy. They’re not lazy, they just expected more (or less in terms of maintenance) for their money. All the time while doing it I had to keep re iterating it’ll only reduce maintenance not eradicate all weed growth for years.
  7. Hi All, I’ve got a question, and a problem that I’m hoping to solve/remedy. last October I cleaned a customers block paving, around 300m2 of it. there are now weeds growing in the cracks which are easy enough to get rid of or kill off, but the customer isn’t happy they’re there after less than a year. therein lies the problem. my method of Cleaning and treating was as follows: Blackwash Applied to kill off mould, lichen, algae. Pressure wash & manual removal where necessary between the joints of any moss/weed growth. At this stage there was little of any jointing substrate left. re sand using kiln dried sand, followed by Resiblock Superior sealer applied by roller. on completion all surfaces in good order as you’d expect. the place has got a lot of vegetation surrounding it which can’t help, I’ve explained that the sealer manufacturer offers no guarantee regarding longevity before weeds appear & that weed seeds generally blow onto and take root rather than come up from underneath. in an case I would have expected longer before weeds appear and have offered to kill off the weeds. F.O.C. My questions are: Is there anything I could have reasonably done to prevent this happening that I haven’t already? Is it merely unfortunate and due to the environmental conditions surrounding the premises that cause growth to occur from seeds blowing onto it? The rest of the surface is still in good order with no growth of any kind. Cheers, this has caused me some concern & id like to make right with them.
  8. Neilmnwc

    Most shocking prices

    I had a woman ask me to ‘go over’ her fascia next time I did the windows...mmm🤔 she nearly chocked when told her it’d be another £90! Her reply: ‘But I thought you’d just use your brush and go over them’
  9. Neilmnwc

    Introducing the Perry Pump

    Another one interested in this. Seems a cracking idea for fascia Cleaning!
  10. Neilmnwc

    What’s your PPM before DI

    I’m running the same as you but using a booster. I did have the PSI religiously set at 80psi and had the TDS down to 12 for ages, but in the last 3/4months it sits about 23 after RO. when I turn the pressure down the TDS went down post RO, I was under the impression it’d be lower not higher with pressure increased. the membrane is just a year old. like you I’m puzzled why it isn’t lower. (My mains is 390-/+)
  11. Neilmnwc

    What’s your PPM before DI

    Axeon 4040, 10”sediment and 10”carbon fiberdyne filters TDS 390 -/+ from mains boosted to 65psi tds 23 after DI out of DI at 0 All readings taken directly after new Tulsion MB-115 resin change new pre filters and a flush out. South LINCS. Ive had the post RO down to about TDS 12 for ages but only seem to be able to get it to low 20’s now (?), baffles me why as I flush regularly and change filters nearly on the the dot.
  12. Neilmnwc

    How much to charge for caravans

    All depends on the size. I did a small (single axle 4 berth) tourer which had a soiled (green) roof but otherwise quite tidy. It took 1.5hrs, I charged £65.00 top to bottom wash & black the tyres.
  13. Neilmnwc

    Leisure Battery / Charger

    I’ve got just a water tank in the back of my van (No RO) and get by rotating a sealed 70ah and a 45ah battery from a Mobility scooter. Ive had leisure batteries ranging from 75ah up to 110ah and my little buggy batteries have outlasted them all. they were second hand from a mobility centre & cost me £10.00 each. I didn’t expect much but am pleasantly surprised. my battery charger is a CTek charger which recycled too. ive had cheap ones and they don’t last. hope you get it sorted.
  14. Neilmnwc

    Advice on how to access this type of window

    I’ve got one on my round (thankfully) I can do the top easy enough then tilt the brush (Gardiners swivel neck) and go in every other set of gaps. The brush should overlap where you’ve cleaned already. I haven’t had a complaint and they would say something as the place is immaculate. I remember they actually chose to have them and we’re really pleased...I thought otherwise 😄
  15. Neilmnwc

    gardiner extreme poles

    I get the impression it’s very much ‘it is what it is’ with these. very good to work with but just not as long lasting, with some faring better than others depending on usage.

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