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  1. Neilmnwc

    Most shocking prices

    I had a woman ask me to ‘go over’ her fascia next time I did the windows...mmm🤔 she nearly chocked when told her it’d be another £90! Her reply: ‘But I thought you’d just use your brush and go over them’
  2. Neilmnwc

    Introducing the Perry Pump

    Another one interested in this. Seems a cracking idea for fascia Cleaning!
  3. Neilmnwc

    What’s your PPM before DI

    I’m running the same as you but using a booster. I did have the PSI religiously set at 80psi and had the TDS down to 12 for ages, but in the last 3/4months it sits about 23 after RO. when I turn the pressure down the TDS went down post RO, I was under the impression it’d be lower not higher with pressure increased. the membrane is just a year old. like you I’m puzzled why it isn’t lower. (My mains is 390-/+)
  4. Neilmnwc

    What’s your PPM before DI

    Axeon 4040, 10”sediment and 10”carbon fiberdyne filters TDS 390 -/+ from mains boosted to 65psi tds 23 after DI out of DI at 0 All readings taken directly after new Tulsion MB-115 resin change new pre filters and a flush out. South LINCS. Ive had the post RO down to about TDS 12 for ages but only seem to be able to get it to low 20’s now (?), baffles me why as I flush regularly and change filters nearly on the the dot.
  5. Neilmnwc

    How much to charge for caravans

    All depends on the size. I did a small (single axle 4 berth) tourer which had a soiled (green) roof but otherwise quite tidy. It took 1.5hrs, I charged £65.00 top to bottom wash & black the tyres.
  6. Neilmnwc

    Leisure Battery / Charger

    I’ve got just a water tank in the back of my van (No RO) and get by rotating a sealed 70ah and a 45ah battery from a Mobility scooter. Ive had leisure batteries ranging from 75ah up to 110ah and my little buggy batteries have outlasted them all. they were second hand from a mobility centre & cost me £10.00 each. I didn’t expect much but am pleasantly surprised. my battery charger is a CTek charger which recycled too. ive had cheap ones and they don’t last. hope you get it sorted.
  7. Neilmnwc

    Advice on how to access this type of window

    I’ve got one on my round (thankfully) I can do the top easy enough then tilt the brush (Gardiners swivel neck) and go in every other set of gaps. The brush should overlap where you’ve cleaned already. I haven’t had a complaint and they would say something as the place is immaculate. I remember they actually chose to have them and we’re really pleased...I thought otherwise 😄
  8. Neilmnwc

    gardiner extreme poles

    I get the impression it’s very much ‘it is what it is’ with these. very good to work with but just not as long lasting, with some faring better than others depending on usage.
  9. Neilmnwc

    gardiner extreme poles

    Reassuring to know & thanks @Marko067 and @Alex Gardiner. I didn’t buy an Xtreme this time but I’ll keep putting the pennies away for one.
  10. Neilmnwc

    gardiner extreme poles

    That’s handy to know, are you meticulous with maintenance on it? I passed on buying one this time over fears of it prematurely snapping and costing me loads to keep it going.
  11. Neilmnwc

    Rectus fittings

    I recently tried an Exceed Slick connector, it lasted a couple of months max. The concept of it does work in that it doesn’t drag around obstacles anywhere near as much, it is watertight (always a bonus😄) and protects the inner connector. having said all that for the cost I didn’t think it was worth it, after a short period of time the plastic becomes fatigued and the barbs go soft at the joint and snap. I’ve followed the advice from many on here about tubeless and a hose joiner using Polymorph (thanks @Den for the heads up). one thing I’m undecided about is JG straight connector over a Rectus at the base of my pole.
  12. Neilmnwc

    Percentage & Dilution ratios?

    Thanks Dave, much appreciated.
  13. Neilmnwc

    Percentage & Dilution ratios?

    Cheers, I have got PPE. Rubber chemical resistant gauntlets, full face mask and correctly rated respirator. Clothing wise full nylon and rubber boots. I’m not noted for being a chancer or winging it so if I’ve missed anything let me know. I’d expected to have to refill several times over and will use your guide. Thanks.
  14. Can/will anyone point me in the right direction to calculate the mix for any given percentage and dilution ratio please? I've been using Benz BW, but have decided to mix my own. Nothing wrong at all with Benz, just thought I'd try reducing my outlay. I'd be using 15% Hypo from Bonneymans and mixing with 20Litres water. Its to clean painted walls of a house that are relatively lightly soiled. I'm not even going to chance it unless I'm 100% happy mixing my own up, just thought I'd ask. Cheers.
  15. Can’t beat Sunny Hunny on a day like today...(ok you can, but it ain’t bad)

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