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  1. I've got the same charger and have been using it for about a year with sealed AGM batteries. I've always had it on AGM to charge. I have two batteries one 45ah and one 50ah, One on charge one in the van. I easily get a day and a half from each of these. I went through the same pain with leisure batteries. I had 75ah, 110ah and 85ah lead acids all of them failed in a short space of time. I changed to the Ctek charger from basic Maypole ones. The AGM are both second hand from a mobility company and were £10 each. Well chuffed. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  2. What would you guys do

    I'd have done the same as you. If he knew and hadn't told you beforehand it sounds like drama waiting to happen. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  3. Which Sand?

    Cheers, K. Going on a rough average that would end up being about 75L, does that seem about right? I'll stick some before and after pics up once it's done. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Which Sand?

    Nice one thanks for that, I just didn't want to do it half baked. Glad the sealer will work alone.
  5. Which Sand?

    Only because I didn't want it washing away too quickly, would the resin sealer do the job with kds then?
  6. Which Sand?

    Hi guys, I'm working through a quote for a customer who want their entire 315 square meters of brick weave driveway cleaned, treated sanded and sealed. They know the benefits of chemical treatment, sealing etc, it's just a larger area than I have cleaned and I've never sealed/sanded before. I don't want to use KDS & & plan to use Sika Narrow joint sand & set. I know they can't give an accurate coverage rate but wondered if anyone can give me a steer on how many 20kg bags to go for? Cheers
  7. Been cleaned today tickets

    I've always designed my own Cleaned Today tickets in Photoshop. Then uploaded them to the printers (instant print last time). Mine are A6, single sided & have: Logo/web address Other services Space for price and date Payment options Contact numbers If anyone isn't happy with the stock designs at the printer, drop me a pm. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  8. Looks like he was trying to find an excuse to force your arm into doing them trad mate. Does it void his guarantee when it rains[emoji848]. Not worth worrying about. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  9. You live and learn, I've done a few fascia cleans and come away aching all over for less money than I'd have got from window cleaning. It doesn't happen now though. Price for me and convenience for the custy not having to do it themself.
  10. Van mount or strap

    Hi, I've been reading this thread with interest, I need to give my insurers a call. The other thing I remember being asked was whether I'd like a cover vehicle should mine be off the road. I said no as I was under the impression I'd probably wait longer for a van with all WFP kit in than I would a repair to be carried out on my own van. Your comment has proved that wrong. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. I'd agree with that, I'm in LINCS & pricing isn't that high here either. I've been debating whether to shift 4wks to 6 and keep the 8wks but it'll clash too much. I've also begun adding 50% on to new 8 wk quotes. No one has complained and most accept the increase. They don't always see the yearly saving though. A lot of it had to do with confidence in delivering the quote. When I wasn't confident it showed and I ended up kicking myself when they took the 8 wk at the same price. I try and spend a little bit of time chatting before I even talk about money. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Facebook

    FB can be a bit of a law unto themselves & move the goalposts whenever they like. There's always a catch with anything 'free'...they provide us with a means to socialise online, connect and share, in return they get to mine into our phones/lives and draw off all our contacts to target their ads. (Even though I've had my permissions turned off) I was ages adopting FB personally but once Self employed it becomes a necessity. Damned if you do damned if you don't isn't it. I agree FB can be infuriating🙄
  13. Facebook

    Did they give any other reason than suspicious activity? I can only imagine it'd be something to do with advertising, i.e. You're placing lots of ads for free & FB doesn't like it, they want your money for advertising.
  14. Facebook

    Hi mate, For taking photos when you're on your own try using a Jobi Gorrilapod with a smartphone clamp. Really handy and easy to use. Stick you phone on timer and you're all set. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  15. Photo vs video

    I've found that video seems to record a higher engagement. Occasionally I've added a time lapse video of fascia cleans which is always amusing & seems to prompt a response. Photos are quickly ignored unless they stand out from the crowd or specific to a certain audience that you're targeting. I'd be interested to read others experience. Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums