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  1. Have a quick look at raptor on you tube before decide
  2. Eviestevie

    What do you drive?

    Nissan nv200 best van ever had by mile
  3. Eviestevie

    R O membranes 100 / 150 gpd

    There made in China?does that mean something is off poor quality? I'm speaking from experience my 4040 Ro I tested the other day after around 18 month was producing 5ppm when new from 200-240ppm Is now at 5ppm What more can i ask for? I've actually just purchased a low pressure membrane from them so I'll do a review I'm not any way involved wih Collins as well just there local and always used them
  4. Eviestevie

    R O membranes 100 / 150 gpd

    Collins water products tell them lee of forum recommended
  5. Eviestevie

    Someone needs to "went" back to school

    When I do anything on the forum it's always on my phone,my replies make sense when I'm typing but sometimes I'll read them back and think..what the hell have I just written!!!!!! Pen and paper totally different have no issues what so ever
  6. Eviestevie


    Raptor is amazing It's so hard wearing Protectacoat in my experience looks mega when done but weeks after is just so scratched and chipped
  7. Eviestevie


    Raptor lining is amazing Check it out on YouTube Can be rolled,gives a texture and is so hard once dry you can not chip it
  8. Eviestevie

    Someone needs to "went" back to school

    Wondered why all my posts had been deleted.....
  9. Eviestevie

    Retractable hose

    Takes up no room hardly it's about 13cm wide
  10. Eviestevie

    Retractable hose

    Sauro rossi Had it 15 month still looks new and performs brill Not single issue Think there about 450 can ask my friend he supplies them
  11. Eviestevie

    Retractable hose

    I have 100m retractable best purchase I've ever made love it
  12. Eviestevie

    Help with a jet washing system

    I have a washer for sale 21lpm
  13. Eviestevie

    Pressure washer help

    The pump is ar Italy usually good quality If water has been left in pump it is possible it has frozen and expanded But seems very expensive for the bolts. I'd be tempted to just put another pump on it will he offer one at cost???
  14. Eviestevie

    Groves v eubank jnr

    Naz said it right!!made me laugh Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app

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