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  1. Not a debate just reviews Any product used wrong can cause damage like tfr use it wrong and it will cause irreversible damage ubik used wrong is amazing paint stripper lol More isn't always better and plastic is a fragile material I recently dropped all my moerman blades in a bucket with some diluted ubik next morning the black channels were shiny silver.All the paint had dissolved and left the bare metal So many chems about at mo that people believe we need them for everything and it's just not the case
  2. Agree with green I use ubik or virosol for pretty much everything and always have its cheap as chips and does the job I used upvc max and on my first impression was how much it smelt like flash concentrate It does remove the green etc off pvc but useless on tiger stripping lead marks etc i used it neat on cloth to try and remove black staining and it didn't do anything Green you have some left do you have any really stained pvc or guttering with striping etc?you like vids post one trying to remove the black staining maybe I use hg pvc cleaner and a magic sponge on staining
  3. Going back to backpack

    i use trolley a lot spec in town centre
  4. It feels so fresh

    Like me feel weight has been lifted nice going home everyday clean and not covered
  5. I use rubber inner tubes
  6. upvc max

    Simon don't you think it's time to give Daniel a call regarding trolley as well???hes on the forum but hasn't mentioned it yet Said I wouldn't get involved but he's a friend and good bloke can you call him
  7. Hard week with the xline pole 😂

    Rinse on the glass saves a lot of strain
  8. Gardiner backpack upgrade?

    There's no reason you couldn't fit a bigger pump just would need a bigger battery A bigger battery doesn't mean it has to bigger in size can actually be smaller
  9. Yep There ones 4 year warranty love mine
  10. Auto retractable I'd never use anything else
  11. How much would you charge?

    Well after week I've had I would charge nothing just to be back on this type off work I'm officially a window cleaner not exterior cleaner
  12. Unit clearout,loads for sale

    Also he's selling off engines Honda,loncin,lombardini,yanmar Hes going back into forestry equipment
  13. My friend is moving units and concentrating on new business venture So he is doing massive stock clearance to make way for new equipment .?From pressure washers ready to go,pumps,gearboxes,lances etc you name it he's got it Also auto sprayers etc etc heavy duty reels with or without hose all powder coated from Italy inbox for more details
  14. 2 Biocide jobs to day

    Egg custards???
  15. got to say...this has been a bargain!

    I use auto sprayers now not expensive and have built in compressor in head no pumping,no pumps to go wrong with chems etc and cheap