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  1. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    No got a few left
  2. I have 7 jets on my brush and the flow isn't a issue if you have the right jet size the flow of water is the same regardless
  3. Wfp not allways best

    When it rains most often it comes down with wfp it goes more horizontal i have few old restaurants with leaky windows that I trad
  4. Slick connect ?

    Good from what I heard although wcw are out stock I tried ordering yesrday
  5. Hot water FIT conversion

    Got couple days this week to fit a heater but if I'm running 2 men would one Heater be enough
  6. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    Hi yes got some
  7. I'll post pick off my new samurai trolley it's the bizz and looks good it's also got viton seals and chemical pump
  8. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    Still a few left
  9. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    I'll ask Danny green
  10. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    Apperantly just checked it's good for 60degrees
  11. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    Glad your happy
  12. 100m 6mm microbore for sale

    Not sure mate I'll test
  13. Friend off mine has some with viton seals
  14. Be fine but would invalidate warranty but spares for these are pennies