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  1. No shades,vest shorts and flip flops
  2. He's only one who stocks it and at a good price When you next up ill bring coffee
  3. he mentioned he was moving to a unit be much better
  4. haha Kawasaki green love the colour to be fair was my friend who did the powder coat Certainly a very industrial unit there
  5. Always check drainage and tap pressure low tap pressure and short job can turn into very long job
  6. Hi mate are you from chesterfield
  7. Yep my local has Peroni and hop house and they all come with a free hangover
  8. 5 pints of peroni in
  9. for forever
  10. what pump is it on them trolleys does it have a adjustable pressure switch
  11. I use my kids as motivation,I'm not saying perfect and don't some days finish early but I balance it out
  12. Haha new colour soon bored off red
  13. I have a set off them in my van
  14. I like them lol
  15. Teneife in june went wales last week for weekend and back in wales this weekend,me and missus agreed id have more time with them