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  1. I'll pm you tomo 

    need a good sprayer and rinse bar 

    1. peter rogers

      peter rogers

      what i need is the handle/ trigger for bottom lol

  2. I've used this tfr and it's good it's strong If you get it on your hands it stings like hell Used it on connys and just melts the muck off just make sure dilute
  3. Tried a couple but on my last roof I used biocide max I'm going back today going to hypo
  4. Tried a new sprayer out today for local company The one in vid is 16litre and using compressed air via the head so need for pumps etc What really got me is it comes with viton seals and because there is no pump just air it would be great for soft washing with Chems Using it to seal a drive tomo let you know how I get on IMG_0110.mp4
  5. I did a 50/50 mix last time used and still disappointed with results to be fair
  6. I've always been disappointed with biocide
  7. Scrim all the way Tried out every cloth going over the years but always end up using um as sill wrags
  8. 200cc engine 12lpm at 140 bar another reason I got mine was for stuff round house cars and vans etc like the ease off use plug hose in and off ya go
  9. Daniel at equipment 4 industry 07971856205 say Lee recommended should offer discount i got them sick taking the big machine round back through jitties to small patios etc i also do pub beer gardens so just carry this plug in and go he does a Loncin version as well
  10. So cleaned my drive with it today very impressed much more portable and easy set up then the big machine plugs into tap as well should be good on little jobs
  11. Does anyone else use smaller machines like these Had these built up today for smaller jobs.Sometimes find the bigger machines arkward and messy on little patios etc
  12. Single eared o clips the have extra reinforcement in middle go to local welding supplies and ask i got about 200 various sizes bloke said just gis a fiver lol
  13. I'll post a vid up off it in operation I got them through a friend who gets them from Italy
  14. That's why I went auto retractable 4 year warranty and simple operation i get 70 metre hose in 19 sec
  15. I'm based in chesterfield there was windy selling some couple week ago I can ask not sure how much