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  1. Water Genie 35ft Viper

    35 ft water genie viper for sale. 18 months old. univalve fitted. loads of life left hardly used £300 Collection only DE55
  2. Water Genie 18ft Viper

    These poles are almost identical to the 18ft SLX. About 18 months old. loads of life left. Selling as I have upgraded to Extreme poles now. £100 collection from DE55 or local delivery. No I can't ship it. Comes with new brush and twin fan jets.
  3. Trad Tools for sale

    Large pile of used trad tools that are not getting maximum benefit collecting dust in my garage. £100 the lot won't split. UK mainland delivery included.
  4. Ladder Accessories

    As you know I don't use ladders anymore so clearing the garage and a few bits to go. Ladder limb Ladder mats / Leveler Ladder Mits. £30 Mainland UK Delivery included.
  5. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Reading this is melting my melon man. So glad we don't need squeegees anymore!
  6. The Windymobile is complete! Ready for my first clients tomorrow!

    I restarted on shanks pony myself out of necessity and the other week I seen an old boy with all his gear loaded on a wheel barrow. Dont matter how you get there, just get there.
  7. And so it begins...

    Kind of, softwashing is using the least aggressive method possible to get the job done.
  8. Thinking before speaking

    Customer in his mid 50s Me: How you doing? Him: Dying Me: Arent we all! Catch you next month! Following month wife informs me he died. What I was in such a hurry not to find out last time I saw him was that he had been diagnosed with almost everything terminal at once and given weeks to live. I feel like a c*** every time I pass the house for not taking the time to have a chat as I never knew it would be the last time.
  9. Customer Profiling

    Sorry @Dave Shaw but you don't get it at all. It has nothing to do with charging 'as much as possible' it has to do with getting paid a FAIR price for a top quality service. The customer expects you to be regular, reliable, professional and provide quality. And for this they need to pay a FAIR price. (Not be charged as much as possible) I work 8am til 4.30 Mon - Fri. Don't want to then have to spend my 'personal' time collecting money I have ALREADY earnt. Why should I? Insisting on GoCardless simply means there is NEVER issues with payments. As for doing the 'least amount possible' well not to blow my own trumpet but you're going to have to go a long way to find someone that puts in the time and dedication that I do in developing the business. What I am doing Dave (Not trying to do but doing) is developing a business that works, runs smoothly and is profitable. When everything is in place and your systems work then your pockets are always lined. Simple as that. Please do not for a minute think I am trying to tell you how to run your business (after all I don't want you to feel that I would 'berate' you for charging too little for example) All I am doing is sharing my experience and experiences that have helped me build what is a successful operation. Everything I say and think is nothing more than my personal opinion and thoughts not a mandate on what you should do mate. That's entirely down to you. 😁
  10. Customer Profiling

    Nope sorry mate. I dont share my leaflet templates.

    It's not 'better' it's cheaper. As long as it's cleaning windows that's what matters. If you're competent you can save plenty with D.I.Y. What you now need to do is look through all the suppliers their offerings and see which parts best suit your budget and requirements. There are loads of threads in the DIY section on self builds so have a browse through there and see what you like.
  12. First day tomorrow....

    Just ask yourself WWGD? Yup you got it -- What would Gordon do? There's a reason he looks like a smug ba***rd and that's cause he's got all the Benjamins! Watching 1 episode of Kitchen Nightmares will teach you more about actual business management than a year in business school. You make think I gone off the rails but honestly once you get it you'll realise how simple it all is.
  13. Wind n waterproof gloves (lightweight)

  14. Liquidated that's my liquidators

    Might as well toss in my 2p. Then duck and cover. A skilled window cleaner will use any channel / handle / rubber combo straight out the box and get good results. Why not cause the tools good but cause a skilled window cleaner is trained and experienced enough to get a good result regardless. I personally do not like any of the offerings from Moerman. I have had most of them and given them away. No the don't leave lines, yes my 'technique' is fine I simply think they are c.r.a.p. I use S-Plus channels with XL handles and a zero degree handle when needed. I also have a collection of wagtails for pole work. However this is all a moot point as we no longer trad...... yep that's right if it can't be done WFP we don't do it. Insides? 3m spray and scrims.

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