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  1. Green Pro Clean Ltd


    Then perhaps turn the games off and go for a drive and perhaps...... maybee.... oh I don't know,.......... collect an IBC you asked for? Just a thought! 😉
  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Fort transit custom

    There is no way 2 men in a van can 'double' the take. Just not happening. Perfect Windows, JRH, Pryors and many more all have done the math and all chose to put 1 man in a van. These are all firms with £1m plus turnover. If they thought for a second that 2 men to a van could double the take then do you not think they would? Sorry Dave but in this instance I am going to follow the model of people that are running successful operations in the high six and seven figure markets and stick to one man in a van. Only exception to this is training periods.
  3. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Lichen covered conservatory roof

    Well this is Schrodingers Cat now isn't it!! Do I agree or disagree with the above. If I agree then we go back to disagreeing and if I disagree we must continue to agree... This is at least an 8 pint puzzle. I will work on it later.. 🍺
  4. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Lichen covered conservatory roof

    This is nails on the head. Sometime back I got a slating from a few people for a video I did where I state that I charge £10 per panel to clean a conservatory roof. What @kevinc250 is saying above will require at least two visits. FIrst to apply a biocide (and don't forget the cost, Bnz is something like £10 per litre to start with) and a second visit to do the cleaning. In some cases it could require maybee a second treatment of biocide as which again is even more costs. All the time people turn up thinking i'll give it a quick scrub with some degreaser (then the old favorite of some tipsters 'just chuck some hypo on it') and i'll be done in an hour £50 happy days. Look at Thomas Sanderson, we can all sit back and slate his prices (around £75 per panel) for a full external and internal clean, but you can't slate his results. I reckon too many feel as if they have to do a conny roof if asked and then they feel they have to price 'cheap' to make sure they get it all in order to still be accepted by the customer. This is a big and often costly mistake. In the case enquired about the cost of the BIo alone is £10 then say an hour (minimum) to apply £45 so already £55 (the cost for which many will do a whole roof. Then a return visit a week (or longer as bio does get more effective the longer it's left) and time to apply the elbow grease. Depending on the size of the conny at least half a day. 4 hours @ say £45 per hour - so £180 plus the first visit of £55 so £235 already. Also remember to manage expectations and explain as Kev says about acidic marks that may not shift.
  5. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Customers moaning about the Rain

    I phone them, explain I am coming and the windows will be fine. If not they can call me back for a do over. (Once you explain WFP properly most are fine with it ) If they aren't just sack them off. Time wasters.
  6. Green Pro Clean Ltd


    Clients name, address, phone and email are stored on password protected off site servers - Cleaner Planner - You have so little chance of hacking my password no worries there. Even if you do this is a deliberate hack and not me carelessly sharing information. Payment info is handled by GoCardless whom im sure have paid a fat lawyer somewhere to ensure they are compliant so no worries there. So what I wonder is what happens when your round list (for those still keeping note books) falls out your back pocket in Costa with 300 customers details in it. Are you then looking at 300 breaches of GDPR rules?
  7. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Fort transit custom

    Of all the true 'players' I know (lads that run 5 vans plus not just sit on a keyboard claiming 20 employees but actually doing it) all of them have gone for one man to a van. The profit isn't a marginal difference it's 100% different. Say you decide (for tax reasons) your 'wage' is £80 per day. Van does £300 in a day after a bit of fuel your wage etc let's say cost is £120 per day you got £180 in profit. Put a 2 man setup in a van and you can only add maybee £50 more work in a day as you can only drive so far so fast. So for your two man van the profit is now £230 per day...... oh wait forgot his wage at ,£80 per day so profit only £150...... my bad. With him doing same in separate van profits are £360 for the day. Best way to make money on domestic windows is 1 man per van. If it wasn't why would all the top ',players' only have 1 man to a van?
  8. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Anyone’s round effected by VAT to your domestic round ?

    This isn't about pulling anything off m8 this isn't about 'throwing around figures' either it's about mean averages. Operators I know 'down south' have double digit vans out and lads comfortably doing £400 plus a day. These aren't imaginary figures but matters of public record when you run checks on large Ltd companies. Then there are lads I know 'up north' (Newcastle, Sheffield etc) doing a leisurely £250 per day (again public record) The math is not 'what may happen' the math is what will happen if you want to grow into VAT territory Dave. At end of day how you go is your choice and yours alone but the figures don't change.
  9. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Fort transit custom

    No no. Building a new one. Current van will go to employee.
  10. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Fort transit custom

    I will be ordering the facelift. Now comes with an automatic option for just a couple of grand more. Got a couple of friends down south that drive transit customs (A plumber and a roofer) both said next time they're getting the auto. Gonna order in Sept once holidays and summer is out the way.
  11. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Inside of perspex conservatory roof.

    £750 minimum. Last time I did a heavy nicotine job it got on my skin, into my system and I was off sick for a week. Now whenever I see nicotine staining that's the price. Don't seem to get them though. 🤔😉😂
  12. I've not listened to the video but I'm assuming you credited @rugbywolf with the idea of pump sprayer to keep applicators wet? After all he shared this exact idea with us all weeks ago.
  13. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Glass that will not come clean!

    Regardless of solving the mystery...... are you charging enough for all this ball ache? Sometimes more profit in walking away.
  14. Green Pro Clean Ltd


    I'm saying nothing as I am no lawyer. I am just proffering an opinion.
  15. Green Pro Clean Ltd


    Last place I would look for substantive information on anything factually legal. The whole GDPR thing is about junk mail lists being sold and bought with no real interest by the end user in the companine targeting them. For example Mary uses a Plumbers website to book an appointment to get the ball **** fixed on her toilet. There is a 'pre checked' check box that says 'Bobs Plumbing may from time to time share your information with it's partners who may send you promotional information and offers from time to time' The translation is you have given Bob permission to sell on your details to pretty much anyone he wants that can spam you with anything to do with home improvements and this is what the GDPR wants to crack down on. As a window cleaner we hold name, address, telephone and email. This is all information the customer needs to provide for us to provide a service. Breaks down as such. Name: We want to not only know whom we are working for but who booked the service Address: Cant do a job if we don't know where it is Phone: We text all clients the night prior to ensure access Email: As we only accept GoCardless we require the email for GoCardless purposes. We never share this information, it is stored on Cleaner Planer and hard copy in the office which is updated bi-monthly (just incase CP ever crashes itself) old data bases are destroyed. We do not delete customer information when it becomes 'dead' information such as cancellations etc as we have a financial transaction history with all clients and may be asked to prove income at some point by HMRC so they remain on file. Also if they are a PITA we have a record of the house so we know to avoid it. As you know we also have a lead generation company generating leads for other window cleaners across the UK and beyond. Now when we get a request for a quote we reply with 'No problem Mary, we will pass your detail onto Michael from Super Shiny Squeegee Services (no that's not a real company) our Window Cleaner in your area and he will be in touch with you shortly to arrange your quotation' By letting the person enquiring know this we have informed them that we are sharing their information, also when they enquire they know that to receive a quote we need a name address and contact number any how. Once we have passed the lead on to who ever we have in that area it becomes dead information for us and these lists are deleted weekly as we have no further need for the information nor do we need to keep it as a record of any financial transaction. The GDPR really is a service aimed at reducing all the unsolicited junk mail and telesales calls people get from firms they genuinely have no interest in. Regarding selling part or whole rounds I see no issue with this as long as you send a letter to all clients telling them exactly whom is taking over, when and what information of the customers you are going to provide them with. You will need to do this in advance however to allow an acceptable 'opt out' period.

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