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  1. Employing somebody

    This is such a huge mistake
  2. A quick spruce up.

    I buy my Ubik from The Cleaning Warehouse in Wolverhampton.
  3. Trees

    You people know nothing! 🤣 My wife is Filippino and down there Christmas is quite the event. The tunes start in the malls in SEPTEMBER! So to keep her happy I compromise our tree goes up early November. It's not bothering anyone and makes her happy so why not? Just embrace it and you'll find there's it annoys you a lot less.
  4. Just how?

    Moved further north Tuffers. Got to find the tipping point and stay on the better balanced side.
  5. Finished until monday

    Factor 30. Flat cap and Zimmer frame and you're all set for Bournemouth. 🤣
  6. Just how?

    For that house in the photo with no conservatory I would charge £12. What's that? Someone else will charge you just £5? No problem luv. Have a nice day. Turn key and drive to next job. You can't dictate to any one what the price 'should' be. If someone wants to clean windows for £1 per house that's his business and there's naff all you can do about it. Was this the last house and only potential customer in your area for the next 12 months? I doubt it. So why stress it? Just forget it and move on.
  7. UPVC Restoration

    Unger Rub out. http://www.cleaningspot.co.uk/acatalog/Unger-Window-Cleaning-RubOut-500ml-RUB20.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItMmHo6HU1wIVQxIbCh1NNAkxEAQYAiABE
  8. Best way to clean inside the frames

    A typical 3 bed semi you can easily spend 2 hours cleaning out all the traps. I spray with Ubik, agitate with dish brush and mop up with rags. You're going to want a load of rags.
  9. VAT Reduction

    Nobody panic! It's all over for another 6 months.
  10. How to be faster

    Wax on wax off Daniel San! Repetition repetition and ...... yup you guessed it. Like in Poles vid slow is fast.
  11. Two man lpg

    Watch how this guy insulated his camper. Ain't no frost getting in there.
  12. Two man lpg

    Bubble foil the inside of your van.
  13. Lead generation course

    We already have 8 attendees confirmed and as the conference room has a max capacity of 15 we only have 5 places still available. A few of you have expressed interest but in the interest of fairness all places are first come first seeved.
  14. Starting out on my own.

    Then you have already defeated yourself. Does he do EVERY window in your area? Are there no homes left without window cleaners in your area? The market is competitive everywhere. The lads that are successful are the ones that do. The ones that fail are the ones the sit back and wonder what might have happened. I have built rounds in Jersey, Nottingham and Derbyshire. Never once have I bothered to look incase there are some other window cleaners about.