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  1. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Why UPVC Doors are so profitable

    Not in that fashion mate. She'd of battered them and served them back to me for supper as sweet n sour chicken balls! 😰
  2. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Why UPVC Doors are so profitable

    I just do tips mate, no tricks, besides I'm in the cleaning industry not the sales business. Thank god I didn't WFP the door to start! Wife would of had my gentleman parts!
  3. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Why UPVC Doors are so profitable

    Yes Rubout bas a few different labels but all the same product
  4. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Why UPVC Doors are so profitable

    One of the add on services we provide to our clients is our 'Door Restore' service. This is a great add on for any window cleaner as most houses have 2 doors and at £40+ per door the R.O.I. (return on investment) is staggering. For this you will need: Bucket Soap (Fairy, Flash all purpose or similar) Green Scouring Sponges Microfiber Rags Unger Rubout Loads of elbow grease I'll let the video do the rest of the talking but the principles are the same for a UPVC window frame restoration.
  5. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Sourcing Pure water in central scotland.

    You forget to massively increase profit margins.
  6. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    how to get them first customers

    I think you have that slightly backwards... pennies here are probably worth about $50 of your Yankee Monopoly dollars. 😉
  7. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    A gun to Alexs head wont get a discount from him. 🤣
  8. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    For me the value of the offending item is not the issue more the principal of the matter. @Alex Gardiner has of course stepped up and offered to have the pole returned to him for his personal inspection and review of decisions made. What more could one hope for? I have however concluded that I will trim down the offending section so I can continue using it for now and order a replacement section in due time should my 'repairs' prove flawed. I do still believe the Extreme range to be of outstanding quality and a dream to use, however, as I am now eighty percent 'off the tools' and have gone the route of employees I do think that I cant justify £700 plus on equipment that they may not have the same vested interest in looking after as I do so they will be furnished with SLX poles as a compromise. Yes there are a myriad of choices out there to compare with the SLX pole but it's not just the pole, it's the whole 'system' goose-necks, swivel adaptors, quick loc parts, brushes and so on that still make Gardiners a premier choice. Yes I shall attend the show in September but only as I feel my overall views of the industry as a whole may have become a little stale so a look at what's happening may not only refresh my thinking but also reinvigorate my slightly waning drive.
  9. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Rainwater harvesting-well worth it

    A friend whom has studied this topic in depth advised me that you can harvest 88'000 litres per annum from a typical three bedroom semi detached house. This would produce around one third of our annual usage. I have started to acquire the required items to build a system and hope to do so before the end of Autumn. Reducing our usage on the supply by one third is not only good for the long term effects of the wallet but also a decent contribution towards ones social responsibilities.
  10. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Not at all @spruce I avoid Brodex as you dont know from one day to the next whos running the company. As for X-line as you know James Daykin screwed me over personally in quite a large way but I think you know that tale. WCW came down to a few things - primarily in 2015 we had the builders clean for New St refurbishment in Birmingham for six weeks. I placed an order for enough gear to keep 12 lads working trad for six weeks (wagtails, poles, s-lines etc etc etc) paid for next day as lads needed the stuff....... next day a part (a small part) of the order arrives. I phone them to see where the rest is... 'Oh dont worry it's on back order and will be despatched once we have it' ... 'hold on... your web site said nothing about the items being out of stock?' .. 'Oh no it's too complex to have a system integrated that can track stock levels' Seriously? Turns out that all items on their web site may or may not actually be in stock. In April this year I gave them another shot and ordered a pole hose from them. It turned up and was defective. Very poor extrusion to the point it had caused pin holes in many feet of the hose. Received in early April and by start of this week (2nd week in August) Still no refund. When I ripped into them earlier in the week.....'oh it was overlooked' Yes I have been refunded this week after only 4 months. I lived in the U.S. for almost 2 decades @spruce and the one over the top thing they do right is Customer Service. Brodex need to sort their stuff out as it's not bad stuff.... just poor management as they seem to go bust every other weekend. WCW - need a system that tracks stock in real time (probably already in place) and a more attentive customer service. Then who knows? X-line will never see business from me but that's cause of how Daykin personally screwed me over. Here's the kicker @spruce. Within 12 hours of bringing the problem to Gardiners attention we have a resolve.. sure not to my liking but still a response and resolve all the same. Of course I will continue to buy from them but lesson learnt... I now have no faith in the warranty on their poles so before dropping £700 on one I may as well see whats out there. Remove the warranties, guarantees etc and base the poles on just the poles without their 'added value' of a warranty which turns out to have no value anyway.
  11. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Yes the Extremes are lighter but that was not why I found it to be a great choice it was because of the stiffness. Back in 2007 I I was hospitalized for 9 months in the USA after a bad off-roading accident where I broke almost every last bone in my body and due to this I suffer with what can only be described as a chronic RSI in my left elbow ever since when using WFP due to how the poles flex and the energy gets returned. This was happening 3 to 5 times a day causing my elbow to painfully spasm and my left hand to shoot open droping whatever I'm holding. From day 1 using an extreme and due to the stiffness this pole has the problem TOTALLY vanished. I dont buy the pole to say 'oooh I have an extreme' but because it literally allowed me to keep working. I'm not fussed it broke... s**t happens. I will most likely end up replacing the top section for £78 which also bothers me not. It was just the total B.S. reason they gave for why it happened. As I say I have been loyal and a big advocate of theirs for a long time and will continue to speak well of them for the most part however it is definitely time to visit the show and start broadening my horizons. Two final points: 1: After 2 days on the SLX 30 my employee Andy says he actually prefers the SLX and wants to keep that one in his van. 2: When Fiona at Gardiner called me to let me know that the service department had made a decision and sent me an email with their decision I asked her to outline it briefly for me as I was busy on a job. The poor girl sounded almost embarrassed as she read the report back to me.
  12. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Going limited

    You are so clueless its not even entertaining. 'In your experience' is this your experience of years of training as a Chartered Accountant or the hour you spent on the phone to the help desk.? Well done. In all my years on here you are only the second person I have decided to block.
  13. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Could do but those are equivalent to SLX and I was looking for closer to Extreme.
  14. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    This isnt off Maid Marion Way by any chance?
  15. Green Pro Clean Ltd

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    Ok so not a death, just a serious injury. Using my 25ft extreme and put it up to a bedroom window to hear CRACK - Yep my pole had folded back on itself where top section meets second. Oh well these things happen.... not to worry, it's under warranty as only got it in October. Answer a few questions and send some pictures says the email from Gardiners.... so I do. The response was..... Due to the fact the fact that the stop tape was missing I had failed to maintain the pole properly and it had worn unevenly due to no stop tape on the pole (even though you can see the remnants of the tape and how even that has worn un-evenly) the break is not covered by warranty. What a seriously weak excuse. Not that anyone with 10 years experience on WFP needs a stop tape to know where to clamp a pole. To replace this section is £78. No big deal but sure it's possibly a big chunk of the profit on a pole like this so I can see their reluctance to just replace it. I would probably have just bought a new section had the excuse not been so weak. It's got me a touch miffed. Not yet decided what to do about the pole but when you spend ££££s on a top suppliers pole you expect some kind of guarantee, some kind of peace of mind. I have used Gardiners exclusively for a long time now cause of the product reputation and the customer service reputation, in fact just last month ordered another 30ft SLX from them however now feeling my blind faith has been somewhat misplaced. I guess it is time to attend this years show and get a good look at what else is available these days as warranties dont seem to be worth the paper they're printed on. Perhaps even the new offerings from WCW even though the thought of their customer service makes me nauseous.

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