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  1. For the LTD lads employee liability is a legal requirement as all crew (including directors) are employees. Hence covered on the liability. This was told to me by Sky insurance.
  2. To be honest mate whoever did powder coat the shelves needs to go to spec savers. Coating so thin I dont know why he bothered. Shelves will be sent of to be recoated next week. Decided to refit the old shelf unit. Slowly coming back together P.S. @Eviestevie i do mean the shelves that hold the reels. Ian took pics of the sub par finish to lodge complaint.
  3. Your add ons are no longer add ons. Your substituting your window time for the short term higher paying jobs. The ol 'grab the cash whilst there' mentality. If your getting loads of add ons then perhaps make the glass mon - thurs and save fri fir add ons (or rainy days) I am moving out of the maintenance 'window round' over thr next month or two and moving in a different direction as the regular round thing is doing me nut at the mo but if I was to contunue it I would fit in the add ons evening and weekend to keep thr round smooth.
  4. I have 40m on that reel Adam. Another 60m on a 'portable' reel. Never so far came across a job I cant get to with 100m of hose.
  5. Ahhh.... your friend the only one that van powder coat Kawasaki Green is he? He moves into his unit on Tuesday BTW. Any how onto more interesting bits. More work done today. All hoses connected up and on reels. Now just got to rack out the back. Bit of wiring to tidy at weekend.
  6. Old tank out and new tank in. Soft wash side set up installed A view from the rear Power washer and WFP side coming together. Finishing touches later today. @Eviestevie it aint red! :p All fabrication installation by Ian a Spire WFP Supplies. Find him on FB Spirewfpsupplies.
  7. A6
  8. Thanks mate!
  9. Brand new. Bought for progect that never happened. Been sitting in back of van past 2 months. These are £150 - - £170 new. Will take £120. Collection from DE55 (J28 M1)
  10. Which supplier did you order from? I orderd over £1k in supplies last week from one. Overnight delivery. Still waiting.
  11. The council. In Derbyshire weather in public or private place the council will sort for free as they consider it anti social. Check your councils site.
  12. I dont see the issue at all. Be has been honest and up front telling you he only wants a summer clean. Price accordigly and move on. Of course if your book is full and you'd have to sacrifice other work then pass on it.
  13. No problem sir. Thank you for the opportunity to quote for the work. Should you decide to in future to choose a service based on quality of service and reputation insted of chepest service about then please feel free to call us. Kind regards, W. Indy.
  14. Given up on employes as they're all useless. Past couple of weeks I have had a sub that seems to be working well. Cost way more than a regular employee would but as I only need as and when a couple of times a week seems the way to go.
  15. The app is £49 What makes me laugh is people are so desperate to try softwashing that they believe they need a (dosatron) clever injector or an app for recipies and an IPS sprayer etc etc. What a total joke. Yes I have a machine that cost over £1500 built to spec however just this nexr two weeks it will be used on 2 conservatories, 4 drives and patios and 3 roofs so the work justifies the expense. What you actually need to do the job is an understanding of how all the different chems work (and in which scenarios they dont) where and when to use them safely and how to fix it when it goes wrong. Once you got that you need a watering can for flat surfaces, an old backpack will suffice for render. The ability to do basic math to figure out dillutions and failing that the calculator on your smartphone. The greatest expense you should encounter is in your PPE.