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  1. What is SEO?

    Alright Pottsy, Yes it's £50 per page = service + location So for example - window cleaning in Norwch = £50
  2. no mate, this is the king...
  3. Forum member into top 3 in Leeds of Google page1

    service + location(s) = 1 page
  4. @meridion approached me about improving his search result rank for window cleaning in Leeds as he was then on pages 3 - 4 for different search terms. So I expanded the content and re-optimised it, created new content/ pages, did all aspects of SEO across the site and 1 or 2 other things. He is now 1st, 2nd or 3rd on page 1 of Google for all relevant search terms in Leeds - including - window cleaning leeds, window cleaners leeds, window cleaner leeds domestic window cleaning / cleaners / cleaner / leeds commercial window cleaning / cleaners / cleaner / leeds traditional window cleaning / cleaners / cleaner / leeds (offers wfp & trad) He also now appears in the Local 3 Pack for some terms and in addition is 1st for less common search terms like interior window cleaning. The secondary target location was Yorkshire Using the above search terms but replacing the location with Yorkshire instead of Leeds he is now 1st on page 1 for nearly every search term and 1st in Local 3 Pack. I've attached a couple of screenshots as examples and it's fair to say he totally dominates 'window cleaning yorkshire' search terms. If you would like to improve your rank in search results and reap the benefits of being on page 1 of Google - at unbeatable low prices - with more enquiries every single month all year long then - contact me through the forum.
  5. I am in the process of doing some SEO on his website and new content/ service pages with SEO for Green Pro Clean, and already his window cleaning / homepage has moved up onto page 1 of Google search results for town and county. Commercial window cleaning is also now page 1. ( I should make the point it's a nice looking site and SEO/content was already pretty good ranking halfway down page 2 last week). A new page I wrote and SEO'd for a new target location has also gone straight onto page 1. The page was only published late last week but that's how instant an impact it is possible to make on search results . If your services are not on 1st page of local search results then your site probably generates very few enquiries / jobs. That's because no one sees it! Simple as that. Analysis of search engines data shows that on average 91.5% of searchers do NOT go past page 1. Being on page 1 of Google can transform your business and the higher you rank the better. Not being on page 1 is a disaster. Please message me through the forum for further info.
  6. Window cleaning

    haha thanks anyway chaps for the votes of confidence
  7. Surfactants lads???

    mixed what with 100 litres? although whatever it is 500ml not going to make any difference
  8. Surfactants lads???

    and sodium laureth sulphate is commonly used in baby shampoo which is also non oxidising and less likely to break down the hypo so it is a better cheap alternative to Fairy. But 'cheap' being the operative word. It's far from ideal and I agree with alternatives mentioned. Below is link for sodium lauryl sulpahte (laureth is a milder version of lauryl). And why anyone would recommend Fairy is beyond me. Just try it and find out what a waste of time is it. https://aimscleaninghub.co.uk/product/sodium-laureth-sulphate-sles-27-sodium-lauryl-ether-sulphate/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw0ejNBRCYARIsACEBhDOEwBtYDV4ScecvHa08T64mSfxpbejJxNsWVo793fIia1XPPjqKAoEaAnWGEALw_wcB
  9. Surfactants lads???

    as per the link I left in other words
  10. Surfactants lads???

  11. 2 More Forum Members Onto Google 1st Page

    send me a private message and let me know what u want, how many services, location and your website name so I can take a look at it - but very reasonable and a better deal than you'll get anywhere else I can guarantee.
  12. I'm delighted to have just got 2 more forum members onto page 1 of Google search results for their relevant town - @ksp and city/county - @meridion for search terms: window cleaning window cleaners commercial window cleaning Now they can start reaping the benefits that only a 1st page ranking brings. On average 91.5% of internet searches don't go past page 1 of search results. Conclusion? You must be on page 1 to grow your business.
  13. Hypo

    I do know Ben and he'll be the first to tell you that washing up liquid is a waste of time with hypo and can also break down the SH He will also tell you that using hypo for general cleaning and/ or mixing it with additives is illegal and is using it for a purpose other than for which it was intended. It could invalidate insurance and result in prosecution. THAT is why I don't recommend people go using it everywhere if they don't know what they're doing . I also know what I'm doing so spare me the chemistry lesson but if you don't and use it in the wrong concentrations or wrong places you can harm / discolour property, lawns, plants and your equipment. 3% hypo or 3% bleach are going to do the same job for removing black lichen. And I don't remember saying anything about UPVC or conservatories. And u show me your rate of enquiries / earnings last week , last month or last year and I'll show u mine then we can talk about profits