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  1. After completing content and SEO last week for a new site for @teresa dossor A T Window Cleaning are now page 1 for all areas in Kent they were targetting, including 5th for Sittingbourne. Many areas have 2 listings on the 1st page of Google search results - homepage + the specific location page. If you want to get onto Google's 1st page in your local area contact me through the forum.
  2. Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Again I agree with Kevin and the overriding point to make is if in doubt DO NOT spray. That's the point. Be careful. And Benz is good site and very informative and look at Youtube for block paving resanding and sealing vids.
  3. Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    Interesting view of liability. RE hypo - I was talking in general terms about safeguards to prevent killing plants, grass etc. Was also talking in general terms about potential for causing other types of damage with hypo if for example it splashed on wood, fencing, benches. sealed surfaces e.g. limestone deliberately blackened/ darkened with colour enhancing sealer, terracotta tiles, painted metal like cars and so on. If used inappropriately it will cause serious damage to some surfaces. Simple as that. RE your pictures, yes it is block paving and by looks of them doesn't need hypo. Yout gardener doesn't know what he's talking about. Of course you pressure wash it. Don't blast the hell out of the joints but inevitably jointing sand will be lost as they need to be cleaned and are where the weeds grow. What u dont want is to disturb the bedding sand and flood it but u won't unless an idiot. When dry u refill joints with kiln dried sand. If u want sand to stay in place - which it needs to be as it affects the integrity of the whole structure and is a fundamental ingredient of the build process as it helps spread the weight of vehicles across the drive and creates friction between blocks. Without sand over time blocks will work loose then break and this will spread across drive if not dealt with. So u then seal the surface to stabilise or harden the sand. THAT IS WHAT YOU SHOULD DO - and that is what u say to customers when they ask u and let them decide what they want. If they don't want to pay for sealing so be it. pic 2 - I'd hypo then pressure wash. Simple. Easy job and no complications. I'd hypo then softwash delicate surfaces like sandstone but not slabs cos they're robust enough. But u could soft wash them. This is what hypo'd / soft washed Indian Sandstone looks like This is what a pressure cleaned, resanded and ssealed block paving drive should look like Its not rocket science u just need to know what can be pressure washed and what cant and what chemicals to use and on what. Get it right and it can very profitable for the spring and summer. Get it wrong and you're f___ed As for liability, if you're confident about what you're doing agree all jobs in writing. Otherwise stick to the 'I never said that , I never did that' approach but don't expect it to work....what about all the residents and neighbours who looked out of the window to see what was going on and WOULD get spoken to if was going to court. I must say I can't see what could go wrong with jobs in pics but that as a general philosophy to litigation won't do u any favours. And worst case scenario a determined insurance company investigator that could easily be used in expensive cases (not these jobs) would I'm sure look into your social media, forums and other online history and find comments like the ones in this post. As I say, not in his job pics are from but it's very possible in costly cases. Anyone who doesn't think so is frankly naive. Worth bearing in mind
  4. Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    the safest way is presoak all vegetation with water and again after clean. That way if you're careful u can apply with a watering can or even a pump sprayer (bit slow though), pressure clean and if any hypo lands on grass etc the soaking with water dilutes it enough to render it harmless. Slippy I wouldn't bother with Patio Magic mate. A 2 or 3 to 1 hypo mix of 14-15% hypo is by far the best, quickest and cheapest way and it gets rid of black lichens and everything else. Just apply with care after pre soaking surrounding areas, leave half hour, pressure clean and soak again. As long as you're aware of the killing power of hypo and guard against it with lots of water before and after there's nothing better than hypo
  5. Hi mate would be interested in talking SEO with you. 

    1. K in Kent

      K in Kent

      whenever u like mate - over the phone or email?

      give me your number and I'll call u or email if u prefer



  6. Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    no it's cos mix too weak...and technically soil can be organic and inorganic depending what it's made of. But I also strongly agree with Kevin. Everyone should do their own research into soft washing a get a good understanding of what it's all about, what chemicals to use and when etc. Don't rely on forum answers otherwise you won't develop your own understanding and a casual attitude can damage property, kill grass,plants,bushes even trees stone dead.
  7. Pressure wash or softwash tarmac carpark?

    Wouldn't recommend pressure washing walls. They've already got efflorescence showing and penetrating the walls with more water will only exascerbate the problem. Even at low pressure water will always find a way in through cracks in mortar etc and water is what causes the efflorescence with salts rising to the surface. Hypo/soft wash will do the job
  8. @El Sombrero from Excel Reach & Wash is the latest forum memeber onto page 1 of Google local search results. I have some work to do on additional areas to target but the number 1 location of Northwich Brian is now 3rd on page 1 - commercial window cleaning Northwich 2nd on page 1 - solar panel cleaning Northwich 5th on page 1 - conservatory cleaning Northwich 3rd on page 1 - conservatory roof cleaning Northwich 6th on page 1 - gutter fascia soffit cleaning Northwich If you want to kick start your business by appearing on page 1 of Google by the spring get in touch with me via the forum - only £50 per page.
  9. TO ALL THOSE ATTENDING THE 'HOW TO RUN A WINDOW CLEANING BUSINESS' EVENT TOMORROW (Mon 19th Feb '18) in NOTTINGHAM It has just come to my attention that I am still being cited as taking part in this event on the website advertising and hosting it. I withdrew my participation over 6 weeks ago at beginning of January and this should've been made clear. I don't know how much interest you have in SEO matters, if any, and I certainly don't flatter myself into thinking that my involvement in any way influenced your decision to attend. I don't think that for a second. But equally I would hate anyone to think I pulled out at the last minute and let you down in some way. So for the record, I just want to make clear that I withdrew allowing plenty of time for alternative arrangements to be made, and this should've been made clear in the advertising for it. Unfortrunately I have no control over that but don't understand why the web page still refers to my taking part. However, if after the event you still have any questions regarding SEO, content optimisation, ranking factors, Google My Business etc etc please get in touch and I'll be only too happy to help. I wish you all a successful day and hope it helps you with your business.
  10. Another forum member onto page 1 is @Paul Dodsworth after recent SEO work and content. Trageting Nottingham he is now 5th page 1 for window cleaners Nottingham. He is also 5/6th page 1 for all variations, i.e. window cleaner/ window cleaning and domestic window cleaner/ers/ing and commercial window cleaner/ers/ing. The secondary target was location called Carlton, within Nottingham, where he is now 1st on page 1. He is also now in local 3 pack for multiple search terms. If you would like to improve your search ranking please contact me through the forum - only £50 per page.
  11. Am I being reasonable on late payments?

    I agree and it's totally unenforceable anyway, unless clearly stated in a written agreement / contract they have signed.. I don't know if you ever visit the other forum - it's like Jackanory meets La La Land at times with a fave philosophy r.e. bad payers of "drop 'em and replace with 2 new better customers". What nonsense. As I felt obliged to point out once to a regular user of this phrase, by definition he should have a round twice as big and more than twice as profitable on that basis. The real world doesn't work like that. Don't let people take liberties but show a bit of tolerance while you build a round and could be legitimate reasons why they haven't paid you or just forgot. And no point making demands you can't enforce cos you'll just look a plonker and lose their custom.
  12. Would you put the prices up?

    On CIU they reckon they're on 2 grand a week - £100,000+ / year is routine for some of them....allegedly.
  13. I've just done some work for @Lawrence Morgan targetting 2 main towns and he is now 1st on page 1 of Google local search results for some services and page 1 for all services. His rankings as follows: Location 1 - window cleaner / cleaners / cleaning - 4th conservatory cleaning- 1st conservatory roof cleaning - 1st gutter cleaning - 3rd and 4th (2 separate pages) fascia and soffit cleaning - 1st and 2nd (2 separate pages) exterior cleaning - 1st solar panel cleaning - 1st and 2nd (2 separate pages) Location 2 - new window cleaning page not yet indexed conservatory cleaning - 3rd conservatory roof cleaning - 1st gutter cleaning - 8th fascia and soffit cleaning - 3rd exterior cleaning - 3rd solar panel cleaning - 3rd If you would like to get onto page 1 of Google for ONLY £50 per page please get in touch with me through the forum....best deal you'll ever get for genuinely effective and fast SEO and content optimisation.
  14. Which water pump to purchace??

    just get block paving brush with changeable heads like this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Hilka-3-PCE-Extending-Garden-Brush-Set-55804903/2254775721?iid=401118720678 usually cheaper than this - its the time of year and u take off plastic cap on end of decorating extension pole and they screw straight on - 5 / 6 metre poles in b&q about £15 and they stay rigid
  15. Godaddy website

    Gav is absolutely spot on. It's all about where you appear in search results. Different people have different experiences and opinions on the value of websites. Those who are anti usually rank badly and so have no idea what a high ranking site can do. The stats speak for themselves and approx 85% of people looking for a local service do so online using search engines. If you can put yourself in front of them and have a user friendly site then they will call or email. It's as simple as that. That doesn't mean spending a fortune. It just needs to look and sound professional. But if it isn't on page 1 no one will see it and you won't get the enquiries. Window cleaning is one of the only services that does have owners canvassing for work. Plumbers, electricians and all the other services don't do it and rely on websites and other promotional advertising, so clearly getting your website right is crucial to success and growth. They wouldn't survive if their site wasn't bringing in work. I don't mean to be rude but to say websites don't work is so out of touch. BUT, as I made clear I wasn't in any way suggesting it was the ONLY option. If you haven't got the money then go knocking and it works and it's free. But it's not for everyone. And put it this way, if someone went to the bank for a loan as window cleaning startup and when asked about their business model and how they were going to grow the business they said it won't be with a website cos they don't work, they'd be laughed out of the door. Yes of course there are other ways of getting work but if you want to be taken seriously, look professional and make a decent living your website should be at the heart of your business and as important and necessary as a water fed pole or other essential equipment. When you get it right and rank high the site does all the work for you and is all you need. I realise that's easier said than done though.

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