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  1. Would you put the prices up?

    On CIU they reckon they're on 2 grand a week - £100,000+ / year is routine for some of them....allegedly.
  2. I've just done some work for @Lawrence Morgan targetting 2 main towns and he is now 1st on page 1 of Google local search results for some services and page 1 for all services. His rankings as follows: Location 1 - window cleaner / cleaners / cleaning - 4th conservatory cleaning- 1st conservatory roof cleaning - 1st gutter cleaning - 3rd and 4th (2 separate pages) fascia and soffit cleaning - 1st and 2nd (2 separate pages) exterior cleaning - 1st solar panel cleaning - 1st and 2nd (2 separate pages) Location 2 - new window cleaning page not yet indexed conservatory cleaning - 3rd conservatory roof cleaning - 1st gutter cleaning - 8th fascia and soffit cleaning - 3rd exterior cleaning - 3rd solar panel cleaning - 3rd If you would like to get onto page 1 of Google for ONLY £50 per page please get in touch with me through the forum....best deal you'll ever get for genuinely effective and fast SEO and content optimisation.
  3. Which water pump to purchace??

    just get block paving brush with changeable heads like this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Hilka-3-PCE-Extending-Garden-Brush-Set-55804903/2254775721?iid=401118720678 usually cheaper than this - its the time of year and u take off plastic cap on end of decorating extension pole and they screw straight on - 5 / 6 metre poles in b&q about £15 and they stay rigid
  4. Godaddy website

    Gav is absolutely spot on. It's all about where you appear in search results. Different people have different experiences and opinions on the value of websites. Those who are anti usually rank badly and so have no idea what a high ranking site can do. The stats speak for themselves and approx 85% of people looking for a local service do so online using search engines. If you can put yourself in front of them and have a user friendly site then they will call or email. It's as simple as that. That doesn't mean spending a fortune. It just needs to look and sound professional. But if it isn't on page 1 no one will see it and you won't get the enquiries. Window cleaning is one of the only services that does have owners canvassing for work. Plumbers, electricians and all the other services don't do it and rely on websites and other promotional advertising, so clearly getting your website right is crucial to success and growth. They wouldn't survive if their site wasn't bringing in work. I don't mean to be rude but to say websites don't work is so out of touch. BUT, as I made clear I wasn't in any way suggesting it was the ONLY option. If you haven't got the money then go knocking and it works and it's free. But it's not for everyone. And put it this way, if someone went to the bank for a loan as window cleaning startup and when asked about their business model and how they were going to grow the business they said it won't be with a website cos they don't work, they'd be laughed out of the door. Yes of course there are other ways of getting work but if you want to be taken seriously, look professional and make a decent living your website should be at the heart of your business and as important and necessary as a water fed pole or other essential equipment. When you get it right and rank high the site does all the work for you and is all you need. I realise that's easier said than done though.
  5. Godaddy website

    stating the obvious but once you've got the equipment you need customers mate, and upto you how u go about it. The free and arguably the best way is canvassing = door to door. Or advertising whether that's flyers, website, facebook, other social media, freeads, business directories (not recommended) etc. Or a combination of all of the above Sorry, let me clarify that. If you have a website it is essential that you register with directories and claim FREE listings. But I don't recommend paying for advertising or premium listings because the money would be much better spent on a website, in my opinion. Some are still worth registering with even without your own site and may generate some work. Google My Business is the most important directory and they've now got a feature where you can create a free one page site.
  6. New startup

  7. Godaddy website

    SEO companies will happily charge a monthly fee but do very little for it and nothing u can't do yourself
  8. Godaddy website

    It stays there. All it needs is an occasional update with few new images to show Google u are still active, but content only needs changing if u have something worthwhile to say. Something that adds some value. Service based companies don't need to change seo or content for the sake of it. And even slight changes to seo can mean going up or down the listings. So if you're where u want to be why change it? And as long as the owner continues looking for more backlinks and citations from authoritative sites and gaining positive reviews that's all that's necessary. There is a risk of dropping rank if someone else gets ahead but as most of the competition don't invest in their sites either it's unlikely. But the site owner needs to do their bit by building authority through directory listings etc and if content / seo is good u should consistently maintain rank.
  9. Godaddy website

    Darren is spot on. Yes there are exceptions but facebook is notorious for low paid jobs with people expecting something for almost nothing. And you have to build a well paying round in the first place. With constant fresh enquiries you can refine the round and make it ever more profitable. But of course there are other ways to promote your business - advertising, sign writing, flyers etc. They all have their place but once a site is up and running it brings free enquiries week after week from people actively looking for your service (minus cost of management/hosting). Each to their own and if it works for you then great but a facebook based business has to charge facebook customer prices
  10. Godaddy website

    I agree with Darren and Gav and as for "does it generate much business" the answer is simple: if it ranks well on page 1 yes it does. But page 2 and lower and you might as well not have a website because no one will see it. According to one of the latest studies across all internet searches 91.5% of searchers don't go beyond on page 1 of search results. It baffles me that people will spend hundreds or thousands on kit but are unwilling to invest a few hundred in setting up a website properly when it will pay for itself within weeks. and be THE best source of ongoing, sustainable work that will enable growth and success. You can have all the best equipment but it means nothing to customers and what's the point if you never use it? It's tricky getting precise numbers without setting up a local Adwords campaign but in Google's Keyword Planner any average sized town will show a monthly searchly volume for window cleaning (and related terms) of 100-1000. So that's a minimum of 100 people looking for a window cleaner online EVERY MONTH in your town, and the only way to get a slice of that is appearing in search results and putting yourself in front of people on page 1. As for Godaddy and any other platforms where you can get a domain name, hosting and build a site like Wix, Weebly, E-host etc - don't bother. Wordpress is the only one that I've seen - not that I've used every platform - that I would use. I have worked on sites of all of the above and they are a nightmare in comparison and their SEO is useless. It's not at all user friendly and unless you actually know how to structure a page properly and add links within it you've got no chance of creating an SEO friendly page that will rank. But before worrying about specific content and page structure you have to create the website as a whole and the framework - like menu, navigation, pages, posts, contact form/page, cookies and privacy etc etc. Then you need to try and secure it and protect it from hacking/viruses/malware and so on. Then you need to set it up right, eg something as relatively straightforward as a setting a static homepage. But unless you have some knowledge of the subject what on earth is a static homepage, why do you need one and how do you create one and update the settings? Then once you're up and running you need to get content and SEO right to rank and then manage that site. It needs the proper security and regular plugin updates. You wouldn't expect your van to run forever without breaking down. Well nor can websites. And just like you'd take your van to a mechanic and most of us wouldn't try to fix it ourselves because where do you start? Same goes for websites. And webites go wrong, develop errors, get hacked/ attacked and need attention. Don't get me wrong, because I'm no expert in the creation and management of a site, hosting and all that. But I do have some understanding which makes me realise all the more just how important it is to have someone looking after all this for you. And I just want people to understand that DIY website design and management is a terrible idea. Yes there are exceptions of course, but for the vast majority of us my advice is steer well clear because it is NOTHING like as easy as you may think or as Godaddy pretend it is. I think I could probably take care of my own site now but I still prefer paying someone £40/month to do it for me because he's a professional who has been doing it for years and I'm not. You can't afford to get these things wrong. You don't need anything flash, just a small, smart, functional, easy to use and navigate site, well optimised with quality content. And with your own efforts creating an online presence by registering with business directories and adding backlinks where possible the first page of Google is attainable for anyone in any town or city. You can get all that sorted out for a few hundred pounds and it'll be the smartest investment you'll ever make - plus an ongoing monthly fee for hosting / management. Speak to @Gav - and he charges lot less than £40 a month too. Don't go it alone. Self hosting/design is cheap for a reason - it doesn't work.
  11. Look over my website? Any glaring mistakes?

    It's for a company in Las Vegas??
  12. Structured citations are listings of your website/ company on internet business directories. A structured citation includes NAP information - Name, Address, Phone number. It is esssential that this info is recorded accurately and consistently on all listings. Accurate citations increase your credibility and authority to search engines, and along with backlinks help build your domain authority which in turn helps improve your position in search results. Just like with backlinks, the authority of the site on which your citation is listed affects the value of the citation. Low quality directories should be avoided as listing on them (and adding a backlink to your site) is likely to do more harm than good. However, niche specific or local directories do benefit local SEO as they relate specifically to your industry and / or geographical area. Google and other search engines use all these resources for compiling information on your company which is why it is so important to provide consistent and accurate details. The following are the top 10 UK citation sources. In other words the websites where having an accurate listing passes the most value to your company: https://plus.google.com/pages/create https://www.bingplaces.com/DashBoard/Home http://www.scoot.co.uk/advertise/free-listing.html http://www.yell.com/free-listing/ https://biz.yelp.co.uk/signup_business http://www.2findlocal.com/Modules/Biz/bizPhoneLookup.php http://www.thomsonlocal.com/free-listing.aspx http://admin.cylex-uk.co.uk/firma_default.aspx?step=0&d=cylex-uk.co.uk https://www.uksmallbusinessdirectory.co.uk/advertising http://listings.touchlocal.com/touch/
  13. Below is a screenshot of average SEO prices in the UK - source is seopremo.co.uk So that's £50 to £200 per hour or £800-£1000 per month. And to be clear that is for SEO only. You would be expected to supply your own content or pay someone else to write it for you. Well written, properly optimised - or SEO'd - content is THE single most important requirement to rank well on Google. And these SEO companies do nothing in a hurry because it's not in their interests to do so - they're out to make money for themselves first and foremost so they take their time. I charge you ONLY £50 per page / service and WILL get you onto page 1 of Google FAST and that includes rewriting your content, optimising it and dealing with other SEO issues - and some think that is expensive! If window cleaning up north it's still paid for itself after only a handful of jobs - everything else is profit. If gutter cleaning it pays for itself after one job, pressure washing and you're already in profit after one job. And remember, being on page 1 of Google means ongoing customer enquiries week after week after week. It's the best return on an investment you'll ever get.
  14. The biggest change in recent years to the way Google indexes your website content is coming in 2018. Mobile First recognises that the majority of searches are now conducted on mobiles and so the way your site is displayed on mobile devices will take precedence over desktop. What does this mean to you? Well, if you already have a mobile friendly / mobile responsive design it won't be a problem (eg all those with a site on Cleanershost already have suitable mobile responsive websites). This means ALL your content will still be indexed and so your ranking in search results shouldn't be affected. But for anyone with a separate mobile site with different and more limited content than on desktop you need to get your site mobile friendly ASAP. If not YOUR SEO WILL be affected and will see a drop in ranking. It is something everyone should bear in mind for SEO and when creating future content and consider how it will look on a mobile first and foremost, as that will dictate how you perform in search results. All relevant content needs to be clearly visible to users, properly spaced, easy to read font type and size, user friendly buttons etc.
  15. In addition to ongoing successes targetting new areas for Darren @Green Pro Clean Ltd 2 more forum members are now onto page 1 of Google search results for window cleaning and add on services. @Portsmouth Tom is now page 1 for window cleaning and all related search terms in Portsmouth, Southsea and other locations, i.e. window cleaning/ cleaner/ cleaners plus all those preceeded with domestic or commercial, eg window cleaners portsmouth 4th, commercial window cleaners portsmouth = 2nd. Also page 1 for conservatory cleaning, conservatory roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, fascia soffit cleaning, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, pressure washing, pressure cleaning and jet washing. Also Abbie @Joe 70 is now page 1 in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire for window cleaning and related terms, oven cleaning, gutter cleaning and fascia soffit cleaning. Additional terms he now ranks on page 1 for which weren't actual keywords he was targetting include exterior cleaning services and cleaning services. If you want me to get you onto page 1 of Google search results for any of your services send me a PM through the forum or call 0800 999 5363.