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  1. Good morning mr k. Please could I contact you regarding seo for our window cleaning website  . Many thanks Franki 

  2. K in Kent

    pay monthly websites

    haha yeah they're right cheeky so and so's arent they and what a sales technique...we use black hat cloaking techniques that can incur a Google penalty for u and send people who aren't looking for a window cleaner in your area to your site just to p*** them off. Then they will immediately click back off your site, thus greatly increasing your bounce rate and in turn this will affect and harm your rankings.....yeah tempting
  3. K in Kent

    pay monthly websites

    Get in touch with Gav. he'll sort get u up and running for what you're already paying. Yell are a waste of time and yes they probably do knock out a basic site in a couple of hours cos they couldn't give a flying **** how u actually rank. However, to get the content right, well written and optimised plus the other SEO stuff will take more than a couple of hours if u offer addons or target a number of areas and need multiple pages. One thing to bear in mind for everyone who thinks once a site is up and running it's a breeze is mistaken. They're like anything else - great as long as they're working ok but if u get a problem of any sort it's a different proposition. What would u do if u got hacked? Do u backup? Would u know how to reinstall a backup? Are u registered on Google Search Console, analytics etc. Do u know how to add and where to add the code and how to use these tools and understand what they can do? If u do then great but it's not just a case of getting online and job done if u want to do things properly and deal with problems that will probably come along sooner or later.
  4. K in Kent

    Another window cleaner onto 1st page of Google

    Are u from County Durham by any chance?.....and a laddish type?.....just wondering
  5. K in Kent

    Another window cleaner onto 1st page of Google

    Why's that mate? What's wrong with your new site - not ranking?
  6. K in Kent

    Another window cleaner onto 1st page of Google

    Apologies I've only just seen your message. Please feel free to PM me Sorry mate only just seen msg - please get in touch if u want a chat
  7. K in Kent

    Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    down here? where's that then It's obviously being explained badly and people dont realise its importance for a 50 sqm drive an extra £100 = half on sealer and £50 to u for half hour's work - and u got to do same time as the sand are u telling me people dont want to pay that? Rubbish. I do p/w all the time too and I know what people are happy to pay for. And if sand only is that aftere telling customer that it will wash away in a few weeks and be replaced by dirt cos thats the reality. Learning about sealants and how to use them is just too much trouble for some. Sand stabilisation inhibit weed growth protect against oil stains food/ drink spillages prevent uv fading stops water penetration AND help keep blocks structurally sound and without it blocks will wotk loise/ break which has a knock on effect and lcan lead to dips and complete failure....and people wont pay an extra ton or 2? Of course they will if they understand what it does
  8. K in Kent

    Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    I have genuinely never had to persuade any customer to do anything. They generally seem to accept that sealing KDS comes as part of the job and if they want it stay structurally sound for parking cars on they need to stabilise the sand or lose it. Even the tight ones accept it although they do start saying "oh I could seal it myself" but then the wife chips in with "yeah and mess it up" or similar. I tend not to give them an option on sealants and automatically price for using Trade at £6/sqm. I don't want to be having to roll on something like Resiblock Superior and most people don't want to pay those prices but want it done properly which is why they call. You're right they aren't usually sealed when laid but that's why next thing they know sand is replaced by dirt and they've got weeds everywhere. And when they see the finished article they're made up with it and think well worth the money....and I'll show them some recent examples so they can see what it'll look like and they look it looks the business and want theirs like that. If been previously sealed u should ask if they know what with and use the same. But they probably won't unless done it themselves in which case probably with Thompsons. But generally it was so long ago or seaalant was rubbish so there's no trace of it left anyway. Trade shouldn't be used on previously sealed surfaces - officially - but I use it and never had any problems. Strictly speaking u should strip off previous sealnt for a blank canvas but sealnt stripper is very very expensive and just not practical. But if you've got something like sandstone or limestone that's been sealed with a good sealant they are difficult to clean and if sealing that DOES need to be stripped. Assuming they don't want to pay for that I'd walk away and not touch it. Stripper comes in a few types and all pricey. Some u apply leave hour or so, reapply leave pressure wash. Others have to be covered and left overnight. They're all time consuming and results aren't always that good. Sealer stripper is bit like decking stripper and results are patchy at best and not that effective after only one coat. Problem is though if previuosly sealed and not stripped the new sealant u apply won't be absorbed properly because the old stuff acts as a barrier. Then it lies on the surface and u get bubbling - not good at all. Thats why I'd walk cos when it goes pear shaped they'll want to sue you and blame u for it. RE pricing as I say block paving £6/sqm. For Indian Sandtone patios which I do a lot of I soft wash and if they want it sealed I use Resiblock which is just over £100/5 litres from Resiblock but cheaper else where and 4 litres covers approc 25sqm. So again pricey but people want tro look after sandstone and after cleaning they want to keep it that way. But I always give them a price for Trade as well. But nearly always go for the sandstone sealer. I price at £5 / sqm PLUS cost of sealer whichever one they want. So £5 is for clean/ hypo and applying sealer and they pay for it on top. An alternative is treat with a biocide depending on exacrly what they want from it. If problems with moss/ lichens etc biocide is a good cheaper alternative,. It doesnt protect but good for biological growths/ spores and lot cheaper eg 50 sqm patio you'd only need a couple of litres of biocide (and that's extra strength) whether it be Benz or AIMS stuff is cheaper and just as good with same ingredients and strength. It's what I use at the moment...https://aimscleaninghub.co.uk/biocide-max/ But at end of the day mate u can only do what people want and are willing to pay for so u got to price on that basis
  9. No I realised u were taking the ##ss mate but original suggestions were property maintenance and outdoor hygienist which is what I was referring to. I'm happy to share what I know if it helps people out and this stuff is basic ...it's my secret magic that gets people onto page 1 - that generally is paid for.
  10. The thing to remember is that you want one or two keywords in the name and cleaning services is spot on. It's not property maintenace your doing in its literal sense - it's cleaning services. As fot outdoor hygienists blimey...sounds like a dental nurse and no one is going to know what that means - including search engines. Mainly cos it doesn't really mean anything - no offence. Exterior / external is preferable to outdoor but you're not a hygienist mate. I completely understand your reasons for wanting to change and it's very valid but you need something that is immediately recognisable and tells people what you do. Any name that leaves them thinking wtf is that all about is doing u no good at all. And search engines are the same. The biggest factor you should be considering is an SEO friendly name that includes keywords u want to rank for in search results, i,e, cleaning services. If you want an even bigger advantage you should also include the main town or city that you cover eg Norwich Cleaning Services. Consistently every year in the top 10 ranking factors in both organic search results (normal listings) and the local 3 pack are 1) keywords in business name and domain name 2) location in business name / domain name (and of course the location is itself a keyword) Exact match domains i.e. location + service give a significant boost to rsnking. People in the SEO world have been complaining about this for years but nothing's changed - it still helps SEO in a big way.. And conversely having a location in name doesn't seem to hurt ranking elsewhere. And the only place u can appear in the local 3 pack is where u live unless u have offices/ units elsewhere so optimise for your local area. You also need to consider how u would categorise your business on GMB and other directories, but GMB in particular. If u chose property maintenance google would see that then look at the content of your site and think that's not property maintenance. I totally understand your thinking and it is in a way but it's not accurate ...it's cleaning services simple as that. And getting categorisation wrong can serously harm your chances of appearing in the local 3 pack and ranking high in organics. The other VERY important thing to think about is that you will need to update new company info on every single business directory where your business is listed. That includes directories you've probably never heard of and never registered with. But biz info is sold amongst directories and data aggregators (who are the most important sources of business info and supply the likes of Google, Bing etc). There are online tools u can use to check your online footprint and see where your biz info is stored and how accurate it is, but it will take a lot of time to do it right and to then update it all. And not doing it it will knacker you as far as SEO goes because citations and backlinks to your site need to be accurate to benefit from them, and without them it will make ranking very difficult. Inconsistent biz info and in particular NAP - name, address, phone number - MUST be consistently recorded and when it's wrong it's one of the biggest negative ranking factors. So there's a lot to bear in mind.
  11. K in Kent

    Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    It's best of the budget sealers and far better than the likes of Thompson which is better known amongst the public but absolutely useless. But Trade doesn't compare to Resiblock Superior in any respect. Superior out performs any sealant I've ver come across in terms of sand stabilisation, resistance to weeds/ oil/ petrol / water and unaffected by ice. But is much more expensive and recommended as a 2 coat system so twice the price then need twice as much of it, AND is a pain to apply cos needs to be rolled. And bearing in mind it's used (and a commercial use variant of it) to seal airports and sea ports the world over and recently done a new super port in middle east / Oman region. Other notable places sealed with Resiblock are Man Utd football stadium, Waterloo Station and Disneyland Paris...that's how good it is.
  12. K in Kent

    Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    Sealants don't just come up some colour but you've got to understand what products you're using. I've sealed every type of surface with every type of sealant and using every method...and I'm not talking about 1 here and there it's well into the 100s and I;ve never had a problem with sealants. (have rolled KDS onto the blocks and after that made sure that didn't happen again!! .. just use shorter pile roller when using sealants that have to be rolled) If you understand the products, what they do, what effect if any they have on surfaces and which are suitable for which type of surface there's nothing to worry about and they are a great earner. Must depend on parts of the country but I've never had a customer that I can think of who hasn't wanted their blocking paving sealed after resanding. And don't forget it's esssential to stabilise the sand with a sealant, or use self setting sand, otherwise it gets washed out by the rain. Problems arise when people don't research what they're using and don't understand the product range and what does what. It's only with experience u learn which are the good ones because the reality is most sealers are waste of time, depending on your expectations of what they should do. But there's nothing to fear. And something like Resiblock Trade the clue is in the product data sheets....dries clear. Within 15 minutes of spraying it on you wouldn't think it had been touched. Goes on purple and disappears in minutes. Things only go shiny if u use gloss/ wet look sealants but again clue is in the name. Not working on windy days is gonna limit your availabilty somewhat. Like cleanerwindows says drift isn't a problem just don't have too far away or to wide a spray pattern. It's all common sense and research...and good money
  13. K in Kent

    Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    You wont need 10 bags of KDS or anything like that much - 5 at most. . To seal it with Resiblock Trade don't roll it on - spray it. Use pump sprayer and nothing could be easier. If you're worried about grass etc (not that u should be unless VERY clumsy) pre-wet grass. Dont go putting anything in with sealer. Advantages with Trade are that it is sprayable and saves lot of time. cheap and one coat system - it's not great mind u but budget sealers never are and is best in that price range. Quality sealer like their Superior needs rolling / watering can / squeegee but is time consuming and unless know what you're doing will very likely pick up jointing sand and spread it all over the drive. Superior is also expensive and 2 coat system. Don't need to paint on edges if spraying, just be careful. For 95sqm you'll need 25 litre drum and best place for Reisblock sealants is here.... https://www.sealantsonline.co.uk/Products/00440058/EVE1348 Their Trade, Superior and Indian Sandstone invisible / colour enhancer are cheaper - especially sandstone sealers which are about £30+ cheaper per 5 litre can. Resiblock will also hit u with £20 delivery charge for 25 litres. Worth noting that recommended application rates would need nearer 50 litres of Trade but those rates are excessive and unnecessary.. Hypo = 2 parts water 1 part hypo (if 14-15% strength)
  14. K in Kent

    Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    95sqm= 4-5 20kg kiln dried sand = approx £25
  15. After completing content and SEO last week for a new site for @teresa dossor A T Window Cleaning are now page 1 for all areas in Kent they were targetting, including 5th for Sittingbourne. Many areas have 2 listings on the 1st page of Google search results - homepage + the specific location page. If you want to get onto Google's 1st page in your local area contact me through the forum.

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