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  1. Dupont bristles

    Brushes are over priced. Nearly £40 for the DuPont! And before people come on here saying how much that brush earns you, yeah it does earn me money but they're still overpriced.
  2. ...make a note of combination padlock gate codes. Because I have a slight messer on my round who I think was wanting to cancel today. I've cleaned the house 3 times, I text the night before to let them know I'm coming and to leave the gate unlocked. Every time I've cleaned payment has been late with me having to send text reminders to BACS payment over. I got a vibe after the first clean, so when I went into the rear garden I added the code of the padlock to their phone info on my phone. Well... today I get a call mid morning saying they'd forgotten to unlock the gate. Ha I thought. I replied with not to worry I know the code and I'll be able to open the gate no problem. He replied 'oh have you?.' Yes, I make a note of all combination codes so that if a customer forgets to unlock the gate I'm still able to get in. 'Oh right, carry on then.' Kinda think next month they'll cancel or change the code because there's been lots of 'burglaries' recently 😂. Feck em hahaha.
  3. Any videos of how quick you are

    As long as you're doing a good job, earning a crust and not taking an age on each house why worry? Speed will come when you're not 'new' to it. It's like an apprenticeship in the early stages, learning how much hose to pull off the reel, which house first, can I feed my pole over the fence to save me pulling it round an alley to get to next door's etc
  4. Cheers for all the input. It's a 2016 32,000 miles 2.0. It'll be due a service soon so I'll tell them the problems. Forgot to mention that the eco stop start function hardly ever works too.
  5. Not sure if there are many on here, but I want to pick your brains. I've had mine from new and today it cut out on me while driving. I pulled away from a roundabout in 2nd and went up to 3rd, then all of a sudden it lost power, I had the radio on so couldn't hear the engine. I thought as I was going up a hill that I must have put it in 5th by mistake so I shifted down to 2nd. No power at all. The road was very narrow, power steering non existent so I put the hazards on and rolled back onto a verge. I tried turning it over 3 or 4 times before it fired up. Has this happened to anyone else? Also, everytime I select a radio channel and then turn the engine off, I'll start the engine and 87.5 FM always comes on (which isn't a radio station) and not the last station I listened to. Another thing is when you stop the engine but use say the electric window and not get out and lock the van and then turn the ignition key it sometimes just does a slight turn of the engine without cranking it over. You have to turn it to off and then turn the ignition on.
  6. Falling from ladders

    Hope he's ok. Compensation claim there!
  7. Brush problem

    That DuPont brush looks a bit, how can I say it..g4y 👀
  8. Mine is World of Warships Blitz. It’s free but has the usual packages to buy option. Takes a bit of getting used to though. I’ve just found out how to upgrade from a chug along cruiser to a battleship with torpedo. I’ve drained the battery on my iPad playing it this afternoon 😂 *posted from my phone* haha
  9. Where are you based Ron? I might be getting rid of some 8 weekly work in Olton.
  10. Hello from Virginia, USA

    Welcome 👍
  11. Off topic, but what reel do you use @Den? And your thoughts on it please. I'm toying with getting a Coxreel. I don't want or need an electric one yet. Is yours a Redasche?

    I'm getting a vibe that when bcs uses the word pal he's getting a tad irate? He's is going to need around 130 houses at £6 a pop cleaned every 4 weeks to make his £200 a week. Minus his tax works out at £4.80 a house, minus running costs like flyers etc..... Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?
  13. Two years time you'll have the hang of it

    Who's going to drop your barrels off at strategic points? Prices are way too low IMO.
  15. new to this window cleaning

    IMO never leave a free day to catch up. Try and work 5 days a week and if we get weather like we've just had postpone it until the weather gets better. I worked Monday and Tuesday last week and lost the rest of the week as did everyone else. I'm using this week to finish off last week's work plus I'll do a couple of add on's to fill the week and then I'll start again next week as usual but a week behind. I've used this weather as a holiday. It will take time to get full, so start canvassing now and hit the ground running for when you get made redundant. Where are you based?

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