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  1. Tuffers

    HELP PLEASE !! Using resin quickly

    Also, give the vessels a good swirl. Try slowing the water flow through too. What make of resin are you using?
  2. One this one that. I reckon you're posh 😛
  3. Tuffers

    Never trust a first clean

    Well done... you managed to turn the frame from white to cream 👍
  4. Tuffers

    I shake my head sometimes

    I had a similar situation this week. Cleaning a house and next door asks over the fence if I'm her window cleaner. No I'm not your window cleaner. Can you give me a price please she asks. I'll be round after I've cleaned this house. Had a look round and thought £20 would suffice. I ring the bell and tell her it's £20 a month. Too much she says, our present window cleaner charges me £12 so I won't bother thanks. I reply with tell him to clean the frames next time as he doesn't clean them. Yes he does she replied. No he doesn't I replied. Eventually she went back inside. So, she was after a cheaper quote than £12!!! Feck that.
  5. Tuffers

    Sod it, week off

    What's going on? No rats in the pic 😂
  6. Tuffers

    When will I learn?

    I'm asking myself if you've gone ahead and cleaned without getting actual confirmation from the new owners but the neighbours have said that the new people have said they want them cleaned. If so and you've been paid but they don't require a window cleaner I think you've not lost out really.
  7. As I said in another thread, WFP ain't all it's cracked up to be. Tea boy might know how to clean it. He uses a specific way to clean.
  8. Tuffers

    cleaning my own windows

    I couldn't agree more Adam. Some windows WFP is great on, most windows it does a passable job. The debates that we see on forums on which brush to use is a load of rubbish if you ask me. Brushes will remove dust and dirty rain water but not baked on muck that we can't see from outside until you go inside and look out. We need brushes with scrubability, something like an applicator. I know @H MAN made an applicator type thing to scrub solar panels but used pure water and jets to rinse off. The reason he made this scrubber was because a brush wouldn't clean as well? How folk do a good job with a soft brush baffles me.
  9. I remember a poster on here saying they'd have 8 vans on the road this time last year. Seems like there's a lot of dreamers on forums. Just saying like....
  10. Tuffers

    Shut off solenoid switch

    Pure freedom
  11. Tuffers

    Anyone Cover Stourbridge?

    Nah, they'll probably wait until they go green. Where in Worcs are you?
  12. Feck em!! Stupid design, if you can't get to the glass behind then it's a meh from me.
  13. Tuffers

    Anyone Cover Stourbridge?

    Original post was a year ago mate. I suspect she's had the work done by now.
  14. Tuffers

    swivel nightmare

    Swivels are no good for conny roofs and fascias I've found. Great for cleaning windows though!
  15. Tuffers

    Which RO System

    Paddy, you will get your TDS down if you can get your water pressure higher. That means buying a booster which is an expense or you can carry on as you are. Remember you're not on a meter so if you're losing a lot of waste it won't cost you any more. If you remember my booster brings my TDS down by about 001PPM, but my pressure is pretty good. At the tap it's around 60PSI at the moment. With the booster on it boosts pressure to about 100/110PSI but I have to throttle the mains tap back as if I have it on full it is too much pressure for the booster.

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