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  1. Would you put the prices up?

    Sky and BT Sport are always putting the price up by £2 here and there so why shouldn't we? I must admit I don't put my prices up very often, but I should really. The house in OP would be £12 every 4 weeks for me.
  2. At least they weren't snow covered and you could see them 😜 I came across a pile of shite at a house last week. I found a coal shovel and scraped it up with it. I might have left some pooh on the shovel or I might not have left some pooh on the shovel 😂
  3. Say hello to my little friend

    It probably thought you were the male variety being a ginger and all 😛
  4. Frosted Glass

    Yes I've been caught out before. I've found that it needs to be higher than -4 to keep windows and equipment from freezing. Conservatories will freeze at -1. I've not worked in 3 days. Even if it warms up tomorrow, rain is forecast and there will still be snow in gardens, so it will be an uncomfortable day anyway. I might look at going back on Thursday. This has screwed my schedule up big time. It's currently -5 here 👎. It's our shooting club Xmas curry night tonight so I might just get tanked up and stuff the work 😂
  5. Auto shut off valve

    My IBC overflows sometimes due to swarf in the tank getting stuck on the float. I've got one of those kids fishing nets that I swirl round the tank to catch the swarf. I bought the system from pure freedom, a bit naughty of them not emptying the tank after cutting it imo.
  6. Well below zero here. Last winter when it was -4 it froze on the glass and jets froze. Not worth attempting any work until Wednesday at least. Bit of a bummer really as I was hoping to get all work done by the 22nd.
  7. Help with PWM Wiring

    Calling @spruce
  8. AdBlue 10L Rant

    Yeah, so I've put 27L in so far 🤣
  9. AdBlue 10L Rant

    Well I've done 27,000 miles in just over 12 months and I think I've topped it up 3 times with 10L each time. Have you got the new shape? There's no cover on the AdBlue cap on my van. I took it to the dealer and they were under the impression that there shouldn't be one. But, it does show one in the handbook.
  10. I've already sacked tomorrow off. Down the boozer later and a lie in in the morning 👍
  11. AdBlue 10L Rant

    That means driving to a Citroen garage. Can't be arsed with that.
  12. AdBlue 10L Rant

    Good point 😀
  13. AdBlue 10L Rant

    Who the frig designed the screw on nozzle??? Every time I fill my van with it it leaks all over the shop even if I screw the nozzle on really tight wasting about a litre in the process. Rant over.
  14. RO not performing

    You haven't got an automatic shut off valve on the system have you? If so it could be that it isn't switching on?