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  1. That's generally a good time if your just posting but if your boosting (paid promotion) of a post then facebook will decide when to show it over what ever period you select.
  2. Time doesn't matter really as FB will decide when it is actually shown to what ever audience you chose. In regard to spreading over x days that depends on what audience you chose and when you started the boost. For example, some days would be quieter like a Saturday evening when a lot of people go out. I tend to spread over a week as a minimum amount of time. However, i have noticed recently FB has changed the default time to 3 days unless you change it so I don't know. Sometimes it's a bit of trial and error but do the trialling with a smaller budget to start with.
  3. I had mine out same op. It's not nice! I might have been a sissy but I couldn't move much at all for the first week. Second was still tender but could get about. I wasn't on the windows at the time and working in an office so no strain there really.
  4. Cleaning Business Website Design Services Looking to get a new website for your cleaning business? I run a service called which does exactly that! Cleaning business website creation & hosting I will create your cleaning business website, provide hosting for your site which means as soon as the designing has finished it can be live on the internet. I will provide continuous security monitoring and software updates as well as monthly backups. Professional, stylish websites designed to enhance the reputation of your window cleaning business Many cleaning companies put a lot of focus on canvassing, door knocking and social media promotion. All good methods with one flaw, you're neglecting the best marketing strategy of all, your website! What is the first thing most people do when looking for a service or product? They google it, you want your website to be showing in those search results and get clicked on by those potential customers. Once they are on your website you want to ensure that they get the information they need in a quick and easy way. Our cleaning business website design service will help with this. We work with you to create a website that is professional visually appealing and created in a way that will allow customers to easily navigate. Mobile responsive web design Almost 60% of web searches and browsing is done on mobile now which means it's hugely important that your window cleaning website design is mobile responsive. This means no matter what device visitors to your website use it will display in a way that is clear to navigate and optimised for their device. Website design and hosting plans from £4.99/month Our window cleaning website design service includes everything you need. We will add content to your website, we will optimise the content for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) meaning you are more likely to show up in searches potential customers make. We will provide managed hosting which means we will host your website as well as provide monthly backups, continuous security monitoring to prevent malware or other security threats on your website. We will manage your website software and ensure any updates to it are implemented so all you need to do is worry about your business. I have owned my own window cleaning company and setup and run this forum which started in 2010 so you can be sure I have the skills required to provide you with the very best cleaning business website service. Get in touch with me here.
  5. That time of year I suppose suns out lots of newbie starting. 😎
  6. Welcome aboard @Ash87 👍
  7. So anyone fancy writing a blog post for our blog before it goes live to the world?! If so click the 'add new record' button at the bottom of this >> page.
  8. Smart setup there @Ziggy88
  9. Jesus that's one expensive brush. It better last a bloody long time!
  10. I will in the coming month be launching a blog for the forum. This blog will be a great informative area where members and services alike can read and submit articles. I am now looking for submissions from anyone as i would like to have the blog populated with a few things before it goes live. Before submitting an article please think about how your article is useful to our members and readers of the forum before submitting it. Articles with a primary purpose to promote a service or written in a promotional way may not be approved. Once the blog is live anyone will be able to submit an article but they will be held for approval before you see them on the blog. We already have a few great posts on the forum that @Green Pro Clean Ltd has written and are pinned in forum areas that would make great articles for the blog. I think @Damo has written some great posts in the past about welcome packs and several other members, so get your thinking caps on everyone. For now until the blog is actually live you will need to send them to me via PM. Once live you will be able to submit them via the blog page. Please include at least one picture for the article. Some ideas How you went from one sqeegee starting out to a multi van setup A great DIY project from start to finish About your service, how you started and have grown. A product change or update A new product launch
  11. Welcome to the forum @Eco
  12. Hmm do you get an error when trying to download. We fixed the download area recently and downloads should work.
  13. Welcome @Dave Goldberg. Check out or download section we have a few bits there.
  14. Welcome phil.