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  1. Many of you may have already asked the question why the heck is this ad relevent to me! Yes ads on websites are annoying but they pay the bills! Did you know though that you can actually make ads more personalised to you? Instead of seeing totally irrelevant ads, start seeing ads more tailored to you. If you have to put up with them they could at least be of interest to you. You can perionalise your ads not just for our site but your while online activities here. https://adssettings.google.com
  2. Gav

    Forum software update

    That's good thought we had another issue then. The uninstall and reinstall / clear app cache and data has worked for everyone so far inluding myself.
  3. Gav

    Forum software update

    Hmm this is very odd as the clearing of the app cache and data should fix it. Will have to look into this further. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. Gav

    Forum software update

    Please follow the above
  5. Gav

    Forum software update

    Testing upload Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. Gav

    Forum software update

    Anyone still getting issues with the app please go to your android settings then applications then find our app and clear it's cache and data. Those still having issues on iOS please uninstall and reinstall the app.
  7. Gav

    iPhone App login

    Great glad it's working again. Sent using the WCF App
  8. Gav

    iPhone App login

    If it is our branded app try going to your android settings then apps. Find our app and clear the app cache and data. See if that works. Please also ensure the app is up to date. Sent using the WCF App
  9. Gav

    iPhone App login

    That's very odd and is it definitely our branded app and not the generic Tapatalk app? Sent using the WCF App
  10. Gav

    iPhone App login

    Hmm iOS or Android? Have you tired uninstalling and reinstalling? Sent using the WCF App
  11. Gav

    iPhone App login

    Yep the app on Android and iOS should be working fine now. [emoji16] Sent using the WCF App
  12. Hi all, Yesterday I updated the forum software which fixed several bugs and has added several great new features. Some of those I will mention below before I do that though I want to let you know that our app is now fixed! After i ran the update as some of you already know it caused the app to log all app users out and not let you log back in. This issue has now been fixed and you can now use the app again. Not got the app? click this link on your mobile device New features and functions We now have full support for emoji! within the post editor. Yes if you are on your phone you can use emoji from your keyboard but you can now also use emoji on any device be that a laptop, desktop or whatever right from the post editor. You can also change the skin tone of emoji and search for emoji as well as browse by category. Automated moderation Now before you think we are getting rid of our wonderful moderators think again! We will always have and need moderators on the forum BUT we can not always be here all the time. On the odd occasion, things will slip through the net this is where automated moderation and you the members can help us. The report button has always been a handy feature but the update has made it much better. We have now created rules within the admin of our forum which means if a post gets reported x amount of times then it will be removed from the forum and sent to us for moderation. This will be very useful for spam that has slipped through or abusive behaviour for example if something gets enough reports from different members it will be hidden from the community and sent to us. If a post has one report then it will work as it did before (the post will remain but we will get the report to take a look). Its the hiding part of this new rule update that helps us really as it means members can help remove bad content from view. NOTE: This does not mean you can go around and report a load of stuff for a laugh and get peoples posts removed, it won't work like that anyway as each post needs to have x amount of unique reports (not just from one member) before it is made invisible and sent to us for further investigation. No one knows who reported something so don't worry about causing issues if you report a post the only people who know who reported it is me and the moderators. So if you see a post that you feel is not ok, breaks our rules or you feel needs us to take a look at then report it. Again remember we will get the report in the first instance but say for example it's a spam post and 3 different members report it then the post will be hidden as well as us getting the report. This forum is all of ours so we can all take a step to look after it now. 😉
  13. Gav

    iPhone App login

    All fixed now everyone. It was due to a software update on the forum not being compatible with the app. This should now be fixed. Sent using the WCF App
  14. Hi Gav. Love the site.

    Suddenly having problems logging in through the web site app both on phone and iPad. It just keeps saying incorrect username or password. 

    The only way I’m getting this message to you is by replying to an email alert. (And I can access my personal profile )

    Have deleted and re- loaded app and changed password without any success. Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong.

    thanks Gerry

    1. Gav


      HI Gerry, it is a specific issue with the app. If you visit the site via a browser you will be able to login. 


      Its due to an update in the forum software and the app not being compatible just now. I am working on fixing this. 


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