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  1. Window Cleaning Video

    Video link seems to be wrong.
  2. No one used it so the files are now in a forum section here. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/forum/35-window-cleaning-resources-files-documents-etc/
  3. New WC jobs this year?

    New max length is now 50 characters New minimum length is 15 characters. Sent using the WCF App
  4. There is an ignore feature on the forum It basically boiled down to him not wanting to follow the rules despite asking nicely. I got a mouthful and then a week later he asked to be deleted so guess this other stuff was at play as well. Anyway that's what happened.
  5. Couldn't say 😐
  6. He asked to have his account deleted.
  7. You might want to have a read through this topic. This is something that is asked often.
  8. We very much have the approach here that no question is a silly question. As above this is just chat but yes there will also be simple questions and newbies asking questions that have been asked before. This is the whole reason this forum is here. We asked some newbie questions on CIU many many moons ago and got destroyed by the members on the forum who were above us and knew better and if we had to ask those questions we should evaluate our going into business kind of responses. For one it's just rude. I mean you wouldn't respond that way face to face. Well maybe some would but hey. If you don't want to answer a question you don't have to. 👍😁
  9. Although most of my site work is via email I am terrible at not putting things down. I always say general support etc mon-fri but still cant resist replying over a weekend. New year's resolution must be to manage time better and allow myself the weekend to actually not work, we all need a break after all.
  10. HI GAV


    One of the comapnys that attend the show and also make a offer for wca want to get in touch would you like me to pass your number or do you want to contact them yourself  the blokes name is yan --07511314793

    1. Gav


      Yeah pass on my number. What is it they are looking for advertising? 

    2. mark m

      mark m

      yes mate 

    3. mark m

      mark m

      he has now got your number 

  11. Merry Christmas everyone. Have a great day today. Yeah I am posting this at 2am cos santa doesn't come if kids don't go to sleep!!!!!!! 😂 Have a great day what ever you are doing.
  12. Agreed pay or service stops. Yes there are those customers you know well and trust and know it was a genuine mistake but still you don't want to end up 3 or more cleans down the road and still no payment. At least if you stop after first payment is overdue you will only be loosing one month.
  13. It was never going to be permanent unless that's what everyone wanted. I wanted to do some research into activity on the forum and how the display of content affected it. To do that i had to monitor live activity. For those that want to change, you can both options are now available. Just a note topic titles now have a character limit of 25 as you have noticed judging by your title. This is to help members and visitors find content more easily. Any titles with any characters ............................... just to make up the length will be removed. The idea of having users write better titles is to help the community as a whole. Better titles mean users can find the correct answers to their questions instead of posting a question that has been asked several times before. Better titles mean there is no wasted time clicking topics to find it has nothing to do with what the title insinuated. Better titles mean Google will pick up on all your useful and helpful content, meaning more members will come and join and share their wisdom.

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