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  1. Sorry @K in Kent
  2. Hi All, I just wanted to let everyone know that Keiron aka @K in Kent is out of action at the moment. He is not ignoring you or done a runner. That's all I can say for now but please be assured he isn't just ignoring you.
  3. Possibly it really depends what you get for the £7. If it's just basic shared hosting then it might be a little slow. You might have to create and setup the database for wordpress if they don't have an auto installer which half the time don't work great anyway. Really depends what you get for the £7 probably not a great deal.
  4. Hi @Bobd wordpress is a great software to use for a site. 30% of the internet runs on wordpress! There are so many how to videos out there you probably could do it yourself. Trouble is there is a difference between muddling a site together on a cheap host and it not performing to having it done well. Not to mention the upkeep of the WordPress software and plugins and fixing things if they break which at times they will. It is totally possible to setup a site on wordpress without to much trouble though.
  5. That's great. Feel free to ask anything you can't find on the forum I am sure someone will know
  6. It shouldn't be as I have downloaded it to check. Might be the app they this but in the browser https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/topic/24286-your-windows-have-been-cleaned-today-slip/
  7. If its just design, you could do it yourself easily enough. I made a simple one when I was cleaning, its somewhere on here. Found it. Pretty basic but does the job.
  8. Gav

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum Chris. You will gain plenty of knowledge from everyone here from getting started to building a round then refining it and everything in between
  9. In a bid to bring in all you amazing lurkers (we know you're out their!) we want to make everyone feel welcome in our community. If you are a lurker and have not plucked up the courage to join in yet or felt your question might be silly then don't worry, no question is a silly question and we would love for you to join the WCF family. For now, I would like to say a huge welcome to this week's new members many of which will have been lurkers, readers and regular visitors. Welcome new members! Great to have you with us @richieboyd, @Airhammer, @Nayden, @Steveo, @Jimi, @Jennifer Thomas, @helen1, @John d hawkins, @bbowe67, @kris m, @Rawan, @CleanSqueak , @JonScouse, @get wet windows, @TVDCC, @Kevin Jacob Galea If you have questions feel free to post away we won't judge and will welcome your contribution. If you're not quite sure how things work or what to do then take a look at the topics here. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/forum/49-how-to-use-the-forum/
  10. Yeah android does that sometimes it's odd.
  11. For thos members who have been having issues accessing private messages via the app, there seems to be a weird issue which means non of your private messages are showing. This seems to be mainly android. To fix go to your phone's settings, then apps or applications then find the WCF app and clear it's cache and data. Log back in and your PM's should now be their. If you have this issue with iOS then uninstall and reinstall that app. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Good news for our app users! When you have 2000 plus posts ads will be disabled in the app. 👍
  13. Thanks. Ha not just yet but in a week or two the reduced ads for X amount of posts will be put in place.
  14. Yes, the browser version that is. As our site is responsive and adjust to all screen sizes. It won't affect the app though, as is a different piece of software although it pulls the same info. The only thing that has changed with the app is our new branding and very slight colour change.
  15. It's time to give our forum and all you members some love. For some time the adverts on this forum have grown to cover our growing costs, we have tried to help members see fewer ads by way of a supporter status subscription and donation buttons but none ever really amount to much compared to ads. (The supporter subscription will be depreciated from today along with the chatbox) The time has come however to give you all and the forum some love (possibly at my own expense) but a happy and fast loading community that puts its focus on members and discussion and not ads is surely a step in the right direction. I have given this a lot of thought while also running several tests. Now you might be hoping they all go for good, I wish that were possible, sadly that won't happen BUT there will be a vast improvement! As you might have already noticed I have adjusted the Google Adsense placement on the forum in several areas to ensure that you get a better experience navigating the forum and interacting with content and discussions. I have also adjusted sponsor ads. The main issue previously was less about the amount of ads but more about the fact that ads were not well placed and just got in the way. So although I haven't removed any as yet they are placed better. The bit that I hope you will appreciate is that you will now be rewarded for being active members. You will see less google Adsense ads the more posts you make! At the moment I am still testing the new placements but very roughly I invisage it working something along the lines of this. New members and guests (not logged in) will see all google ads Members with 200 plus posts will see 1 less google ad Members with 500 plus posts will see 2 less google ads Members with 2000 plus posts will see 3 less google ads NOTE: All member will see sponsor ads. This is likely to be implemented in the next 2-3 weeks. I really hope this improves the usability of the forum for you all and makes it a more enjoyable place to be. In addition, I have also been working on some slight changes to the forum colours and accents to give it a less drab feel and help content stand out first and foremost. This theme is now live for everyone and is the default theme. This will also bring a bit more of a modern feel to the community. Thanks to every one of you who contribute and make the community a great place to be.

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