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  1. The Forum Growth

    Thanks @Gazz much appreciated and glad the forum helped you as it does others. 👍
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  5. GDPR Compliance

    Yeah it had crossed my mind to get some kind of legal advice for all window cleaners. Which would be a brilliant resources for the forum. Prob is like you say they are all already rubbing their hands and charging a fortune.
  6. GDPR Compliance

    I would have thought so but like I said not an expert myself. Still trying to get my head around some elements of it.
  7. GDPR Compliance

    This might be helpful as well. https://ico.org.uk/media/1624219/preparing-for-the-gdpr-12-steps.pdf and this https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/resources-and-support/data-protection-self-assessment/getting-ready-for-the-gdpr/
  8. GDPR Compliance

    Hey @Iron Giant, to be honest, its all a bloody nightmare and minefield! Obviously, its good for us all to have more control over our data but its a massive headache. There are several things you need to do although i am not 100% sure in a window cleaners situation. One question though why is your cleaner planner details stored on a cpanel server. Or do you mean that cleaner planner is using a cpanel server? If the later then Cleanerplanner need to ensure they are compliant in how they operate and store information etc. Very basically if you keep customers data then they have to be informed that you keep this data where you keep it and for what purpose. They have the right to request some or all data held about them be removed and destroyed for good. I am by no means an expert but if you work through this link it will explain each part of an individuals right and what it means. https://ico.org.uk/for-organisations/guide-to-the-general-data-protection-regulation-gdpr/individual-rights/ Take a look at my privacy policy which will be updated in a bit. You will have to agree to it again to be able to continue using the forum so have a read Please don't copy it as is under a protected copyright license. In most cases, this isn't going to result in a load of people asking for their details to be destroyed as they want the service and can not be provided without. Take the forum, for example, a member wants all the details we store about them removed. That's fine we can do that but then you can use the forum, not as a punishment but if your details are removed then you no longer have an account on the forum meaning you can no longer log in and use the forum. It's more about customers and users being aware and informed of the new law and their rights, as well as knowing what information is stored about them why we need it and how its processed. Then how they can request its removal if that's what they want and who the data controller is. Which would be you as you are the person obtaining and managing the data. For window cleaners, it is a little harder than here in that we have an easy way to gain acknowledgement of our privacy policy which will include everything we need to be GDPR compliant. When members register they have to agree to the privacy policy otherwise they can not use the forum and this acknowledgement is recorded in our system. This is important, you must have a record of the agreement to process information about a person.
  9. Dear members this is an important post and one you must read. In our effort to become compliant with the soon to be new privacy and data protection law. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we must make several changes to our privacy policy and inform you (although I already have in the past) how to opt out of our mailing list. In the comping weeks i will be updating our privacy policy to clearly outline what data is kept and why. When the policy is updated we will require all members to agree to the new policy before continuing to use the forum. As part of the GDPR we need to record and show that all members have agreed to the privacy policy and are aware of how they can remove their data, review it etc. So requiring your concent before continuing using the forum will allow us to record your concent. If you dont agree to the terms of privacy and don't concent then you will no longer be able to use the forum. This isnt a threat its simply the case that if you are not happy about how your data is managed on the forum then you should not use the forum. We advice you to read the privacy policy it in full when it is updated. When you first joined you may have chosen to receive emails and news from us. This may have also been pre-selected for you. We don't send that much in the way of news emails but at times we may need to. This could be to inform you of some downtime on the forum and error or just latest news and goings-on. Under the new GDPR you need to opt in yourself and be giving clear information about this option. So for those who no longer wish to recive news and info emails from us (this does not include notification emails as you have full control of that) please follow the bellow screenshots to opt out if you don't want to receive them or opt in if you do want to receive them. Hover over the notification bell icon and click notification settings as shown by the arrow below. To opt out or in tick or untick the selection box shown by the arrow below. Once you have done the above make sure you save your choice and options. Our Privacy policy has now been updated and we will require any member using the forum to READ and acknowledge they have read it before continuing to use the forum. If you wish to read it again please do so here. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/privacy If you have questions about your data etc you can contact us via the contact form or pm me. You have pretty much full control of your profile information and notifications, emails you receive and more its all within your profile and notification settings.
  10. forum susgestion

    Yeah sadly the mobile app won't have this added. That is where the app becomes a problem. There are a lot of things the apps can't do that the forum itself can like reactions etc. Anyway it shows on the browser version. On desktop it will also show under your name next to posts. On mobile view people would need to click your name to see the info in your profile.
  11. forum susgestion

    @tench0771 would love to add this but video files are huge and we just don't have massive data centres to store them. Best way is to upload to YouTube then post the link, you can still watch the video on the site as it is automatically pulled in but it's stored on YouTube. @Part Timer new profile field added for location 😉
  12. Hi @Ritchie welcome to the forum!
  13. Window Cleaning Trade Show

    Hi mark. Take a look at our sponsor. https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/forum/27-the-wcp-show/
  14. I'm not sure but @Alex Gardiner will know!
  15. There are two views you can use on the forum main homepage. The standard forum category view or the fluid view which will display a feed of latest topics. You can switch between the two by following the screenshots below.

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