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  1. New storage panel built.

    looking very smart!

    Welcome back@neil. Still a few oldies abkut. Sent using the WCF App
  3. YES Sat in an office all day is killing me I swear. That said I do like to sit smug in my warm dry office in the winter. What I miss most is being my own boss! Although I kind of am with the forum and sites I long for the day I can tell them I'm not coming back.
  4. How do I

    It's in account 👍settings https://windowcleaningforums.co.uk/settings/email/
  5. 😂 Most of them, no one. I tried sorting a contract with them when I was cleaning but they are not interested most of the time. Money saving!
  6. I have worked for an Autism charity for the last 16 years. Various roles from care support worker in several homes but the last 5 have been a manager of this autism resource and info centre supporting families and individuals etc.
  7. Online business is a real challenge these days. Everything is so saturated online. I've been at it 10 years going on with various projects and only now are things starting to go in the right direction. Still I am in full time employment. Many might think I am loaded with the forum etc but it's not the case. It's hard graft earning a decent wage online as is anything else. Maybe in a year or two I might be able to ditch the employment but it all takes work and time. Just as any other business does. Sent using the WCF App
  8. Thought I'd seen it all.

    It's not a member choice I am afraid it's a user group setting that I set to show sponsors a bit more prominently as well as staff. Sent using the WCF App
  9. I use personal account but this account is only used for business stuff so no mixing up personal and business income/outgoings. Sent using the WCF App
  10. Just a basic pricing sheet to help you remember everything when you're pricing a job and to hopefully look a bit more professional while you're doing it Pricing Sheet Template.zip
  11. Basic excel worksheet/diary for newbies It is mostly manual entry but will automatically show the next due date for jobs and highlight the overdue ones and also highlights overdue payments. I'm not a computer programmer so my coding skills are limited but I'm happy to try and make basic changes and improvements. In fact, I quite enjoy tinker with these type of things!! I have included a 10 min video that explains a bit more about how the spreadsheet works. Which you can see here...WC excel diary Anyway, hope you find it of interest. cheers WC diary.zip
  12. Here is a copy of my safety policy - which has had names/addresses etc. removed. Please feel free to download / use - but bear in mind that H&S regulations are constantly changing and this policy must be viewed as a sample - and by downloading it you are agreeing that you will take necessary measures to confirm that the information enclosed is accurate & up to date, and is suitable for your use. Originally created by Hinty downloaded_file_1_d0543b6b70b5dc71db80af9e7317b6a4.doc
  13. This is a simple customer agreement, it has a customer copy and your own. They can put their address and contact details on it and you can enter clean frequency and price. The customer copy has some info about the service provided. downloaded_file_1_eac88594942790d9e3fd8f17ad518852 (1).docx
  14. Your windows have been cleaned today! This is a simple slip you can post through the door after cleaning customers windows. It has a box for the date and amount owed as well has some contact details and payment option details. Feel free to modify as you wish. downloaded_file_1_eeaf19d7b40f7930a27df5a88107e9be.docx
  15. This is a risk assessment form which was added to the site by another member. Thought this might be useful to some that need to create a risk assessment for commercial work or otherwise. Just change the heading as you see fit. (I have included the Microsoft Publisher and Word Versions) Hope these can be useful for you all! health and safety form.zip