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  1. Totally agree, although I use best quality hand towels, which is the same thing.
  2. Any cloth with leave lint if you wipe while still damp, it has to be just drying off and the cloth has to be dry.
  3. rugbywolf

    6" squeegees to recommend.

    I used to replace my (brass) squeegees about every 18 months or so, then chop the old one down into various sizes when needed; I have quite a few of the small square (cottage) windows and so now I have a selection to fit most small windows, which I can then do using a spray.
  4. rugbywolf

    Playing the Vertigo Card

    It's just the sun, I wear a cap with a flap on the back, just like the Foreign Legion.
  5. rugbywolf

    6" squeegees to recommend.

    Don't buy one, cut an old (longer one) down.
  6. rugbywolf

    How to clean this

    Totally agree
  7. rugbywolf

    How to clean this

    I have some of these, I try to avoid wetting the vinyl and treat it as leaded.
  8. rugbywolf

    Ladder Mitt safety tip

    It's not so much about safe ladders, as how you use them. Done properly, you are quite safe. I've had two falls in fifty years, fortunately not serious.
  9. rugbywolf

    Ladder Mitt safety tip

    Well a; it keeps you healthy, and b; you are close up to the window and can actually see if it's clean or not. I wish that wfp people would just get on with it and stop deriding trad workers.
  10. rugbywolf

    Ladder Mitt safety tip

    It's a shame you are in London, I have a set of 'Lyte' double !2 brand new for sale.
  11. Yeah, I see what he's done. looks like it would work for pole.
  12. The difference between the water systems you have shown (and done) is that mine is a spray, which makes all the difference, and which is how you can do it without detailing and still leave a clean window. That's it's secret which took me so long to get.
  13. rugbywolf

    Help beginner rubber blade issue

    Go down to the topic 'how to fan windows' it's all there.
  14. rugbywolf

    how to fan a window

    This lad puts it over quite well, this is the way I do it.
  15. rugbywolf

    Pole or ladders

    This is the trouble today. wfp are prepared to loose customers, and that in the long run breaks up what were compact rounds. I sold a large round off a few years ago, virtually every house in every street (it was a medium sized village). I had been doing it about 15 or so years. The new gang said they could and would do whichever the customer wanted, but in reality they only did wpf. And now, by their own admittance, they have already lost about a quarter of the round. I have met so many wfp people who I know have bought rounds with the intention of only creaming off the best work and let the rest fall away. Not really good customer service.

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