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  1. rugbywolf

    Ladders to use for cleaning window

    It's a shame you are in London, I have a set of 'Lyte' double !2 brand new for sale.
  2. Yeah, I see what he's done. looks like it would work for pole.
  3. The difference between the water systems you have shown (and done) is that mine is a spray, which makes all the difference, and which is how you can do it without detailing and still leave a clean window. That's it's secret which took me so long to get.
  4. rugbywolf

    Help beginner rubber blade issue

    Go down to the topic 'how to fan windows' it's all there.
  5. rugbywolf

    how to fan a window

    This lad puts it over quite well, this is the way I do it.
  6. rugbywolf

    Pole or ladders

    This is the trouble today. wfp are prepared to loose customers, and that in the long run breaks up what were compact rounds. I sold a large round off a few years ago, virtually every house in every street (it was a medium sized village). I had been doing it about 15 or so years. The new gang said they could and would do whichever the customer wanted, but in reality they only did wpf. And now, by their own admittance, they have already lost about a quarter of the round. I have met so many wfp people who I know have bought rounds with the intention of only creaming off the best work and let the rest fall away. Not really good customer service.
  7. I don't do wfp, this whole system is based on Trad, the stop valve has to be very precise; short or long bursts. I deliberately did not want to involve any kind of power or machinery, keeping it self contained.
  8. I knew you'd get it H Man. I like your assessment! To use it with a pole, you have the stop valve connected around your midriff (on a belt) or at the holding point of the pole. I do use a pole but not very high, the jet from the squeegee will go 5 metres, so I just spray the window and use a normal wag.
  9. I have one very good example. I have two 4-bed semis next to each other, they have the same (upvc) windows which are large, roughly 4ft wide and 5ft high. I start at one corner and work across the front and then go round to the back, completing the circle. I have been doing them now for about 16 years. When I first started, using applicator and squeegee, it would take me approximately 1hr and 20min, and that's going up and the ladders two at a time. After some years I changed to working with a spray and got I down to 1Hr and 5min. Now, with this system, and being older and going up and down the ladders one at a time, it usually takes about 40 minutes. That is a saving.
  10. It fits into an Unger pouch, and you don't really notice it that much, certainly not 'shackled'.
  11. I have decided, after a long time now, to show how I do window cleaning. It's different from any other way, although it is Traditional. I put it out on You Tube last week, and it has been met with a good response.
  12. rugbywolf

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    do you mean 'Squeegee Off', if so, then yes, I've been using it for a few years now.
  13. rugbywolf

    Good rubber gone bad

    It's all a myth, this business of hard and soft rubbers. I now use only Razr red, and used them in the cold and the hot, and they are perfect every time. They will wear out, but never break down with me. The thing with the RazR reds is that they are soft but very pliant, so wear hard. I did use one of the hard ones years ago and didn't like them (still hanging up in the shed), so any ordinary or soft for me.
  14. rugbywolf

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    I have liquidator channels in a wagtail, brass handle and a liquidator handle, and it's the liquidator handle that is probably not up to scratch, the others are fine.

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