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  1. Hi T2000, heres a link for screwfix.... https://www.screwfix.com/c/building-joinery/damp-proofing/cat850236?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-building-_-dampproofmembrane its quite expensive, but good plastic, last for few years, plus i think it looks neater , wrap the bottom aswell, and any pipes going into the tank, if you do deside to do it this way, have fun, it is awkward, hers another link if you want to watch. cheers jdp : )
  2. I used black membrane from screwfix, but u get loads in a roll, you won't need that much, I got two tanks and still have half a roll left, it's heavy duty, last for years, take tank out of frame first, wrap it like a big Xmas present, it's a pain to do but worth it, then when it's back in frame, it fits like a glove .
  3. You want to cover that tank with plastic lining soon aswell, or you'll have algae before you now it. ; )
  4. Hi David, I have diy trolley, and when I get air in system through running out of water is i put brush head on ground so its lower than pump with pump and univalve all on , should all start flowing in seconds. John.
  5. jdp

    Pump advice for wfp trolley

    Hi mark, I use a digital speed controller, bought it of ebay from china, I would get to much splash back on full, I use the battery out of my old wcw back pack, still giong after few years , allday it last, just about fit in the box, : ) john.
  6. jdp

    Pump advice for wfp trolley

    Hi pickingpaul, i bought the pump just below the one your looking at for £10.95 about six months ago, and have had no trouble with it, i built a mark munro trolley, and use it all day. 115PSI 300L/h High Pressure Diaphragm Water Pump 12V For Yacht Boat Car Marine john.
  7. Hii gwindows, I get tis problem with the air locks, what I do is when ive changed the barrels over, lay your pole and hose on the ground with everything turned on, like your tap or aqua adapter, and switch on, should only take about ten seconds for it to run properly, as for the water going off when cleaning, check your calibration on control is higher thsn your speed, hopd this helps,

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