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  1. Yeah always thought that..If you look at it like this ..have your ladder at a angle and try scraping it along pavement bare metal style it would be tough..do it with them plastic trims and it will slide along nicely lol....... The reason I put this post up regarding "ladders mitts"is that it's coming to winter time again and some grassy gardens with all the rain some are softer than others and sometimes the ladder can sink in to the grass a bit and I was thinking of improviseing to stop this from happening Sent from my iPad using Window Cleaning Forums
  2. Yeah iron Giant bare metal on paving ,never had any problems like that and am climbing on and off roofs all the time..not really a fan of those replacement trims as like I said they move as there only screwed on.. Sent from my iPad using Window Cleaning Forums
  3. No lads it's a general question,as I haven't been using ladder trims for a load of years now and I had a look at theses and I think a read somewhere that they can be used on the bottom as well...The problem with proper ladder trims (that I used to replace when I first started out fifteen years ago) is that they screw on and they come loose all the time and move a bit when going up and down ladder,making you free unsafe! At least when there off you know were your standing and the ladders not going to move "ie" feet... Am move safely caution at what angle my ladder is at and what feet wear am wearing!! Sent from my iPad using Window Cleaning Forums
  4. My wife does mind when she's in work[emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Window Cleaning Forums
  5. So I done a cleandown today (gutters and fasci boards) with soapy water and cloths the proper way...customer been at me for ages to do them but she wanted the frames done as well with Soudal pvcu cleaner (it was putting me off using that stuff but didn't want to say to her) it turns out it was pure **** it avapourates and your rubbing the dirt back onto the frames....back to plan B astonish oven and cookware cleaner its good gear ...rub,dry,buff...job done!![emoji106] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. Has any one tried the new stuff from wcw which is called vistal Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  8. clothman!!

    Liquidator lines

    is there any other channels that fit the liquidator handle and boab..am thinking unger as I've a few of them knocking about has anyone tried?
  9. clothman!!

    Working Sundays

    Hungry Dawgs
  10. selling part of a round £400-500 that gets cleaned every 4weeks how much would you sell for...these houses are good customers 20years+ All based in one area..
  11. If there asking to leave them now then jus cut yur losses...you don't need customers like that...I think you need to pick yur houses better...most of my houses are word of mouth "the best way of advertising " or they ask me in the street after watching me....that way of building it up yu can pick and choose yur work better...am behind every week by £100-200 so work is good and if anybody looks at me funny there gone .....never canvassing as it pick ups all the bad"uns ....
  12. clothman!!

    Using ladder

    Put your ladder up on to the top corner of window so it can't move "The revile" ...keep one foot on ladder and a foot on the sill clean them like that..I would put a wheelie bin at bottom so the ladder doesn't slip back if there's one handy
  13. clothman!!

    Moerman combinator

    Yeah I think the worrying part is cleaning them right on a 4weekly..and it'll work on some windows and not on others ...il jus get the liquidator To cut down on the edges...
  14. clothman!!

    Moerman combinator

    Anybody using the moerman combinator if so is it any good?

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