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  1. Constructor brush

    No probs let me know what you think when get one
  2. Constructor brush

    I just replaced x lines brush socket with a gardiner quick lock and use gardiner pole with standard angle adapter I personally love the rinse bar but it's each to own I went back to jets for a day and hated it weird what ya get used to. Cheers
  3. Constructor brush

    Try an x line rinse bar I use them and personally love it can't go back to jets now
  4. Hi guys just wondered what you tend to charge for conservatory cleans a customer wanting a full external clean including gutters and glass it's 6m x 3m what would you all quote. Cheers all
  5. Miserable gets lol
  6. Thanks does it help in freezing conditions to keep you working or does it still all freeze up. Cheers
  7. Hi does anyone on here use pure freedoms hot water system if so what's it like any good. Would you recommend. Cheers
  8. Slx all the way for me personal opinion but just find better used for past 3 years trying an extreme soon. Get the best you can afford in this game as you end up buying twice I made that mistake
  9. Happy new year guys thanks for advice past year. All the best for 2018 Paul1
  10. Hi guys looking at getting new van and system next year from pure freedom which controller would you go for stick with my varistream digital or pure freedoms or another one? Appreciated advice. Cheers
  11. Not bad here mate bloody rain now tho. How you getting on with the HD reel pal? I got a rinse bar brush from x line loving it. Cheers
  12. Two weeks off over Christmas

    Friday 22nd for 2 week need a break earnt well. All work no play is dull. Have a good Xmas guys. Cheers.
  13. Anyone wants this before Xmas and collecting with cash will take £110 for quick sale. Cheers
  14. Hi mate not too sure some on here will know as they use em. Cheers

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