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  1. paul1

    Xline brushes!!!!

    I use on 3 on varistream digital and a nice rinse live the the rinse bar been using since Sept with no issues.
  2. paul1

    Xline brushes!!!!

    Strange that had no issues at all and find rinses better with correct flow. Funny how everyone different though each to there own I love em and all my mates who use them do too. Try alot and find right one for you mate
  3. paul1

    Xline brushes!!!!

    Great brushes I love the rinse bar one best I've used personally
  4. paul1

    Which Brush? Why?

    Personally I love the xline rinse bar brush flocked. Good rinsing brush lasts quite a while and colour goes with my business colours lol. Each to there own I suppose
  5. paul1

    Pole Hose...........

    Agree green stuff decent best I've used anyway
  6. paul1

    Favourite brush ??

    Xline rinse bar flocked. Live it and tried loads although new gardiner looks well
  7. paul1

    Leaving grey lines

    Seals or lead staining perhaps
  8. paul1

    Constructor brush

    Use a variflow digital on number 4 I've always struggled with what best flow to use though I'm always turning it up and down lol. Cheers
  9. paul1

    Constructor brush

    What Flow rate do you use with the rinse bar and which controller you using mate. Cheers
  10. paul1

    Constructor brush

    No probs let me know what you think when get one
  11. paul1

    Constructor brush

    I just replaced x lines brush socket with a gardiner quick lock and use gardiner pole with standard angle adapter I personally love the rinse bar but it's each to own I went back to jets for a day and hated it weird what ya get used to. Cheers
  12. paul1

    Constructor brush

    Try an x line rinse bar I use them and personally love it can't go back to jets now
  13. Hi guys just wondered what you tend to charge for conservatory cleans a customer wanting a full external clean including gutters and glass it's 6m x 3m what would you all quote. Cheers all
  14. Miserable gets lol
  15. Thanks does it help in freezing conditions to keep you working or does it still all freeze up. Cheers

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