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  1. peter rogers

    Split Charge Relay

    that relay looks complicated to fit shud i get a auto spark
  2. i get up in the morning excited about cleaning go to work and be buzzin when i get a new job or contract new equipment lands on my doorstep and im like a child at christmas opening it thats the way work should be and why would you give that up ?? if you ever want to give up mate id give you a very good rate on your round and equipment as im in this and building a fututre not just for me but for staff if i won the lotto it would just be easier to grow at a fast rate.... but would have the best of equipmenty and vans doesnt mean i wouldnt have my dream house or dream cars ... holiday and able to fulfill life experiences
  3. why wud u do a job u dont like or love.... i love my job
  4. if i won the lottery i would expand massively and change things be in this forever ... doesnt always mean il be cleaning tho
  5. peter rogers

    non return valve

    hi has anyone a link to a non return valve for fitting between tank and pump
  6. peter rogers

    Urgent help needed

    is the pump working if u turn the good pump off ...
  7. peter rogers

    WFP van gear arrived!

    in my combo my mecanic fitted it in new vivaro mecainc be fitting it
  8. peter rogers

    WFP van gear arrived!

    go to a meacanic if u dont know what ur doing it should only be around 6 -8 bolts and its were thery go ... u cud drill straigh thru a line or anything if u aretnt carfeful
  9. peter rogers


    every day out now mate lol bills to pay
  10. peter rogers


    no just can see a bigger picturer
  11. peter rogers

    Gutter machine

    cause 80 % of the time i use my mahine customers not home or its a cmmercial
  12. peter rogers

    Gutter machine

    genrator bout 5-6 kw 10 meter hose extension lead for the power then the vac and sdystem
  13. peter rogers


    hardly madness u go do 1200 worth of work a week say in 40 hours u give % to franchise u get new custom weekly genreatred by there name and exposure and there online presence they help u expand banks and loan companies reconise it as a business faster u arent a worker u are working to be part of something bigger alot of people commenting are to small minded to growth and future
  14. peter rogers

    connection to reel

    have u not replaced the angle since last christmas ?

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