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  1. Street already has Window clean

    yes but if they say they have a window cleaner dont try to get them to tell u a price or menition u will undercut
  2. WFP van gear arrived!

    in my combo my mecanic fitted it in new vivaro mecainc be fitting it
  3. WFP van gear arrived!

    go to a meacanic if u dont know what ur doing it should only be around 6 -8 bolts and its were thery go ... u cud drill straigh thru a line or anything if u aretnt carfeful
  4. Franchise

    every day out now mate lol bills to pay
  5. Franchise

    no just can see a bigger picturer
  6. Gutter machine

    cause 80 % of the time i use my mahine customers not home or its a cmmercial
  7. Gutter machine

    genrator bout 5-6 kw 10 meter hose extension lead for the power then the vac and sdystem
  8. Franchise

    hardly madness u go do 1200 worth of work a week say in 40 hours u give % to franchise u get new custom weekly genreatred by there name and exposure and there online presence they help u expand banks and loan companies reconise it as a business faster u arent a worker u are working to be part of something bigger alot of people commenting are to small minded to growth and future
  9. connection to reel

    have u not replaced the angle since last christmas ?
  10. Clean & Cull

    customers who get cut i inform them i dont not just dont turn up again
  11. connection to reel

    did u ever try the john guest fitting to the side of reel
  12. How we got effed Again!

    WE DONT HAVE OUR OWN goverment it broke down and civil servants are running ther country because the twats cant agree its down to one politcal party doesnt want to pass an irish langauge act and dont want to pass equilaty and marraige for *** rights in northern ireland the other group wont go into goverment because the other group wont biudge lol lol also @Green Pro Clean Ltd is learning about irish politics and err .. were u can work and cant work lol in ni lmao
  13. How we got effed Again!