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  1. Soft washing with P,Washer ???

    mark cave does kits called the x jet i think used one at the start handy and it doesnt go thru the pump
  2. Spotless water filling stations

    i know that if i was starting out it be a god send as it save on set up costs and u could be cleaning windows for less than 150 quid wfp
  3. Bespoke water tank frames for sale

    much for a 500 litre tank frame
  4. if this isnt gone il take it @Roland
  5. Tarmac Drive cleaning

    pressure wash then biocide u can offer a reseal which is good
  6. Ro Problem Again

    what is it before the after ro but befoe di
  7. canvassing details book

    everyone has there own system i use to use a sign up sheet
  8. all ae useless if the windows are filthy like heavy dust etc
  9. The ultmate

    would u rate it higher tha the fliq moreman
  10. Look What I Found Today

    r u not meant to ring rspca or somethig for bats
  11. Working Hours

    start at the first house for 7-7.30 then in winter first light workin long these days as doing alot of one offs but £££ shows
  12. If u have kept the valve closed. Membrane probably done. After the ro it should be coming out at around 004-014. Then Di. And s bag of resin should last u ages.
  13. Cleaning Interior Windows

    How she live in a jar lol
  14. Warning about damage to glass

    Insurance. Covers it