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  1. Hi This is what I speacilize in. There has never been a job I could not do. There has been jobs where developers have not left enough in the budget to carry out the job safely. These jobs I walk away from. Where are you in the country ?
  2. phillip


    Just got one and finding it very difficult on large internal commercial glass panes. I think its for smaller windows. Could be wrong though there may be a nack to it some thing im not doing? Any advice Macca ?
  3. Hi Sorry to jump on your topic but how do i post on this new site ? Cant find it ? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. phillip

    Training first employee

    Bad **** spelling .
  5. phillip

    Training first employee

    There are loads of tutorials on you tube to watch. Sit him down talk him through tutorial. Then on your day of bring him round your house show him the kit how it works then get him to wash the widows again and again until he has a idea of it. There are loads of things to teach him but on the job when working is the only way as to many. Tackle them as they come up. Leave him practising alone for a period as it will be daunting you watching over him nd he will get twitchy. Best of luck be prepared to have your patience streched to its limits. As long as he has go in him, he will be fine. You normally have to go through a couple of full of **** time wasters before finding a half decent one.
  6. Hi I will try that Iron Giant good idea thank you for your help.
  7. Hi all, its a late one. If any one has had any experience using stingray or dragonfly kits or gardiners internal kit let me now your views. It is for glass walls, the ledges are big do these kits close out on big ledges ? The hieghts 27ft, are they really effective and controlable at hieght? Regular work every 28 days blade and pad at moment so nipping clean. Im thinking to keep on top regular they might cut it. Very sceptical, any views or help much appreciated. Thank you Phillip
  8. phillip

    First Clean Prices

    I charge more too. And i am in the north east as well. You have to charge more if you do not want to be swamped by messers and penny pinchers. This is a subject i feel strongly about. Charging more fist cleans helps us keep the prices fair. So we are not all braking or necks for peanuts. On one off cleans how will not want another clean for another year or 2. Please all windies reading do the same. Your in charge not the custie. Dont let them pressure you in to it. Stay firm say NO.
  9. Hi I got a charger from halfords £85 5 year garuntee. It brings the dead batterys back to life. No xxxx honest i had the same as you tried most chargers. Had a battery on its way out used the charger on repair mode hey presto got a full 4 days out of it with out a charge.
  10. phillip

    RO blocked?!

    Its a head do alright. I found if in doubt change it dont even contemplate messing on with it. Did this a couple of times was leaving a chalkey residue on glass. Calcium biuld up inside the ro unit. Another time when i changed it there was no visible issues inside the ro and it looked fine but the tds reading was shooting up and down. In all fairness considering how much it is a important part of our kit its not badly priced even if you get a year out of it. Hope that helps.
  11. phillip

    Window cleaning business in Tenerife?

    I have seen window cleaning runs out there for sale twice. One a couple of months back, making about £115 per day flat out in the heat. So i think pricing is cheaper. I also had a lad graft for me for a short while how was travelling back and forth from benidorm to a round hear and a one out there. His other mate lived out there and did rope access over there was doing ok out of it. Normally its window cleaning and pool cleaning together. FLORIDA has got to be the best round i have ever seen for sale. It was all shops and business along the coast. Was mint money. Coco beach ect, i was 23 years old then. Fuck i would be of like a shot if i could go back in time.
  12. Hi Mate I have did a fair bit cladding cleaning. It always comes up nice and never takes as long to do. The one i did the same height, i used a diesel sciccor lift. Doddle to use and could not have done with out it for the over hangs. It cost £330 for the week. Dont be afraid of big jobs just brake them down in to sections and they are easy. Best of luck.
  13. phillip

    My turn for a price enquiry.

    Would be £13 4 weekly up north east. Maybe £15-16 8 weekly at a push. Could in all honesty see some half brain doing this for 6-7 quid not including above con. See it all the time up hear.
  14. phillip

    What would you quote

    I was thinking around £140. Watch for the drips on the inside wall ect as there normally more dirty inside. Pad and blade and clean microfibres work a treat. Its hard to price these as its always the inside thats more difficult and the lay of the land in there. Also usually these monsters owners are quiet affluent and pickey with every drip or detail. Best of luck man.
  15. Hi Does it have the metal cage and floor fixings. How old is it please. Thanks Phillip

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