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  1. Ash Griffiths

    Nice little earner [emoji1303]

    Amazing place. Howd the clean go? Hope you dont mind me asking but what did you guys price it? Have a leaded job to do but not near as big. Cheers
  2. Ash Griffiths

    Solar cleaning email

    Had that same email, reckon he is struggling as the existing/original wave of keen 'Students' have wizened up & told him to sling his hook. Now hes on the hunt for more .....
  3. Ash Griffiths

    Can I pay some more Taxes please.

    Couldnt agree more, if any of you are interested in the whole system & being corralled around like sheep have a look into the 'Bilderburg group'. We all have to pay taxes & follow the hmrcs delights, just a bloody shame they cant get their end sorted & get the country in order. However, we are pretty lucky to do what we do- most of us are self employed, able to dictate how & when we work, have a cuppa, get given tips, finish fairly early, earn a decent wage and if its a really good day the rain stays away. Not a bad job compared to others, just managing how we all live outside of it is the key, for me its financial independence as soon as possible- not owing the swines any money(mortgage/debts etc). Anyway, enough of the drivel, off to see mrs Jones for a cuppa. Have a smasher of a day guys & gals
  4. Ash Griffiths

    VW Caddy

    Hi Phillip, Im using a caddy maxi & have put a pond liner in under the tank the full length & width of the rear van floor- No worries about leaks in footwells etc. Give it a shot if you get fed up of draining the footwells.
  5. Ash Griffiths

    Solar Panel farms

    Hi Pjj Were you tractor operated or on foot? Cheers.
  6. Ash Griffiths

    -0 & under

    Hey guys, So, the weather has been kinda savage the last few days-water been freezing so havent got heaps of work done. Couple of questions for you- Standard non heated system users- What do you guys tend to do to keep the water flowing? Anything i can employ other than a heated system? Any of you run heated systems,do you have issues with windows cracking due to temperature difference? Hope youre all smashing it out. Have a cracker of a weekend
  7. Ash Griffiths

    Personal accident insurance

    Hi Luke, been looking into this recently. Who are you with? cheers
  8. Nice one, pretty much the same dialogue as me. Always keen to learn new techniques on bringing them in . Cheers Bazzer
  9. Hi Bazzer. When you have the door answered what do you say to the house owner?
  10. Ash Griffiths

    WFP Scraper

    What about the spike side of a velcro length adhered to brush edge? may be a better option as if you have scraper/pad on all the time it may get in the way/not give enough clearance on some windows?
  11. How come youre selling it? could be interested
  12. Ash Griffiths

    Making pure water

    Hi Duncs, which Booster pump have you got on your system? Cheers
  13. Ash Griffiths

    Booster Pump & RO System Help. PLEASE :)

    hi Spruce. Thanks for the link & info on future upgrades. The water pressure is about 20psi(on the top of a hill doesn't help). ill check the lpm asap. cheers again.
  14. Ash Griffiths

    Booster Pump & RO System Help. PLEASE :)

    Im not sure about using it directly to pole so wouldn't want to say yay or nay. As far as i know its a static system but i may just have my blinkers on. Thanks for the heads up on the other system. Im was told by pure freedom guy that the 4040 booster system is the way to go for low pressure quantity then told by another company that the 4021 booster is the way to go for the same situation. Kinda confused to be honest. I like the idea of the purefreedom 950 with a booster but now don't know what the heck to think. Anybody with any advice?
  15. Ash Griffiths

    Booster Pump & RO System Help. PLEASE :)

    Hi tiktik. as far as i know its just a static system . the company i work for bought it for the unit not so long ago, works a treat & produces good supply of water for a few guys each day. Love to get it but 1k is more than i want/can spend on something at the mo. I'm thinking something more along this kinda thing with a booster pump- http://www.purefreedom.co.uk/water-purification/reverse-osmosis/950-gpd-high-volume-reverse-osmosis-system-20-membrane-20-hf5.html

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