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  1. jimmystevens

    Pricing too high?

    Thank you very much for your reply, there's one large company with 6 or so franchisee's and a couple of smaller companies in my town so I'll have a ring round to guage pricing. South East, most expensive part of the country
  2. jimmystevens

    Pricing too high?

    Hi guys, newbie here How do you guys price domestic jobs, £1 per window and £2 for big stuff? All my quotes seem to get a negative response for being too expensive Also, how many houses/windows do you get done in an average 8 hour day? Obviously depends on the round but looking into how much canvassing I'm going to need to do. Thanks
  3. jimmystevens

    Back in the game

    Not quite, truck mechanic! 12hr night shifts getting dirty and spending my days off making stuff clean
  4. jimmystevens

    Back in the game

    Hi all, former user of the forum, had a little trad round a few years ago and after a long story I’m now working 4on4off and looking to get back into it on my days off. just after some advice really, I’ve got a van and am looking into going WFP this time round. If anyone could chip in with suggestions for equipment, payment and planning software, pricing, getting work etc that would be great. Basically I’m after a bit of a collective guide on how you all think is best to get up and running again. I’m down in Kent thanks

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