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  1. Backpack flow controller

    I agree perfectly suitable for the job. Since my digital flow control was being temperamental I purchased one like this, fixed it in a small Tupperware wear box wired it up and been using it daily. My digital flow controller wasn’t happy because my battery wasn’t holding a strong charge so fitted the analog one above and found it less fussy and performs as it should. Good reliable and extra low cost.
  2. Yea no big deal, 10 mins is fast enough anyway.
  3. Not sure of the capacity, I picked it up from screw fix for about £40-50. I use 1 inched hose but it has the capability of delivering through 1.5 inched hose and would fill faster still. Are you using regular hose if so by increasing the hose diameter you greatly increas the transfer rate. That pump with 1.5 should fill 500ltr in 3 mins flat 10000 ltr ➗ 60 = 166.6 ltr per min 500 ltr ➗ 166.6 ltr = 3.00 mins hope it helps
  4. Static fill ( fill my 400ltrs van in 4-5 mins) van mount instead of my loyal trolley and 25ltr barrels gocardless ( this is the one I’m most exited about atm) Twin sliding door van makes life easy to have everything at hand no stretching to reach etc. garage for van and equipment it’s all at hand and relatively safe warm has water and electric I’m very lucky to have it! a big one for me is radio, podcasts, audiobooks and music, I love lnteresting interviews etc it tickles my brain that needs stimulating at times. Keeps me going or picks up my pace if I’m slowing down
  5. Door knocking time of year!

    Just had a call from a new customers neighbor who saw me cleaning yestarday but was not in when I knocked, I dropped a flyer through the door, she is now booked in for Monday evening so that makes 13 confirmed appointments or 16 if all work out.
  6. Door knocking time of year!

    Sunny sunny lots of money, rainy rainy wife complainy! Sun makes all the difference to my outlook and my wife’s ability to spend!
  7. I am not yet cleaning a full round so when the free days come up I like to see how much I can earn from scratch and how many customers can be added, it’s like a game to beat my high score. yestarday was a good day even though I started late as Mrs had errands so was with the kids until 11.45. New customers added to round; 12 confirmed bookings added to round + 2 others that I’m confident will confirm when I call by as “the Mrs is desperate for a window Cleaner” ( I usually convert these sort of leads) +1 to clean when scaffolding comes down as having building work done but wont count it untill I have a date to clean. So 12 confirmed 15 if all works out Of the 12 I did 6 very deep cleans lots of soapy suds that attract the curtain twitchers collected £80 from a standing start. Did not charge first clean price as I’m concentrating on making this a compact area and figured I’d use it as a loss leader, time will tell if it was wise or not but love being the boss and makeing the decision, right or wrong! The area is a council estate that has a tight nit community of many retired folks that worked together in two/three major employers in the town back in the day. I know if I do a good job I’ll get referals. Supposed to be 4 other window cleaners in the area but I’ve not seen any since last summer so probably beer token boys. Brushing off the blues of a long winter and getting my mojo back and picking up the pace!
  8. YouTube videos.......

    Brand recognition, can advertise services for new customers but more importantly services to other window cleaners as we are the target audience. Others may be doing it as a hobby or testing the waters for a bit of both. All the ones I’ve seen are helpful. I’d consider something in the future as I like making YouTube vids but it’s an extra bit of work I can’t take on. I think your website will probably be getting higher rankings on google too if they are linked.
  9. If I go out canasing I usually pick up. When it was cold last month did an hour picked up three when I had a free afternoon I canvassed and first cleaned six. I have been out and drawn a blank on a few occasions but it is by far the best method for me. The added bonuses is I chose the area and the type of property, I want a round full of easy jobs and canvassing is the best method for this.
  10. New MOT Rules.

    Interesting, they are miserable gits. Glad I had mine done. Squeezing the working man all angles.
  11. @P4dstar love the goal of early retirement 55. My goal is to retire youngish with a residual income though it took a major blow a few years ago that I’m still financially recovering from that lead me to sell my second property that was going to be a major part of my retired income. My goal is to travel and live. Until then it’s flat out saving, investing and working my nuts off. Nice goal!
  12. Never pay attention to no canvassing stickers. The way I look at it is I’m not pressure selling. I’m gone with a smile if they say no thanks. You can thank gas and electric, wall insulation, conservatory sales people twisting old mrs Williams arm for the last of her savings. Half the time the older people don’t want you to go as they’ve had no human contact for a couple of days, the warning signs should read ‘may keep you talking for a while’ then I’d be more likely to skip the house : )
  13. I like the idea of posting a ‘rain Ticket’, the thought had never crossed my mind. Great idea!
  14. Gortex for me. Ex army are cheep enough and very good quality. If you want new TK max do new end of line that are usually £100 off retail. If you go for high end £££.

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