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  1. Yep, usually means no money in the bank just try again.
  2. They are pvc, I was happy with that! Im going to treat this job as a learn and take my time on it, I’ve got to consider if I want to do more jobs like this or continue to build as I am focusing on just windows and smaller addon jobs. The windows are a breeze and is why I’m taking on the job in the hope it can be a nice regular Saturday morning job on my doorstep to get done before I spend time with the family. What do you think you’d price this at in Cardiff?
  3. Anything from £12.50 -£18 for a large three bed semi depending what area of the round they are in for me. Still experimenting on pricing really. I live in the South Wales valleys so find highest prices almost impossible to close but was working in Godstone in Surrey once a month last year as I was up there with other commitments and was picking up without any effort loads of £10 front only two up one down easy estate houses taking 5 mins to do. Honestly some times I think I should move area!
  4. Thanks for the feedback @Pjj my pricing is inexperienced as I don’t quota jobs like this usually. Only once cleaned solar panels before and it was a smaller job didn’t have a clue on price so had a shot in the dark. the windows are four weekly and I agree should be more. i need practice and feedback from the forum to improve my knowledge on jobs like this most of my work are residential properties, nearly all four beds and smaller. What sort of rough pricing guid do you follow as I’ve not got a clue in this area?
  5. Picked up this cleaning job, I usually avoid this sort of work as I find plenty of easy well paying work. They want the solar panels cleaned x40 (only once cleaned panels before) All gutters and facials cleaned windows cleaned with the view of maintenance cleaning them every month which is why I’m doing the job as the windows are nice and easy. my price are as follows Solar panels x40 = £60 gutters and facials = £160 windows = £45 too low in my opinion for first clean but ok for maintenance I fact as I writ this I thin it should have been more like £60 but hay ho. I welcome constructive criticism as I still want to learn. what are your thoughts boys?
  6. How do I manage my attachments on the forum as it seams I’ve used my allowance and can’t post any more photos. Anyone know? @Gav
  7. BigFoot

    18ft poles pratcical reach

    You’ll be glad to know @paul alan that I ordered a Gardiner 18 slx yestarday and took delivery of it today (excellent service). I couldn’t agree more in what you posted above, I ignored all the warning signs my body was giving me and have had to take a few days off to hopefully give my body the chance to recover. I’m thrilled with the slx much more rigid than my previous pole and much lighter with shorter stock so easier in tight spaces. Thanks everyone who contributed to this thread as I’ve considered all of what’s been said to help me make what I think is a good investment. Cheers!
  8. BigFoot

    18ft poles pratcical reach

    I use the budget streamline pole 1.3kg and a viakan brush that’s not light but they are hard wearing. I’ve been happy using it as I’m not yet at maximum capacity and do first cleans and one offs egularly and the brush and pole take a hearing and do the job but I’m spent! cant wait until I’m generally doing mainly maintenance! Im going to get the lightest brush and probably swap out for old brush for first cleans. ill keep my other poll in the van so if any jobs I can’t do for length I suppose I would just use that. I’d love an Xtreme wfp but I’m still investing in other kit so have a lot of outgoings, I don’t really want to buy this right now but RSI changes the game. did you find your RSI went quickly following the change of gear?
  9. BigFoot

    18ft poles pratcical reach

    These are the pole specifications for Gardiner polswas also considering the 22 slx and clx and clx 18 ft. opinions?
  10. I’m looking for the lightest pole I can afford as I’ve started having repetitive strain manifesting in pins and niddles in my arm waking up and cramping fingers. From what I can see the Gardiner 18 ft slx looks a good option at 990g my one concern is I often clean terraces with cars parked in front of the house and clean from the road over the cars. Does anyone use this pole or similar in such a situation and is it capable of it. I’m 6”2 if that helps. Ive been doing that many first cleans this summer my body has taken a hammering so I need to find a way to mitigate the abuse building a round takes on the body. Thanks!
  11. BigFoot

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    4 weekly, a few 8 weekly. No longer take anyone on if it’s not x4. Whatever works.
  12. I’ve been using this for a few week and find it works better than regular cif, it was twice the price but has dropped to a comparable price as the regular stuff. Brings upvc up great. I’ve stocked up!
  13. Just received today, interesting if you are struggling in converting customers or want to brush up on skills. Often a topic of discussion on her so interesting to here from them Re the subject. https://gocardless.com/guides/moving-customers-to-direct-debit/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=uk_merchant_june18
  14. BigFoot

    Franchise finally started

    In my opinion you have the edge on the competition with the 100% GoCardless and the integration of lead generation. If I was going down that route I’d want systems that make life easier and I think you have two key elements sown up there. Best of luck.
  15. BigFoot

    Transfer pump for IBC

    Don’t forget for quickest filling time use larger diameter hose.

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