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  1. Who would know unless you tell them , besides what can they do about it anyway ..
  2. David K

    new pre filters for 40 21

    Man ! If you can go as low as 2 ppm RO only , why DI the rest ? I know it depends on waterpressure and tap tds , but i run the same RO as you , we got 400 ppm and with House tap pressure i get around 11 ppm , wich is still impressive . Bought it by doug at Daqua and im really happy with it ! 😊
  3. David K

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    Had a 6mm , got a 8mm , it was a nightmare to drag around , switched back to 6mm and really apreciate it now , easy handling .
  4. I collect in the first 1000l ibc with rain , then pump it thru the DI and in to the second one . If theres no rain i just use the RO and switch the hose from the rainwater tank and use the RO thru the DI , then always a collect tank and a "clean" tank .
  5. Bought an Extreme brush in addition to my tall Slx 47 where weight is important. its a great brush! Now i use it as an everyday brush on my clx 22 , it doesnt feel like theres a brush at the end of that pole anymore must say i was a bit worried as the amount of bristles is so small , but it have plenty of scrubbing power and an easy splay ,which i Really like . Mine is a medium mixed one .
  6. Do like my hotwater system , but its not a "must "at every clean , its an expence and on regular 4 weeklys i dont run it .
  7. David K

    Solar panel cleaning advice

    Must say i cracked one last winter , accidently turned heater all up max , 70-80 degrees celsius in -4 , it cracked on the spot . A window , not solar
  8. David K

    How much to clean this for a cousin

    Same as everybody Else .. at the end of the day ,you still pay the same for your rent , food , gas, clothes etc. As windowcleaners we sell our time , and for me its a slippery slope going down giving discounts to people ( who ever) other than parents. Its for free .
  9. I always say to my jobs that i only clean down to the Edge , and then on the glasspanel itself the rest of the way . Got quite af few of these in my area .
  10. David K

    One off window clean price

    If i qoute a one off it Will typically be 3 times the price of a regular, if i even bother .
  11. David K

    Pics , just ask for them !

    I always back off cement -jobs too risky , If theres any scratches before , they will blame you ..
  12. David K

    Pics , just ask for them !

    Thats a great idea Nudel! i do have a contact form but the pic attach function could be a great upgrade
  13. David K

    Pics , just ask for them !

    Def. See your point green ! Theres pros and cons to it. Right! Google Earth is not the Best tool. But as you Said own pics is better, and them it could still trick one ,but then its just one time or price up.

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