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  1. Just how?

    We would be 12-15 for that depending what’s round the back
  2. Best pole on a budget?

    Don’t know what length pole you are looking at but the Gardiner’s clx is a good cheap pole , lasts well ,light good all rounder as a starter pole have a look on there web site depending on length is around the £100 mark
  3. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    What’s the problem with it all you have to do is look on his web site phone no is there for all to see
  4. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    Give Dave a ring and let him know what’s going on his no is 07894204323 or 01736 756394 Dave is a nice bloke I do know him lives not to far away from me but the guys he has working for him are useless, I had one of there vans nearly crash into me a few months ago guy was driving like an idiot in a McDonald’s car park going the wrong way down a one way then had the audacity to say I was in the wrong , I phoned Dave up and spoke to his wife and she assured me they would deal with it Ime sure he would like to know about what you have seen
  5. Depends on a number of factors , slope of the land , height of the building, how close you can get,how far up the roof are the panels, and so the list goes on but we use an ultimate 47 on most roof panels
  6. Which chemical to clean this??

    All the above comments are very valid , we have done a few like this on the last couple we put some hypo in the virosol mix and it did look a lot better than just doing it with virosol or tfr not saying it was perfect but the customer was happy with it otherwise the only other option is to get up close and personal and do it with a plastic restorer of some discripion not something we would want to do
  7. Gutter vac poles split..?

    We use carbon fibre tubes ones never had a problem with them very ridged and light you do have to be careful in the wind , regularly workat 45 to 55 feet
  8. I would say it depends on weather irs a glass roof or polycarbonate, what’s your tds? That will give you a good idear as to being able to get away with it : hard water might give you limescale problems , we live in a soft water area and always use pure for all work tap water is ok for initially rinsing off loads of dirt but I would give it a final rinse with pure will look much better if it’s glass polycarbonate tap water will be fine
  9. Bye bye litchen

    Soft washing is good for house wash downs but for patios paths driveways we always pressurewash them depending how bad they are and what the surface is we pre spray with a hypo mix 4 to 1 let it dwell 20-30 minuets then turbo or fsc rinse job done : the hypo kills algy moss etc and the re growth is slower
  10. Have you tried wd40 ? Let it soak for a few muinets , Or a bit if heat with hot air gun
  11. Speedliner or fibreglass are best I found protector coat wore through in less than 6 months and if you slid anything along the floor it tended to rip it up , and yes it was applied properly and cured properly
  12. Gardiners Swivel Angle Adaptor Review

    What’s it like for plastic cleans around gutter brackets ? Does the fact that it swivels affect the amount of pressure you can get at different angles ?
  13. We don’t canvass for it but do do quite a lot of customers pannnels if they ask have got quite a lot on 6 month repeat clean nice little extra to the window price
  14. Very Cool Gutter Downpipe

    Never seen anything like that before very nice
  15. Works well been using one for several years just wash it out after use it won’t last as long and as has been said would void warranty but you can pay for it easily on the first job so , every job after is pure profit 😂😂😂😂