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  1. I keep a mix in it so it’s ready to go all the time , we regularly put hypo through it to I do flush it out after that but virosol at 10-1 mix doesn’t seam to affect it I have 2 and both are 2 years old and are treated like this without any problems I do accept that it will void the warranty but don’t care about that as one job and it’s paid for it’s self so if I had to replace it each year it’s still a cheap way of applying chemicals i had a sure flow back pack years ago that lasted 8 years using it like this but couldn’t get another one so bought the Gardiners one sureflow was a better product but 3x the price don’t think they make them any more ?
  2. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    Ah ok sorry if I miss read it 😬😬😬😬
  3. Yes no problem at all I keep a virosol mix in mine all the time and have done for over 2 years without any problems but guess it would void the warranty
  4. Gardiner ultimate dupont brush

    How can you say say it’s great if you haven’t got one or used it ???
  5. Systems for pricing up jobs

    This hasnt hasn’t been a rant by anyone it’s just people’s opinion of how to price a job up and we all do that differently the op is new and not sure how to do it no one has ranted just given sound advice if the op wants to listen to what anyone has said or not is his choice we can all learn from each other all the posts made do offer something posative to help him
  6. Systems for pricing up jobs

    Easiest way is to decide what you want to earn per hour , then think how long it will take you to do the job and you have your price , always allow a bit more than you think , the £1 per window I feel is now out dated and only works up to a point but again it will give you a general ball park figure then add a bit for unforeseen things
  7. Pressure wash or hypo for these?

    I would pressure wash first see what it looks like then hypo if needed
  8. Gutter vac specs.

    Thats that’s the same vac that omnivac use they just modified it a bit with side entry very good vac the main problem I have found with it is there is no brakes on the wheels and it will run away whilst working if you arnt careful
  9. Hears one we did this morning

    The pictures dont really show it well but there is a plastic joint strip on either side of the property that acted as a stop I did brush the edges and spray the rest then brushed the whole wall with mix the end result was a straight line down the property boundary but it’s difficult to see that in the picture as the neighbors walls do have water on them from pre wetting the surface , the nozzle I use to spray with is a very course spray and if there is no brease it doesn’t drift providing you are careful, hopefully going to be doing the other two properties as they were well impressed with the finish 😎😎😎😎
  10. Hears one we did this morning

    I used hot water in the hypo mix and hot water as we gave it a light scrub , then rinsed with garden hose , hot water did help a bit I would usualy encourage the customer to wait a few weeks untill the weather is better but they needed it doing now as they are selling and wanted it doing straight away , it was slower to work due to the temperature, the drum was opened some time ago and was 3 months out of date but it goes to show that good results can be achieved in sub zero conditions contrary to what some say
  11. gardner extreme poles

    Yes I have 4 in different sizes they are much better but still a bit delicate have broken 3 top sections on my 18 and I treat it with great respect 😬😬😬
  12. Hears one we did this morning

    Thanks , one of them has already phoned asking for a price to do his the other one is rented out and the tenants have emailed the landlord photos asking him to get me to do that one so hopefully will get both 😂😂😂😂😬
  13. Just thought ide share these pictures to show what an opened 3 month out of date drum of hypo will do at minus 2 degrees , most feel that it’s ineffective below 10 degrees , the job took 3 hours from pulling up to driving away and we cleaned the gfs windows and all the walls , it did take longer than I hoped for but still think the finished reslook quite good
  14. Gutter cleaning chemicals

    We use virosol, diluted 10-1 desolves the dirt well washes off easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue like some products do , others Ime sure will recomend tfr : ubick: screwfix de greaser ,

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