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  1. Ime no expert on imprinted concrete but this looks more like the sealer has come off in patches rather than damage from hypo just a guess but would suspect that it needs re coulouring and sealing
  2. Pjj

    spray nozzle for the end of wfp

    This is what you need give Ben a ring at Rutland pumps
  3. Pjj

    Quality versus price

    A lot of wfp window cleaners round me dont do the frames only the glass i find it incredible but that’s a fact , we clean the whole window each clean including the vents as I personally find it easier and it looks far better from the customers point of view , we arnt the cheapest nor the dearest but do pick up a lot of work due to others doing such a poor job
  4. Pjj

    Bed liner advice

    If you are buying a new van why not do not do the job properly and have it done with speedliner or similar two pack product I did my old van with protectacoat it was compleatly useless it wore through very quickly scraped off easily my new van was done with speedliner brilliant stuff it’s nearly 4 years old and looks like the day it was done no damage or pealing , another option is to fibreglass it that’s also a very good way to protect the floor area but both of these methods will cost far more than £27 but the old adage is true you get what you pay for
  5. Pjj

    Chemical confusion

    Most hypo has a shelf life of between 6-8 months from the labels of the stuff we use , I did a job back in January at -2 degrees using 3 month out of date hypo from an half used drum and it worked fine at usual dilution rate so not sure that the shelf life or use by date is accurate
  6. Pjj

    ‘Zebra stripes’ on Fascia

    What what do you think has caused them in the first place ? Intresting that they start under the gutter
  7. Pjj

    Which Chemical

    Did a conservatory about 15 years ago with tfr marked the glass and plastic couldn’t do anything with it and yes it was applied at the correct dilution rate it did dry out a bit as was summer time luckily the customer didn’t notice but never used it since , virosol is good stuff and we have used that since far better for general gfs cleaning than tfr in my opinion , less likely good of causing irreversible damage
  8. Trafic film remover , it’s basically a de greaser
  9. Pjj

    What pressure washer?

    I contacted them before I bought mine from Rutland pumps , very unhelpful said if there was any problems it’s up to me to return it to them and pay all costs evolved that was the end of my dealings with them Ben at Rutland pumps totaly different approach couldn’t do enough to help never had a problem but when ordering g bits and bobs from him always delivers within 24 hours very helpful could not recomend him enough
  10. Pjj

    What pressure washer?

    Hope you dont get a problem and have to return it to ireland very costly and very slow experience as many will testify to
  11. No that’s a separate job to clean gutters facias and soffits around £60 for a 3 bed semi
  12. Yes you can remove it but that’s not a normal window clean that’s a restoration job and given a few weeks will return not worth the hassle and expense just explain to the customer
  13. Pjj

    Weeds On Sealed Block Paving?

    You cannot be held responsible for what has happened in the last 7 months yes it’s regretable but if you cleaned there windows would they expect them to look the same 7 months later of course not it is like a garden it needs regular maintenance I would recomend a good weed killer 3 or 4 times a year
  14. Really need some pictures to see to see what’s going on : we have never had a problem using g hypo on any surface we just adjust the mix according to what we are doing
  15. Grippatank do a a very nice plastic van lining kit easy to clean makes the van very lite inside as it’s white and a lot lighter than ply wood Ime very pleased with it

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