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  1. Pjj

    Pricing Advice Required

    Yes the local council asked us to do some I priced them at £25 each that was to clean insid3 and out including the roof and all seats and frame work the winning tender was £5 per shelter compleat waist of time don’t evan bother quoting now paperwork goes straight in the bin 😂😂😂
  2. Pjj

    Pricing Advice Required

    Polycarbonate roofs are quick to clean but make sure there’s no algy growth in the centre box section as you won’t be able to clean it out , I recon one person could do all the roof and all external windows and framework in a morning so price it how you want but must be worth at least £200+
  3. We use normal yellow gardiners microbore but ime thinking of trying Grippatank 6 mm hot hose as I believe it’s the same weight as normal microbore
  4. 6mm is lighter and easier to pull around properties and easier to reel in we wouldn’t use anything else now
  5. Pjj

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    I have done exactly the same thing 3 times with the top section of my extream 18 I find they last about 8 months : the sections are thinner than the slx that’s how they make them lighter and any ware at all significantly weakens the section , mine had also worn away the end tape it’s supost to act as bearing to stop the end of the section moving up and down and rubbing on the second section , I like the extream poles but they are no ware near as robust as a six and I treat mine with respect , I don’t have the time to be taking a pole apart and fiddling with it every week checking and cleaning it and replacing tape , I have a six pole cannot remember how long I’ve had it but it’s one of the original ones when they first came out with the old style clamps never been taken apart or cleaner no tape replacement and it’s seen some serious amount of use and is still in daily use no issues at all , I like the extream but the six is a far superior pole for longevity
  6. Yes I know if anything did happen they would be right in the soup I cannot believe that they have never asked for anything , but makes for an easier life for me 😂😂😂😂
  7. Some very wise wise words here , we have a very large hotel that we have cleaned for over 6 years it’s 7 storey in parts and one of 5 hotels in a chain I have never been asked for rams or any proof of insurance, they also have there own health and safety officer in there company who when I quoted for the job didn’t ask a single question of how we would do the job to protect members of the public or his staff from any potential accidents or for our own safety , strange but true , Sadly I suspect this isn’t an isolated incident , then you have other companies going over the top with the way they expect you to go about the job
  8. Very well said i quite agree get experience at 30-45 feet then gradually progress to 60-75 that’s what we did we now have several jobs at this height and don’t think anything of doing that height , yes you do have to be more careful but that’s the same with any job where you start pushing the boundaries , but it would be foolish to go from doing 2 storey houses to 6-7 storeys in one jump
  9. Pjj

    Pricing for softwashing

    We started about 10 years ago doing existing customers house walls that were green with algy at that time I was pressurewashing them then discovered softwashing videos in America on YouTube and made up my own kit using a backpack and modifying stuff , I just asked customers if they had thought about having there house cleaned started off doing small 3 bed semis then as I got more experience started doing bigger stuff 5 bed detached then smaller hotels and b&b s we now are doing much bigger stuff but still using backpacks but this is slow and not the best way to do larger buildings my advice would be research how to do it as I said YouTube videos are very helpful there is a lot of conflicting advice out there but try it for your self maybe on your own house or family members or a customer that you get on well with to practise untill you feel confidant to go out and charge customers for it : ppe is important again research this to determine what you need for the way that you are applying the hypo mix , if you need any help just ask , Ime no expert mainly self taught but happy to try and help if I can many treat softwashing as some sort of black art and won’t offer any help but are happy to criticise and say it’s dangerous and it can be but when you go to the swimming pool what are you swimming in ? Basicly it’s water with hypo in it so in the right dilution it’s perfictly safe , it’s also added to the drinking water supply in small quantities so again knowing what strength to use for different surfaces is important but it’s not rocket science
  10. Pjj

    Pricing for softwashing

    Ime looking at getting a dedicated van for softwashing been doing a lot of houses for a number of years and picking up more and more of this type of work at the moment we are using backpacks and hypo mix that we mix ourselves sometimes apply with spray and other jobs through a brush , Ime going to visit a Softwash supply company next month to look at getting a proper set up as we cannot keep up with the demand and need to be able to do jobs faster and more efficiently, at the moment I have confirmed bookings with 4 hotels , a very well known national company that operate hotel type accommodation, and the management company that oversee the properties above in the photos have asked me to price up a number of similar buildings . We also have a regular window cleaning contract with a sheltered accomadation company and I was talking to there area manager and asked if they would be intrested in this type of cleaning on there properties , I did a small test patch for them on a back wall and they are also very keen for us to do the whole building . We also do work for a local university and Ime trying to test the water with them about softwashing as they have a number of buildings that would be suitable to clean this way . As for price I have a rough idear and that’s exactly it a rough idear what to charge , I dont want to go in to expensive nor to cheaply so far all the big jobs I’ve priced up we have got so Ime thinking maybe Ime to cheap ? Ime well established in window cleaning and we are flat out all the time , so this would be a new venture I dont know if I could generate enough work for 5 days a week 48 weeks a year and don’t want to spend loads on a professional set up and find I cannot make it viable , I guess it’s a journey into the unknown
  11. Pjj

    Pricing for softwashing

    Lol no that’s a guy who workes for me 😂😂😂
  12. This building is a regular window cleaning customer and they have asked me to price up for softwashing the building what would you charge for something like this ? It’s quite dirty with some black and red algy , ime intrested to see how ones in different parts of the country would arrive at a price thanks in advance for your thoughts .
  13. Pjj

    Joining Checkatrade.com

    Wouldn’t it be better to invest that kind of money on a good web site ? That’s a lot to spend just to be on cheakatrade I asked a wide variety of my customers how they would find a window cleaner or pressure washing services all said they would google it , when I suggested cheakertrade most said they wouldn’t bother with it as anyone can “ buy”a space with them so it doesn’t mean a lot , just my ten pentsworth
  14. Pjj

    Cleaning cladding and the gutters

    We use virosol works very well
  15. Pjj

    Softwashing job from today

    The back pack pack holds around 22 ltr we used less than two fills

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