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  1. Barrel trolley 100psi, 4ltr per minute & charger 5 x 25ltr barrels 1 x 11ltr Vessel 1 x Tulsion 10ltr resin 2 x window cleaning signs 30 meter blue hose 8mm id 13mm od 30 mter blue hose 6mm id 11mm od A few connectors Pick up only, £250 the lot.
  2. Looking to buy a WFP trolley, ideally Pure freedom 25ltr or Xline. Let me know if you have one available. Ta
  3. Do you have the hose wrap bracket and wheels? Cheers
  4. Have just come across this WFP trolley, what do you guys think? They also do a 20ltr version. http://equip2clean.co.uk/window-cleaning/aquaspray-pro-45-battery-operated-water-spray-tank-45-litre-trolley-system.html
  5. Harry


    Click on your user name in the top right hand corner. Then go to Account settings. On the right hand side of that page you'll see 'Other settings', under that heading you'll see 'Notification settings'. You'll find what you need there, choose what option you require. I think 🐵
  6. Various traditional window cleaning tools for sale, to be sold as a 'job lot', I'm not looking to separate. Pick up only from Torfaen. (Lewis 4m double ladders), (Poles: 2 section 1.25m, 2 section 2.5m, 3 section 4.5m) £350
  7. Two used trad items for sale, firstly a cut down (by myself) a Wagtail high flyer, 10" (may need new mop) and an Ettore backflip (10" mop, 11.5" squeegee). Looking for £15.71p on the Ettore & £20.88p for the Wagtail. Pick up welcome or can send via Royal mail at buyers cost (should be about £3.90).
  8. Here you go: TELESKOPIC GF-22
  9. Also have an Unger 18l bucket, Unger bucket on a belt, 14" Unger squeegee and applicator.
  10. Gardiner back pack (new) 22ft Teleskopic WFP & brush head (new) 11ltr Di vessel (reconditioned) 10ltr MB-115 Tulsion resin (unused) TDS meter (new) DA-Applicator (new) 25ltr drum (used) Telescopic ladders 10ft? (used) Pick up only from Torfaen. Price £300
  11. PRICE:£25 plus postage DESCRIPTION: I'm not the seller, but I've seen these on Ebay, so thought I'd share it here: Ladder M8rix Pro Anti-Slip Accessory - 2000 pin board locks ladder in place on | eBay Don't know if they're any good or not, they may be an older version looking at them, looks to be a sand paper type of grip instead of the ribbed rubber where your ladder goes. Anyway, maybe of interest to someone. LOCATION: Broxbourne PICTURES: In link
  12. Harry


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

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