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  1. WW2015

    How many chances do i have to give my employee

    Yep, I'm 26 too. I probably work 40 hours cleaning windows...more if you include the admin.... then I spend virtually all my free time renovating my house.
  2. WW2015

    How many chances do i have to give my employee

    Don't tar us all with the same brush! I work extremely hard and I'm young. Plenty of lazy old gits out there also
  3. 4 brand new univalves for sale - £25 each. Never used.
  4. WW2015

    Variflo + controller not calibrating

    I have an issue with my pump.... I have calibrated correctly but sometimes the pump decides it isn't going to pump water! There are no leaks/air pockets....I have to turn the controller off and on again 5 or 6 times before it decides to behave and then within 2 hours it will stop pumping again!!!
  5. WW2015

    First van

    2k won't get you much mate - buying second hand at that price is pretty much pot luck. I bought a mercedes vito for 3.5k - supposedly a reliable van....cost me about 3k over 18 months in repairs and had about a month off the road in total. You have to do the usual checks....service history....rust...etc etc and then pray you haven't bought a lemon!
  6. How do you know your water quality is good enough to do the job? Answer: TDS meter. I'm staggered you have built a customer base without something as fundamental as that. Spruce is a pretty helpful contributor on the forum, the information you are looking for is littered all over the place from the 10+ new window cleaners that spring up every week... I wouldn't usually comment but you seem to have some sort of chip on your shoulder and have a go at the first person that raises any questions!
  7. WW2015

    What's your favourite?

    rubs off with white spirit very easily
  8. WW2015


    Don't bother, my guess is your are on checkatrade like myself and they found your email address through there. I received 20 "leads" in 3 hours.... its just spam. The company have pretty horrific reviews if you look online. I had to phone up to have my email removed from their list.
  9. WW2015

    Getting customers.

    You aren't getting the point; regardless of whether you get an initial yes from a customer or not. That presumptuous approach is pretty rude and won't go down well with some customers. we all have our reputations to think about
  10. WW2015

    Getting customers.

    I'd tell you to jog on mate, I think the assumption is pretty rude!
  11. WW2015

    Getting customers.

    That's far too cheeky for my liking; very presumptuous. I wouldn't take well to someone saying that to me personally! I tend to say something along the lines of, "Hi, I'm X, I'm cleaning a few of your neighbours windows on X day so I thought I'd drop by and see if I could tempt you with a quote". Very few people have turned me down at this point and not been curious as to ask what the price is.
  12. Hi yes, still looking to learn!
  13. Hi all, Softwashing is a service I would like to be able to offer my customers but I wouldn't feel comfortable giving it a go on my own despite the amount of research I have undertaken online. There are a couple of softwashing courses about but it would seem all they want to do is plug their chemicals and softwashing kits rather than give you a proper grounding. I'd love to be able to accompany someone on a few softwashing jobs to learn; I'd pull my weight and work for you free of charge! I'm based in Surrey but I'd be happy to travel . I hope this doesn't seem too farfetched!
  14. Bumping this as I haven't had a response from Kieman
  15. Hi mate, im based in godalming - 45 minutes from you. Id be very happy to travel to you. Ill pm you my phone number so we can have that chat
  16. Really pissed off today. I always text my notifications through letting people know I'm coming the night before. Its time to do a newly canvassed round, worth around £120 or so (OR SO I THOUGHT!!!). When I wake up in the morning I see, "sorry but I wont be there"............"Hello, could you leave your business card as not needed tomorrow"......"thanks but wont be needing a clean tomorrow". These people were all made aware they were signing up to a monthly round and I feel like I'm being completely pissed around. I take things to heart and I worked bloody hard to make sure they got an excellent job the previous month (the first cleans)....im tempted to drop them all and tell them to sod off if they try to call me. I wouldnt react like this if I got 1 messer but 3 in a day takes the biscuit.
  17. WW2015

    Working on christmas eve

    I'm still pretty surprised that all you've had from the hundreds of homes that you service is a box of milk tray. I've had cash tips from about 20% of my customers, 6 or 7 bottles of wine and 3 boxes of chocolates...christmas cards etc... If you go the extra mile to provide good value for money as we all should then surely theres good will enough for a tip somewhere! It's not a necessity but I always tip hard working tradesmen if they are working for me around christmas time.
  18. WW2015

    Why did you start window cleaning?

    Went to uni and got a degree in economics. I started working in corporate finance in Mayfair and hated it so I decided to train as a chartered accountant with a company ranked in the good employer guide (I hated it also). I decided that if I couldnt work for one of the best companies to work for then I should start my own business where I wouldn't have to work ridiculous hours and deal with obnoxious managers. My in-laws ran a cleaning company so I worked for them as a window cleaner to learn the ropes and built my customer base by working on weekends. I saved up and bought my own Van and WFP setup about 6 months ago; no regrets at all and I'm very happy with my outdoor life and not being cooped up in an office getting fat!
  19. WW2015

    water meter ro or di

    I used the resin calculator and assuming you use 300L per day for 5 days and your TDS is 110 (i took a rough value), you use a 25L bag every 4 weeks (again, another rough guide depending how high you let your TDS get before you change it). A bag of tulsion costs £80ish. You use 6000L every 4 weeks (based on the assumptions above) so your total water/resin cost per month is £80 + £18 = £98 per month using a DI only. Your cost every 4 weeks with an RO : -(water bill assuming 50/50 waste ratio) = £36 Assuming TDS of 10 after your RO your resin should last 47 weeks...putting your resin at a cost of £80/47 = £6.80 every 4 weeks. £36 + £6.80 = £43.60 This is only napkin maths but I'd say stick with the RO.
  20. WW2015

    water meter ro or di

    How much water do you use per day?
  21. Hi all, Having missed out on 3 or 4 largish jobs in the last week I thought I'd see what you would price this job at as I'm either going in too high or I've been unlucky and missed out by a few quid. A breakdown of prices for: Windows & ground level conservatory. External con roof. Internal con roof. would be extremely helpful The images I have been sent aren't the best but give you some idea. Many thanks in advance to all that take part! :) Alex
  22. Interesting that there is such a variation in price. We have Clisty at £345 at one end and Adamangler at the other at £145. I put in a price of £195 so hopefully I'll pick it up.
  23. This is all a 1 off - not a repeat job, forgot to add that in the text

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