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  1. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    that being said,as its a public forum it has been a good exercise in what not to use
  2. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    i'll come off my high horse on this one as it does suggest its suitable-i'm sorry for that,its just so many window cleaners go for the cheapest solution and invariably get it so so wrong
  3. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    as i've said above dave, the buck with the chemical suppliers stops when they sell you the product,you get the sds sheets its your responsability to see that it meets your needs and meets all the legal obligations for your use or trade-they are merely the middle men.its far far better to buy the raw surfactant and work from there. i know aswell as yourself hypo and quats is a no no whatever % it is, however people will go down this route as its cheaper and this is what it brings a potential health issue either there and then or in the future to yourself or others-imagine the lawsuit because you've saved a few quid on supplies.
  4. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    he will do mate,it probably contains sodium laureth sulthate which is safe with hypo and will work well,its just the biocide they include to keep it from going off which would/will/can/ give you or others health issues,this is why washing up liquid is never to be used with hypo or any other bleach. the guy above will tell you anything as its YOUR responsability to use the product safely not theres,the buck stops when they sell you it,you have the responsability to research and detertime whether its right for you or not
  5. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    its not concentrated mate if your buying it at £1 per litre unless your getting it out of the back door,i have accounts with most of the bigger chemical companies and for other reasons buy surfactants and other products, £5-6 per litre is ok for basic stuff until your need technicnal grade where its a lot more per litre based on quantity,other specalist stuff is way way above that
  6. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    just did a quick google of the surfactant you are buying so cheap,i guess you realise that one of the ingredients is a quartary ammonium
  7. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    is that the one with the picture of a moo cow on it?-think i've used that twice before
  8. Uniform Suppliers

    i use this guy,and have done in various jobs for the last thirty or so years,his stuffs not the cheapest but lasts years and jon designs everything for you and advises,i'm using the orn range at the moment and its virtually indescructable as in hoodies and jackets,a year in and the t shirts haven't faded-he did all the clothing for the london olyimpics and the para olyimpics,not for cheapness he was asked http://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrIQg3YLoNaESIAr1d3Bwx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByaW11dnNvBGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1518575448/RO=10/RU=http%3a%2f%2fwww.hotchilliworkwear.co.uk%2f/RK=2/RS=TDXdMES_3ZOZFx.YSnD36iVa5Gw-
  9. benz vs farm hypo 12345567

    i like the blackwash tench,and it has its purpose,i've a few jobs coming up that to cover my ass compliance wise its better to use blackwash,plus i have some backup and advice from ben or leo if it comes to it. i think we have to remember we are window cleaners so we want everything for nothing and never want to pay for quality products and moan all the time about overpriced products forgetting the amount of profit that can be made from said products. don't get me wrong,mrs smiths block paving will get a good splash of farmyard hypo but when it come to lets say a wall or roof i'll not skimp and use benz-thats just the way i am i like to use quality and it does reflect in the finished results-on a personal note,you rember the thread about mary?-i've found her older sister lurking in a garden,
  10. Anyone have any contact with stephen scargill please

    hope it all goes well today my new tank is somewhere in basinstoke hopefully nearly finished- give him a dead leg from me and tell steve to get a move on
  11. just tried this on some green rhino,it works well the hose strecthes a long long way but looses that stickiness when its pulled and behaves a bit better-i feel it might work for you paul-ps pull that hose as much as you feel it'll go
  12. hi paul,i feel your pain too,i have used the rhino and the claims from perry about it laying flat were just not true,however tuffers is having problems with another make of hose so its more of a generic thing with hoses i feel, however, i bought some new hose a week ago and a right royal pain in the butt it was just a mass of coiled up hose,what i did was tied one end to my ladder on the back door or the van-it was convenient at the time/ran the full lenght of hose out and untwisted it,then pulled and pulled on the hose-you'll get a good six foot or more of strecth from the hose and voila it now behaves a lot better no more twisting and coiling up-you should try this it does work,any coiled up sections just pop it under your foot and grab the hose and strecth it so the coil is no more. it was something i rembered from my stained glass days,the lead we used was all buckled and bent until we stretched it to work hardern it and became much better to work with i think this thing of work hardening pole hose could quite well catch on
  13. How many customers a day?

    it does mean nothing den,i agree i can average five a day some more some less -its an age old topic thats verges on willy waving, what really matters is----------------,after you'ved done all that work,no matter how many houses/flats or whatever you can call them is your profit margin,simple as that
  14. 1000ltr tank

    i know mate,i joined the forums about twelve years ago,only a small few had the money to buy an off the shelf stystem so it was all diy back then,all we had were fibreglass poles as the carbon poles wasn't even on the market then,controllers were the new thing to have,(the newer guys have it so easy in comparision)even back then the mention of using an ibc tank in a van was an absolute no no and viewed as way too dangerous to even think about.back then we shared information on how to bolt down a tank to make it safer so it was possible to do it yourself as the information was a bit scarce back then but we helped each other-something which is lacking nowadays. i'm glad i commented on this post as it is a public forum for every person that posts theres pretty much around ten people looking either now or in the future thinking aaaahhh an ibc tank-that'll do its cheap as chips,DON'T DO THE IBC TANK WAY-ITS DANGEROUS it will either more than likely invalidate your insurance or kill you if you are unfortunate enough to have an head on collision its as simple as that. but hey just dismiss me,-i know jack,but again i'm the guy along with many others paying more for there inflated insurance premium every year because of the reputation this industry has with diy and the total unwarrented need to scrimp and save on the bare safe basics

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