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  1. Scargill tanks

    i'm not telling you how to suck eggs,what i am saying is that if you have a flat tank on level ground and you have an air lock then,this is a problem that needs sorting,mine does not and,as i have said,the other guys i know with the same tanks don't have that issue,so,something could be wrong,or,putting it more correctly you may just have an issue with certain parts of your stystem that may need addressing, as for paying more vat a year than most earn,well,thats either willy waving or a put down to many members on here including myself, i'm sure they'll decide which way they see that comment. come to think of that statement,you say you pay more vat than most earn in a year yet,you quite clearly said in a post that you have had better tanks from ebay? so that would be second hand i guess?. if i was vat registered i would have thought it would be more benificial financially to buy new so you can claim the vat back,not second hand and in cash i presume?
  2. Scargill tanks

    actually steves tanks are very good value,and when you factor in all the ancillaries needed to complete they compare very well in price to the off the shelf stystems,a flat tank can't air lock when its half full/empty as i have one of steves flat tanks and have never experienced that,neither have any of my friends who also have them and have never had that-i asked them all over the last few days and NONE of them had had this happen with a half full/empty tank ,yes the lids can leak when the tank is full and the road camber causes the mass of water to leak out-it happens on every flat tank-get over it.even if they do air lock-it has happened on mine when its so low(around 100 litres left)its no biggy to purge the air through-takes a minite to do, as to the tank looking twenty years old,with a flat tank people place all sorts of things on top of them,so they will show some wear and tear-thats down to you to manage,you say you have three vans if i am correct?,if so then thats down to managing your staff on keeping things tidy,thats if you provide places to put poles etc,if not then the top of the tank suffices doesn't it? something doesn't really add up here
  3. How hot is too hot

    thats bull poop
  4. whats it worth?

    i'll get them for you tommorrow elliot,i'm sure its around 8 foot by 4 foot but i'll get more precise ones for you
  5. whats it worth?

    normally how it works with steve is that you tell him what van you have and how many litres you intend to have or carry,he'll then calculate the load on the welds should the unfortunate happen and work out how to make the tank so you are safe from the tank coming to meet you which it won't ,baffle wise you barely notice you have anything in the back as he's very clever in the way he baffles the tanks,when all thats done he'll make a tank that suits the mounting points for your van and your specific requirements
  6. whats it worth?

    i'll take £500 for it jordiebarrett
  7. whats it worth?

    not with you there mate?
  8. whats it worth?

    damn forgot to mention that it will fit most swb vans ie transit,vivaro,traffic,or i beleive scudo-measurements to follow
  9. hi everyone,i've been offered a really good deal on a tank and its one that if i don't take it now its gone forever so my existing tank and gubbings will be up for sale soon,it wasn't an easy decision but theres probably some vanity involved on my part in this decision.i love this tank but again,i change stystems at least every year-i promise this one may be my last lol anyway,its a 800l flat tank hand made by steve scargill two years ago,two 1/2" outlet ports for the pumps,one boss to install an immersion heater to heat the water during the cold months(a 27" brand new immersion heater can be included if thats your thing-just never got round to intalling it),an outlet for fast filling of a backpack if needed but this was installed more for the use of a pressure washer if needed as it has the return pipes and valves for this,a mounting point for a power up reel,a dedicated housing for the pump (which is included-7 months of use on that pump)an ionic electrically controlled fill/shut off valve inline tds meter,,controller and usb connection port to charge your phone etc also a ciggy port ,a volt meter to check the charge of your batteries,four round pods for di vessels if your are on soft water although i have found them handy as storage units,whilst technically this is a for sale post i thought it prudent to post it here first,i am based near leeds yorkshire, the tank will still be used until christmas eve then it will be taken out,this was when it was new so there is to be expected signs of wear and scuffs ect
  10. Xline Reach and Wash system

    its not that often that i agree with darren (green pro)but on this instance i do,a year or so ago i tried to organise a window cleaners meet up with a few suppliers attending,i contacted x-line along with many others(they were all for this) and all were keen to attend,all good i thought,coming closer to the day i contacted x line to confirm the dates and timings etc james was never about/never got back to me regarding this-it was as if i was being ignored or that they just did'nt care-anyway the whole thing was called off as i learned that the premises and car park area that was going to be used had an x-line pole to trial with a local windie and they trashed it within a week so wanted nothing to do with x-line whatsoever-there turnover with gardiners is around 100k a year so a sizable account to have. x-line why can't you sort your selves out? every time you screw someone over you leave that bitterness that will never go away and gradualy if you go the way you are going you'll end up with a worser reputation than brodex-you are verging on that by the way by many i speak to in the trade
  11. Tried Hypo.. What next?

    i was trying to type a reply but the boys came in from work and we all got chatting,bugger me pete you can walk away from the job and move on?. i'll leave it as that
  12. Tried Hypo.. What next?

    did you pre wet the stone before using hypo?
  13. Hot water FIT conversion

    you'll not get the flow on a mini bore hose to ignite the burner mate,you can buy a flow switch to suit which would sort it but its just easier to change the hose to 8mm
  14. Help with wfp brush

    you will have been looking at the bentley brush-used for sweeping floors,we used them years ago when diy was all the rage and the only other brush available was a vikan or a salmon brush,if i'm honest there are far more quality brushes around now its not even worth considering a diy one anymore-sorry to blow the wind out of your sail mate but the brush along with your pole is what earns you money,its as simple as that go cheap and diy by all means but consider that it will lose you lost earnings due to being slow or not cleaning as quick day after day week after week