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  1. kevinc250

    Chemical confusion

    i'm in the doody again,so it seems,you'll be glad to hear though, I've lost no sleep over this,i must admit that I should have been more honest when I first saw you working-my fault and I do apologise for that,with referral to my comment about how you got away with payment-I guess I just have to learn that people have different levels of what they think is acceptable to them my bad and i'll try and work on that in the future, yes this is a public forum and anyone can/could see this,the second anyone mentions monty miracle cleaning solutions,google would flag this up-I do recall a few years ago on ciu there comments (and I recall those comments were not positive ones but that's ciu and most threads have some form of negativity about them on there) went to the top of page one on google so I can see why you are a bit sensitive about this martin. mcm cleaning specialists in his or her original post mentioned that they were not getting the results that they expected from monty miracle and you did say martin that it was possible that the dilute version was ordered,£28.95 is quite a lot to pay for a 5 litre diluted ready to use bottle when for £52.71 you can buy benz and dilute that to 100 litres and more,and no i'm not wanting to get into a benz/monty miracle solutions debate just saying that your product seems to be aimed at the domestic market where higher mark up or margins can be made as opposed to trade users. with reference to the pump up pressure sprayers,if that's the only equipment you have to hand or have just be very very carefull with them,just by the way you use them you have to bend over and pump the stystem up to pressurise them if you over pressurise then the pressure relief valve will open and spray whatever you have in the bottle all over your face-it happened last week to chris a guy local to me hypo in his eyes etc and a trip to a&e he was lucky that day he didn't get blinded.
  2. kevinc250

    Chemical confusion

    its delivered by dpd,so you can via text get a delivery to a shop near you for collection if you want or my preferred one is just to ask them to leave it in the back garden-works for me,two days fom ordering to delivery means I only keep what I will use for that week,also it always fresh new stock so no old stuff losing strength by the week.
  3. kevinc250

    Chemical confusion

    stop using the monty solution mate,i've seen him first hand on a job-he's local to me. I went up to him posing as a window cleaner-as you do,he told me all about monty etc,anyway how he got away with a payment I just don't know in all honesty. you could do a whole lot better just using benz blackwash and I think its cheaper too recent work with blackwash to see if the finished clean is what/where you want to be. everything you see here was cleaned with blackwash,i think it was about £55.00 worth of the stuff or 20litres from their website, nowadays I don't even think of using hypo and a surfactant as this stuff-well judge for yourself,i've no before photos as I rarely take them nowadays,i feel if i'm asked to clean something then its dirty,the finished results are the important thing to me-bin the monty mate
  4. kevinc250

    Which Chemical

    i'll have to disagree with you on this one,hypo used with the correct surfactant and the correct ratio is very usefull in some cases,it won't damage glass whatsoever,ubik can and will leave a film if not used correctly,ie in warm weather cool the glass first,(pre wet)and keep the glass cool and wet at all times,virosol is the nicer option although its been many a year since I've used ubik and virosol as theres better options. theres no go to solution as theres so many different types of dirt/**** you may need to clean,a simple tfr would suffice and be much safer in most circumstances,if you need to clean grease off a surface then use screwfix degreaser,the name gives you a clue. have a look at snow foam,its something I've used for years and gives good results whilst at the same time being easy to manage on larger homes
  5. kevinc250

    Lichen covered conservatory roof

    we're gonna have to stop agreeing on things green pro,makes me feel a bit uneasy😎
  6. kevinc250

    Introducing the Perry Pump

    hi all,the perry pump idea was started back in 2014 primarily to get over/round the di issue when using addatives,time,and other things like work got in the way but just over a year ago I felt it was time to dust the idea off again,with the help of daveyboy,kris marshall,sam peden,jeff brimble,lee hunt and liam askew it was all brain stormed and put into motion. personally I felt that the pump could be put to so many uses,sam peden being the first to use it for pvc cleaning and credit to him for being so precise with the measurement of dosage and usage etc. I've read through the pages and kinda highlighted a few questions one from chws springs to mind regarding rinsing pvc cleans etc this is still being built as i'm very busy at the moment so may have to wait a while its just a water container for a caravan (£9.99 from aldi) and a float valve/ballcock from amazon.what I intend to do with this is via hoselock connections is to have tap water coming in and stop via the float when its full have a hose from the tank to the van pump and john guest connector for the perry pump and voilla you are using tap water/injecting via the perry pump whatever you choose and via the on/off switch on the perry pump you can rinse off using tap which would also clean the hose and pump out,all in all its costs about £25 give or take some connections. just thinking about this and giving that the above tank holds 23 litres of water it could be used for small softwashing jobs if you used it as a holding tank only-just a thought. the perry pump,this is the correct one to buyhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B06XDP7T1F/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1, the above link may be gone as I pasted it from my purchase history but the perry should be the 100ml per min one because it makes it easier to calculate dosage etc think percentages your controller works on the same principal. also the angle of the pipe from the pump to the insert should be cut at an angle of 53 degrees to face down stream-this makes the injected chemical mix more evenly with the passing water. di vessels,if you di guys installed the vessel after tank but before the pump then this idea is a good option and would sort a few dead end problems in summer to boot. theres loads more to this pump and I've just highlighted a few at the moment,its worth a look into gents as its a very flexible stystem and one that is so cheap to make
  7. kevinc250

    New Enigma Vs Vision II

    lee/tench and part timer could you send me some pics via pm's and maybe details of what you are wanting to clean? thanks in advance
  8. kevinc250

    Using biocides over hypo

    I echo pjj's comments,hypo can be dangerous but if you do the research wear the best ppe you can afford,think whilst you are working think about what you are doing and controlling the results then its controllable and safe,its those people who just spray it all over with abandon that are dangerous (and to be fair I was once one of them). I take safety seriously now both mine and the people/objects/pets around me and take precautions whilst working,i'm not the anal barrier tape etc type but just plain common sense one. biocide like the softwash solutions one won't affect the grass-he should have mentioned all this hypo will but with controlled spraying theres no need to pre wet the grass or use socks etc just put the hypo exactly where it needs to be. as for the biocide,i've done the courses and come away thinking this is the future,bye bye hypo. that didn't last long, biocides such as softwash solutions have their place just as hypo has,its just knowing when and where and at what point during the work to use them as for health and safety,i asked this just out of curiousity btw,i asked mick when I was on one of his courses considering biocide has the possibility to penetrate the skin either through the eyes or skin how it affects the body,he stuttered a bit and there was a long pause then the reply was cover your skin up and protect your face etc-back to the old ppe,strange that. this stuff has injured or killed many a pet over the last few years by people having a bash at this and I've heard of vets bills over £300 to treat tommy the cat who has licked his paws after a bit of biocide has been sprayed not to mention the severe damage to your eyes if you don't use ppe-skin rashes is a common one too and just try spraying in an enclosed area and try to cough. don't get me wrong I know training courses are the correct way to learn and you take away knowledge you didn't know before and this is good but that training course was only a chapter of your knowledge so far,experience and learning will add more chapters and in time you'll have a book of knowledge. ps don't bother with the dosatron unless you are cleaning large jobs,the safe wash doesn't work whatsoever and benz makes a nicer biocide imo
  9. kevinc250

    Van mount set up...

    no problem dave,i have some free time on Friday from 12 ish and can drop by for an hour or so i'll sort some uni valves out for you in the meantime though
  10. kevinc250

    Van mount set up...

    hi h&w, we know each other,i'm kevin from Wetherby windowcare, I know from what you've said the stystem you have that,ok with the two of you you may struggle with water later on in the day, can I offer a few hours working with you or seeing you work to help you save water?(I know you have made the cross over from trad to wfp and its early days). members may look at this and think wtf but in our area us windies help each other no matter what,the offer is there should you need some help. ps don't believe everything x line has told you,you wouldn't believe my tds and still perfect clean glass
  11. kevinc250

    Help pricing this

    y'know for once we see eye to eye darren
  12. kevinc250

    New Enigma Vs Vision II

    its possible chws,testing was never carried out on di users as its was so easy to by pass that and use a secondry pump to attain better results than dosing via the tank
  13. kevinc250

    New Enigma Vs Vision II

    that's fine mate but,why knock it unless you've tried it? you may have pre conceptions about addatives and what has worked and what hasn't but don't tar them all with the same brush
  14. kevinc250

    New Enigma Vs Vision II

    I think in all fairness dave has been using this for about six weeks now and is seeing results,i'll give it another three months then he'll really see some improvements on the cleans and his daily turnover,thing is rwcleaning dave was recommended to use this by his brother who had been a tester for enigma for over a year(and had kept it secret to him)it is an addative that is further forward than what is on the market at the moment. there are a few on this forum who did the initial testing both of enigma and a device which boosted its cleaning powers both of which have had positive results. its not for everyone this addative thing but,for those who open their mind and have some good advice-you'd never look back
  15. kevinc250

    New venture for an old lad

    excellent,far away from me😀,I can hook you up with liam,a cleaner in pickering so you can get ideas of prices/who to avoid etc if you wanted

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