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  1. HI Guys, Looking for advise

    you've come to the right place. use the search and you'll find all the info you could possibly need. good luck.
  2. Never too old, although trad work is quite physical and can be tough on your body.
  3. Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    I don’t understand what the 2 extra hoselock fittings and piece of green hose are for? Why not connect the reel hose directly to the inlet and remove 2 potential leaks?
  4. Organizing the round properly

    i always plan to start at the jobs furthest away and work my way towards home. that way if jobs get missed they are the ones nearest home, and easier to mop up.
  5. Isopropanol in barrels of water

    It’s ****. Tried it when I worked for a National, as iron giant says water still freezes on the glass, and caused runs/spotting every time I used it.
  6. Finger saving gloves for the winter

    Tried the ungers, but the seams on the fingers split open on both pairs
  7. Christmas Windows, spray snow and more! Why?

    Not sure about marker... you could put it on an applicator, although it kills most detergents.
  8. Definitely more window cleaners out there, i think wfp has made it more desirable for a lot of folks who wouldn’t have worked from ladders... still plenty of work to go around, although a bit more travelling involved for a lot of guys than years ago... 2 most important things are not to over stretch yourself initially, don’t finance gear etc and stick with it, it takes longer than you’d expect to build a quality round, but is doable, and very worthwhile.
  9. Christmas Windows, spray snow and more! Why?

    Ubik and a couple of microfibres makes light work of it usually...
  10. 06 Peugeot Boxer

    Good point. It’d be worth buying and scrapping the van, you’d still be quids in.
  11. Gardiner freebee

    I always get the karibiner clips 😂 I want a beanie!
  12. 06 Peugeot Boxer

    Ads coming up with no price now/option to buy. Either discovered what it’s worth, or somebody has nabbed a bargain.
  13. New gloves!

    Have you tried different size gloves? First pair of Argon’s I got were large and seemed to fit ok, but were actually too tight and stopping the circulation so I still had cold fingers, bought a pair of xl and they are loads better.
  14. No, it’s fairly common where there’s contracts involved. Used to get sent all over the shop to do the trial cleans when I worked for one of the nationals.
  15. Just sack him

    I always think it’s a false economy to have the staff clean the windows. Especially if they are paying to have the outsides cleaned.