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  1. High-tower

    Fishscale microfibre

    Paragon fish scale are the best. the face lift ones are ok, but the colour bleeds from them for ages.
  2. High-tower

    Maybe stupid question ?

    Put a swivel neck on your pole, that will make cleaning windows in more confined areas a doddle...
  3. High-tower

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    6 weekly, keep it simple.
  4. High-tower

    New expandable retractable hose!

    What use would it be? It’s not very hard wearing. And you have to unravel the entire length for it to work.
  5. High-tower

    How many chances do i have to give my employee

    Sack him if you aren’t happy. Your business your choice. Sounds like he’s had a fair chance to learn.
  6. High-tower

    Round organiser? Order addresses by distance?

    Search for optimap, you can plot rounds and plan routes, it’s very useful.
  7. If you are serious about your business buy a van mount, no smaller than 350l ideally 500l+. You may want a back pack too as it will be more convenient than dragging the hose out. Very approximately 25l will do one 3/4bed semi, but you’ll use much more in the beginning with first cleans and refining your technique. Yes, spotless water filling stations are springing up all over the country, or sometimes window cleaners will sell water to each other. Usually arrange to do it a few days later so hopefully you can do a few together rather than keep swapping from canvassing mode to cleaning mode. I recommend just using your own name as I feel it gives customers piece of mind about who they are dealing with, and there will be dozens of ‘initials’ window cleaning in your town so it can be difficult to stand out. Buy a van, don’t have to spend mega-bucks, just something tidy and presentable. Customers would prefer to see you in a van as it is all together more professional. Wfp gear can hold its value secondhand, and be easy to be stung if you don’t know what you are looking out for. There’s not always a huge amount to be saved over buying brand new and as newbie it’ll be easier to get set up, rather than trouble shooting faulty equipment. Marketing is a how long is a piece of string question, you might hit on easy patches and get tonnes of enquiries from walk ups or recommendations. Or you may have to slog it out with leaflets and canvassing. I would say to have a budget of around 3x the expected round value this would see you in good shape. Eg £4000 per month, would want £12000 for marketing.
  8. High-tower

    Moving to reach and wash

    That’s the point I’m making, you can do a **** job with either if you are a cowboy. Wfp makes it so much easier to do a proper job though, so there’s no excuse.
  9. High-tower

    Moving to reach and wash

    My biggest tip is to use a high flow rate, I run my controller at 70-80%. Most problems are caused by not being thourough enough when scrubbing and and not having a high enough flow to rinse all the dirt away. Messing around with backpacks is the biggest cause of this, trying to stretch out 25l as far as it’ll go. Get a van mount, nothing smaller than 350l, 500 or 650 ideally. No point holding your business back by not having enough water.
  10. High-tower

    Moving to reach and wash

    Of course it does a good job, that’s why it’s rapidly becoming the industry standard... it has a bad name because of the operators not the system. If you are sloppy and do half a job you are going to have problems, but no different to dodging frosted windows, missing corners or frames and leaving strikes as a traditional cleaner. If you learn the right techniques and have the proper equipment it is far superior to traditional cleaning.
  11. High-tower

    Commercial work - what a pain

    Why didn’t you do it out of office hours? Would save a lot of that hassle, and makes a nice top up to a days work.
  12. High-tower

    WFP out of small van

    I have a caddy with a 350 in, great little van, plenty of space. Can just cut a hole in the bulkhead for a tube to store your poles in if they are too long! But if I was buying again I’d go for something with a bigger payload so you could comfortably carry a 500l.
  13. High-tower

    Anyone use an astra van for wfp?

    400l flat will be like driving a boat and be dragging its ****... can get a 350 upright in them which is closer for payload and moves the weight forward a bit which is better... biggest pain is ducking under the tailgate all the time unless you are a midget...
  14. Having a spring clear out - https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/mrcs91.2013/m.html?item=222913586649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 all Collection Only from Basingstoke.
  15. High-tower

    What do you all think of this ??

    It looks smart. But it isn’t immediately obvious what you do. It doesn’t say Window Cleaning on it at all...

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