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  1. Van setup complete (pics)

    looks smart, pumps gonna be a ****** for air locks. and get your hose reel fixed in place its so much easier, i wasn't sure about doing it, but wouldn't go back now.
  2. Gas night heater

    Not entirely sure what kind of heater you mean. I guess like a hot air blower heater? Like the eberschaper diesel cab heaters? They can be mounted externally underneath the van, and just the warm air duct blows inside. They are pretty effective and I’d guess they’d keep the chill off the van but probably want to get some insulation in there too to help it out.
  3. What chemical?

    Just water most of the time, very occasionally a weak ubik mix...
  4. Cleaning first floor flat

    **** em...😂 I do a few for somebody else and the groundfloor always have a moan on, but never want there’s doing... I’d not take them on as my own work...
  5. I reckon grass cutting would be good for my retirement... just a no frills cut once a fortnight or whatever, only work in the summer when the weathers nice, then **** off in a motor home for the winter 😂
  6. Any help appreciated ****

    Tolish speaks a lot of sense, cleaning windows is the easy bit of this job most of the time, it’s everything else that can be hard work, so it is a good idea not to invest too much into the business before you are sure it’s for you... you can get up and running with trad gear for a couple of hundred quid, cheaper maybe if you search eBay and borrow a ladder, and it’s all gear you’ll need down the line anyway. But, get some gear together, get some public liability and go knock doors on your days off. You’ll soon know if it’s for you or not.
  7. They’re all the webasto heaters underneath anyway as far as I know. The 5.2kw can struggle to get a decent raise in temperature according to some reviews, so I’d go for a 9kw even if it’s for one user... that’s what I plan to do when my budget allows..
  8. Hello and thank you

    Well there’s your first lesson! Always be sure what you are quoting for, it’s easy to come unstuck... your pricing sounds about right to me though.
  9. Setting up in a new area (an hour away)

    It’s do-able, I know a few chaps who’ve moved and kept work or setup rounds to move to. Biggest headache can be quoting and the early stages when you don’t have full days and you end up driving more than you are working.
  10. WFP van gear arrived!

    I just have an elbow connection to my pump, have a strainer before the inlet on the pump to catch any ****... then I just have a piece of hose and siphon the water out the lid to fill my backpack, take 2 mins and is free 😂.
  11. Hot water FIT conversion

    What’s the gas usage like with these heaters?
  12. WFP van gear arrived!

    Pretty simple to fit in the caddy, you’ll get the front ones from behind the seats, and the rear you’ll have to lower the fuel tank, but straight forward...
  13. Glass Sealants Anti Water/Anti Fingerprints

    Doubtful, the fingerprints are what’s keeping you in business 😂
  14. What is deemed acceptable

    I start at 9 weekdays, although prefer to leave it until 9.30 if I can. Gives everybody a chance to go out and get out of my way.... I don’t do residential stuff at the weekends, but I’d leave it until 10 if I did...
  15. Pole laquer

    A few sections of my slx are looking a bit tired and in need of a little tlc before the weather changes, what laquer is best for it?