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  1. Employee nightmare

    Youll end up in bother if you do that unless he has other work of his own. This has been covered a few times on here.
  2. 6mm OR 8mm HOSE?

    I’ve used both, much prefer 6mm as it’s easier to manage. Otherwise can’t say I’ve ever noticed much difference switching between them.
  3. zafira question

    Just get an older diesel van, try to avoid anything with a DPF. It is not safe to carry a 300l water tank in a car, it will be very difficult to secure it adequately.
  4. Ionics black tank

    good for you. sometimes things aren't so perfect, occasionally a riser in a DI doesn't seat correctly and small particles can get through. not all tanks are black or protected from sunlight. Ive only cleaned my tanks once or twice in a decade, but its something that occasionally needs doing.
  5. Ionics black tank

    Most tanks will need a clean out at some point, either from exposure to sunlight causing algae growth, or resin particles which build up and start blocking pump filters or brush jets, or just general debris that gets picked up from filler nozzles and that kind of thing.
  6. Recommendations on what pole to buy?

    Swivels aren’t especially suited to doing gfs jobs as you need to scrub harder than on windows and the swivel can be awkward to get even pressure with.
  7. Ionics black tank

    Don’t clean it... it has a sight gauge to see how full it is.
  8. Suds and the washing machine....

    Just rinse the worst of it out in the sink first, then I stick it on a hot wash and keep an eye on it sometimes needs a couple of jugs of hot water pouring in the detergent drawer if it gets a bit carried away.
  9. What shops sells virosol ???

    Screw-fix do a no nonsense degreaser which is probably the nearest you’ll find in a shop.
  10. Question about DIY setup

    yes, its simple as that. if you have a flat tank you may want to fit a non-return valve or isolation tap before the pump as they are worse for air-locks caused by the water moving around when travelling between jobs. Ideally mount the pump as low as you can manage as this will help it self prime.
  11. I’ve got a lot to learn, ouch

    Just a longer life between changes.
  12. Green tank in the van

    You can clean your tank with a jet wash and a little bit of bleach then thoroughly rinse before filling with pure again. But you need to find out where its coming from in the first place. If your tanks are exposed to sun-light that can trigger it, or they are being contaminated some way.
  13. Green tank in the van

    you need to sort the algae issue out. you shouldn't have any in the van tank.
  14. What brush are you using

    Sill brush for everything! Find that it’s less hassle with getting the brush head at the correct angle.
  15. Slx / Univalves ?

    Yes, they will work fine. Swivel goosenecks are a worthwhile investment too.

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