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  1. padman

    Van magnets advertising

    I have both my vans with magnets signs. No problem picked up loads of them. Will post a photo later - they look better on smaller vans to be honest. I like to be able to take them off when i go out doing other stuff - like fishing etc. :)
  2. padman

    Pricing driveways

    Totally agree with you Chris - for me this year the price seems to have dropped. I am only getting about 40% of my quotes and the reason is - price 😞 A lot of door knocking going on round me and cheap prices - worst i have known for years. I have also seen a lot more guys out there cleaning as well.
  3. padman

    What pressure washer?

    Thats a lot of dosh to be splashing out on your first decent machine. I hope you have the work for it. I have found this year harder for work as there seems to be loads more blokes door knocking for work. 😞
  4. padman

    Pricing driveways

    Good luck with £3 the monkeys round me are 1/2 that 😠
  5. padman

    What pressure washer?

    Wish I had now gone diesel with my second machine. I did have and still have a old Honda diesel machine in the garage, but boy is it heavy 😞
  6. padman

    What pressure washer?

    The first one is 3 years old and had heavy, heavy use and been faultless. We do a awful lot of drives each year :)
  7. padman

    What pressure washer?

    3000 psi I think. Under a grand delivered as well :)
  8. padman

    What pressure washer?

    Jet Mac for me. I have two Jet Mac machines now both with Locin engines and 21 lPM. WELL pleased and I found the after service very good when I had a problem.
  9. Just wanted to ask if any one has used this in the past and is it any good. I use normal Kiln dried but was thinking this may be better long term with the weeds after cleaning.
  10. Brilliant - thanks for sharing 👍
  11. Thanks Adam, will have a play around this evening
  12. Thanks - its all new to me. I have not got a clue how to advertise/promote it to be honest
  13. padman

    Driveway cleaning

    I have a 21 & 15 LPM machines. You need a good water feed for the 21 or you will be hanging around waiting for the barrel to fill. If I only had to use one it would probably be the 15 - it works just as well with the FSC when you upgrade the jets to bigger sizes.
  14. When you say posting, where are you actually posting it?

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