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  1. Hi my fellow window technicians

    I like glass restoration officers :)
  2. Driveway cleaning

    Every drive I do i clean normally then apply hypo all over the drive with special attention to them horrid black blobs. I DO NOT rinse I let it dry off normally. I sand a few days later and it looks the dogs dangling bits with NO problems.
  3. Driveway cleaning

    I would say put the hypo on after you have pressure washed not before. I agree - hypo after not before :)
  4. Mine with out a doubt going from a trolley to a van mount
  5. Any horse racing punters out there

    I used a run a little syndicate for the nags. Ended up not having enough time and bookies closing me down haha. It was just a method I thought up looking at value for each way horses in 16+ runner handicaps. Bad back over the last few days so had a look for value against short priced favs as well. Will post what i am on for the next few weeks BUT do not pop any money on them. Some races will have a few selections in. The 16+ stuff was successful - REALLY NOT sure if the shorties will be. Will run it for 100 pts to see if there is still some mileage in it - probably not these days as it was 5 years ago I was playing with this :( Tonight's are 6.45 Kemp remal dubia 40/1 will hill 1/4 2 places 7.00 Dun irish minister 3/1 bet365 1/4 2 places 7.00 Dun jazz lady 16/1 ladbrokes 1/4 2 places 6pts staked
  6. Gutter vac specs.

    Thanks. Used it today and thought it was **** haha
  7. Gutter vac specs.

    Does anyone know the air flow on these 3000 watt machines is please.
  8. No windows tomorrow, still lots of snow. just going to do a gutter jobby and look at two trees to take down, even though I packed up my tree surgeon work 12 months ago - but still love to do a bit
  9. Window lickers lol

    Windys are looked upon as the the lowest of the low - just take the money and smile
  10. Who's out today then?

    Got some new boots to break in so will just spend a hour or so around my house delivering leaflets.
  11. Public Liability Insurance

    Have to say not very impressed with Gleaming in the past.
  12. Who's out today then?

    Went out at 9.30 back home by 12. Pipes freezing up Carpet cleaning all day tomorrow
  13. Fair pricing for block paving clean?

    Mate I am in the West Midlands and last year I found out that £2.50 was way to much. Blokes knocking doors and doing it for pennies :( Virtually given up with pressure washing.
  14. You would end up blowing yer brains out canvassing that many hours a day - could not think of anything more horrid to be honest.

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