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  1. steve garwood

    Delivery hose. A better one?

    The green delivery hose is excellent. Had mine 9 years without a single issue
  2. steve garwood

    Just my luck at the moment

    Chin up mate
  3. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    No mate, not that optimistic. Maybe semis 🤔
  4. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    Surely Stirling can’t start after that performance. I dont like Ashley young being on the left. He keeps cutting inside to get it on his stronger right foot. I think Danny rose should slot back there, naturally left footed. Absolute scenes in my local when that winner went in, limbs everywhere, brilliant. Getting exited now, I’m of to Portugal on Saturday, 19 of us, all blokes, to watch the other two group games out there. I was out there for the last euros and the atmosphere was electric. Cmon England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿!! Who would you go with, Rashford or Vardy?
  5. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

  6. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    Always thought England’s badge was a bit naff as the lions look more like dragons. So I’m sending the f.a and fifa my new design which I expect to be on the shirts for the euros in 2020. No need to thank me. pub time. Have a good weekend fellow windies. picture to follow
  7. steve garwood

    Van insuarance

    A plan gave me a more expensive quote than Aviva so went with them. I was with direct line for years, then last year they decided to stop insuring vans fitted with tanks for some reason. Its Friday, pub time 🍺 Have a good weekend fellow windies 🙂
  8. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    Bet you don’t 😂
  9. Best of luck mate. Absolute scumbags they are. Hope they die an agonising death
  10. steve garwood

    Advice - Rectus 21 fitting for Gardiner pole

    The male version of that. Don’t forget your o clip to fasten it Posted that a second after you @Suhrly.
  11. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    Surely after that performance, it has to be Kane and Rashford starting up front. Stirling and Vardy on the bench. My mate and I was watching rugby when he said ‘do you want to make this interesting?’ So we stopped watching rugby 😉
  12. steve garwood

    World Cup fever

    Yep, looking forward to it. Can see England getting through their group, just, then will probably get knocked out. Did a sweepstake in my local Saturday night, £10 a go. Said to my mates that I had a really good feeling I’m going to win it. Opened my envelope, drew Senegal 😭😭
  13. My youngest son came home today with a couch that was given to him by someone he doesn’t know. Annoyed me as I’ve told him not to except suites from strangers 😁
  14. steve garwood

    Should we all give up

    21 degrees in Scotland today. Hope your coping ok with that nippy weather, 26 down here in gods country. Just back from a motorbike run with the lads. Wore my leathers! Was sweating like a jock at the World Cup 😎😘
  15. steve garwood

    Should we all give up

    @scottish cleaning service has a rival 😉

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