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  1. Bumped into @Tuffers working today 😂😂😂😂
  2. And so it begins...

    If working weekends is a nessesity to pay bills, totally understandable. If however they are working weekends as that’s all they’ve got to ‘enjoy’, I hope I never meet them as they must be right boring b*stards. Pub time 🍺😝
  3. And so it begins...

    Sorry mate, bit pis*ed, but Saturdays and Sundays? Don’t you have a social life? Nobody will ever, ever look back on their life and say, I wish I’d worked more hours. One life, one innings, no rehearsals, this is it! Embrace every second!!!!!
  4. And so it begins...

    I’m not doing anything that takes over half a day as I only have time to do add on’s on a Saturday and I only intend doing two Saturdays a month at the most. Got a fellow windie who will take the bigger jobs off me. I won’t earn a lot out of him, but rather that than work all day on a Saturday. Pub time. Have a good weekend lads/lassies 🍺🍺👍
  5. Carnt upload pics

    Mine seems ok. Bet you didn’t know Liz is a big Millwall fan!
  6. Carnt upload pics

    Let’s check
  7. Thinking before speaking

    I agree, and have mentioned on here before that I try my best not just to be ‘the window cleaner’ but ‘steve’. I have several customers that always ask after my wife and oldest son by name yet have never met them. I just think it’s simple manners and politeness to spare people a couple of minutes. More to life than rushing around chasing a pound 🙂
  8. Steaks when it rains

    Whilst we’re on food, I’ve just sat down in a restaurant with the wife and ordered the hippo soup. Ive gone for the prawn cocktail 😂
  9. How many of your customers get your name wrong?

    George from rainbow more like 🤔
  10. Just a quick post to let anyone contemplating getting an oil filled radiator. Homebase are currently doing them half price at only ten pounds, absolute bargain 👍
  11. Steaks when it rains

    Talking of food, I went to a Chinese last night and ordered from The Specials menu. I really stuffed myself. Too much foo young 😆
  12. Name change of business

    What powers that be? 🤔
  13. Steaks when it rains

    Make sure you don’t bang your brush on the surrounding render or you’ll have steaks and chips 😆
  14. Uniform Suppliers

    If your in the south east, bandbox in Orpington
  15. changing filters on ro system

    You should flush the system when you change the membranes AND pre filters. When you change the pre filters, take the tube out that goes to the membranes after it’s been through the pre filters. The idea of this is to flush out any debris from the new pre filters before it reaches the membranes. When changing the membranes flush for at least half an hour. Remember it can take up to a week for the membranes to bed in

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