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  1. Pricing and price increases

    I'm 54
  2. I've had the same 2 leisure batteries in my van with a split relay charge and they have never been charged any other way for 7 years. I do from time to time have to run the engine, especially on big commercials.
  3. HI Guys, Looking for advise

    Do a good job and work harder than you've ever worked before and you will succeed. Equipment will make it easier but buying the best saw won't make you a good joiner.
  4. Pricing and price increases

    Ran a big business for 10 years and it was far more tiring then waving a pole around all day. Personally prefer to work as long as I can then either sell up or take a 25% cut and let someone else do the physical work.
  5. Pricing and price increases

    I don't do many residential houses, however if I did I would use the small but often method. If you're doing a house for £10 and put it up £1 every other year then I would expect to keep the vast majority. If you wait 5 years and then tell everyone it's now £12.50 I think that would be harder to justify, in the customers eyes.
  6. customer letter

    Irish I believe
  7. My New van arrived today ots awesome

    Is that new new
  8. Would you put the prices up?

    So were all my legal responsibilities, how many shareholders are there? If it's just you and a family member I doubt you have to go through all of that.
  9. Would you put the prices up?

    I've had a limited company for 10 years, not windows, and never had a meeting, let alone keeping minutes. Only the first £10k of a dividend is tax free. Never heard about contact / Co number
  10. Would you put the prices up?

    Some of those costs are capital expenditure, nothing to do with expenses. If you're buying a van you're buying an asset with a resale value. If you're leasing it then that's an expense you could reduce. You also never mentioned that there is 2 people. Resin at £40 a month needs looking at as well.
  11. customer letter

    Thank you for your past business, I apologise for last time when I didn't leave a docket, I am however very busy and can forget at times. I suggest that to stop this happening again, and therefore upsetting you, I stop cleaning your windows. I will also keep a copy of this letter, and yours, on file. Regards
  12. Would you put the prices up?

    I doubt if many who say they earn £1k a week are not earning what you are
  13. Would you put the prices up?

    I travel all over the place, just got in from 4 nights away in Newmarket, and my costs are no where near £18k a year. I work 6 hours a day and allow a couple of hours to do paperwork and fill van, not exactly hard work the last hours.
  14. Would you put the prices up?

    I have a minimum price of £10 but because where I live there are loads of trad windies doing those size houses for £5, and doing a good job I concentrate on commercial work. However if you said I could earn £800+ a week doing 20 of those houses a day for £8 each I wouldn't bother chasing commercial work.
  15. Would you put the prices up?

    I could do 20 houses that size spread over a 2 mile radius. If you're not bothered about competition then put them up. This job is not rocket science, by your figures you are currently grossing £800 a week doing a manual job. I'm sure in the not so distant future competition will come along and they would love to earn that. Not being nasty you did ask if anyone would put the prices up.