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  1. Part Timer

    Window cleaning in winter

    And he does it in shorts and tee shirts for most of the year 😁
  2. Part Timer


    Disconnect pipe going into your DI, usually hozelock, and test water there, wait a few minutes after start up before doing so. If you're tap pressure has dropped recently that will affect your RO
  3. Part Timer


    More info required, tap tds and tds after RO, before DI. Water pressure would help as well
  4. Part Timer

    Advice on build your own system

    Large Di Vessel full of resin connected to outside tap, 18' CLX pole and a standard sill brush with 30 metres of microbore.
  5. Part Timer

    Carpel tunnel

    Can be caused by repetitive use of a pole as it is caused by regularly using a strong grip. Bigger the pole, bigger the danger. Friend of mine, who worked at Nissan got it, not nice.
  6. Well if he's managed to scratch it off then it wasn't marked by a cleaning product as they tend to be acid / alkali based. For your own peace of mind why not get some UPVC and pour your cleaning products on, leave for a few minutes and then rinse off. Make a note of any stains left behind so if you get this type of call again, hopefully not, then you will know if you have or not caused the damage.
  7. I was actually quite pleased when I lost the job, Doctor was struck off for inappropriate relationship with a patient 😂
  8. I did a Dr's surgery that was literally 10' from a bus stop, never, before or since, had windows that get so dirty.
  9. It looks like some type of staining material, has the outside got wood panels that have been stained
  10. Part Timer

    Pricing Advice Required

    Using their outside tap water and a 45cm brush will be an easy half day, assuming access the other side is the same so I'd be £180 for the roof and £250 to include all the conny windows.
  11. Part Timer

    Gutter Clearance

    @Den is close to you
  12. Part Timer

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    It would have done be a very big strong bed 😜
  13. Part Timer

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    Me and @Dentend not to see 8 on a Saturday morning 🙄
  14. Part Timer

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    If you pm me your email I will send you a reply from one of my customers about what would be required if I changed the company name 😱
  15. Part Timer

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    They have a legal requirement called duty of care. You then have jobs worth who are a PITA. Happy medium somewhere

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