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  1. Van setup complete (pics)

    Looks a bit like mine, well used
  2. Van setup complete (pics)

    Everything looks very neat and tidy, don't know about your brush though
  3. Dormers? Because if it is "formers" I definitely need a picture. Predictive text by any chance
  4. Pictures are always helpful on here as someone will have cleaned the type you're talking about. If the said Windows are sat back from the gutters then a long gooseneck will make them much easier to reach.
  5. Run a test on it before you clean it out. Then test it again after. If the TDS is up pre clean and then ok you will be fine. Just run a test every now and again to ensure its not breaking down
  6. Cleaning first floor flat

    I agree, if the windows are clean to begin with. The first example I gave, her windows haven't been cleaned for years. Don't see why I should clean them for free because some water from two floors above has gone on them. The 2 people that I gave my card to, who's glass was clean, didn't ring me after the residue had dried so there couldn't of been any marks left.
  7. Cleaning first floor flat

    I do 2nd floor flats in 2 separate places. In one the ground floor f's and blinds at me everytime she see's me. On the other one I have had 2 different people complain so I explained how the system works and that it is just like it's rained but if they weren't happy after they had dried then I would come back and clean theirs free, gave them my card. Nobody, as yet, has rang me.
  8. As I've said before, I ran a family business that employed 20+ people and even if I trebled my turnover î wouldn't employ anyone. I would either get some Partners or subcontract. I appreciate that this brings it's own problems but not the same as employing someone.
  9. Gutter pricing

    I do the windows of a standard 3 bed semi with small conny for £10. Local ladder window cleaner did the gutters for £20
  10. @Dave B I have a pension pot of circa £130k. If I don't put in anymore money it will be worth £161k when I retire at 67. This will give me an annual pension of £4850 per year. How long do they think I'm going to live for
  11. Football agent, I have a friend that was a GP until he got struck off, google Dr Arnett, who has since become a football agent. Taking between 5 & 10% of players salaries, and other earnings, means you don't need many players earning £10k a week to do well.
  12. Awkward windows

    Looks like you will have to do it from the right hand side, roof peak looks like it's in the way from the left. Can you prop a ladder against fence, walk up backwards a few steps and do it from there.
  13. Hello and thank you

    Well done, I would check her prices first on logos etc. There are loads of online companies, Krowmark etc that do cheap workwear
  14. Can you not adapt the head to fit on your WFP, machine turn a bit of aluminium and stick it down a Gardiner pole. Save yourself a few quid and use the old pole you've been saving just in case.