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  1. Something not connected 😀
  2. My heads to big to wear a top hat, just ask @Den He will reply tomorrow as he is on the drink and being from Essex can't multi task 😘 And I'm still on the drink in Newmarket 🤗
  3. You on the drink plonky 😁
  4. Part Timer

    Why thank you sir I will.

    Did he sign up to GoCardless 😝
  5. I would agree if I didn't spend it as fast as I earn it. Currently on the drink in Newmarket, that knackered last night only had 5 pints 😥
  6. Part Timer

    Fake/artificial grass maintenance

    Doesn't look very sturdy, looks more like a kids toy.
  7. Part Timer

    Quality versus price

    Only part and parcel to those doing the job properly
  8. Part Timer

    World Cup fever

    Everyone was yelling to bring Rushford on and when they did he was shocking. Apart from the 2 goals, Kane was poor as well. At least Vardy doesn't go around like Billy Big ******
  9. Part Timer

    World Cup fever

    True, or for the Germans either
  10. Part Timer

    World Cup fever

    But if the Italians play Greece the Germans might be delayed
  11. Part Timer

    WFP van set up - DIY STYLE

    That sounded like you only strapped it, glad you are using all protections, and have a new telly to make sure 😋
  12. Part Timer

    World Cup fever

    But the last time was the Italians fault.
  13. I thought you spoke English 😵
  14. Part Timer

    Ppm reading!

    Have you got good tap pressure as you're not really low enough out of RO. You should ideally be between 6 and 12 max.
  15. Part Timer

    WFP van set up - DIY STYLE

    But your tank is only strapped in, not bolted. Good luck saving money if you're unfortunately involved in a bad crash. Any money you have saved might pay for the extra medical needs you will have if you survive.

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