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  1. Frustrating customers

    If you can afford to then do so. If you currently need the business then keep your powder dry and smile later when you tell them that you can't do them anymore
  2. Dupont bristles

    But that £10 brush is false economy as it won't clean as well or as quickly as a quality brush. Might save you £30 but cost you a days pay over that 6 months
  3. Grippa reels have arrived

    You can still do so at the back door
  4. “Cor blimey you’ve earned some money”

    When I first bought a gutter vac, about 6 years ago, I bought into the hype that it was as easy as walking along with the pole as it was vacuuming a carpet. So I had a Care Home ask me to clean their gutters, 2 sites,so I quoted the same price as washing their windows, £40 per site. They did say they were done regularly. The first site took me and my son 3 hours and the 2nd 4 hours. 😥
  5. Internal window's

    If you're happy then it's your business and you should do what you are. Ideally you should charge double but some good jobs aren't worth risking by charging more for insides. For an example I do a pub, fortnightly outside, monthly inside. The price is £60, £20 for insides and £20 for outside. It works out at £30 an hour so everyone is happy. If I said inside was £40 then I would probably lose the job.
  6. Apologies you are a light-weight
  7. You're not exactly a light-weight
  8. They sold out of the brush I use, think it was the supreme flocked, not the ultimate . Were in the sale section for about £25, bought 2 of them for spares even though my other one is as new
  9. Auto shut off valve

    And you will have forgotten more than me and whoever takes over after me.
  10. I've got and use these, but 45cm version. http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/all-products/water-fed-poles/brushes/35cm-14-brushes/ultimatetm-35cm-wide-brush-flocked-bristles.html. Don't sell them now though 😥
  11. Auto shut off valve

    Fancy questioning the guru known as @spruce
  12. Will wait until they have the big boy, 35 - 45cm, option available then 😁
  13. Bird feeder on the window.

    I just work round them and rinse a little extra. Mine are all on commercial jobs so as they already pay well don't complain.
  14. Are you using the standard size Is it much heavier and do you use a swivel?
  15. Employee nightmare

    If he supplies his own van, tools, work wear and has other work then you're okay. If he doesn't then he could be classed as an employee. I am actually amazed your Accountant hasn't said this. Personally I would be seriously looking for another Accountant

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