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  1. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    @ECSEssex any personal experinace with grippa yourself?
  2. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    No mate they went hence the new reels
  3. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    @Green Pro Clean Ltd i understand what you mean but after speaking with Oliver i genuinley think that lessons have been learnt at their end. He understands that what has happened is fully unacceptable and i believe he is taking steps to ensure this does not happen again, to anyone. As i say i cannot take away from the fact that these reels have cost me £2000+ due to lost income and the original cost of the reels. My point here was that i think Oliver was genuinely disappointed that my experiance had happened and took steps to personally try and resolve it. Yes some companies may have dealt with it in another way, either positively or negatively. Im really happy the reels work and that i can finally work again. BUT i am still annoyed at what i have actually lost in the process, £1500 in work is not small change. I suppose in future if this scenario happened again to someone, just know that your equipment will be fixed but you will not be compensated for any part of your lost income, regardless of who is fault. This may be there downfall.
  4. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    Just an update. Reels working spot on now. Alex personally arranged to drive 300+ miles to me to sort everything out. I can honestly say lovely genuine guy who showed real commitment to his buisness and most of all his customers. For me i wouldnt hesitate again to buy equipment from @GrippaTANK and i would recommend it to anyone. I really appreciated his efforts and i hope that anyone who read this post and had doubts about using him or his products can now rest easy and order from them. Yes i am out of pocket by some way, this is the bit that still eats away at me, but the reels work. Again Oliver thanks alot and im glad everything has ended on a high'ish note.
  5. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    Thats great. As i say oliver has been good in responding to my queries and concerns but this does not takeaway from the fact i have lost out here massivley. Also as above they state that there are delays etc and the products have been tested to satisfactory standars before being delivered. Yet i find myself with 2 broken reels 2 days in...... who tested these and signed them off.
  6. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    @GrippaTANK Thanks for having your say on my review. Your response above is correct in places and inaccurate in others. As i discussed with oliver on the phone after leaving my review ( or yourself oliver if this is you giving input), messages and calls were left by grippatank AFTER i had to initiate contact on each occasion regarding fittings, delivery etc. These were simply responses to my questions, which in the end were never answered anyway as oliver agreed when i phoned him. Hence in my review why i mentioned that oliver is not happy with the way his staff acted and dealt with my order, as it became a string and carrot game, i asked you either ignored me, moved the goal posts or strung me along ( referring to delivery and fittings i requested information on. I can confirm this also because you phoned me on the day i was promised DELIVERY of the reels to confirm i could now SELECT WHICH FITTINGS I REQUIRE ONLINE BEFORE REELS WILL BE DISPATCHED. Although they were due to be delivered within the following 5 hours, although they were not. I think grippatank are missing the point here and keep confirming i will be happy with the reels once all issues are sorted, the REAL ISSUE here and reality is i could of bought 5 powerup reels from your biggest reel competitor for the money you have cost me in delays, build issues and false promises.
  7. Reach For The Glass

    My short term Grippatank reel review.

    No maunal reels.
  8. Hi guys thought id share my experiance with the grippatank reels and grippatank as a company. Now to save time ill paste what ive left as a review on there page. Ordered 2 hose reels from grippatank. I knew there was a long wait for production which was fully acceptable. After asking grippa numerous times about when the reels would be delivered i was given dates which kept getting pushed back. Mean while in between emails and phone calls regatding delivery i continually asked for info on fittings for the reels. I was always promised an answer, but from ordering to delivery this was never answered after being promised time and time again. After finally being given a delivery day i dismantled my system ready for install of new reels. I knew id lose a days work because i had to install the reels myself, again something i was fully aware of. Delivery day came and went no reels arrived, gave it another day and no reels. Phoned grippa and spoke to pete, he assured me the reels would be with me that day before 4pm. You guessed it no reels. So i emailed to ask and recieved emails from oliver stating its delivery companies fault, which was not grippas fault and was rectified by oliver sending 2 new reels out for a pre 10am delivery next day and giving 10% off next order. I finally recieved the reels at 10am next day. After unpacking the reels they seem good quality although not used yet i cannot comment on quality. After checking reels 1 handle is wrong and needs replacing which oliver said he will send to me. I also have no instructions for installation of quick release base amd reels. I asked oliver for a copy to be emailed over he said sure no problem. No instructions that day. Recieved email The next day asking if id recieved them as they had email issues with attachments, i said no but have still yet to recieve instructions or a reply from oliver, 3 days on now. Used facebook chat and asked for a copy to be sent or emailed over, response was 30 minutes later saying yes of course, 2 days later again no instructions or handle. Ive found the whole process of dealing with grippa quite poor. What should of been 1 days lost work on my doing, has turned into a week and counting. Products look decent when and if stuff turns up, but should be at the price charged. Would i use grippa again, maybe, ill let you when my handle and instructions turn up.! ** update. well further to my review ive had discussions with oliver over my order and he was very understanding and apologetic to the situation. Offered a 10% discount at grippa on account. i thought he dealt with this well and although some what annoyed and out of pocket i understood SOME of the errors , being the courier service provided. Oliver assured me he would not stand for his staffs lack of transparency to customers going forward. All was well. * further update. so reel handle turned up and it was the wrong handle. They sent tge one i had which needed changing. Again i emailed oliver who promptly apologised and personally said he will pack and send a replacement again. Good stuff. In the meantime whilst working and using the reels, the handles became loose, reels did not spin true and felt wrong. I mentioned this to oliver who said he would send handles with new spindles i think was the term used but dont take that as gospel. He said just tighten the handle nut with a 19mm socket and it will be fine until replacements arrive. Again all good, besides reels needing bits replacing after 2 days. *update so after tightening the nuts they just become loose within a few rotations. Eventually tge handles just FELL OFF. Yep fell off. Now i have no reels. This was relayed to oliver who again apologised. New handles arrived. When i had a look they are not the same as the original design. I asked oliver what i was supposed to do to repair the reels which he explained. After taking bolts off of the plate which holds the handle on i couldnt remove the metal plate, as it fits super tight around the threads its mounted on. I again asked oliver how to overcome this and was told they fit this way so the reel spins straight, i was told i need to remove all hose to get the allan key on the inside bolt head so i could loosen threads. (only on 1 of the reels i couldnt remove the bolts off of the other reel as they just spin, again remove all hose to get to inside to stop it spinning). i havent spoken again with oliver, he has offered to have someone come out next day to do this work, collect reels to do the work. In all honesty summarising it all up so far both reels and grippa as a company im extremely mixed. i should not be having to take time off of work, lose my income, to repair reels that are a few days old and cost the best part of £450. I should have to work on them full stop. My reels are unusable and have been for 2 days and counting. I had no reels for around 5 days due to grippa misinforming me and delivery company messing up. Ive lost alot of money due to not having reels so cannot work, this is the hardest part. Spending £450 on 2 reels and have to replace , change and update parts is just totally unacceptable to me. when they worked for all of a day they seemed ok. Worth the money and wait, unsure as its early days. oliver seems very passionate and this is a good thing for grippa, unfortunatley i cannot say the same for the rest of the staff i dealt with at grippatank. * good points - reels seem of a good quality material - holds lots of hose - easy to fit - look nice - olivers attitude to grippas errors. * Bad points - grippas reel has a handle design issue. - delivery - being misinformed throughout - cost - im really out of pocket I gave grippatank a 3* review and i feel this is generous, if i hadnt of dealt with oliver it would be a 1* experiance. Im happy to tag grippatank to this so they know and can feel free to respond of they wish and clarify what / if anything will be amended going forward as a company or with the reels. @GrippaTANK Thanks
  9. Hi guys. So maybe getting into something else shortly and will have it all up for sale. Citroen dispatch top spec enterprise plus 2017. White 18k miles Dealer warranty remaining, Rare 150 bhp model 1500kg payload Back has had raptor lining appied in black. No VAT TO PAY. Slx 18 Slx 25 with another extension so 30ft. Both have univalves Both exceed tubeless About 8 gardiner brushes Sill Ultimate Supreme etc Lots of spare bits and bobs, connectors, jets ect 650 litre custom flat tank scargill with 2 outlets only 6 weeks old cost £850. 2 brand new grippatank hosereels in black with rollers and quick release bases. 200m of brand new microbore blue hose on the reels. 100psi shurflo pump with strainer. Pure freedom digital controller. Gardiners backpack. Hand sprayer. 5ltr of tfr. Any idea on pricing or any intrest on this lot. Thanks Based in kent / can be south london too. Cheers Mick
  10. Reach For The Glass

    Ez snap female connector for microbore hose.

    Thanks guys. A windy mate has sorted me out. Cheers
  11. Hi guys anyone local london or kent have any i could buy. Desperate for tuesday but will not get a delivery in that time. Thanks
  12. As above 18ft of hi viz pole hose. Brand new. Any offers welcome. Will post Thanks
  13. Reach For The Glass

    Grippa reels have arrived

    Looks fantastic that @Green Pro Clean Ltd any ideas on pricing on those?
  14. Reach For The Glass

    Grippa reels have arrived

    Manual Wanted to see quality before i uprgade to electric. Grippa tild me electric are released until april.
  15. Reach For The Glass

    Grippa reels have arrived

    Yea long old wait i ordered in mid january. Had a slight delay with delivery due to courier service but Oliver sorted this fantastically well and im very happy. Going to fit them tommorow. So far they look good, very heavy duty. Rollers seem a bit stiff may just need slackening off a bit.

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