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  1. whats it worth?

    @kevinc250 you got a pm dude
  2. Scargill tanks

    How would a tap outlet help. Just wondering?
  3. Halfords leisure batteries on SALE

    Must be instore only
  4. Anyone need a new battery. Halfords 115ah leisure bat is now £90 down from £135. 75ah is £60 i think.
  5. Scargill tanks

    Oh wow. Doesnt sound great. Unless it was just a lemon. But would of hoped it'd be resolved. Have to be honest your the 1st bad review ive heard but good to hear a flip side.
  6. Scargill tanks

    @Julian Noddy Dean whats the issues you've experienced. What makes it so poor and why was it not dealt with properly? Cheers
  7. Scargill tanks

    A non return is about £5 though right?. Also seen he builds with a sloping floor to run to outlets preventing his issue.
  8. Scargill tanks

    Im liking the idea of very low level tanks spread out more. Same as a single mattress maybe wider though. Then put a ply floor over this and attach reels and rollers at side doors, this way i have almost the entire van floor left.
  9. Scargill tanks

    Good to know. I. Thinking for the sake of a couple £££ why not have a a custom made tank which can house battery and pump etc
  10. Scargill tanks

    @Lawrence Morgan think your getting confused mate between frameless and a normal tank. Have you used his stuff @Dave B
  11. Scargill tanks

    Framless tank mate
  12. Scargill tanks

    Hi Anyone use one of scargills tanks. Just totting up the finances for transfering my 350 tank to new van. His offer is a 5 or 600 framless tank for £480. Now a frame for mines £165, if i sell my 350 and add the money together its only a couple hundred difference for one of his custom made ones. So are they good tanks? Thanks
  13. Is this a decent price guys

    Looks lovely though steve
  14. New Vehicle Bought!!!

    @steve garwood should be an option
  15. One Shot wiring diagram?

    Oh right i see @Green Pro Clean Ltd Funny enough i fitted gardiners swivel goose neck today and my univalve has stopped working immediately. Sometimes goes on but can not turn flow off. Caused mayhem today