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  1. Good points made and you were right. Just had her payment for £15 fail with Gocardless.
  2. Does anyone use Gocardless on a set date rather than after the clean date. I had a request from a custy to change to a fixed date so instead of requesting through cleaner planner I have just set up a subscription on the Gocardless dashboard and advised her if a clean does not take place then I will offset the credit against a future clean. Just interested if anyone finds set date payments a better option.
  3. Max


    I paid £52 for 5000 at http://rthprinting.co.uk Quality very good. Sometimes I have done 15 mins of leaflets and got 3 responses and others a whole day and got none. Hit and miss.
  4. Max

    Time Left

    Live like a tiger, not a sheep. Rob a bank and go to Spain. Eat doughnuts and smoke. Be dark chocolate, not a flake.
  5. Max

    Beginner wfp pricing help

    In the beginning you will make mistakes with pricing. There will be those you price too low and will hate doing. There will be ones you get spot on and ones you will over price and feel guilty everytime you turn up. All my low priced work that I got wrong when I started have been given a price rise, up to where I think they should be. Most have been understanding and accepted. Be confident and act like you have been doing it for twenty years.
  6. I am not wearing logo clothes when cleaning, so was thinking of getting hi-vis top with window cleaner written on it. I want to keep costs down and simply wear this instead of buying logo t-shirts, jacket etc, would I look like a plonker or does anyone else use hi-vis?
  7. Max

    How much earnings per day

    I give everything I earn to the Mrs, then at the end of the month I get pocket money into my account.
  8. Yes. The 3M Scotchgard glass cleaner & protector is great stuff, I get it in a spray bottle from www.bunzlchs.com
  9. Sweet as. using no-nonsense degreaser. Job done, custy well happy. Cheers
  10. Anyone used screwfix no-nonsense degreaser on self-cleaning glass? Got a first clean next week including conny roof inside and out. Was going to use it with wfp. On the inside was going to use the 3m scotchguard solution. What do you think? Thanks in advance, cheers
  11. Just wondering out of all the quotes you do for window cleaning how many do you convert into actual customers. I have done five quotes today. Bagged two lost three. I'm happy with the two I got as one is a first clean at £120 then bi-monthly at £75 and the other is next door, first clean £65 then bi-monthly at £45. The other three all said I was to expensive. What do you think is a good conversion rate? And if you got two out of five, would you be happy with that or consider lowering prices?
  12. Max

    DPF exhaust filters

    I have heard two things about this. Every 300 miles regeneration takes place and you should around this mark, hit the dual carriageway/motorway to maintain at least 50 mph at over 2000 revs for at least 10 mins. the other one is Shell v-power premium which has been made to eliminate the need to go for such a drive. Life of these filters are 80,000 - 100,000 miles and then it gets really expensive.
  13. Max

    Facelift Compact

    I picked up the one man set up last week with the new van, 325 compact, pole rack and ports, great bit of kit after using backpack and barrels. Teamed it up with exceed tubeless and Univalve. What a difference. Just getting used to what flow rates suit me, would be interesting to know what other people use regarding flow rates with the facelift systems. I'm not good with diy so having the system all set up ready for me to drive off was great. I cut the hose down a bit as 100 metres to much for me. Really happy with everything I got.
  14. Max

    Window cleaning on kids TV!

    Just finished reading to my 6 year old. The Giraffe, Pelly and me by Roald Dahl, it's about a ladderless window cleaning company. Not sure how much a giraffe costs but I'm happy with my SLX.
  15. Max

    Cheap second hand vans

    Had my Berlingo on contract for the past 2 years, it goes back in 2 weeks time, no option to buy. Has to go back in showroom used condition. Fair wear and tear is subjective and every mark, scratch, blemish, pin-prick dent is a cost to the finance company. I am regretting getting this van on contract. Apparantly the company that is coming out to inspect it which is called Manheim is ruthless on inspections. spending a lot of money getting it perfect to avoid any problems. Have read about one guy who had a scratch 2.8 cm long and was charged £450 for a respray of panel, he was threatened with court action if he did't pay and it had to be done via main dealer. Now looking forward to picking up my new Nemo one man set up from WCW.

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