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  1. Employee nightmare

    I work with my father in law on a self employed basis, have own tools, own round and work on a 6 month contract which automatically renews (works permanent but just a formality to cover our arses) you could add as a clause to any contract that they're not allowed to work any areas you work/supply work for the period they work for you + 18 months after, breaching this would meaning they'd be liable for damages of £xxxx (get a solicitor to write this contract, make sure it's enforceable) to stop any poaching.
  2. Qs for using ubik for 1st cleaned

    I'll also happily vouch for no nonsense degreaser, brilliant stuff, have left it to dry few times by accident and won't change the colour at all, just leaves a white residue which will wash off easily.
  3. Expanding

    To get someone to work for you on a self employed basis is a minefield. The 3 main criteria are 1. Must own own tools and vehicle 2. Have there own work as well as any you give them 3. Must have an end date for your work. Otherwise they're classed as an employee regardless of if they have there own insurance, do self assessments etc.
  4. zafira question

    I know a windy with exact setup you want, does work BUT he knows if he crashed he's had it, and is saving up for a van, plus he goes through brakes etc like nobody I know
  5. Commercial pricing question.

    £60 a week windows, £100 sign.
  6. Pole work question

    I completely agree, I hated parting with the cash, my father in law is the same, hardcore old school tradder the last 25 years and it's taken me 18 months for him to admit it's a worthy investment, but still reluctant to switch over completely, and now only does hard to reach windows or big jobs with it. In my case i was skeptical, but could see the benefits after lots of reading up on here, and initially only got it to get those windows that I couldn't get to trad, which the turned to all upstairs, then most of my work. Apart from shops and bungalows my rounds converted, although I do find trad work therapeutic, so do enjoy working with my father in law. I'm happy I can easily do both, as well as trad pole work, which I learnt after I switched, as I'm confident that I can keep working whatever happens, if my backpack dies I can just carry on trad, even if it slows me down. My suggestion was based on the fact he was talking of working at 25 ft, in which wfp would be an easier, safer, quicker way of working, and he could adapt the wfp to use as a trad pole as well, and even use the wfp for fsg jobs is he'd rather do all the windows trad.
  7. Pole work question

    I'd strongly advise the wfp route for the problem windows then. Can be done cheaply, I set up my wfp with £400, best money I ever spent, cut my working time by 1/3 so got more jobs done a day, meaning more money earned. I still do a lot of trad work, but now I can do 3 storey work, over connys etc with ease. £400 isn't a lot when you think that you can earn an extra £50-60 a day with it.
  8. Pole work question

    I have one, just don't like using it on a pole, would rather get up there, seen people scratch the glass doing it before, and would rather get up there to see the smaller flecks, as you can't see them all from the ground
  9. Pole work question

    I use a wfp pole with the angle adaptor off a 9 quid b&q trad pole, and a moerman exelerator & fliq. as for paint and silicone beat way is to get tje ladder out, other people use 000 bronze wool, but im personally not a fan as im worried ill scratch the glass. It's possible to do a good job with a trad pole, just takes a LOT of practice.
  10. FAO Alex Gardiner. Flocked Xtreme?

    Any news on the 35cm universal you mentioned few month back?
  11. Been doing some window shopping, and come across this on the cleaning warehouse Dupont sill brush Whats your thoughts?? I know Gardiner's has just released one with same bristles, so wanted your opinions. May get this instead of the universal/new ultimate (my poles water genie anyway) just fancied your thoughts on it. Used water genie brush before and wasn't too bad, just very limited range, last time I got one off them was when I first started wfp and they only had one brush out.
  12. Facelift redrazer

    V2 end clips are notched so they lock onto to channel, and just feel better made, can't see anything else really, but made hell of a difference.
  13. squeegee app does it work

    I've got it, had a nose about on it, added a handful of customers to have a try, seems good, giving it another couple weeks of "playing with it" before I think about putting everyone on it as it's gonna take ages adding them.
  14. Cheeky Cow

    Only time I'll consider a time/date with a custy is the 1st clean, and thats so I can figure them out, and I only accept cash on the day for first cleans, apart from that it's text if poor access the night before.
  15. getting in the back;-}

    You have 2 options, either don't do the back, or learn to trad pole. Not an easy skill to learn but worth knowing how to do.

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