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  1. Moermann Combinator worth getting

    id personally go exelerator with fliq, but combinators not bad
  2. Liquidators my wife says not on her windows

    mine works perfectly every time, no issues at all, probably rubbers worn, wrong angle or not enough slip.
  3. customer letter

    bin them
  4. Organizing the round properly

    sometime you cant work, but 99% of times theres a work around to minimise disruption. This week ive shower dodged, and with the colder temperatures tuesday i left my backpack at home and trad poled my work. Only lost 1/2 a day in last 2 week! It can be done, i kbow you wont do ladder work but have you considered a trad pole? think its gonna be a rough winter and if your system does freeze up or water freezes on glass you have a backup to keep working
  5. Swansea and NPT rounds for sale

    ill put the word out and pass on your details. Loads of windys in swansea seem to be packing up or downsizing, fair few not even bothering to sell rounds, just jacking it in. Odd 🤔
  6. theres a couple zafiras round here with a full wfp setup, so yes. I use a car but im using backpack and barrels.
  7. sounds like there is potential for an idea here, but possibly not feasible in our field of work. One of my customers os an electrical engineer, i think ill pose the question to him next time i see him, get his input. If he sees a way of it working that wont cost the earth, itll probably make a lot of our lives a lot easier, perhaps it could work in conjuction with other means of charging, such as solar power, a type of regenerative braking etc. a window cleaning van that never needs a bench charge, and can charge all the electrical appliances needed to be self sufficient, that would be the dream.
  8. @spruce youve probably forgotten more than i know. Only reason i thought about it was that running an extension lead to van isnt always practicle, and this could have been a work around, at least short term. the other thought was getting a mechanic mate to install a second, larger altenator, like we had in army landrovers, only charging the leisure battery. Would that work in your opinion?
  9. had a random idea but not sure if itll work for when i finally get a van mount. Was thinking of usung a 12-240v inverter and using that to charge my backpack & in winter an oil filled radiator off the leisure battery, an a scr to top up said battery through the day. Then it occured to me, would it be possible to use the inverter to run the battery charger to the leisure battery? I know its not going to be as effective as mains, but could it be sufficient to keep it topped up when used alongside the scr? Im keen to see what you guys think or if anyone has tried it. @spruce you expertise springs to mind here
  10. Trad and wfp work together

    sounded different in my head then!
  11. Trad and wfp work together

    Plus yesterday was bloody freezing (not as bad as up there but still cold). Left backpack at home as would have frozen up, and just smashed out a day with a trad pole. If I was 100% wfp probably would have lost a day. on the other hand, if its windy I'll wfp as its safer.
  12. Trad and wfp work together

    id never go 100% wfp, I find trad very therapeutic, and I have a few jobs where wfp is far from ideal. Wfp is quicker on 99% of jobs, but I find trad has a more personal touch, and the personal touch is something that seems to be disappearing as time goes on.
  13. Swansea and NPT rounds for sale

    next random question, you willing to split it up or all as job lot?
  14. Swansea and NPT rounds for sale

    what areas in Swansea? Know a few people wanting to compact there rounds, i can put a couple feelers out
  15. these days are trad pole days, left backpack at home, no gloves when tradding, just that hot bucket of water which turns ice cold in about 5 mins, plenty of cuppas today tho, took an hour longer then usual, and about 2 gallons of tea to keep me warm