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  1. Clisty1989

    Moderator positions open

    Thank you, wasn't going to but thought I'd throw myself in the deep end, which is how I always do things!!
  2. Clisty1989

    Moderator positions open

    I dunno why, got plenty of space
  3. Clisty1989

    Moderator positions open

    @Green Pro Clean Ltd @Dave B having done the job, who would you nominate? Thanks @Den for the vote of confidence, although I'd love to do it, I'm not sure I have the experience to do the job to the high standards this forum deserves. Maybe next time...
  4. Clisty1989

    mid life crisis! Windows could be the solution

    I assume your on about window cleaning warehouse systems seem ok, looking at one when I get a van, they local to me, your nearest is probably the cleaning warehouse in Wolverhampton
  5. Clisty1989

    Moderator positions open

    I'd second @spruce And you @Den
  6. Clisty1989

    How to clean this

    Do window as normal, then detail the vinyl, do a few shops with it on, takes an extra 30 seconds. As for price I'd go £10 in and out for 2/4 weeks and £8 weekly. That's including the door obviously.
  7. Clisty1989

    Softwashing pebbledash? Advice needed please

    Cheers mate this is like the stuff to clean
  8. Been asked to quote a house with pebbledash that's covered in black dirt and algae. I've only ever softwashing painted walls and I'm a little worried about bits coming off. Has anyone done this type of surface before, and if so did you do anything differently, and how did it come up? Haven't quoted it yet as I said I'd have to work out the costs. Thinking soft brush and 2.5% hypo mix, take my time and be careful. Any advice would be more than welcome. I didn't take any photos there, but my mates house is the same dashing so I'll pop there later to take a pic. Thanks in advance
  9. Clisty1989

    Van magnets advertising

    Take the van to hansign, they'll measure it up and quote for free, then help you design it it's up in llansamlet, not far from Tesco.
  10. You need an RO. I don't use one as my tds is around 70. @spruce or @doug atkinson are the ro experts on here. You'll need a IBC container and transfer pump as well.
  11. Clisty1989

    Re birth of a carbon pole

    You can laquer them to keep the clamps tight @spruce has said about it a few times.
  12. Clisty1989

    mid life crisis! Windows could be the solution

    Thought you owned 2?
  13. Clisty1989

    mid life crisis! Windows could be the solution

    I'll agree that a van mount is the gold standard, however I use a backpack daily out of my car, just because I've not got round to buying a van yet. My backpacks been going for 2 years and only had a couple niggles like wires coming loose and I've had to replace the switch. As long as you look after them you'll be fine. May be worth getting a backpack I initially whilst you build and then look at a van mount a couple of months in, once you know is it's right for you. There are jobs where a backpack is more suited than a van mount, so it's not a waste of money. I'll admit the barrels are a ballache but it's something that you get used to, plus I've found it's made me more concious of how much water I'm using and reducing wastage, so when I do get my van my water is going to last longer.
  14. If he doesn't know how long it going to take then I'm assuming he's rather new too. I I'd say £30ph + expenses (lunch, fuel etc). If you really need the work you could drop them £25ph, or if you don't £40ph. It's a case of how much do YOU want to earn.

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