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  1. my 27 reaches most dormers, as for Velux I do them from inside, I explain I can't do them from outside so if not in I can't do them. Most people don't think about them anyway when you quote.
  2. Canvasser Wanted (Cambs)

    @Green Pro Clean Ltd other one for u maybe??
  3. green pro clean

    I would have if had one lined up. Only reason I didn't finish is his custys aren't trained when it comes to rain. Mine are, but in completely different area
  4. green pro clean

    only a bit of drizzle then lol. Tbh I lost an hour today for rain, then a bad day overall, only made £70! Owed about £40 and ran out of time for the rest (school run). Running 4 days behind on other persons work, and 2 on mine. That's after 2 weeks!
  5. green pro clean

    someone's got a project in mind
  6. Military exercises in welsh mountains

    done it a few times, hard graft. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Teams from all over the world do it, loads drop out. Not fun if your carrying the gpmg though.
  7. did bit of cash in hand doing that when I was 16, it was hard graft, you need to clean them after every use, service them and ensure all stitching ok, if not the stitchings very expensive. Plus blowers, generators etc. Doesn't leave much after overheads
  8. Awkward windows

    got one like that i tackle it from next door (also a custy)
  9. Toolbelts

    go into an army surplus store and grab an old webbing belt. Works a treat, even better if its an old roll pin belt, but harder to find. I use one and works fantastically.
  10. green pro clean

    ok, unfortunately the money id put aside for a pole has had to go on new brakes for my car (absolutely gutted). How much are you looking for for the 18?
  11. green pro clean

    I'll hold off buying a new brush a little longer, was gonna get one next month, got plenty of life in current brush, was gonna demote it to my gutter brush as my current ones falling apart, another month won't hurt it.
  12. green pro clean

    im gonna try this tomorrow, may speed up my day, running 2 rounds is crippling me time wise! As we on about brushes any idea if anyone does a 35cm sill brush?
  13. Writing off tomorrow.

    weather say 55mph wind right now, no wind at all! Time to catch up on yesterdays work
  14. Writing off tomorrow.

    supposed to be working on top of hill tomorrow, should be fun
  15. windy day today

    That was over us at 9am left hell of a mess