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  1. Clisty1989

    cleaning my own windows

    Inside? Also check TDs, perhaps your resin spent.
  2. Clisty1989

    Help beginner rubber blade issue

    I tend to tap it on the sill after I finish the window, lot quicker that wiping it, or flick it behind me
  3. Clisty1989

    Black spots paving

    Hypos your best bet, ubik won't touch lichen.
  4. Clisty1989

    Help with qouting this up

    I'd charge £25 a side for that size job, solely because I can't be arsed with measuring. So a job like that would be £75 + windows for main house. Is that an single storey extension I can see? If so I'd charge £15 a side for that as well. Im in Swansea so not too far away, so easily achieved where you are. They won't come up perfect there's bound to be staining on there, make sure you explain that. Just remember "you can't polish a turd"
  5. Clisty1989

    How many chances do i have to give my employee

    I'd tell him he got 1 chance. Mess up and he gone, that way he knows the score, and you've given him fair warning, he has his chance so your not the bad guy and if you sack him it's his fault, and you still get to be the nice guy. Also means he can't claim unfair dismissal and try and take you to court, as you gave him a warning. Give it to him in writing, keep a copy and get him to sign it, the fear may force him to change, or he'll quit, or you end up sacking him.
  6. Clisty1989

    Lead stains on conservatory

    If normal glass cillit bang may work, if self cleaning there nothing you can do
  7. Gardiner's or water genie, I use water genie and I'd say it's point for point in comparison with Gardiner's,both with backpack and pole
  8. Clisty1989

    Info on backpack pure water

    First of all welcome to the forum, backpacks are great for tradders to get the awkward window/3rd storey window. I use one most of the day 6 days a week and it's great, but I'm 29 and reasonably fit, when full they are heavy (at a guess 35-40kg and the barrels are 25kg full. Now to the technical bit... Pure water... First you need to know your TDs reading. Only way to do this is to buy one from a decent supplier. If your TDs is under 100 you can get away with a DI vessel only setup, cheap to set up but cost more to run long term. If it's over 100 and you intend to use it a fair bit you'll need an RO, lot more expensive to set up but cheaper to run. Backpacks... There are a few on the market, with varying quality. Best ones as far as I can tell is tge water genie backpack from the cleaning warehouse, and Gardiner's backpack from Gardiner pole systems. Both around £100. Bungee it onto a trolley to help your back out and it'll be fine. Containers... Any 25l plastic containers will do as long as they thoroughly cleaned. Pick them up from the local car wash, or buy for £5 each online. Pole... This is where the more you spend the better you get. Avoid aluminium and fibreglass like the plague, and get the most expensive you can. A 22/25/27 are good all rounder lengths. Your choices are either hybrid/composite or carbon fibre. In my eyes there are only 2 brands worth looking at, Gardiner's clx/slx and water genies Barracuda/viper. Hope this helps any question just ask, or use the search option, most questions have been asked before.
  9. You don't need to use neat, 10:1 is plenty strong enough, any stronger your chucking money away for no reason. As for your question it should be fine, just don't let it dry
  10. Clisty1989

    Starting up again

    Work to live, not live to work, that's my motto.
  11. Clisty1989

    Black marks on old windows

    As above seal shot, even if you do manage to get the white, within 2 months they be the same again. I just explain the seals are shot, only way to fix it is replace it. Managing expectations is a big part of the job.
  12. Clisty1989

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    At least you gave it a go, a fair few use it once or twice then say it's rubbish. I find it brilliant straight out the box, (tried all these mods, prefer it standard) perhaps it just suits my technique and style. What's right for some isn't for others, as the saying goes "you can't keep everyone happy all of the time"
  13. Clisty1989

    Struggling with tds reading

    Where did you buy your resin from? What colour is it? There been few places selling dodgy stuff as tulsion even when it's not.
  14. Lookup the startup loans scheme. It's government run and you have to jump through a few hoops but it's a good interest rate and less likely to have problems due to it being designed for startups
  15. Clisty1989

    The customers are a coming

    Mix 10:1, any garden type sprayer will do, don't need huge amount then as it's strong, soak the brush and turn pump on as low as possible, just to keep it wet, should have enough on it to do 3-4 windows. Don't use it on composite doors as can stain them, just do them with pure.

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