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  1. What else do you do? Grrr

    I wonder what other services she might require!!!
  2. Working Hours

    I think I've only cleaned windows 3 times on a Saturday in 35 plus years. Weekends are for me!
  3. Working Hours

    Yep. Starting at 5 tomorrow. And 6 on Tuesday and wed(another school wed) Thursday its 7.30. Houses all day. Don't usually do more than 3 days a week but got that school so puts me behind a day
  4. Working Hours

    It's brilliant mate. Just set the alarm. Cuppa and get out. No traffic. Park easy. And get a £100 under your belt while half the windys are still fiddling with their poles and water etc. trad ere remember !! Lol
  5. Working Hours

    I'm an early bird. Always start at 5 on a Monday on shops. Most days I have a commercial to start the day. Only 3 days a month do I have just houses and then I'm on the first one by 7.30!! I cleaned 3 primary schools last week. Usually cleaning by 6. Get em done!!
  6. Cleaning in the rain

    I don't clean in the rain purely because I hate getting wet!
  7. Tables have turned!

    I don't do add ons as I've said on other threads. I'm to lazy and don't really need the money. And the time it takes messes up my rounds. It's whatever works for you. I'd rather go home than do em.
  8. Record day!!!

    And that was all on one house lol
  9. Next week is another week. Do em them. Just move everything back a week. I had better things to do last week other than working. 2 days rain. 2 days on the lorry and a day at the Norfolk show. I will do em next week.
  10. My Vauxhall combo has air con. As did my 08 reg Astra van before that. It's a must for me.
  11. Anyone working tomorrow in 31 c

    I will be working. Starting at 4.30. Do my shops til 11 then I will see. Might do some houses. Might not!
  12. The Numbers Game

    I still say there's nothing wrong with glass only cleaners as long as it's priced accordingly. Some customers are happy to pay £8 for glass cleaning rather than say £16 for glass frames and sills. Depends what they want!
  13. Years ago it was acceptable just to clean the glass and was charged for accordingly. If you've had some customers for years they might not want to pay extra to have the frames and sills cleaned!
  14. Hate this

    I've done 4 days on the glass this week. To hot. Nice day in the air conditioned lorry tomorrow. Nice n cool listening to my CDs. Life's good!
  15. Finished

    I've still got 2 out of my 4 at home. The older one being 26. She has got a bloke at the mo and spends lots of time there. But will she ever move out?