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  1. Markyboy 50

    Take care in the heat all!

    Don’t think I’ve worked past 3.30 in my life !
  2. Markyboy 50

    You can tell you're getting old.....

    You have 20 + kids? 😜
  3. Markyboy 50

    Help on Pricing Commercial Job

    I used to tender for the same old housing 21 jobs every 3 years. Never got any of them. People don't like change. Better the devil you know( at least that's what they think)
  4. Markyboy 50

    Help on Pricing Commercial Job

    As far as I'm aware all care homes managed by Housing 21 are put to the vote. The residents have the final say. I had one home that I cleaned for them for years. I put the price up every time it was put out for tender and I always got it back coz the residents liked me. However a new warden turned up, a bloke,. His best mate was a windy. The warden told a few lies about me missing Windows. Got his mate the job at a lower rate. His mate had it for 2 years and then lost it. Now a national company are doing it. Probably for half what I was getting. Some of the residents see me about and ask if I will come back as the present firm and ole matey boy before them are doing a poor job. I'm afraid that one has been ruined. Will never get the price back up.
  5. Markyboy 50

    4/5/6 weekly cleans.

    I’ve got a big house that I only do once a year. Every summer. Just done it actually. Takes 10 hours to do. Most of mine are 4 weekly. Some 8 weekly. Even a few at 12 weeks.
  6. Markyboy 50

    Red Sky at night Window Cleaners delight

    Get there at 6 mate. Beat the heat
  7. Must be my age. Was asked if I wanted to go and see the new Avengers film that’s been released yesterday. I thought it would be a re make of the one from the 70S with Purdy and Steed in it. How wrong was a I. All robots etc. Not mything. Fell asleep twice. Let’s say I won’t be buying the dvd when it’s released!!
  8. I know I’ve said it before, and it’s not a business but more a job, but I love a day driving a lorry. Had my hgv licence for best part of 30 years now. Pay is poor but can’t beat a steady run out whilst nice n warm or air con on if it’s hot. Listening to my favourite cds. A nice snooze while being unloaded. Then drive towards home. Stop for another snooze for an hour whilst getting paid. Then go home. No phone calls. No texts for customers. Job done.
  9. Don’t blame u mate. I’m not working today. To nice. Me n the lady will prob head to Hunstanton for lunch followed by donuts n ice cream. Better than working 😃
  10. Markyboy 50

    What Age Are You

    Dunno. Might get a job in a factory soon. Once I’ve decides what I want to do with my life lol 😜
  11. Markyboy 50

    What Age Are You

    52 Altho I used to be younger!! A lot younger. Been on the glass full time since I left school 36 years ago and was part time for about 4 years before that as my dad was a windie and forced me to help him with his school contracts during the hols. So 40 years on the glass. It’s been good. Never had a ‘proper’ job!
  12. Markyboy 50

    Two Customers Ruin My Day

    Ive read this thread all the way thro and have concluded that we all do it differently for different reasons. Some of us are on £60 an hour and haven't got time to take a dump. And some of us trot along on £20 an hour with no stress drinking tea and cleaning a few Windows. Beauty of the job. Do it how you like!
  13. I remember breaking a pane of glass in a Georgian window at a school I was cleaning. It was during the school holidays. No one was about. So I picked up a stone about the size of a golf ball and offered it up to the shattered pane. Then gave it a little throw so it landed inside. When I saw the caretaker a while later he was moaning about kids!!
  14. Dry all day where I was except for a heavy shower about 3 til 3.30.
  15. Markyboy 50

    So do you all work in the rain then?

    I don’t work in the rain unless it’s very light rain just coz I don’t like getting wet!

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