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  1. customer letter

    A fiver a clean? I thought I was the only windy left who charges a fiver a clean if that’s what the jobs worth? Thought everyone else was minimum £12?
  2. The cold frosty weather is the ideal time to clear it up. Comes up in one lump if it’s frozen
  3. -4 so back to bed, anyone working in this?

    It is. I'm always glad to get back to Norfolk lol
  4. -4 so back to bed, anyone working in this?

    I was in mildenhall today mate. Rain about 12 tomo I think
  5. -4 so back to bed, anyone working in this?

    Left home at 5.45 here in Norfolk. Home by 12. That's Monday and Tuesday in the bag. Just Wednesday to go then the week is done!!
  6. Did a full day in Norfolk today. Bit of rain between 8 and 9 then dry. Cold but workable.
  7. Two weeks off over Christmas

    A man after my own heart. Earn what I need. Had Thursday and today off. Spent the days with my little lady. Better than working. No more windows til Monday. Oh I finish on the 20th. Might turn out on the 27th for 5 hours of weekly shops. Might not. Who knows!
  8. Mixing business with pleasure

    Hi john. Actually it wasn't with hindsight. Caused a lot of pain and heartbreak and only now do I realise what I did. Don't be a fool like I was. Stick with your wife and grow old together!
  9. Chiropodist. My mums one comes along. Is there for 15 mins. Charges £25. In the warm. A cuppa and she's away. £75 an hour I reckon. I'm 52 now. Do about 3 days on the glass. Prob a day a week on the lorry. Poor money on the lorry but I enjoy it. Not all about the money. I like lots of ME time.
  10. Writing off tomorrow.

    Nice day in norfolk. Full day in ( 6 til 3). All on the ladder too!
  11. Warm or cold water?

    Anti freeze? Or screen wash?
  12. Long time no see.

    Only to those who like ginger nuts! Welcome back Tolish
  13. 48mph winds, Possible day off

    Swaffham way mate
  14. 48mph winds, Possible day off

    Lovely in Norfolk too. Got a full day in. Breezy that's all.
  15. Easy Friday.

    Friday? I never work Friday's. I spent the day wandering around Loughborough university with my step daughter. She was looking at the uni and I was looking at the posh mums who were there also walking around.