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  1. Writing off tomorrow.

    Nice day in norfolk. Full day in ( 6 til 3). All on the ladder too!
  2. Warm or cold water?

    Anti freeze? Or screen wash?
  3. Long time no see.

    Only to those who like ginger nuts! Welcome back Tolish
  4. 48mph winds, Possible day off

    Swaffham way mate
  5. 48mph winds, Possible day off

    Lovely in Norfolk too. Got a full day in. Breezy that's all.
  6. Easy Friday.

    Friday? I never work Friday's. I spent the day wandering around Loughborough university with my step daughter. She was looking at the uni and I was looking at the posh mums who were there also walking around.
  7. Mixing business with pleasure

    I mixed business with pleasure in the past. Ended in divorce and cost me a house
  8. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    That's really taking the P.
  9. Nationwide wondow cleaners

    That's really taking the P.
  10. Commercial

    avoid Indian resturants. They never wanna pay!
  11. Time Left

    Live each day as tho it's your last. One day you'll be right!!
  12. Target Aquired - where to next?

    I must be one of the few on here with no ambition. Happy earning good wedge 3 days a week. Don't want anymore. A 4 day weekend to do whatever I like. I'm kind enough to let my little lady come and stay over on a Saturday night tho. Other than that it's me time. And I have no idea how many customers I have. Never counted them up.
  13. It feels so fresh

    Greens hit the nail on the head again. Not often I agree with him but this time I do. As I said last time, seems I've been doing it right for 35plus years. Never do add ons. To lazy. Do my windows. Go home. No hassle. No out lay.
  14. What else do you do? Grrr

    I wonder what other services she might require!!!
  15. Working Hours

    I think I've only cleaned windows 3 times on a Saturday in 35 plus years. Weekends are for me!