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  1. SqueakyKlean

    Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    Ok so if this no wind up, here is how the reel should look. Hoselock end on the inside... Threaded end on outside, ptfe tape wrapped around a few times, and brass elbow tightened on. Inside this how mine looks, I used a cable tie not an o'clip to fix hose in place. Hope this helps all would be Frank Spencer's out there. Ooh Betty!
  2. SqueakyKlean

    Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    Your Claber Aquastop will do the job too, I just prefer the quick-release coupling with 6mm barb.
  3. SqueakyKlean

    Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    Where you see the hoselock male connector sticking out your reel, central spindle... ...you need to slide out the spindle and insert it the other way round (hoselock on inside, threads on outside.) On mine its inserted from inner part of reel, it has to because of the flange round one end. (See spindle pic.) Then your brass elbow will fit to the outside, little bit of ptfe tape on the thread first. I've just had to buy a new spindle (below) as I ruined my threads. I also use this (below) on the inner part and never had a problem. O-clip round hose too. Hope this helps. And sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree. 😁
  4. Here's my new trolley. "Handy" changed the colour and design of their sack truck, so I've had to adapt my trolley set up design. Looks smart in red and black though!
  5. Trolley still going fine, making another exactly the same soon. Cheap controller works a dream, have it set to about quarter setting and still plenty of good flow of water. Was out and about in 3 inches of snow last week, no problems.
  6. Is that a remote switch? Have you wired it in yet?
  7. Used one like this: Hot! DC 1.8V 3V 5V 6V 12V 2A Low Voltage Motor Speed New Controller PWM 1803B Won't be to everyone's taste but works for me.
  8. For the checker plate I bent about 100mm of it round under the trolley, now I have somewhere to sit my pole. I've since moved the hose reel round the back, coz it's awkward and gets in the way when lifting 25litres/kg of water into the bracket at front. Got 2 good days work done before charging up again, mind you not cleaning every house R&W on the 2nd day.
  9. Thanks for all the help. Been watching and learning from the forum for ages. Here's my 1st diy trolley. Conduit I got from Wickes £2.40. Checker board 300mm x 500mm, eBay £6.50. 200kg Trolley from local garden centre £39.00. 25litre barrels, cheapest on Amazon at £3.39 + delivery. Small hose reel The Range, £14.99 at the moment. Everything else eBay.

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