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  1. Facebook Advice

    i text them a "shortened" url link to my google business page my face book page or my yell page (i have those details in my notes on my phone , so i just cut and paste it to a text then send it , i ask the customers that i have a rapport with! of course they have to have a google account or facebook or yell. get them to do it IF you see them straight after there clean, there more likely to do it.
  2. can any one recomend to me some where where i can get a canvassing note book printed. something with customers name address mobile e mail 4 weekly 8 weekly other price notes that sort of thing , sick of just scribbling down details in a pad when i'm out canvassing, tx
  3. i have a few like in the pic, i thought it was some type of oxidation from the frames! never get them clean. as the staining looks uniform.
  4. iv just a normal q lock gardiners goose neck but want one which swivels and locks off, so i can get it through juliet balcony bars and triangular angles on conny roofs cant tell what one i need
  5. Any one tried...

    Suremagic Conservatory Cleaner.? Suremagic Conservatory Cleaner 5 litres Cleans and Shines uPVC | eBay
  6. being relatively new to this game im quite happy with my customer service! but have been getting people contacting me wanting a window cleaner, and i turns out they want a one off clean, there windows have not been touched 2 years, that sort of thing. had one last week a 1 million £ home (rightmoved the address:whistle:) nice easy job new modern build, really wanted it as i have others down the road, she just wanted a one off i explained i only do regular window cleaning so i gave her a first clean price and 8 4 week price. so i gambled :oops:... didnt give her a one off price said if you want a one off find another windy but look up what my other regular customers say!! have not heard back:oops: .. should i have quoted £60 for a one off or tried to force her hand to get her as a regular customer. i though it was worth the gamble. what do you do ??
  7. extreme brush

    Alex i would like to see a post by you when you have time on SPLAY.. as i was under the impression that it's better to have the tips off the brush on the glass, by way of an example... if you where scrubbing decking with a wire brush what will produce better results .. a splayed wire brush or a brush with the tips in contact with the decking ?? i think i know:whistle:
  8. with respect they are not complicated pieces of engineering...:thumbsdown: there are loads of youtube vids if you cant work out how they work and this forum has a search function
  9. Upvc max

    Any one in here use it...I see it on Facebook being discussed what are your thoughts? The thing that appeals to me is it is meant to leave the upvc shiny. They do a TFR max as well... some guy called Simon palmer? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. ps you may need a booster pump as well if your water pressure is under 60-70 psi...so that's another cost to factor in. and when you do get your set up tune it in...you may want to google tds creep:whistle:
  11. having started myself last sept in a hard water part of the uk i think it is 390 ish from the tap i got a collison water ro from e bay, and a 11l di from daqua. the ro dose the job to a point, but in hindsight i with i had got the ro from daqua as well....its all about not skimping on the ro membrane!! and daqua supply very good ones, not like the cheap ones from other suppliers. and its been said the min ro for one man setup is 450gpd, i have found that to be about right if you are just starting out...
  12. Public liability

    dos gleaming cover you for damage you may cause climbing on a roof?? or is it just the thing you are cleaning!
  13. Can't be bothered to work...

    well i love working by myself...its the only time i get to have an intelligent conversation, always have!!!! i would be a hermit if i could :thumbsup:
  14. Beginner business, how to get customers.

    is there a way to get notifications if someone searches for a "window cleaner" in a group you are in..on facebook iv looked at old posts in groups and some times people ask " any one recommend a window cleaner" so i was wondering if there a way to get notifications if someone searches for that in a group!! ...so i can act a bit like a trap door spider :mask: