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  1. Me to🤔I thought possibly it was debris from an extension that was happening about five or six houses down fine dust from the build landing on the sill. And the customer has not bothered to wipe it off and it has stained. I tried to get it off with a magic sponge and some pink stuff but it didn't really budge.😬
  2. I may be wrong but is flushing a new membrane a slightly different process to maintenance flushing membrane?
  3. Dragbag

    450 gpd ro issue

    Can I ask what was your tds before changing the ro and what is it now?
  4. Dose this heat degrade resin spruce?
  5. Dragbag

    WFP van set up - DIY STYLE

    Anyone have the facelift in a citron Nemo or Peugeot bipper, would it fit?
  6. Dragbag

    Views on this bit of kit

  7. I really love the pink stuff at the mo😇
  8. Dragbag


    I've been reading some interesting discussions on the window cleaning page on Facebook. It's well worth a look
  9. Dragbag

    20/20 filter change...

    Hi, the Prefilters only protect the ro membrane they will not have an affect on the tds, some prefilters look worse than others due to sediment in the water.
  10. Dragbag

    What’s your PPM before DI

    Tap circa 400 after 450 ro 10 (was 7 about 4 months ago) change rising now at 2 herts
  11. Dragbag

    RO filter replacement

    Have you got a link to the best place to buy fiberdne filters, iI I too am looking at changing my three prefilters in my 450 10 inch ro. So your saying you need two filters not three..?
  12. Dragbag

    Reading of 9

    Cleaned my windows last week with 2 had no issue, but when it changed to 3 I chucked some over the glass, and could see from the inside it was spotting. so change at 2 for me..
  13. Dragbag

    Bank transfer payments

    The only pain is checking a payment has gone in, I also use PayM on the mobile banking apphttps://paym.co.uk/ which allows customers to simply pay my mobile number. and sends a notification to me and I know it's gone in rather than me having to check, it's another option I use.
  14. Dragbag

    New starter

    customers want to see you, build your round up on your personality! at the end of the day from what i have learnt doing this for a little over a year its the relationship that will make people stick with you ( and doing a good job as well) also keep the round tight to where you live. get yourself a google business page, to start with, and as you get customers and you develop a relationship with them get the to leave a review on your page for you( text them a link to your pages facebook as well, yell to ,) what some people do is when looking for a window cleaner is jump on google and look for window cleaners near them. ( google it your self ... loads will come up some with 1 or 2 reviews some with more.) you should view it as a challenge to get the most!!! may take a bit of time but who are people going to ring the guy with no reviews or the guy with 7 8 or 9 five star reviews.
  15. Dragbag

    Ro Booster Pump

    so dose it make a real difference before or after? and what is the difference..
  16. Dragbag

    What do you get tipped for xmas?

    had someone come out and say "we will make it £25 from next year shall we" was £20 cant see that ever happening again ....
  17. iv just a normal q lock gardiners goose neck but want one which swivels and locks off, so i can get it through juliet balcony bars and triangular angles on conny roofs cant tell what one i need
  18. Dragbag

    First Bash at WFP a success

    Like to see a vid on that if you had time👍
  19. My backpack has been playing up today only worked on full power! both the **** and the switch on not working it will only run any full power,I have taken the bottom off and discovered a wire has come loose but I don't know from where😬
  20. Well have fitted the new variable control and spliced it together and it still was not working change the fuse as well😡
  21. Can I use that same little blue splice connector or do I need a different time? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  22. Have ordered a new controller as well but are you saying the newer controllers have different coloured wires?? And not to splice the same coloured wires together? May be Alex will jump in😊
  23. Sounds like jealousy 🤣 Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  24. Oh tx alex...and a quick question if I can..if I select position one with the red button and it does not come on does it indicate that that button needs replacing as well as the variable controller, .? It does come on if I select a position 2 so is it not working in position 1 because the variable controller needs replacing?

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