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  1. jamesthered

    60 foot pole Help

    Need a bit of help, I’ve won a couple commercials and existing guy use a 60 ft, but need some advice is best to use. Cost is not really problem just the better, best pole. Thanks
  2. I’ve a bit of experience but only as Chair of School governing body also sit on diocesan strategy committees and have had limited training on GDPR. This regulation is about how we use personal data and how it is shared. We now have a duty to report any serious breaches of personal data to the authorities from 24th May. The onus is now on who holds the information, it is not simply, sorry passed your details by mistake, it could be considered a breach and I’ve been told you will be fined. How it’s going to be administered is another conundrum. However, from my point of view is that I only hold information mostly freely available information plus some email addresses and plenty of telephone numbers, I don’t have any information concerning ‘personal’ stuff - dietary/medical needs. The areas that we need to careful over is you sending mail to multiple recipients and that if sending to confirm a number of cleans or promotions that other customer details should not be visible, you should really send as BCC not simply to an address using ‘to’. If you are using mail chimp you will need to check with them about their processes over this new regulation. I have some access information for customers so you will need to ensure that this is secure, mine is on cleaner planner notes. I’d expect something on cleaner planner to state about GDPR. If you need access information in order that you can clean property, the problem here would be if an employee who has used access information leaves or uses for another purpose without your consent, this may be considered a breach. I don’t know how large or small your business is, but issues arise once you start to access and use data. For a one-man band where you know all your customers I would see little risk but if you have 5, 10, 15 vans then I would seek some professional advice. From limited training I’ve had, it’s complex and costly for school and healthcare institutions and on the face of it for window cleaners should be pretty simple. Hope this helps.
  3. jamesthered

    Do you use any additives?

    I’ve used added sparkle and difference for me is speed of brush across glass. I’ve a round with 20-22 houses and really struggled to get in during winter but now can do with an hour to spare. From my POV I don’t really see much difference in clean, it the ease of the brush across glass.
  4. jamesthered

    Vision or Sparkle?

    I’ve been using added Sparkle and brush moves over glass much quicker. Last week I’ve have dawn till dusk day and had finished an hour or so early, also seemed to use less water. However, some types of glass doesn’t seem to make any difference.
  5. jamesthered

    VAT Reduction

    Has anyone picked up on possible vat reduction in budget to a threshold of £25k to keep in line with rest of the world. News report say will generate £2bn in additional revenue. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. jamesthered

    Flip Moerman

    Now having used, I prefer to use on alot on the windows I do by hand. Only issues are furniture and if having to stretch up then rest of window is below shoulder level Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  7. jamesthered

    How hot is too hot

    Only real issue with temp at 60c is scalding, if you have direct contact with water - the risk of scalding above 45c does increase. Temperature of water at source (outlet) will reduce significantly by time get through pipework to glass. Otherwise, crack on
  8. jamesthered

    Free Xmas cards

    Never thought about this but still only my second year in spite of 25 years in sales and marketing I shall be on it today and think will reap rewards. I do enjoy this forum Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  9. jamesthered

    Windows cleaned card

    The text is to all, I do normally one at lunch then one to rest when I get in. Sent from my MotoG3 using Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  10. jamesthered

    Windows cleaned card

    I use a text, got customers details. “Your windows were cleaned today, Payment by your usual method next clean on xx/xx” I seem to get paid quicker as text is visible on their screen. Going paperless Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. jamesthered

    Flip Moerman

    Is this plastic bit on flip meant to be cut off, this doesn’t seem to work as I thought or do I need to put Brian in order? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. jamesthered

    Window tracks cleaning pricing

    I kinda guess but did a three bedroom house for £25 - outside is £17 and felt about right. But I did one window of my own to see how long it took. I do quite a few travellers tracks and have to be spotless so does really depend on condition Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. jamesthered

    Technique and speeding up (with images)

    Answer is 1.3 assuming you want 2/5ths of 3 and a quarter
  14. I had a custy last week ask me what information I hold on them and questioned whether is breaking any data protection issues. I told him I only had information available freely available i.e. Address, name and contact numbers, clean details I.e price, how often but no personal stuff like dob, bank details and doesn't present a problem. They were more than happy but as was I right? Anyone else come across this?
  15. jamesthered

    Cowboys giving WFP a bad name!

    I take time to explain about system, then tell custy that's if you get streaks it's down to operator error either not looking after water or not rinsing properly - no excuses about windows really dirty, not been done in ages- just the plonker holding the pole. Almost all appreciate that you've taken time to explain

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