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  1. Hi, today I have received my facelift compact system, just wondering what this is in the picture? Also do you need to buy a charger for this system? And how do you charge the battery? I'm new to this stuff. Thanks
  2. I did quote a price for 4 weeks and a different price for 8 weeks but I'm deffo gonna bin this customer, as I'm not putting up with that, just didn't want to reply with anything offensive as I do her neighbours windows. Also had someone ask me to come back in April the other day as winter is on its way. Basically told them to F off!! Don't they realise that we have rent and bills to pay too 😂
  3. So this job I have only done once, she asked for 4 weekly, but it's been 12 weeks since the last clean and now she wants to wait another month, what would be the best way to respond as I clean 2 of her neighbours houses so don't want to be rude and lose the 2 other jobs! Cheers
  4. Hi, I'm currently using the trolley system for cleaning windows but I'm not a massive fan and I'm thinking of changing to a tank system. I only have a small van so was gonna go for the Facelift Compact, and definitely the one with the power up he reel. Would it be worth spending over £1000 to upgrade? Guessing il be saving quite a bit of time each day, especially with the power up reel. thanks Adam
  5. Please can you help, a customer sent me this photo, just the bottoms of the windows are leaving white spots, I'm using pure water and giving them a good rinse, although with these windows when you rinse near the bottom of the glass the water sort of runs back up the windows, it's really strange, not sure what to do about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. I'm in Yatton, which is near Bristol. I think the membrane is done as I have had it for over a year without it being changed. I kept the valve closed as that is what it said to do in the pure freedom Manuel.
  7. The psi is at 50. Also I have turned the valve half way and the ppm going into the resin has actually gone up to 103ppm now. Guess I need a new Membrane
  8. Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated 👍
  9. The ppm arter filters is 99ppm. I haven't had the waste valve unscrewed at all only when flushing the tank, sorry I still quite new to how it all works
  10. Also using both vessels now, the one not on the picture is twice the size.
  11. At the moment I'm going through a £75 bag of resin a month, which I get from pure freedom, I only have 150 customers so not even full time yet as from the picture I have 2 vessels a 40/40 filter and the pre filters which get changed every few months. I do also regularly flush the tank for 30 mins. Any help as to why my ppm is going so high so often would be much appreciated. It went from 0-6 within a day then the next day up to 26ppm this was only a week after changing the resin. Tap ppm is just over 300. Thanks
  12. Quite a few jobs I'm getting at the moment are houses where you need to go through the house to access the back, I use a trolley system but find it quite awkward lugging the trolley and water containers through people's houses, also you can only do them when the customer is home. Anyone else have many of these, and do you just do the fronts of these houses?
  13. ive Had cleaner planner over a year now and it's always been really slow, it takes so long to send my window cleaning reminders out, at first I thought it was my internet speed but all other sites load up quickly, anyone else had this problem? And is there a different site similar to cleaner planner that's any good? thanks.
  14. Tree sap

    Hi there, just wondering what would be best for removing what I believe to be tree sap from the windows, there are a few houses on a street that I clean which are covered in white and yellow marks, the water fed pole alone doesn't remove them although they come off easy with my finger on the bottom windows. I use a gardiner pole so would the super scraper do the job or would I need something else? Thanks Adam.
  15. I have a pure freedom set up with pre filters 40/40 filter and di vessel, I've only been going 8 months so still only doing 2-6 jobs a day, I changed the pre filters and resin 2 weeks ago and only filled my tank 2-3 times since yet the ppm has already risen from 0 to 6 I have flushed the tank and was told the 40/40 filter would last well over a year so I'm just unsure why the ppm has risen so much as last time I changed the resin it took about 2 months to get to 5ppm, any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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