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  1. Brandon

    Only One month to go

    Thanks mate [emoji1360] is there a train station near to the hall? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Brandon

    Only One month to go

    Okay mate thanks[emoji1360] where is the show? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Brandon

    Only One month to go

    If GrippaTank’s going to be there, do you know if they do discounts on systems? Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  4. @p4dstar It’s strange how it works isn’t it? I remember a while back a guy on here was asking for help because the resin in his 10” vessel on his RO was being used really quickly after only a few hundred litres. It seems the smaller vessel you have the less pure you get from it gram for gram if that makes sense. Has anyone used those long life DI vessels, and if so are they worth the extra dosh? Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  5. That’s what I’ll do then! Would you recommend another 25 litre vessel or does it not really matter? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Am I being crazy here or is this a reasonable idea.... The DI vessel I use is a 25 litre one which means it takes nearly a full bag of resin every change. Since it's now crept up to around 2 TDS, surely it would be a massive waste to throw that away? I'm thinking why not buy another vessel (maybe half the size) and run a double DI setup so the RO water (10 TDS) goes through the first vessel and comes out at 2 TDS and then is polished off again through the new vessel therefore prolonging the life of the new resin massively? Would that make any worthwhile savings compared to using the one vessel and changing every time it hit 1 tds?
  7. That sounds a bit beyond me if I'm honest, will probably just make do with a Y hose splitter for now. Will look into automating it in the future. Props to you for understanding this stuff though 🤯
  8. Thanks for the pic. Just out of curiosity about the box and the siliconed hose...why not just run the high tds through a hose straight into the waste pipe? Why the hole in the box malarkey? 😃
  9. Spruce you're an absolute legend. Such a helpful video...it's one of those things where if you don't know...you don't know! Thanks again mate.
  10. Hi guys, Got a bit of a problem with my RO that has actually gone on since I first bought it but now I run my RO straight through my DI and then into an IBC holding tank which I have installed a float valve on to cut off the RO supply when it's full. The problem is that when the float valve disengages and the water supply turns back on again, the RO water comes out at really high TDS for about a minute and then slowly goes back down to normal (10 TDS) and then it's fine from then on until the float valve kicks in again. This means that for about a minute when the water kicks in the RO is producing about 200+tds that progressively goes down but during that minute the high tds water goes straight through the DI and then into the tank therefore killing the resin much quicker compared to if it stayed at 10 tds. It never used to be a problem as I used to fill the van tank with RO water and then polish it off on the go meaning I could just run the RO for a minute on the floor until the TDS went down and then fill up. But now I've built a static system in my shed so I can fill the van with pure, but this problem means my 25 litre DI vessel has crept up to 2 TDS in a matter of months which should last a lot longer if the RO water always came out at 10. What can be done to prevent this temporary high tds issue? I do flush the system almost every time I use it for about 3 minutes. And I don't want the solution to be that I have to disconnect the RO from the DI EVERY time I want to fill up to wait for the tds to go down. Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's starting to do my nut in!
  11. http://gardinerpolesystems.co.uk/sale-104/adapter-to-use-ez-snap-trade-tail-pole-with-standard-hose-reel.html Currently on sale too! Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  12. That's exactly what I'll be doing from now on. Just wish it was over a tenner! Do you think as a last resort I should still threaten her with small claims in the hope it might scare her into paying?
  13. Just a bit of back story... Friday 6th of April Working on a street and a woman walking her dog walks up to me and says "Oh I've been looking for a window cleaner!" To which I reply "I am he 😁" She says "Do you have time today to clean my windows? I am moving out in a few weeks and need the windows cleaned desperately!" Me: "Let me have a look..." So I down tools, leaving my mate to carry on while I follow the lady to have a look. It's an end of terrace. She said she only wants the fronts cleaning for now. 2 top windows, 1 bottom window and a door. Windows were pretty awful being right next to the main road. Said it would be £20.00. "That's great!" she said, "Can you do them today?". "Yes, we will finish this house and then be over to you", I replied. " I need to walk into town to get the cash so I'll be about 15 minutes" "No problem", I said, "See you in a bit." So we finished up the first house, drove the van around, set up and did her windows. Took all of 7 minutes. Sat in the van eating a sandwich until she came back. "Wow, they look great! Thank you so much!" Paid me the cash. "I said I'm moving out in a few weeks, could you do the back windows in a couple of weeks?" I said I would so she showed me around and I said it would be about £25.00. "That's fine", she said. A couple of weeks pass and we exchange some phone calls to arrange a date. Wednesday 2nd of May Now, this is the part I should have been more careful on but at the time all seemed okay as she had been fine before. She had already moved out the day before. I said can you pay by bank transfer, she agreed. I looked at the back of the house and texted her saying it would be £30.00 for the rear windows and an extra £5.00 if she wanted me to go over the front ones again as they were already getting dirty from the road. She texts back straight away saying "Yes that would be great, go ahead." So £35.00 all in. So I did, and I took pictures of before and after etc.. Then I finished up, sent her a text saying I'm all done, here are my bank details and....no reply. This is Wednesday afternoon. Thursday 3rd of May So after nothing that evening, nothing all day Thursday...I send a reminder text that afternoon. Nothing. Monday 7th of May It's now Monday the 7th and still...nothing. So I send another text. Yeah, you guessed it. Friday 11th of May I finally call her on the 11th after hearing literally nothing back from her and to my amazement, she answered! I said who I was and she said: "OMG I'm so sorry I haven't paid you yet have I! I will do that right away." Left on good terms and thought great that's her sorted. Monday 21st of May It's now the 21st and still a big fat ZERO from her. I've just sent a final payment request as I've had enough of reminding this woman, she clearly doesn't want to pay. If she doesn't pay up within a week, I would like to file a Small Claim against her but I'm a bit concerned as she has already moved out. I have her full name, mobile number, photo evidence of the work and all the texts of her agreeing to the price with the address quoted in the text also. The only thing I don't have is her new address, as at the time I didn't think I would need that. Hindsight eh? What can be done? If nothing with the information I DO have, could I call on the new tenants, ask for the landlords' details and see if he as a forwarding address? Can I file a claim against her using the old address? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Brandon

    Give this lady a quote for her windows

    I believe they’re called cheeks [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  15. Brandon

    Introducing the Perry Pump

    Interested too [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums

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