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  1. That's exactly what I'll be doing from now on. Just wish it was over a tenner! Do you think as a last resort I should still threaten her with small claims in the hope it might scare her into paying?
  2. Just a bit of back story... Friday 6th of April Working on a street and a woman walking her dog walks up to me and says "Oh I've been looking for a window cleaner!" To which I reply "I am he 😁" She says "Do you have time today to clean my windows? I am moving out in a few weeks and need the windows cleaned desperately!" Me: "Let me have a look..." So I down tools, leaving my mate to carry on while I follow the lady to have a look. It's an end of terrace. She said she only wants the fronts cleaning for now. 2 top windows, 1 bottom window and a door. Windows were pretty awful being right next to the main road. Said it would be £20.00. "That's great!" she said, "Can you do them today?". "Yes, we will finish this house and then be over to you", I replied. " I need to walk into town to get the cash so I'll be about 15 minutes" "No problem", I said, "See you in a bit." So we finished up the first house, drove the van around, set up and did her windows. Took all of 7 minutes. Sat in the van eating a sandwich until she came back. "Wow, they look great! Thank you so much!" Paid me the cash. "I said I'm moving out in a few weeks, could you do the back windows in a couple of weeks?" I said I would so she showed me around and I said it would be about £25.00. "That's fine", she said. A couple of weeks pass and we exchange some phone calls to arrange a date. Wednesday 2nd of May Now, this is the part I should have been more careful on but at the time all seemed okay as she had been fine before. She had already moved out the day before. I said can you pay by bank transfer, she agreed. I looked at the back of the house and texted her saying it would be £30.00 for the rear windows and an extra £5.00 if she wanted me to go over the front ones again as they were already getting dirty from the road. She texts back straight away saying "Yes that would be great, go ahead." So £35.00 all in. So I did, and I took pictures of before and after etc.. Then I finished up, sent her a text saying I'm all done, here are my bank details and....no reply. This is Wednesday afternoon. Thursday 3rd of May So after nothing that evening, nothing all day Thursday...I send a reminder text that afternoon. Nothing. Monday 7th of May It's now Monday the 7th and still...nothing. So I send another text. Yeah, you guessed it. Friday 11th of May I finally call her on the 11th after hearing literally nothing back from her and to my amazement, she answered! I said who I was and she said: "OMG I'm so sorry I haven't paid you yet have I! I will do that right away." Left on good terms and thought great that's her sorted. Monday 21st of May It's now the 21st and still a big fat ZERO from her. I've just sent a final payment request as I've had enough of reminding this woman, she clearly doesn't want to pay. If she doesn't pay up within a week, I would like to file a Small Claim against her but I'm a bit concerned as she has already moved out. I have her full name, mobile number, photo evidence of the work and all the texts of her agreeing to the price with the address quoted in the text also. The only thing I don't have is her new address, as at the time I didn't think I would need that. Hindsight eh? What can be done? If nothing with the information I DO have, could I call on the new tenants, ask for the landlords' details and see if he as a forwarding address? Can I file a claim against her using the old address? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Brandon

    Give this lady a quote for her windows

    I believe they’re called cheeks [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  4. Brandon

    Introducing the Perry Pump

    Interested too [emoji1360] Sent from my iPhone using Window Cleaning Forums
  5. Brandon

    Give this lady a quote for her windows

    Must be a small roof if it’s the length of her back?
  6. [mention=1930]Green Pro Clean Ltd[/mention] I like the fact you use ID badges as that small touch instills more trust in the client as it gives a professional image and they know who you are. I think having these would help with quoting jobs and getting them signed up on the door so I’m going to get a couple printed up, one for me and one for my worker. What would you say is important to have printed on yours apart from photo ID, name and company name and logo?
  7. Brandon

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    Hopefully you haven’t made the order yet mate but try fullcleancentre.com Full Clean Centre Moerman bucket on a belt - £10.67+vat Moerman 14” T Bar - £3.75+vat Moerman 14” Applicator sleeve - £6.09+vat Total: £20.51+vat Cleaning warehouse Moerman bucket on a belt - £15.35+vat Moerman 14” T Bar - £6.45+vat Moerman 14” Applicator sleeve - £9.96+vat Total: £31.86+vat Called up cleaning warehouse as they had some items that full clean centre didn’t, asked if they price matched and they matched every price. Ideal!
  8. Excellent vid mate, don’t think anymore replies to this topic are needed after that 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Surely it would be easier to sign them up while building the round as opposed to building a big round and then have to change EVERYONE over? I find it so much easier getting new custys on than existing as I don't offer the option of BACS or cash anymore. I send them to my website's payment page and the only option on there is GoCardless.
  10. I wondered when you'd drop in... Six months seems long to you, that would be a relatively short battle for me! Saying that you are more ruthless than most and that's probably the reason you've had great success with GC sign up rates. If I may (and for the benefit of the forum of course 👀) pick your brains on some things .... For existing clients... How many would you say you lost by making it not optional anymore? What did you find the best method/wording for getting them signed up? For new clients... What do you do/say if customers don't give details over the phone? What do you do/say if customers don't have email (or internet)? What do you do/say if customers don't want to sign up on the door for security reasons etc? Appreciate it's a lot of questions but you're the best guy to ask! TIA 👍
  11. Completely agree with you, new customers are easy as you just say I take payment via direct debit, go to my website to sign up here and that’s that. No other options so no need to push for direct debit. It’s the existing customers who have paid by BACS or cash for years who are tricky to convert. What’s so annoying is how much easier it is for the customer. People hate change!
  12. No mate all you need to do is get customers to sign up. You can do this by going to the Customers page. Click ‘Add Customers’ at the top right of the screen. Send your customers the link to sign up. Once they’ve signed up and you’ve cleaned their windows and want to take a payment, click the customer that you want to take the payment from. When you’re on that customers page, there will be a green button at the top right of the screen that says ‘Create’ with a drop down menu when you click it. Click ‘Payment’ then set the amount you want to take and the description, then click ‘Create Payment’ and you’re done. Hope that helps [emoji1360] Okay mate no worries. Would be handy to see what your wording was as I tried something like that and it sounded a bit too pushy/direct. [emoji23] Will you try and get those good ones on GC eventually or continue with BACS?
  13. That's an interesting method. Did you make it optional or words to the effect of "this is now the accepted method of payment, take it or leave it"? Could you upload the letter for use as a template?
  14. Poll doesn't show on Tapatalk app. Click here to go to website: As GoCardless has proven to solve the issues with chasing debts, flaky customers and better cash flow within the window cleaning industry, more and more people are signing up to use it. We all know that it can be difficult to get customers to sign up to direct debit as it's fairly new to small businesses and people don't like new. I thought this thread could be used for sharing your tips, tricks and methods on getting customers to sign up. These guides have some useful points: https://gocardless.com/guides/posts/guide-for-window-cleaners/ https://gocardless.com/guides/posts/encourage-customers-to-pay-by-dd/ Personally, I find it easier to sign up new customers as I offer it as the only payment option. Existing customers are the main battle for me. For a while, I have texted customers after cleaning their windows stating that I've cleaned their windows today, their current balance and to pay their bill by following the GoCardless link. I probably got about 2 sign-ups doing this. I then started adding a brief explanation on how it works etc. This had a better result but still, people would ignore the text and pay via BACS anyway, even though stating that direct debit is twice as secure as BACS. Since the end of April, I have been doing the same but offering a 10% discount on the next clean if they sign up. Again this has had slightly better results but definitely doesn't solve the problem. I currently have 29% of my round on GoCardless so I'm slowly approaching a third of my customers paying by direct debit. What works for you? What doesn't? Which methods have given you the best sign up rate? How often do you remind customers? What incentives do you offer? How and when do you get new customers to sign up? What do you do if a customer refuses? What do you do for customers with no internet access (elderly people)?
  15. Brandon

    Moerman ( again!!!)

    When you say you bent the clips back, is that to grip the rubber more or to move them so they don’t touch the rubber, if that makes sense? Because I tried what you said - using nothing but the channel - and the rubber kept shifting and sliding so I had to keep readjusting it. The clips don’t really do much, and I’m just worried that if I start bending them then I’ll really mess up the channel and I’m back to square one. I love the concept behind the Liquidator but getting them to work is a real pain and shouldn’t be this difficult.

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