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  1. Moerman hard my fav in it too
  2. I (was advised to and) got a little hoselock pump sprayer for my sealant for 20 quid, and rinse it thoroughly right after use. Seen the very expensive pumps that have quality seals..they were well over 150 quid if I mind right
  3. That is so low! I am 65 to 75 could almost clean commercial right out the tap mate Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. @Christian glad u happy with it mate. Why u want two? If one for home use be faster with 11 litre odd di. Daqua sold me mine pretty good price.
  5. @Dolf112 have a read of this denny response rate&f=false
  6. Great condition Digital ppm reading Make pure on the move easy to transport or connect to custy tap Located in Scotland but can post Less than half of cost new 100
  7. Wish I were! Defo agree with your points about trust basically...its almost like we put our reputation on the line (with logod stuff and sign written van) and say here we are, makes us transparent and answerable more so too. Can't do a bad driveway clean and run off with the cash if you rock up with a website and contact number on van for example...the customer will think about stuff like that to some degree or other .
  8. @Tuffers what's a shop shop? A shop that sells shop stuff?? How rare!
  9. I find if you have to do any collecting or chase up payment it's a reassurance at night turning up in not necessarily a sign written van but maybe it helps but having a logod jacket or similar defo Also for commercial enquiries
  10. @slaym75 hi mate...september?? Your going to miss the summer rush lol Yes I probs had about that then and now refining it based on price and gocardless. I was very spread out back then though and am over only a few towns now, gradual progress I guess.
  11. Aims...he's also ranking number 6 on page 1 for 'tfr window cleaning' according to serps ...and is one of the first supply companies on page 1. Bet that's a regular term for searchers too! Amazing job u have done for me too mate. Very impressed at speed of ranking as much as scale of it. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. Pmd u Gazz Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  13. Aye that will do fine mate, similar to what I canvassed in although I have also chapped while working and picked up. It's 90 percent in the head I think...hence why be comfy in what wear and don't have an exact speel (natural mind) The licence works great too..where in west Lothian are you Gazz? My auntie is from Deans, Livingstone. You are only 30 miles from me so pop over sometime if want. Also something to note, price it right from the start...something i proper neglected and subsequently have been working on a lot. Unless really need work then build at ok price and rise new enquiries ££ as you get busy... Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. @Gazz aye it's been a journey and still disorganised chaos sometimes but it is managed better than before I guess. Regarding what to say at door, more importantly is that you are dressed in what you feel comfortable in (presentable) and always smile. This will help you during the chat no end, on a subconscious level to some extent...not that it's pure science here but I hope you get what I mean. I usually would just say hi I own xx window cleaning company and we also clean full frames and doors as standard; is this something you would be interested in? I would differ the approach dependant on who I spoke to tbh You will find what works for you through trial but the key is to be FRIENDLY, CONFIDENT IN WHAT YOU SELL (not cocky) and NATURAL and go for TARGETED HOUSES (new build/dirty glass)
  15. Looks good price wise here but I would set a min price your happy with here, if that's 8 pound so be it. Mines now ten quid, I had a few 7 or 8 quid small houses and ended up just dumping them to get better priced work anyway...