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  1. Happens a lot. On my business page sometimes I don't get the circle notification symbol either but just click on notifications on the business page and it's lit up there
  2. That's a good result so far mate. Worth thinking about the reach though ie in one town I can think of here I set the advert and the audience, and for it to last 2 weeks. I could have paid all these different amounts but at 56 quid that was within less than 1000 people off what I could have been estimated to reach if I had paid say 150 quid There is a point where the reach plateaus usually.
  3. Ain't you better looking at tools for speed adam? Uni valve, lighter pole, hot water, hose reel positioning, electric reel etc
  4. Plenty time to think about all that if it's just about the concern of getting old and doing a manual job as such. I am mid 30s and it's not slightly a concern yet, maybe in 25 year time. More to focus on now than that personally.
  5. Same @steve garwood this is my weapon of choice too. 10 to 15 mins then rinsed off on conny cleans..never had an issue. Infact I ain't ever used ubic only this.
  6. sale

    My dear hawke pm me and we sort this but tomorrow anytime is fine. Tank in kirkcaldy mate.
  7. PRICE:100 DESCRIPTION:as new. Layflat. 450 litre tank. LOCATION:scotland PICTURES:
  8. @Christian 10 rungs max I think. @Clisty1989 abru ladders are popular as are the lyte series. Make sure they have a catch on them whatever u buy especially since it's fairly high up work. Not all do.
  9. Great payload on this van btw. Class leading for sure !
  10. I sold van today so get pics for ya soon. May keep controller and pump forward 2 man system but the 450 tank is there if want it. As new..
  11. @Hawke look up daqua..they are in Fife and fit tanks and sell all ya need
  12. What a carry on duncs and to think ya have had to wash it twice for the sake of some fruit! Power to the strawb!!
  13. Just get a tank and a bilge valve from someone like xline. I called them a few week ago and they had cheap ones..which ain't on the website. Will fill back packs in a matter of seconds buddy.
  14. Looks clean mate
  15. I generally trad connys so it's not an issue after the chems but the above is what I would do if A glass roof I had to use pure on B I was gona wfp it all. I have two different backpacks so one for chems one for pure if chose to but yeah spray bottle will be best bet if wfp'ing it all after a chem clean