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  1. Simonside

    Pump constantly running no water!

    l need further advice people!! There is water coming through but no pressure. The water coming through isn't coming out at speed like my other system. I have put it up to 99psi but the pressure is still poor. There are no leaks and I've even put a non return valve on. I have lowered the pump too. Any further advice would be appreciated! Thank you.
  2. Simonside

    Pump constantly running no water!

    I will lower the pump!! It is where it is for convenience! Yeah cheers it's a smart system and really happy with it...we do new build cleaning so need as much storage as possible with hoovers, scrubber/drier machines etc. Got the package from veritech systems from the Internet.
  3. Simonside

    Pump constantly running no water!

    Didn't quite finish there! Yes Mark it is a new set-up. I will suck it and see. I will let you know how I fair. Thanks.
  4. Simonside

    Pump constantly running no water!

    Yes it is a new set-up. I will follow your advice and let you i will try this and see how I get on. I feel the pump isn't sucking water but suppose it is trial and error! Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Morning everyone! New to this forum and I am hoping if possible someone can solve my problem here! I have recently installed a controller and pump to a 300 litre tank and the pump is forever running yet no water is coming out. Initially I was getting dead ends and upped the controller to 99psi to get rid of any airlocks but it was just trickling out of the hose. I fully extended the reel and the pole but with no joy. I took of the hose to the reel to check if water was coming out and same again - not much water. I checked all the hoses from the tank to the pump and they were all fine. I lowered the pump position and no joy there either. I've basically tried everything what has been adviced on here but nothing is working and now the pump is constantly running without any sign of water yet there are no leaks or anything. Very stuck here so would appreciate any advice given! I'll attach a photo of my system. Many thanks.

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