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  1. I will stick to window cleaning it's all I know and more than enjoy it i will just scale it back as i get on in my years, As for a pension stopped paying in years ago after discovering my annual pension would be around £6,00 a year after paying in for over 33 years and as people are living longer and I am only 42 years old now I could easily forsee that 6k dwindling to about 3k.
  2. Telescopic Ladders

    Telescopic ladders aren't for working off such as doing window cleaning they are typically used for access to lofts and small jobs , Unless you have bought from a reputable supplier and paid around £150 for a decent one you could very well be risking serious injury. As above the one that's been given that bows and has dodgy catches cheap import and their was or is a lot around that aren't fit for purpose and have fake kite mark's on that make them appear to be up to british standard's
  3. Awkward windows

    Place a ladder against front of extension and wfp off the ladder as it's your own house it's up to you, I have one similar with a velux to clean on the extension as well but access to the house's is through the back gate from a courtyard so I spoke to neighbour who is happy for me to clean them from his garden.
  4. Writing off tomorrow.

    20-25mph winds early on then easing off later on, I will just have to crack on as truck was in garage most of day yesterday been serviced.
  5. Pump issue

    You are getting airlocks whilst driving, You need to fit a shut off valve. Is the pump a lot higher than the outlet? Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  6. Customer app

    Are you texting clients for access locked gates etc
  7. windy day today

    You can only do what you feel is safe, I have tradded in high winds years ago without issue as it can be localised and some areas are more sheltered than others, Decent day in county durham until this afternoon but truck is in for a full service this morning.
  8. Any help appreciated ****

    @Sewell8996 you have got it in one, @Clisty1989 has hit the nail on the head as well, Only exception is we need some colder weather to weed out the beer token boys , Their isn't really any quieter months in this job a quality cleaner will always be in demand.
  9. Street already has Window clean

    I am the same as @Green Pro Clean Ltd within my work area I will always turn out to be more expensive but have taken other lads work for 3 simple reasons they do a poor job can be unreliable and the client is fed up of both.
  10. GoCardless confusion

    You can take a horse to water as they say. But some will never get it [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  11. WFP van gear arrived!

    Hence my option is to go to a professional and they can also tell you if your chosen tank can be fitted to your van of choice. I have got mates and know people who know people but IMHO better to go with people who fit them on a daily basis. Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  12. GoCardless confusion

    I totally avoided this option due to holidays etc and potentially due to illness or accident if I was off for 3 months lets say worse case then I would have to cancel over 200 direct debits otherwise I would end up owing clients a small fortune in total
  13. GoCardless confusion

    GC direct debit works a little different the way I use it along with CP is I only make a request for payment after each window clean has taken place I do this twice a week and make multiple requests in one go via CP, When you make a request for payment the client gets a email informing them of the request for the service provided and the amount due payments typically take 5 working days to process before the funds land in your bank account. Just did a test sign up and got email straight through, Check your spam folder which is what I always tell new sign ups for all and any GC emails, Its a direct debit once set up all payments are authorised, I have been using GC for close to 4 years now and never had any issues .
  14. Wtf... gutted

    Was their dirty water droplets on the glass or has the home owner been out and rubbed them over with a cloth or hand had that before from a ex client complained about the method I was saying finish had been rubbish the last few cleans and rubbed her hand across glass whilst whining I called back a short while after as agreed and the only bad finish was were she had rubbed her dirty hand across the glass needless to say she was very apologetic, But she dropped me for a tradder who was cheaper but only did half a job job
  15. So get a tds meter and find out just how hard your water is as this will determine what ro you will need to buy as you will potentially need to spend £300 or more just on a ro cheap ro's on ebay will be useless, Someone living in a hard water area correct me if I am wrong as in soft water area. Water production and storage in your garden, To house ro you can use one of those cheap plastic garden storage chests for about £20-30 You can get a black plastic 1000 litre ibc of ebay from £20. I agree with getting rid of your current van a one man operator needs 350ltrs as minimum to do a decent days work you will use far more water than you think more so with first cleans, Please be under no illusion's that its not easy transition and wfp has to been properly a full and thorough clean of all window frames, sills glass and doors to get the best results and give your clients the best service and put you above your competitors, This past week I have seen some shocking operators peanuts and monkeys springs to mind