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  1. Internal window's

    Totally agree, Over the years we have all looked for ways to make extra income including add on jobs, its took me almost 18 years but now sacking off all jobs that aren't external window cleaning I've even sacked some of those off as can't be arked to get out early for commercial work.
  2. Internal window's

    Loads easier since they banned smoking, Used to be a bloody nightmare nicotine on windows
  3. “Cor blimey you’ve earned some money”

    I have under priced a few window cleaning jobs over the years maybe by a few quid and regretted it even in the last year but put it by £3 this week. It's those dam add on jobs that you assume should be easily done in a reasonable time I booked in a internal glass con roof clean and full external clean including removing stains from guttering and frames, Nice overcast damp day ideal i thought steps inside its like a bleedin oven oh yes they say just had the underfloor heating sorted out I had bought a unger internal pad holder and pads did the job but it took a good while never used again. Outside was bit harder than I thought as well but rinsing all those tiny bits off the glass I charged £150 i think it was minus the unger gear of about £30 so £120 for 6hrs work, I thought i would be done in less than 4 hrs, Client was overjoyed with the results and the price after being quoted around £800 from sandersons they told me as they handed me my money
  4. Dupont bristles

    @spruce you must have missed the other post, So mono bristles on a medium mixed brush fairly stiff can bounce on lead almost swipes over bird muck and other mess at times and doesn't deal that well with spider poo on frames or spider nests wedged in top corner of door frame with trim round just manages to push it further into the corner. Dupont bristles the outer bristles on the Gardiner are almost as soft as flocked bristles melt onto frame and glass and blitz dirt,bird muck and spider poo easily they swipe dirt of the window sill without the bristles become loaded with debris and easily deals with spider nests wedge in corners. The natural inner bristles also easily deal with stubborn bird muck without to much effort. The Gardiners is 175g and actually feels lighter and i am also less fatigued at the end of a working day due to the way it easily glides over the glass and frames. Other suppliers selling dupont brushes their weights are 205g, 275g and beyond and one has mono bristles of which I don't see the point.
  5. NOOO! Not again!

    Water under the bridge now.
  6. NOOO! Not again!

    Possibly, but i kicked off this morning which i had my wrist slapped for it .
  7. zafira question

    I would be amazed if he is legally insured, I spoke to someone recently who was just going to drop the seats in the back of his estate car and chuck a 400ltr tank in the back
  8. It's Always a Good Idea To...

    Nice one Tuffers. County Durham Lad
  9. Just recieved this from the NCCA

    Your keener than me mate I won't even drive to the cleaning show in Mancheste
  10. forum susgestion

    I have changed signature in my settings on the app. County Durham Lad
  11. forum susgestion

    Me neither just a over a day, over 90% of my work is in Spenny, I don't reveal my business name on forums otherwise it pops up on Google. County Durham Lad
  12. forum susgestion

    Ferryhill County Durham Lad
  13. forum susgestion

    Doesn't show up on the mobile app as yet though, I mostly use forum on my pc Sent using the Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  14. forum susgestion

    I think I'm the only one who has added my location/region in account settings
  15. Pole work question

    With respect to all, hardcore tradder's don't like parting with money. 10 years ago when i switched from trad to wfp it cost me around £1,200 i remember one guy laughing and calling me crazy when he saw my pf trolley set up and when i said i had spent over a grand. Some other lads in my area have made the switch over the years but some still won't as they see it as to expensive and still assume we use water straight out of the tap. Plenty of lads see window cleaning as a job not a business and want to invest as little as possible.

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