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  1. Personally I would remove "All Sutton Coldfield areas covered" if don't or won't cover certain areas. I don't cover old council estates or certain areas in the town I work as they can be nightmare for parking and very few people wanting to pay the going rate for a window cleaner.
  2. Iron Giant

    Window cleaning database

    cleanerplanner.com beats all others hands down, I have being using it over 3 years now and with the gocardless.com integration it has saved me a lot of time and money. County Durham Lad
  3. Iron Giant

    Van insuarance

    No point in having cheaper insurance if they won't provide you with a fully kitted out courtesy vehicle, If someone hits your van and it's off the road for over a week and you can work the losses will exceed the £100 or so saving of the cheaper insurance. County Durham Lad
  4. Iron Giant


    I've had a similar thing once-over or twice in recent months, I just walk away and shake my head as I I don't like being offended County Durham Lad
  5. Iron Giant


    Their are only two main differences in accounting (1) Someone who calls themselves an accountant but is simply a book-keeper and doesn't really have a great deal of training compared to (2) A chartered accountant who have spent years training and are great deal more knowledgeable. But both will know what you can or can't put through the books I personally consider a chartered accountant to be far better than a book-keeper and I also prefer to meet my accountant in person after using a book-keeper who called himself an accountant who was recommended to me turned out to be a bit useless at running a business I went and met with a few before deciding who was going to be looking after my tax affairs and some I really didn't get a good feeling about.
  6. Iron Giant

    Help with price

    Don't price it like Mrs Jones down the street means come in as cheap as possible and you'll get the job, Some people expect jobs done for peanuts, No matter what the job if you under price you will end up regretting it. Doing f.s.g for days on end is going to be serious hard graft 65 houses including all the windows some of which might never have being cleaned is going to take days and you will have to skip your regular window cleaning jobs if they want the 65 houses done by a certain date and all 65 houses completed as total job lot and not so many across a number of weeks
  7. Iron Giant


    I could recommend the accountant I use but as I have no idea were you are based in the UK all recommendations would be pointless 😉. What do you mean by understands our industry? . I was talking to an older windy about 8 weeks ago who was asking how I manage my rounds told him about Cleaner Planner and the ease of accounting etc and he asked can we still do what we do though? I said what do you mean and he happily told me he fiddles his books 🙄 No you can't do that I said, I put everything through as we all have to pay our taxes and it's the right thing to do he just had a blank look on his face
  8. Iron Giant

    Gocardless info sheet

    Looks really good mate, You'll certainly know how to write a blog [emoji6] County Durham Lad
  9. Iron Giant

    Gardiner Valves Keep Breaking?

    One of these I assume, I tried these years ago and would end up standing on them whilst working and they would become damaged easily. Personally I prefer the valve in the second pic as they last well over a year.
  10. Iron Giant

    Leaflet feed back please

    Way to much text and wrong colour font as i am straining my eyes to read it
  11. Iron Giant

    Keeping residential quotes

    I provide quotes mostly through facebook which even when I mark the messages as done fb still store the message so if someone gets back to me months down the line it's all their, Another bonus off the subject a little I had a client cancel a direct debit and they gave a excuse but didn't seem willing to pay until I told them I had message/quote and threatened legal action. Other quotes are provided via direct email contact which I place in a folder for a while and just delete when I remember if they don't become a active job, I only used CP for quotes on commercial jobs which I have mostly dropped now and will no doubt drop completely in the next 6 months
  12. Seo yoast updates etc are fine I did some more updates this morning it's just the theme. I will email my Web design guy over the weekend about updates and let you know. County Durham Lad
  13. Got mixed up with wordpress updates etc and theme, I didn't update my theme as it will remove all the pictures and just leave you with the standard theme and all changes will be lost .
  14. Iron Giant

    Back up pump box

    If you keep your spare pumpbox in the garage at home it would be quicker and less faff, To ensure your battery always has a decent charge and a loose connection is easily sorted within a few minutes which is far quicker than knocking off work driving home and back again if a problem arises.
  15. It said I needed to back my data up but I didn't and it was all good County Durham Lad

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