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  1. Ultimately you want the best money can buy otherwise your RO membranes will deplete at far greater rate and they will cost you a great deal more. County Durham Lad
  2. At a glance they don't look like the ones we require for our typical production but more like the for aquatic purposes which if they are then they are no longer good County Durham Lad
  3. Iron Giant

    Interior of glass roof

    I have used this in the past with cleaning pads https://www.windowcleaningwarehouse.co.uk/unger-pad-holder.html
  4. Iron Giant

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    No idea @tench0771 if someone was to trip on it and state the hose wasn't visible it would be hard for them to argue as bright blue hose against black or faded grey tarmac is very visible as visible as as yellow
  5. Iron Giant

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    The blue is just as visible as the yellow, you could always try this Pink Hose 😁
  6. Iron Giant

    When's too late to go round to a customer's?

    No one wants a window cleaner at their windows 6-7pm any day of the week, I finish at 4 pm or before most days unless there is a need to work a bit later but in 8 weeks time it will be dark at 4pm anyway
  7. Iron Giant

    Interior of glass roof

    I would have said don't do it in the baking hot sun but seen as your in the Canary Islands that might be tricky unless you are doing it at night, If you were in the UK screwfix no-nonsense glass cleaner it really depends if you can find something similar but the sun isn't going to help at all
  8. Iron Giant

    6mm or 8mm hose reel

    I had used Gardiners 6mm hose for years now, But decided a change was in order so got some Super Tuff Hose I have been using it for almost 4 weeks now and it feels a lot lighter than the Gardiners so I can notice the difference when reeling in.
  9. Iron Giant

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    If you are on about the elbow which is threads onto the side of the reel it's standard practice to use ptfe tape on the thread. County Durham Lad
  10. If you are using the standard microfibres then you will get this issue you need to use the smooth ones not the towelling type and once you wash them any traces of fabric softner causes issues and don't use washing powder only laundry liquid, Better off using scrims for detailing.
  11. Iron Giant

    WFP brush with Unger Optio lock cone

    Yes I got it mate, If you are using the mobile app try reinstall it and see if it resolves the issue with the inbox
  12. Iron Giant

    Death of a Gardiners Extreme

    I am real Gardiners fan like most but I have always been apprehensive about the current Xtreme wear rates and your pic @Green Pro Clean Ltd proves it my thoughts are the only think to do is laquer the pole from brand new out of the box and continue to do it at least once a month. I would just swap the section for a old SLX section you will hardly notice the difference
  13. Iron Giant

    Whats the longest pole - 90ft Job

    I have re-read each comment and saw no signs of negativity, maybe a lack of ego massaging [emoji848] You have come on and asked a question that you already had the answer to before posting. [emoji849] County Durham Lad
  14. Iron Giant

    WFP brush with Unger Optio lock cone

    No idea I will pm you later today when I'm back home. County Durham Lad

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