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  1. HI Guys, Looking for advise

    I would set out trad until you have a gauge within your local area of the potential work you could gain, But only you know your own personal circumstances and whether you want to take a big financial plunge early on, I agree with @Part Timer and also that all that all the bells and whistles wont bring the work flooding in either . Just get out their knocking doors and to get a true gauge of a potential client base, Best of luck
  2. Pricing and price increases

    I raised some of my prices by £1 last year without issue but I have been a bit nervy about increase some others as of next year it will have being 3 years without an increase on some I will wait till march/april people are in a more positive mindset. Right now at the age of 43 I will happily go out a work 2-3 half days in my 60's I will be pulling in far more money than a pension could ever provide, I really don't ever see myself being able to let go and employ or sub out work but who knows
  3. 12.6 is nearly 50% depleted so I would guess your battery is constantly hovering between 50% or so, And 12.9 ain't fully charged so I would be inclined to agree with Spruce as it would surely take that extra mileage to reach a full charge. Sent using the http://Window Cleaning Forums mobile app
  4. Would you put the prices up?

    Never payed much attention to that bloody heck £130 a month mine is way more than that and I am a sole trader
  5. Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    Other posts may have seemed more plausible
  6. Through the winter you need to bench charge your battery every night then through the summer you can get away with charging once every 2 nights a Halfords smart charger will do the job. The battery voltage really shoudn't be allowed to drop below 12.5v
  7. Would you put the prices up?

    Yes they should be better priced £9-10, I could do 25 of those without connys without breaking a sweat over 6 hours on the glass easily when they are really compact as you have mentioned
  8. Organizing the round properly

    As for keeping work organised its more difficult if you have 2-3 jobs here and their as you are losing time setting up etc i have a day or so like this and loses me to much time and money but slowly over time i am replacing some work with more compact work. And as above keep on cracking on as best you can, their has been days were I have knocked of 3 times and gone back out in freezing cold winds and potential of it lashing down with rain on houses
  9. Organizing the round properly

    You would have been fine with backpack no 10's of metres of hose on the ground and if water was going to freeze on glass it would have been worse been soapy water no fun scraping soapy water of a set of patio doors had that years ago a few times .
  10. Leaking reel, how to stop it?

    No disrespect if it ain't, But this has got to to be a wind up
  11. GoCardless

    To clarify I am a sole trader with around 350 clients not a big business and i got sick of chasing money on average 6 hours a week for over 14 years, GC is definitely the way to go I have over 220 clients on GC and I know when a lot of money is coming in and its a lot a sooner than a few weeks. With new sign ups it shows commitment from them to me and i am not wondering if and when they are going to pay, In almost 4 years or so of using GC I have lost 2 longterm clients who wouldn't sign up who were became problem payers so no great loss. I have GC sign ups of a wide age range from 20yrs old to people in their 70's
  12. customer letter

    Had one a bit like this years ago who wasn't happy who wrote me a letter she got binned as she was taking a liberty and had been snotty with me in the past, Why didn't she ring you would have been cheaper.
  13. Godaddy website

    A website isn't a golden ticket and isn't needed in the early days, FB can be good if you can generate enough interest and get clients to leave reviews just get out knocking on doors its free and you get an instant response otherwise you will be sat at home hoping for work to come in of FB or a website and it won't
  14. Isopropanol in barrels of water

    I tried it years ago when i had a trolley and to me it never worked water still froze on problem windows porches etc